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Gran canaria weather january temperatures: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria weather in January (Canary Islands)

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Morocco in January: Travel Tips, Weather, and More


Morocco’s winter is mild. But January is the coldest month of the year—and also the wettest. Generally speaking, temperatures peak in the high 60s, with lows in the 40s, though it can get much colder in the Atlas Mountains and much warmer in the desert. Though it gets chilly after dark, January days are often warm and sunny in Morocco. On average, January sees seven to eight days of rainfall.

Crowds & Costs

From a sightseeing perspective, January is an excellent time to visit Morocco, as crowds are fewer at major tourist attractions and many hotels offer low-season rates. If you have your heart set on a particular boutique hotel or riad, you’ll have better luck booking a stay in January—particularly in the second half of the month, when fewer travelers are competing for rooms.

Where to Go

Temperatures are relatively mild throughout the country in January, but major cities like Marrakech and Tangier tend to see more precipitation than usual. Bring an umbrella—or skip the rain entirely and head for the desert or the mountains. Destinations like Ouarzazate, offering easy access to the Sahara and the High Atlas range, are particularly pleasant (and dry) in January. 

Another great option is the Atlantic coast, including the seaside city of Essaouira, where conditions are warmer than elsewhere in the country. Keep in mind when travel planning that southern Morocco is milder than northern Morocco in January, so the further south you go, the less you’ll need to bundle up in warm clothing.

Plan your trip to Morocco

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What to Do

Thanks to the relatively cool weather, January is a good time to explore the Sahara Desert or hike in the High Atlas Mountains—though be aware that rain can make river levels rise in the mountains, rendering some trails unpassable. Trekking in the desert is a safer bet.

January is a calm time for sightseeing in cities like Fes and Marrakech, which tend to get overly busy with tourists during the high season. It’s also the perfect time to break out your camera: conditions for photography are optimal during winter in Morocco, when the air is clear and free of dust.

January Events

Yennayer. Morocco celebrates Yennayer, also known as the Amazigh New Year, on January 12-13. The festival marks the start of the crop year in traditional Berber communities across the country; celebrations are particularly lively in the Berber villages of the Middle Atlas Mountains, where the locals sing, dance, and prepare traditional foods. If you’d like to experience Yennayer, head for a town like Agadir or Tiznit.

Anniversary of the Independence Manifesto / Proclamation of Independence. Morocco’s official independence day is in March, but the country also celebrates its first attempt at independence from French colonial rule on January 11th. The Proclamation of Independence is a national holiday in Morocco, marked by street parades and festivals all over the country.

Traveling to Morocco in January? Check out these great itineraries. 

Moroccan Desert & Hiking in the Atlas Mountains. The desert is cool, dry, and clear in January. This eight-day itinerary starts and ends in (potentially rainy) Marrakech, whisking travelers away to the heights of the High Atlas Mountains and the expanses of the Sahara Desert—and into the home of a local family.

Morocco Grand Tour: Cities, Desert, & the Coast. Take in a bit of everything, from imperial cities to the mountains to the desert to the coast, on this ten-day grand tour of Morocco that begins and ends in Casablanca. Highlights include camping out in the desert, kitesurfing in the Atlantic, exploring the old medina of Fes, and a cooking class where you’ll learn how to cook tagine.

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The forgotten winter sun destination just five hours from UK that’s 24C right now

IF all you want from your holiday is some winter sun and cheap deals, then there is one destination perfect for Brits.

With hot weather, short flights and loads of package holidays – here is the destination you need to visit now.


Why you need to travel to Egypt’s Sharm el Sheikh this yearCredit: Getty


The holiday destinations remains much hotter than the UK in winter, with temperatures up to 24CCredit: Getty


Holiday deals are as little as £225pp for a week’s breakCredit: Getty

Why Sharm el Sheikh?

Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt was once one of the most popular holiday destinations for Brits until 2015, when a terror attack on a Russian passenger plane killed all 224 onboard.

All flights were stopped for four years, with TUI reintroducing holiday packages in 2019.

This was following the UK Foreign Office issuing new guidance which said Sharm el-Sheikh was considered safe after the airport security was overhauled.

However, just a few months later Covid hit – meaning the holiday resort once again saw tourist levels drop.

But with restrictions lifted, it is now the best time to visit – Sharm el Sheikh is ideal for winter sun as it rarely drops below 20C, even in December and January

The average temperature remains around 22C to 24C but reaches highs of 38C in August.

This means you should avoid the summer holiday months due to the extreme temperatures, with the best months being between December and February for winter sun.

Flights also aren’t much longer than the Canary Islands, with direct routes from London Stansted and London Gatwick around five hours.

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Your money will go further too – Nilan Peiris, Chief Product Officer at Wise told Sun Online Travel: “Recently, the Egyptian pound has fallen against the dollar.

“This means the GBP is also stronger against the EGP.

“The exchange rate currently stands at 37 EGP to 1 GBP, a much more favourable exchange rate compared to 21 EGP – 1 GBP at the end of January last year.

“This is higher even than the pre-pandemic exchange rate — the rate recorded at the end of January 2020 was 20.5 EGP to 1 GBP.”

What are the best Sharm el Sheikh holiday deals?

Sharm el Sheikh is one of the most affordable holiday destinations for Brits, with deals as low as £225pp.

LoveHolidays has seven-night self-catering breaks at Falcon Naama Blue for the bargain deal, with return flights from the UK.

But if you want all-inclusive holidays, they can be found for as little as £445pp

The best deal is seven nights at Pyramisa Beach Resort with Thomas Cook, including return flights, transfers and luggage.

TUI and easyJet also have cheap deals to Sharm el Sheikh.

If you just want just flights, easyJet, TUI and Wizz Air all fly direct.

What is Sharm el Sheikh like?

Sharm el Sheikh is popular for two reasons – its amazing beaches and waters for diving.

Most hotels in the resort town have their own private beach, but there are miles of sandy beach to explore.

And the Red Sea is home to more than 1,200 species of exotic fish, with 350 of them in Sharm el Sheikh.

Spots like Tiran Island is one of the best places in the world for snorkelling, with affordable excursions.

Divers often visit to get their PADI qualification, with shipwrecks and corals making it one of the most popular places for both newbies and experienced divers.

Or you can head out to the desert, with jeep rides and overnight camps popular with Brits.

Otherwise many opt for day trips to other parts of Egypt such as Hurghada or Cairo.

What else do I need to know about Sharm el Sheikh?

The local language is Arabic but most hotel staff will speak English.

There is just two hours time difference, with the UK two hours behind.

The currency is the Egyptian pound (EGP) – £10 is 370.55 EGP – although most resorts accept the British pound or US dollar.

There are currently no Covid restrictions and Brits will not need a visa – if you’re only visiting Sharm el Sheikh for up to 15 days, you will receive a free entry permission stamp upon arrival.

