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Palma majorca weather september: Palma de Mallorca Airport September Weather, Average Temperature (Spain)

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Mallorca Sailing Academy – Stunning weather in Mallorca, Balearic Islands.


eave the oilers and heavy coats at home and learn to sail in spectacular Mallorca, where the skies are sunny 2,750 hours of the year and perfect sailing winds provide the ideal conditions for an adventure of a lifetime.

The largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca features mild winters and warm sunny summers that are tempered by cool sea breezes. Climb aboard a modern yacht and have a spectacular time learning to sail with a fun group while enjoying a stunning picturesque landscape in perfect sailing weather.

Spring is the sunny season, especially during May. However, it remains sunny from June to August. Atlantic disturbances begin to reach the island in September, and therefore, the sun is not always guaranteed during that time. The months of March to May is the best time to visit Mallorca. That’s when the temperatures are mild, and the tourists are few.

From June to mid-September is a fantastic time for a sailing and beach holiday in Mallorca. The water temperature is comfortable enough to take a swim in the gorgeous, crystalline Mediterranean waters. June is a sunny month, but the sea waters are crisp and cool. In early May, the sea is cold, and sometimes the wind is a bit chilly, but a light jacket will be enough to keep you warm while taking awesome RYA sailing courses.

During the summer months, it is hot and sunny with rare thundershowers. There is some tropical humidity, but the sea breeze provides cool relief. However, there are some extremely hot periods in which the temperatures reach 37-38 degrees C (99-100F).  

In Palma, Mallorca’s largest city, the average temperature ranges from 9.5 degrees C (49F) in January and February to a perfect 24.5 C (76F) in August.

With the gentle, reliable winds, rainfall is rare in Mallorca. It amounts to only about 400 millimeters per year, following the general Mediterranean pattern. It hardly ever rains in the summer in Mallorca.  From October to April, Mallorca can be quite windy, but this is ideal for learning to sail. The northern mountains partially protect the plain from the north winds that blow from France.

The winter months, from December to February, are mild with sunny days and some periods of rain and wind. Atlantic or Mediterranean depressions can affect the island in winter, decreasing the number of sunny days. Snowfall in Mallorca is extremely rare at sea level, but it’s common in the mountains.  

It is very characteristic in the Mediterranean to find long periods of gentle winds that often alternate with episodes of strong winds. Sometimes those quick changes can produce bad sea conditions. However, the strong winds don’t generally blow during the summer months. They are mostly characteristic of winter and sometimes autumn.

Mallorca has the ideal climate combined with spectacular sailing conditions to make it the perfect place to learn to sail.


When this summer started I had the greatest ideas of what my summer should and would look like. I wanted to travel overseas, make some city trips, go to festivals and basically enjoy every single minute of it. But as July and August came I started to realize that I still had not made any plans and that maybe I had too high expectations. Although I’d visited some lovely festivals, I had not booked a single trip until half of august and it really frustrated me. But looking back on the summer so far, I must say that it wasn’t bad at all and that eventually, it’s actually a very good idea to go on vacation at the end of the summer. In this post I will explain all of this to you and give you at least 5 reasons to visit a sunny place like Palma de Mallorca in September.

Photos show me in Palma de Mallorca at the beginning of september. How I wish I could have stayed there longer as it was the perfect timing for a relaxing vacation in a sunny place. I’ll tell you why…

1. Bubbly, not bustling
I visited Palma de Mallorca from August, 29th until September, 3rd. Although it was still high season then, I was still able to do all the things I wanted without mass of people everywhere. And this really goes for everything. If you book a last minute, of course, a lot of hotels are full, but it’s still possible to find a good hotel or Airbnb for a nice price. Besides, whereas in July all beaches are full of tourists, it will not be too crowded in September. The same goes for shopping areas and fun tourist activities. I loved being able to feel the bubbliness of the city without it being busy everywhere.

2. The weather is at it’s best
In September the weather is still very nice in the mediterranean area. With 22 to 25 degrees you can wear your shorts and skirts but won’t be sweating when you decide to do a quad race or a tour on a camel for example.