Canary islands weather in january: Canary Islands Weather in January

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Storms Gerard and Fien set to bring widespread rain, snow and strong winds to Spain this week

A new winter storm, Gerard, has arrived in Spain and its passage will be strongly felt throughout the country from today (16 January). As a result, the national Met Office, Aemet, has activated weather alerts in no less than 40 provinces.

This list includes Malaga, which will have a yellow level warning for coastal phenomena in effect from eight in the morning until 11.59pm in the Axarquía and Costa del Sol areas. During that time, winds of 50 to 60 km/h are forecast and waves four metres high in coastal areas. In the city, the thermometers will register a slight decrease compared to the last few days and will move between the 9 degrees that are expected as a minimum and a maximum of 18 degrees, while the skies will remain clear although with some cloudy intervals.

In addition, on the coast of Granada there will be an amber warning from 8am to 11.59pm, with force eight westerly winds and four-metre high waves. This same area will be under a yellow warning due to winds with maximum gusts of 70 kilometres per hour from 12 noon to midnight. In Andalucía there will be cloud moving from north to south until the skies are partially or totally covered. Weak and scattered rain is not ruled out on the Atlantic slope, being more likely in the Baetic mountains and at nightfall, where snow could fall above about 1,500-1,700 metres. The temperatures will drop, with weak frosts in the interior. The winds will blow from the west, with strong gusts along the Mediterranean coast and eastern highlands.

National picture

In addition to the Andalusian provinces, A Coruña and Lugo will be at significant risk (amber) this Monday due to high winds, and Teruel, Zaragoza, Asturias, Cantabria, the Balearic Islands, Albacete, Cuenca, Guadalajara, Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Ourense, Madrid, Murcia, Guipúzcoa, Vizcaya, La Rioja, Alicante, Castellón, Valencia, Almería, Granada, Burgos, Ávila, León, Zamora, Soria, Valladolid, Segovia, Zamora and Palencia will have yellow warnings.

Widespread weather alerts in Spain this Monday, 16 January. /


Also, coastal phenomena will put Cantabria, Asturias, Girona, A Coruña, Lugo, Pontevedra, Guipúzcoa, Vizcaya, Almería and Granada at significant risk (amber). The Balearic Islands, Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Alicante, Castellón, Valencia and Malaga, as well as the autonomous city of Melilla, will also be at risk from high waves, but at a lower level.

Additionally this Monday the snow will affect different areas, such as Huesca, which will be at significant risk, as will Navarra, while Zaragoza, Burgos, León, Palencia, Soria, Zamora, Barcelona, ​​Girona, Lleida and La Rioja will be on lower level alert.

The rain will also put Asturias, León, Pontevedra, Navarra, Álava, Guipúzcoa and Vizcaya at risk, while Cantabria will be at significant risk due to the same phenomenon.

All these alerts coincide with the entry of storm Gerard, which has preceded storm Fien. It will bring persistent and widespread rainfall in Galicia, the Cantabrian area and the central and western Pyrenees, which may be locally strong in the Cantabrian coastal areas and surroundings.

The rain will be less likely the further south, although in the surroundings of the Central and Iberian systems they may have a certain persistence, Aemet has forecast.

In addition, in the southern half of the peninsula, intervals of medium and high cloud are expected at first, increasing throughout the day to cloudy or covered and without ruling out some weak and occasional precipitation in mountainous areas. In the Balearic Islands and points of the central Catalan coast, an occasional shower is not ruled out and in the Canary Islands. Cloudy skies and rain are expected in the north of the islands with greater relief, and with cloudy intervals in general in the rest.

On the other hand, the snow levels will be set in the northwest of the peninsula at 1,200/1,500 metres, rising to 1,800/2,000 metres. In the rest of the northern half it will be at 700/900 metres, rising to 1,300/1,500 in the Pyrenees – where 30 centimetres could accumulate at these levels in the western Pyrenees – and 1,600/1,800 metres in the other areas.

Regarding the temperatures, the daytime temperatures will not change or will rise in the west and northwest of the peninsula, while they will drop locally notably in the southeastern third, the Balearic Islands and the surrounding Pyrenees. The minimum will increase in the northwest and decrease in the east and southeast. In addition, few changes or a slight decrease are expected in the Canary Islands, while weak frosts are expected in the north and east of the peninsula, more intense in the Pyrenees.

In addition, the wind will be from the west in the mainland and the Balearic Islands, strong in the northern and eastern thirds of the peninsula, and with very strong gusts in mountain areas, as well as in the northern plateau, the Balearic Islands and the surroundings of Alborán. Likewise, very strong intervals are forecast in the north of Galicia and trade winds in the Canary Islands.

Specifically, the strong winds will give rise to a maritime storm throughout the day in the Cantabrian area, with winds that can occasionally exceed 80 km/h and waves of between six and eight metres.

Fien, after Gerard

After the passage of storm Gerard, the worst part of the winter storm will correspond with the arrival of Fien, the sixth of the season, which will form in the early hours of Tuesday and will be accompanied by snowfall at low levels in the centre and northern half of the country, where snowflakes could even by seen at sea level.

According to a special notice from Aemet, as of this Monday the interaction of the powerful Atlantic anticyclone centred west of the Azores, with the deepening of storm Fien, south of the British Isles, will lead to the intensification of the flow west and northwest Atlantic, making it stronger, wetter and colder.

This meteorological situation will cause a storm of winds and high waves in the peninsula and the Balearic Islands, and of snow and rain in the northern half of the peninsula, which will continue for a good part of the week.

On Tuesday, 17 January, the arrival to the northwest of the peninsula of an air mass of maritime-polar origin, very cold, is expected, which will spread in subsequent days to the rest of the mainland and the Balearic Islands, giving rise to intense winds from the northwest, and rainfall that will tend to be generalised, and that together with a pronounced thermal drop, could result in of snow at altitudes below 500 metres.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, widespread rain is expected across the mainland and the Balearic Islands, being less likely in the peninsular Mediterranean area. Again the rain could fall as snow at low levels, without being ruled out at sea level in the Cantabrian area on Wednesday. During these days the very strong gusts of wind will continue, especially on Tuesday.

On Thursday, 19 January, there could be snowfall at low levels in the northern third of the peninsula, while on Friday the 20th the entry of humid air from the northwest will continue but it is likely that it will gradually be less cold, with the consequent rise in snow level. There will be persistent rain in the extreme north of the peninsula.

Aemet has said that it is probable that on Saturday, 21 January, the Arctic air mass will be replaced by a more temperate one, thus ending this winter snap.

14,000km Across the Atlantic » Explorersweb

Jari Saario is setting out to do something no one has done before: a two-way crossing of the Atlantic. Saario will set off from the Canary Islands and row 8,000km to Miami. He will then transport his boat to New York, then attempt to row 6,000km to London. 

Jari Saario. Photo: Jari Saario

A bumpy start

Saario had hoped to begin his row in early January from Lagos, Portugal, but weather conditions made this impossible. In December, Saario switched his starting point to the Canary Islands.

Since the start of January, he has been waiting on paperwork and customs checks. He had hoped it would be done in time to start on Jan. 15, but his wait continues.

Speaking to ExplorersWeb, he said, “It’s frustrating. They have to check the boat but they’re not doing it and they don’t care. To them, it’s only one rowing boat. I’m the only one who is in a hurry.”

Deciding on a route has also been tricky. Originally, Saario was going to row from the Canary Islands to Antigua, but this fairly common route did not generate any interest from potential sponsors. Without sponsors, Saario knew he would not be able to complete the trip. He started looking for something no one had done before, eventually settling on a double crossing of the Atlantic.

Though the idea came from the need for financing, Saario now fully embraces the unique idea. “Now it’s the only thing I want to do,” he said.

Photo: Jari Saario


A big step up

Saario, a Finnish fireman, has taken on rowing challenges before, but nothing on this scale. In 2018, he became the Finnish 500m indoor rowing record holder and he has paddled 1,275km from Copenhagen to Helsinki. But 14,000km across the Atlantic is a huge leap.

“I want to challenge myself. It feels like everything I’ve done before has left a considerable amount of capacity unused…Everyone has challenges of their own size, this is my size,” he told Pledge Times

Saario seems extremely confident and aims to set a speed record during his crossing. He wants to complete the outward journey in 111 days and arrive in Miami by the end of April.

He will then wait in America for around a month for suitable weather before attempting the return journey in June. To qualify for a Guinness World Record as the first solo rower to complete a round trip between the continents, he is not allowed to return home between the two rows.

Currently, only one person has rowed from New York to London solo. Mark Delstanche completed the journey in 97 days in September 2021. Saario believes that he has a chance to break this record too.

Photo: Jari Saario


Saario plans to row for 14 hours a day, eat and relax for four hours, then sleep for the remaining six hours. As he waits, he is downloading music and audiobooks to help pass the time.

Every day, he will need to consume between 5,000 and 6,000 calories. He has 998 bags of food packed onto the boat for the initial journey and will add another 500 bags for the slightly shorter return leg. On his comparatively short row from Copenhagen to Helsinki, he lost 18kg. On this journey, he is expecting to lose over 30kg.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jari Saario (@jari_saario)


Primarily a mental challenge

Saario is not overly concerned about the physical aspect of the trip. “The most interesting challenge is not the rowing but how to manage yourself in a small space for a long time,” he explained.

To prepare for the row, Saario has been training with Charlie Pitcher. Pitcher was a professional sailor and a seasoned ocean rower. He broke the solo record for the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge (TWAC) in 2013 and has coached many teams for the race since. Pitcher has said that although no one has attempted the double Atlantic crossing before, he views it as possible but difficult.

For Saario, the biggest challenge is going to be the solitude and time away from his family.

“When I started wondering about rowing across the Atlantic, the first thing I did was ask my wife and two daughters, ‘Is everybody okay with this?’ I wouldn’t even have considered it if they didn’t support the idea. Of course, they are a little afraid and my daughters are already missing me. It’s a long time apart. We are a very close family,” Saario said.

Photo: Jari Saario


A few times a week, Saario will speak to his family by satellite phone.

Weather in lanzarote in january: Lanzarote weather in January ()

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North East set for mild couple of days as temperatures forecast to hit double figures

The leading meteorologists have forecast bright or sunny spells at points, mainly in the east of the region


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  • The sun will be shining tomorrow in Newcastle (Image: Newcastle Chronicle)

    The North East looks set for a mild couple of days as temperatures look set to buck the trend for February.

    The Met Office have forecast cloudy and dry weather for tomorrow (January 24) with temperatures set to reach a mild 10 °C by the afternoon. The region looks set for bright or sunny spells at points, mainly in the east of the region.

    The conditions look set to continue into Wednesday (January 25) when it will be bright and breezy by afternoon. Intermittent rain is set to make its way on Wednesday morning, so do make sure to pack a jacket.

    Read more: Northumbria Police officer found drunk behind wheel of police van avoids jail

    The leading meteorologists have forecast the following conditions for tomorrow: “Cloudy with a lot of dry weather. Any patchy light rain will affect the Pennines.

    “A few bright or sunny spells developing, mainly in the east. Milder by afternoon. Maximum temperature 10 °C.”

    The outlook for Wednesday to Friday looks as follows, according to the Met Office: “Intermittent rain moving southeast Wednesday morning, bright and breezy by afternoon.

    “Bright and cold with showers possible Thursday. Frosty then mainly fine Friday, with cloud returning and near normal temperatures.”

    Met Office hourly forecast for Newcastle on January 24

    6am: Cloudy, 6°C

    7am: Cloudy, 6°C

    8am: Cloudy, 6°C

    9am: Cloudy, 6°C

    10am: Partially sunny, 7°C

    11am: Partially sunny, 8°C

    12pm: Partially sunny, 8°C

    1pm: Partially sunny, 9°C

    2pm: Cloudy, 9°C

    3pm: Cloudy, 8°C

    4pm: Cloudy, 8°C

    5pm: Cloudy, 8°C

    6pm: Cloudy (night), 7°C

    7pm: Cloudy, 7°C

    8pm: Cloudy, 7°C

    9pm: Cloudy, 6°C

    10pm: Cloudy, 6°C

    11pm: Cloudy, 6°C

    Met Office three-hour forecast for Newcastle on January 22

    6am: Cloudy, 8°C

    9am: Cloudy, 8°C

    12pm: Sunny, 9°C

    3pm: Sunny, 9°C

    6pm: Clear, 6°C

    9pm: Cloudy intervals, 5°C

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    FILA on top of the world in the RORC Transatlantic Race thanks to Giovanni Soldini

    Sail-World AsiaSail-World AustraliaSail-World CanadaSail-World EuropeSail-World New ZealandSail-World United KingdomSail-World USAYachtsandYachting.comCruising Northern HemisphereCruising Southern HemisphereMarine Business EuropeMarine Business North AmericaMarine Business OceaniaPowerboat.World EuropePowerboat.World North AmericaPowerboat.World OceaniaFishingBoating.World AustraliaFishingBoating.World New ZealandFishingBoating.World USANZ Boating World

    by Federica Moschiano 14 Jan 02:04 PST

    FILA – Maserati Multi70 – RORC Transatlantic Race © FILA

    FILA is certainly proud to announce a new record in the world of sports. This was achieved thanks to one of the brand’s top athletes, Giovanni Soldini, who dominated the five-day race in the prestigious RORC Transatlantic Race, an off-shore sailing race that attracts top navigators from all the planet, by finishing first in the All Boats, MOCRA, and Line Honour Multihull categories.

    In the latter, he broke the previous world record (5 days 22h 46′ 03”) by about 17 hours, completing it in 5 days 5h 46′ 26″, an achievement that further consecrates Giovanni Soldini’s place in the sailing pantheon.

    The 3,000-mile race from Lanzarote to Grenada, in the Caribbean, also saw the Maserati Multi70 reach an absolute speed record of 37 knots. Over the course of the race, Soldini faced some extreme weather, which put his crew and trimaran to the test.