3. Life in full swing
I thought that maybe in september Palma de Mallorca would become a ghost city with nothing left to do and no other tourists there. I basically imagined a scene of The Walking dead, but even without zombies. Well, how I was wrong. Although (like I said under one) it is not too crowded with people, there is still enough to do. If the cathedral isn’t enough for a day trip, there are several nice markets and shopping areas in Mallorca to visit. In Palma the Rastro Flea Market on Avinguda Gabriel Alomar i Villalonga is the biggest, and the one on Passei de Sagrera is the cutest. Another nice market can be found 30 minutes from Palma in Inca and is said to be one of the loveliest hippie markets.

4. Rebajas! & cheap tickets
Okay, let’s be honest. One of the main reasons to book a last minute trip in the first place, is the fact that it is so so cheap. Although prices normally increase the closer you get to a booking date, prices for september are of course a lot lower than prices for june and july. For European city trips and sunny vacations easyJet is my go-to airline company. It’s easy as the name includes, and… cheap! And let’s not forget about the sale! In september new collections are in and sale items are sold for the lowest of the lowest. Although these may be left overs; I still found some lovely items.

5. Closing parties
Last but not least, the closing parties! Palma de Mallorca is known for lovely beaches and has quite some lovely beach clubs as well. Night life in Palma is not what it was years ago with Pacha being gone, but there are definitely a lot of bars, clubs and beach clubs that can compare to Ibiza. Nikki Beach being one of the most famous beach clubs is a place to see and be seen. Parties are held every thursday and friday. And on Saturday the 30th of September there will be a huge red closing party! Another amazing beach club is Purobeach where during the day one can enjoy a sunbed from 35EUR, with beautiful view over the sea and a refreshing swimming pool.


TIPS. Other must-sees in Mallorca:

The cathedral (one you cannot miss as it is near the city center and absolutely stunning)
Have dinner (or lunch) at Coto Dos. They serve international dishes from Italian to Indian and even fusions of some. Delicious and such a cute place!



In collaboration with easyJet. For more details & booking tickets for September check out easyJet.


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weather, temperature, prices for holidays

What is the weather in Mallorca in September, air and water temperature, precipitation. The cost of the tour in September and other information from “Travel The World”.

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What is the weather in Mallorca in September, air and water temperature, precipitation. The cost of the tour in September and other information from “Travel The World”.

In September, the velvet season begins in Mallorca. This period of the year is characterized by very comfortable air temperature and warm sea water.


  • 1 Weather in Mallorca in September
    • 1.1 Air and water temperature
    • 1.2 Weather map in September
  • 2 Mallorca in September
    • 2.1 How to spend time?
  • 3 Holiday prices in September

Mallorca weather in September

Air and water temperature

September weather on the island is characterized by a decrease in temperature to a comfortable level of +27 C during the daytime, and by the end of the month it drops by a couple of degrees. Evening and night walks will also be appropriate, because at night it is about +22 C. The water temperature in the Mediterranean Sea washing the island is +25 C. The island has relatively high humidity all year round, at 70%, but in September it practically does not cause inconvenience. In a word, a vacation by the sea in September will be just wonderful.

Palma de Mallorca

Weather map for September

Mallorca in September

How to pass the time?

Excellent conditions for relaxing on the beaches of the island will not be able to distract 100% from the interesting events taking place on the island in September, and there are many of them. Two of them are associated with the traditional beginning of the winter crop harvest. The first, called the “Feast of the Harvest”, is celebrated in the city with the long name Vilafranca de Bonani and is dedicated to the collection of melons. The event is fun, especially the competition for the best melon. The second holiday is the Grape Festival. It is celebrated in Binissalem and is fun, bright and noisy with traditional Spanish flavor.

The main holiday of September is celebrated annually on September 12 – Island Day, dedicated to the victory of King Haym I over the Moors. The center of this event is Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the island. On this day, not only here, but throughout the island, there are many events, theatrical and circus performances, costume processions and concerts.

Binissalem Grape Harvest Festival

Holiday prices in September

In September, the resorts of Mallorca remain quite high prices for accommodation. For example, the cost of living in 2-3 * hotels per day will cost from 100 to 150 euros for a 2-bed room. If you want to refresh yourself, then focus on 5 euros for lunch in a small cafe and 8-10 euros for a set lunch. Dinner in a restaurant will cost at least 50 euros. Travel by public transport will cost about 2 euros.

It will be interesting: the weather in Mallorca at any time of the year.

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