    On the fourth day, violent oscillations caused by 3-meter waves and incessant wind caused a stopper to explode, causing damage to the drift and letting about 2,000 liters of water in the watertight compartments, designed to keep the vessel from flooding. Despite this hiccup, which added more than two tons of additional weight, and a broken jennaker loop, the Maserati Multi70’s performance was minimally limited, and this is how the Italian crew crossed the finish line in first place well ahead of the pack.

    FILA – Maserati Multi70 – RORC Transatlantic Race – photo © FILA

    Seeing the FILA brand prominently displayed on the sail, the hull, and the technical clothing worn by the entire crew of the only 100% electric boat in the race is what makes the company most proud. Indeed, Giovanni Soldini has once again demonstrated how a winning boat can be built while paying attention to eco-sustainability and reducing environmental impact to practically zero. The Maserati Multi70 trimaran, in fact, is full electric and has numerous instruments aboard that allow careful analyses of water cleanliness and the surrounding environment.

    The Italian navigator, together with Maserati Multi70 and FILA, will soon head to the RORC Caribbean 600 where he will set off on February 20 for a 3-day Antigua-Lesser Antilles-Antigua race.

    Best places to visit in january in europe: 27 Best Places to Visit in Europe in January (+ Winter Tips!)

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    Best European Cities to Visit in Winter!

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    Usually, when thinking of a holiday, most people imagine hot summer days at the beach, sipping a tasty cocktail. But you can’t deny that winter is a charming, beautiful, and blissful time, perfect for a cozy or adventurous holiday. 

    For beautiful wintry days, Europe is undoubtedly a great destination… And if you don’t yet know where to go, in this post, I’ll share with you the most amazing European cities to visit in winter…!

    Disclaimer: Posts include affiliate links to products or services. I might earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no extra cost.

    Many cities offer a magical snowy ambiance and fun or relaxing experiences. Furthermore, except during Christmas, most European cities are crowd-free and inexpensive.

    Read on for the most beautiful European cities for the best winter holidays.

    Budapest, Hungary

    Budapest, Hungary.

    Winter is definitely the best time to visit Budapest. However, be prepared for cold, freezing weather. In January and February, daytime temperatures don’t rise much higher than 6°C.

    Still, seeing the Hungarian Parliament surrounded by ice drifts on the Danube and the castle sprinkled with snow is a majestic sight. Additionally, you will find grand cafes, extraordinary museums, and boutique shops.  

    A must-visit is the Hungarian State Opera House. Throughout the winter season, it has fantastic wintery performances such as The Nutcracker and Swan Lake. 

    Alternatively, if you want to escape the cold, visit the Széchenyi Baths. They are Europe’s largest hot spring spas with outdoor and indoor pools that reach 40°C.

    • Check out this Széchenyi Spa Full Day experience to keep yourself warm during your visit!

    Click here to find accommodation in Budapest

    Hallstatt, Austria

    Hallstatt, Austria.

    Austria is famous for stunning castles, numerous museums, and beautiful music halls. Furthermore, Vienna is perhaps one of the most cosmopolitan and visited capital cities in Europe.

    But Austria has beautiful towns and villages, perfect for winter holidays. Hallstatt is technically a village, but its fairytale-like setting makes it a fantastic spot for a romantic getaway. 

    The town features 12th-century churches, candlelit restaurants, and a market square that are especially beautiful during winter.

    Furthermore, the village is by Hallstatt Lake and is surrounded by the picturesque snowy Dachstein Mountains, which offer winter activities, such as skiing, snowshoe hiking, and horse-drawn carriage rides.

    Click here to find accommodation in Hallstatt.

    Venice, Italy

    Venice, Italy

    Unquestionably, Venice is one of the top-rated summer destinations. After all, everyone wishes once in their lifetime to ride a gondola and marvel at hundreds of years old buildings, bridges, palaces, and cathedrals.

    But during summer, Venice is overcrowded and not to mention the weather is way too hot, making it almost impossible to enjoy the city’s unique beauty.  

    So, winter is undoubtedly the best time to visit this gorgeous city. The canals are quiet and shrouded in mist, making the scenery eerie yet beautiful. Furthermore, the hotels give discounted rates, and you can enjoy Venice’s ambiance to the maximum. 

    Also, during February, you can join in the festivities for the Venice Carnival. You can attend concerts, participate in colorful parades, dress up with elaborate costumes and masks and even learn about the traditional craft of mask-making.

    • Check out this affordable Grand Canal Gondola Ride to explore the best of Venice!

    Click here to find accommodation in Venice.

    Bruges, Belgium

    Bruges, Belgium.

    Bruges is Europe’s best-preserved medieval city leaving everyone awed with its colorful architecture and vibrant ambiance. That’s why in winter, Burges is a treat.

    In December, the temperatures are still mild, allowing visitors to immerse in the festive and Christmassy mood easier. It transforms into a picturesque winter wonderland with light displays, Christmas markets, and beautiful decorations.

    Apart from the Christmas markets, the city has plenty of tourist attractions that display the glorious beauty of Belgium’s culture, history, and architecture.

    Some must-visit spots are the Belfort Belfry and the Basilica of the Holy Blood.

    Another must-do thing in Bruges is to visit the historic Craenenburg Cafe and taste their to-die-for  Belgian hot chocolate. Also, for more tasty treats, visit The Old Chocolate House and De Halve Maan’s brewery.

    • Check out this Bruges Boat Cruise and Guided Walking Tour and see every charming corner of the city!

    Click here to find accommodation in Bruges.

    Edinburgh, Scotland

    Edinburgh, Scotland

    Edinburgh’s gothic buildings covered in snow are a beautiful sight that shouldn’t be missed. Generally, Edinburgh has a mysterious vibe that makes you feel as if you stepped back in time. 

    To experience Edinburgh’s wintery beauty, visit its many museums, walk around the Royal Mine, the Edinburgh castle, and hike up on Arthur’s Seat to admire Edinburgh’s beauty from above.

    If you visit Edinburgh on Christmas, be sure to join the Hogmanay Festival. It is Scotland’s biggest festival, celebrating the new year. They organize outdoor concerts, fireworks, dancing performances, and markets. 

    And if you are brave enough, join the Scots at Portobello Beach, taking a dip in the freezing water to welcome the new year.

    Then, warm up with a traditional fish and chip supper at The Guild of Foresters on Portobello High Street.

    Click here to find accommodation in Edinburgh.

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Copenhagen, Denmark.

    For a relaxing winter break, Copenhagen is the best choice. After all, it is the birthplace of hygge, the Danish concept of coziness or contentment.  

    The Danish capital has excellent cafes, pastry shops, and Michelin-starred restaurants to get cozy with a delicious meal or hot chocolate and experience the city’s wintery scenery.

    Still, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any sights to visit and explore. Head for Nyhavn, the city’s beautiful waterfront, and stroll around the quaint quayside houses. In fact, here you will also find Hans Christian Andersen’s house.

    Furthermore, a must-visit spot is the Tivoli Gardens, a 19th-century amusement park. It offers exotic and quirky designed architecture, thrilling rides, and musical concerts.

    • See more, pay less! Check out this Copenhagen Card with access to 80+ attractions and transportation.

    Click here to find accommodation in Copenhagen.

    Krakow, Poland

    Krakow, Poland.

    Krakow is one of the few cities in Poland with well-preserved medieval architecture. And even though the weather can get very cold, the streets are covered in a festive snow blanket, creating beautiful postcard pictures.  

    Due to the cold, fewer tourists visit this beautiful city, but that is ideal if you prefer less crowded streets and avoid long queues at must-see attractions. One is the royal castle, Wawel which offers stunning cityscapes and river views.

    If you are visiting during Christmas, visit the Christmas market in Rynek Gówny or Main Square. There, mulled wine is sold directly from wooden barrels along with sweet treats to indulge and warm yourself in the cold weather.

    But overall, Krakow has a vibrant culture, stunning sights, delicious local cuisine, and excellent drinks to indulge in. It is undoubtedly an all-heart-warmingly magical city.

    • Skip the line to visit the royal castle! Check out this Wawel Castle Guided Tour with Entry Tickets.

    Click here to find accommodation in Krakow.

    Zermatt, Switzerland 

    If you would prefer to have a traditional winter holiday in a scenic atmosphere, Switzerland should be your top destination.

    During ski season, Zermatt is a heavenly place. It is a gorgeous resort town at the foot of the country’s iconic Matterhorn mountain. 

    The resort can accommodate many skiers of every skill to enjoy the sport since they have different ski slopes, lessons, and guides. But also here you can enjoy the stunning views of the mountain from the lifts.

    However, Zermatt’s ​​après-ski is also fantastic. For instance, after tiring yourself while skiing or snowboarding, you can enjoy a Lemon Drop Martini, indulge in alpine cuisine, and have a spa treatment to relax.

    Click here to find accommodation in Zermatt.

    Prague in Winter.

    Winter is a magical time for incredible outdoor activities and cozy indoor experiences. And Europe has plenty of beautiful cities allowing you to have all kinds of adventures.
    From fairytale-like city breaks to adventurous activities. 

    According to you, what other European cities would be great destinations to visit in winter?
    Let me know in the comments below!

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    • … Or check out more winter guides!

    Pin this Guide to the Best European Winter Destinations!

    About the author of this blog:

    Gabi Ancarola

    Gabi has been living in Crete for the last five years. On the island, she juggles being a solo mom, hosting culinary tours in summer, translating, and freelance writing.
    She’s written for Greek Reporter, published several travel guides about Greece, and had more glasses of frappe than any regular person would be able to handle.

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    Best Places to Visit in Europe for First-timers

    Last Updated 09/03/2022.

    If you have never been to Europe before but you are planning a trip to this exciting continent, then this list is for you!  The best places to visit in Europe covers the most popular sites and attractions as well as some lesser-known favourite destinations too.  Most you will have heard of, but others may surprise you.  Read on to discover the best places to visit in Europe for first-timers.

    Most of the places in our selection are cities. These are places in Europe for those wishing to discover European culture, architecture, traditions, food, and society.

    This isn’t so much a list for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts.

    Of course, Europe has those things in spades, but our list of places to visit in Europe showcases the diversity you can experience, all within Europe.


    Paris is filled with world-famous landmarks and attractions.  But it is the city’s unforgettable romantic atmosphere which makes it one of the best places to visit in Europe. 

    Stroll around the beautiful arrondissements (districts) and sample delicious Parisian delicacies, or go shopping on the Champs Elysees. 

    Check out the astounding view from the top of the Eiffel Tower, visit the splendid Louvre and plan a day trip to the Palace of Versailles. 

    Paris has a chic style all of her own and the people are impossibly stylish too.  The River Seine gracefully meanders its way between the streets of the City of Light, providing an elegant backdrop to the impressive architecture and ambient streets.  

    For families, both Disney Paris and Park Asterix are not far from Paris itself.

    When to Visit Paris

    The peak season for Paris is June to August.  As it is one of the most visited cities in the world, during peak season you can expect crowds, traffic congestion, and higher prices too. 

    September and October enjoy a shoulder season with slightly fewer visitors and cooler temps.  Paris is stunning during winter too, with much smaller tourist numbers and cheaper accommodation except Christmas. There are some good Christmas Markets in Paris during the festive period.

    Where to Stay in Paris

    There are 20 districts or arrondissements in Paris which arrange the city.  The first time you come to Paris, it is overwhelming trying to figure out where to stay.

    First-time visitors like to stay close to all the action around the Eiffel Tower in the 7th Arrondissement.  This is a fantastic central location on the river and walking distance to many major attractions including the Eiffel Tower, Napoleon’s Tomb and Musee D’Orsay.  

    Résidence Charles Floquet is our top pick for a stay in Paris.   They have 1,2,3 and 4 bedroom apartments perfect for travelling with a group or family.  This apart-hotel is in an elegant historic building with fireplaces and high ceilings.  The best part is the location a mere 50 meters from the Eiffel Tower with million-dollar views! 


    Barcelona is one of Europe’s most favourite cities with the incredible architecture of Gaudi gracing the vibrant streets.  Antoni Gaudi designed the fabulous Park Güell, Casa Milà and Sagrada Família which are Barcelona’s most famous sites.  Rambling down La Rambla is a must-do, with this appealing street packed with shops and markets. Soak up some perfect Mediterranean rays on Platja de Barceloneta, a lovely city beach. 

    Barcelona is a great place to base yourself for some fantastic day trips out of the city too.  Catalonia region is dotted with medieval cities, and magical Mediterranean coastline just begging to be explored. Don’t miss the Dali museum and the artist’s hometown, just a little north of Barcelona.

    When to Visit Barcelona

    The best time to visit Spain’s most popular city is during the spring in May and June.  The temperatures are nice and mild, and there are many city festivals to enjoy. 

    July and August are peak season, with a rise in temperatures, prices, and tourist numbers.  The cheapest time to visit is between January and April, as long as you don’t mind the cold and the wet.  

    Where to Stay in Barcelona

    For first-time visitors to Barcelona, staying central is best.  Try hotels in the Gothic Quarter to be close to many attractions, with great transport links too.

    Doubles at the Ciutat de Barcelona start from around $150 USD.  This hotel is centrally located, with a quick walk to everything and a rooftop pool to boot.  Staying here you will be surrounded by great eateries, shopping, and fun Barcelona life.

    For families in Barcelona, try Duquesa de Cardona.  This epic 4-star hotel has spectacular panoramic views from the rooftop pool and comfortable rooms that can sleep up to 4 people. Please check full details for yourself as facilities, restrictions, and conditions have changed in recent years.


    The fascinating and awe-inspiring city of Dubrovnik sits as a sentinel over the Adriatic Sea in Croatia.  Its well-preserved UNESCO-listed historic town centre overlooking the sparkling sea has become even more iconic since its use as a film location for Game of Thrones.  This city will enchant you with its unique flair and cobbled streets overlooked by glorious Baroque buildings.

    When to Visit Dubrovnik

    During September and October is the best time to visit Dubrovnik.  The water temp is still warm enough to swim, and most of the big cruise ships have departed leaving the streets prime for exploration.

    Where to Stay in Dubrovnik

    We think the best place to stay is the 5-star Hotel Dubrovnik Palace which is perched on a cliff overlooking the dazzling Adriatic.  

    There are awesome apartments with sea views located right in the heart of the Old Town.   These are fantastic for staying with family and friends.  Try the Splendid or one of many others for stylish rooms overlooking the old town, others have epic ocean vistas from the rooftop terrace.


    Rome is the sprawling capital city of Italy and one of the best places to visit in Europe.  Here you will find over 3000 years worth of art, history, and architecture from the famed Colosseum to St Peter’s Basilica and everything in between. 

    Make a wish at the quintessential Trevi Fountain, and climb the Spanish Steps.  Marvel at masterpieces such as Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel before your very eyes.  The city is perfectly balanced between the ruins of the Roman Empire and modern vibrant street life. 

    Rome is the epitome of civilisation as we know it.  The city is such an important place in the history of the world and as such, is a magnificent and stimulating place to visit.  When in Rome, don’t forget to try the pistachio gelato, and feast on the best pizza in the world!

    When to Visit Rome

    September to November and April to May are generally considered to be the best times to visit Rome.   During these times enjoy sublime temperatures and fewer visitors than the peak summer months and European school holidays.

    Where to Stay in Rome

    Staying central close to the Piazza Navona and the Pantheon would be a great choice for your first time in Rome.  Here you will be walking distance to many of the major attractions and surrounded by a village atmosphere.  Narrow cobblestone streets lead between whimsical buildings with flower-filled window boxes.  There are bakeries next to fountains, and romantic laneways lined with cafes.


    Venice.  This city is the epitome of romance and pure European bliss.  Venice is uniquely positioned, built on 100 small islands in a lagoon within the Adriatic Sea.  A visit to Venice is absolutely breathtaking.  Enjoy amazing sunsets over the water. Along peaceful canals lined with classical Renaissance and Gothic architecture, the pathways and bridges intersect waterways and lead to the perfect town square – Piazza San Marco.  

    There are almost no cars here, and tourists and locals alike get around by way of gondolas which only add to the fantastical romanticism of this special place.

    When to Visit Venice

    Venice does not have much of a slow season.  Tourist numbers are pretty high all year round but tend to peak in June/July. 

    Carnevale is a wonderful celebration that Venetians are famous for and it typically occurs in late January or early February, the date changes every year based on the Christian calendar.  This time of year is certainly peak for prices and visitor numbers but the spectacle of Carnevale might just be worth it!

    Where to Stay in Venice

    Staying in the San Marco area puts you right in the heart of the action with Venice’s most important sights just a short walk away. These include The Piazza, The Grand Canal, St Mark’s Basilica and the Bridge of Sighs.  

    The iconic Monaco and Grand Canal and the Palazzo Selvadego put you luxuriously right in the heart of the action on the Grand Canal in San Marco.


    London is undoubtedly one of the greatest places to visit on a European holiday.  We love it for its easiness, the richness of culture, history, and architecture, and the brilliant free museums.  

    We are experts in taking your family to London as our kids were born there and were mostly raised there, London is our home town.  See more in our dedicated and in-depth guide to London with kids.

    London is a very walkable city, but there are also plenty of public transport options to get you from a-b fast. Don’t miss out on London’s beautiful parks and open spaces and do take a walk along the South Bank.

    Staying in central London is ideal for the first-timer, but if you’re looking to explore the outskirts of London or the wider London Area, consider places like Richmond Upon Thames, it’s convenient to Richmond Park, Twickenham, and Kew Gardens and is a very picturesque Thames-side center. Greenwich is another good place to base yourself with plenty to see locally.

    When to Visit London

    Springtime, between March and May, is probably my favourite time to be in London. The parks and gardens are blooming, the winter chill has left the city and people are cheerfully out and about once more. June to August is peak time in the city.

    Winter in London is another great time to visit to keep costs down and tourist numbers lower which is reflected in cheaper airfares and accommodation deals, and shorter queues at attractions. Around Christmas prices rise but London at Christmas is a great experience with the city hosting numerous holiday fairs and markets. The capital will be illuminated and dotted with outdoor ice rinks and Christmas street food.

    Where to Stay in London

    For first-timers, it is a good idea to base yourself somewhere like Covent Garden as you are within easy walking distance to many of London’s famous sights. There are theatres galore, and cool street performers at every turn making Covent Garden a great backdrop to your London holiday.   Excellent connections on the famous London Underground service and the iconic red double-decker buses make getting around the city a breeze.

    South Kensington is another wonderful part of the city with the big 3 free museums and great transport connections.

    London accommodation can be found at most price points. Expect to pay from 50 UK pounds per night absolute minimum, up to a small fortune.


    Amsterdam is one of the best places to visit in Europe and is also one of the most infamous cities on the planet. Known for its meandering canals, endless cycle paths, and excellent art galleries featuring the sublime Dutch artists Van Gogh, Vermeer, and Rembrandt, a trip to Amsterdam is definitely worth adding to your European itinerary. Make sure to visit the somber and intriguing Anne Frank House too.

    The city is home to one of the most well-known red-light districts in the world along with the notorious hash cafes.

    When to Visit Amsterdam

    Summertime is absolutely heaving in Amsterdam as holidaying partygoers flock from all over Europe. The best times for your visit are just before or just after the summer sojourn – April/May and September/October. Amsterdam is a popular European weekend break, so if you can, visit mid-week.

    Where to Stay in Amsterdam

    Staying in the charming Old Centre is the best choice for your first visit to Amsterdam. Here you will find many sights within walking distance. Fantastic shopping, restaurants, bars, and nightlife are all close by too.

    One of our top picks for Amsterdam is the Dutch Masters Apartment Hotel. Here you can stay canal-side in some stunningly decorated and well-equipped rooms and suites suitable for even very large groups and families.


    Prague, the UNESCO listed ‘City of a Hundred Spires’ is one of the world’s most beautiful cities making it one of the best places to visit in Europe. There is simply no equal to its exquisite bohemian allure. With cobblestone streets winding amongst remarkable Gothic, and Baroque architecture still replete despite a couple of world wars, Prague absolutely delights your senses.

    The grandiose Prague Castle perches atop the magnificent city which is cut through by the Vltava River. St Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge, and the Old Town Square with its famed Astronomical Clock are equally breathtaking and the entire city feels like you are in a fairytale story.

    When to Visit Prague

    Ideally, like most of Europe, visiting outside the peak summer periods is the best time to see Prague at her best. April/May or September/October will offer you the best shoulder season with cheaper accommodation rates, pleasant temperatures, and fewer tourist numbers.

    Where to Stay in Prague

    First-time visitors to Prague should definitely try to stay in or close to, the Old Town. Here you will be within walking distance to many of the city’s greatest landmarks and attractions.

    The stunning mid-range Old Town Boutique Apartments are a great pick in the Old Town. They have family rooms that can sleep up to 6 in characterful apartment units, and well-appointed doubles complete with a city view terrace. Self-catering is possible here but do try the Prague street food too!


    Yes, Turkey is still in Europe, partially! The western part of Turkey, where you’ll find Istanbul is on the continent of Europe, the Eastern part of Turkey is in Asia. Turkey is a transcontinental country like Egypt. Turkey is also a well-used flight hub with many of the cheaper routes passing through on their way to Asia and The Middle East. We thought Turkish airlines were very good indeed.

    Istanbul is an absolutely stunning city with an incredible amount of history and majestic buildings, many dating back to the days or the Roman and Turkish empires. While you are in Istanbul be sure to visit the old bazaar and the adjacent food and spice souk. These are possibly the best of the souks we’ve seen anywhere in the world.

    Where To Stay in Istanbul

    If you can, absolutely stay close to Sultanahmet Square. This is a lovely area and many major attractions will be right on your doorstep. These include The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and the Roman Basilica Cistern. The latter is an eerie cavern featuring an inverted Medusa head. It’s well worth a visit. Take a stroll to The Bosphorus and take in the view into Asia too. We stayed at both the Hotel Alilass and Hotel Armada. Both were good and in the mid to high-end price point and served really good breakfasts. I felt completely safe as a solo woman in this part of town.

    When To Visit Istanbul

    You can see snow in Istanbul in winter and we happened to be there to see that happen. It was pretty special. Istanbul doesn’t have the huge school holiday crowds of say, London or Paris, making things a little less crowded. Room rates, crowds and weather are most manageable outside the high season, think March to May and September to November. We visited in January and February and had no issues with weather.


    I’ve read many negative reviews of Athens as a city destination, but we absolutely loved it. Greece is a great destination and no tour of Greece is complete without seeing Athens, the Acropolis, and the Parthenon. Delphi isn’t too far away from Athens, if you can, add a day or two in Delphi to your trip. The Parthenon and the historic old town, The Plaka, is where you want to be in Athens. You can explore this area on foot and there are plenty of shops, restaurants and the fantastic Acropolis Museum nearby.

    Where To Stay In Athens

    If you can, book a hotel with an Acropolis view. It’s pretty spectacular lit up at night. Stay as close to this ancient heart of Athens as you can. Check out the views from the Herodion Hotel, a boutique but affordable special place to stay. Athens makes a great weekend break destination if you’re lucky enough to be in Europe.

    When to Visit Athens

    Summer can be hot and busy. As with most destinations the shoulder seasons are likely to be the best times to visit, think March to May and September to November. The weather should be pleasant. Winter should be pleasant too, this part of the world doesn’t get too cold but you may see rain or even snow.

    Other Places in Europe

    Have you found your ultimate European destination in the list above? There are so many cool spots to visit on this amazing continent. It was hard to narrow these top places down to a shortlist. For your first trip to The Continent, spending a few days to a week in these awesome cities will be a great way to discover a love for Europe and hopefully to endear you to return over and over again. If you’re looking for something a little different, maybe more of a hidden gem of Europe, consider Budapest in Hungary, maybe Brasov in Romania, Slovenia, or one of Europe’s islands. Head back now to our main Travel in Europe page or to our run-down of best, most useful travel products to buy. What’s your favourite place to go in Europe? Tell us in the comments.

    If you’d like to hire a car during your stay, use this car rental comparison tool to find the best deal!

    We also suggest you take a look at this company to get a quote for all kinds of travel insurance.

    Try Stayz / VRBO for an alternative way to find rentals on homes/apartments/condos in any country!

    Where to relax in Russia in the summer of 2023

    Our vast Motherland is famous for the variety of places that attract various interests of tourists. Russia has amazing corners of nature, beautiful architectural structures, different climatic zones, so it is interesting to travel all year round, and there are even more options where to relax in Russia in the summer.

    Contents of the article:

    1. Over the seas, over the waves
    2. To the mountains
    3. To the lakes
    4. Excursion rest
    5. Health recreation
    6. Leisure with children
    7. All Inclusive

    Over the seas, over the waves

    In hot weather, you always want to refresh yourself in a pond, and what could be better and healthier than sea water. Therefore, every year numerous tourists go to rest on the sea.

    Black Sea

    The Black Sea is the most beloved in our country, because it is warm. Every year, millions of vacationers in Russia go to the Krasnodar Territory and the Crimean Peninsula. In the most popular resort cities – Yalta and Sochi, where you can come by car and live in a tent. Comfortable weather conditions allow you to enjoy the sun, sea water, bright palm trees from May to October. And numerous sights, various excursion programs and tours, seafood dishes from different countries attract people to come here in the off-season.

    A huge number of Russian resorts on the Black Sea are not much inferior in terms of service to European ones. When choosing a vacation on the Black Sea, guests can choose places to stay according to their taste. You can stay in trendy hostels, in the private sector or in five-star hotels. For example, Mriya Resort & SPA is the world’s leading resort for recreation, the pearl of the Black Sea coast, located on the southern coast of Crimea between the picturesque mountain range and the endless expanse of the sea. Mriya Resort & SPA is the best premium hotel with amazing architecture in the form of a giant flower with five petals. Four petals are buildings, and the fifth is an outdoor pool. The facility is located on a high seashore, so the windows of the rooms offer unusually fabulous views. You can stay in one of the 37 villas with all amenities, excellent service and three buffet meals a day.

    Well-groomed territory of 64 hectares, beautiful, one of the largest in Europe “Japanese Garden”, ten restaurants with drinks and dishes with various national cuisines of cuisines of foreign countries, a renovated beach with many water activities. Some dishes, such as pasta or shawarma, are cooked in front of you. The menu is varied and will please people with different taste preferences. During breakfast, a variety of cereals, egg dishes, cottage cheese, fried bacon, sausages, pancakes and pancakes with various fillings are served. Tea, coffee and a glass of champagne at the entrance. For dinner and lunch, there are always two soups, green salads, light snacks, a couple of types of meat and fish, pastries and sweets, dumplings, pizza, several types of cold cuts, pasta and dumplings. Alcoholic drinks are presented in bars in a wide range. There is also the Winepark, the first wine tourism center in Russia. You can have fun by visiting the Foster nightclub. For young vacationers there is a full-fledged balanced children’s menu.


    Sea of ​​Azov

    The Sea of ​​​​Azov, compared with the neighboring Black Sea, looks modest. There are no majestic mountain peaks and the largest resort places around, and the sea is small and shallow. The landscape of the Sea of ​​Azov is a place of steppe expanses blown by warm winds. Those wishing to ride a board with a large kite, go in for sailing, fell in love with the expanses of the Sea of ​​Azov for the windy weather. It attracts vacationers with the opportunity to enjoy the sea air away from the city noise and a large crowded place. The largest resort town of Yeysk, convenient infrastructure in Taganrog, cheap prices in Kuchugury and Golubitskaya.

    Baltic Sea

    The Baltic Sea in Russia is not at all warm, if not cold, but this circumstance does not prevent it from being popular among travelers. The Baltic has unusually wide beaches covered with fine velvety sand, and the air here is fresh and clean, ringing directly to dizziness. The Kaliningrad region is distinguished by its unique architecture of old, slightly toy-like mansions. Kaliningrad has many historical architectural monuments with a German spirit. Solnechnogorsk is a small city with its ancient architectural image, although the beaches are not as wide as in Kaliningrad, but tall ship pines saturate the local air with a unique aroma. The main attraction is the Curonian Spit with protected nature, sand dunes and dancing trees.

    Caspian Sea

    The Caspian Sea will be deeper than the Sea of ​​Azov and wider than the White Sea, for the most part the water here is salty, but due to the powerful current of the Volga, the water is fresh in some places. Another feature of this place is that it is not a sea at all, but a lake, so do not be surprised when you see lotus flowers and seals here.

    To the mountains

    Someone likes to relax on a wild beach, but for someone this is not enough and they want to fly up to the clouds. Then you need to climb the mountains. Recently, trekking routes have become popular, when mountain peaks must be conquered within a day or several days. In the mountains, travelers have a rest all year round, in winter they go skiing, and in summer they enjoy natural beauties.


    Choosing a vacation in the Caucasus Mountains, you can immediately visit several republics. In Dagestan, vacationers will be able to sunbathe on the beaches of the Caspian Sea, and those interested in history will be able to visit ancient Derbent. Elbrus, the highest in the world, which connects Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia, will be able to submit to brave climbers and lovers of ski slopes. Ingush mountain ranges with green meadows, raging rivers and numerous ancient towers attract travelers from all over the country. Tourist routes of Dombay and the cleanest lakes of Arkhyz are favorite places for travelers who climb here, hiding from the noise and bustle of big cities. And the medical resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters – Essentuki, Pyatigorsk, Kislovodsk, Zheleznovodsk, about which Pushkin and Lermontov wrote their poems, still help to heal. Resting in Russia in the resort towns of the Krasnodar Territory – Lazarevskoye, Dolzhanskaya, Sochi and on the beaches of the Crimean Peninsula, you can simultaneously enjoy the beauty and originality that goes far beyond the horizon, the Black Sea surface, walking along the embankment. As well as the majestic Caucasus with its various mountain peaks, seething waterfalls, mysterious caves and amazingly relief rocks. nine0055

    The Ural stretches from the north to the east of Russia, uniting several republics of our country. In Bashkortostan, in the region of the Ural Mountains, there is a karst cave with primitive drawings of ancient people of the Paleolithic era. The inner vaults are covered with stalactites, which are more than hundreds of thousands of years old. In the Chelyabinsk region, the main tourist attraction of the Ural Mountains is the Ignatievskaya Cave with ancient drawings of primitive people. There are ruins of stone structures on the large and clean lake Turgoyak on the island of Vera. This place, covered with mysticism and secrets, attracts many curious eyes. In the Sverdlovsk region, the Ural attracts travelers with its malachite sites on the Adui River, known since childhood from Bazhov’s fairy tales.


    Altai was nicknamed “Siberian Switzerland” for the beauty of snow caps on the peaks, mountain lakes with clear water and green meadows. We recommend visiting a wonderful place first of all for those who prefer to spend time with benefit. The weather in Altai is very changeable – it can take only a few hours from heat to cold and rain. Inhaling the fresh mountain air, one begins to feel dizzy from the magical expanses of Gorno-Altaisk. These are places where the goals of travelers are to swim in warm lakes, raft down mountain rivers, walk not only on foot, but also on horseback, bungee jump, fish and have fun on water rides. Many enjoy the beauty of the extraordinary landscapes that open from more than four and a half thousand meters of Belukha Mountain. According to ancient legends, strong and powerful energy is concentrated here. One of the points for visitors will be the Belokurikha resort, which appeared on the map in the 1920s and is recognized as one of the best in Russia. People come to see the mountains and try their hand at hiking and trekking.


    On the territory of our country there are more than two million lakes, both freshwater and salty.


    Of course, the most-most among the lakes in Russia is Lake Baikal, the deepest and cleanest lake in the world, which is located on the border of the Irkutsk region and Buryatia. You can get there by plane or by train to Irkutsk or Ulan-Ude. Travelers come here every year: the village of Listvyanka (a famous resort that stretches for 5 km along the coast) and Olkhon Island are the most favorite tourist sites. Traveling around the island of Olkhon, on its quiet western coast in the middle part, you can visit a rock called Shamanka. In the village of Slyudyanka, you can easily go fishing, try pike perch, Baikal omul. Just the same, they take him home from there. Baikal is a place where you can still walk along the clear lake, go down into the caves, ride horses, enjoying the mysterious local landscapes, visit ancient Buddhist temples. Only the most hardened will be able to swim, the water in the lake is always cold, even in July. The best places for swimming are the shores of the Barguzinsky and Chivyrkuisky bays. The local museum offers to see the relief of the bottom of the lake and see the settlements of seals on a virtual tour in the bathyscaphe.

    Kurile Lake

    The lakes of the Kamchatka Territory amaze anyone with their beauty, ancient appearance and unusual surrounding landscapes. The main miracle is the amazing Kurile Lake, which was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption and natural precipitation many years ago. This is the deepest and widest lake in Kamchatka and is the habitat of seals. Fishing and diving is a great idea. Do not forget about the Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka – a miracle that you will not see again on our continent, but you can only get there by helicopter. Ladoga and Onega Karelia is the northern edge of the protected nature, famous for its lakes Ladoga and Onega, it is also called the country of blue lakes, which attracts tourists from all over the world. There are rafting of any complexity in kayaks, skiing on skerries, diving. Travelers from all over the world come here to visit the unique island of Valaam with its monasteries and ancient history, to see the monument of ancient Russian wooden architecture – Kizhi, to look at the beauty of the Kivach waterfall, the Ruskeala mountain park and go down to the marble canyon, and also to visit the ancient city , founded by Peter 1, Petrozavodsk, the capital of the Republic of Karelia.

    Pink lakes

    Sasyk-Sivash and Koyashskoe are salty pink lakes located on the Crimean peninsula, which annually meet numerous travelers from different parts of our quite vast country. People come here by private transport, sometimes by entire buses, to enjoy the smooth mirror surface of pink lakes with unrealistic reflections of the blue sky and bring fantastic photos against the backdrop of pink salt. Pink lakes in the Crimea – Sasyk-Sivash and Koyashskoye – are natural curiosities. They got their color thanks to growing algae, which color the water with a red-orange substance, and Artemia crustaceans, which create therapeutic mud. Mount Ai-Petri, Bakhchisaray, Ayu-Dag, Tauric Chersonese, Genoese fortresses, Foros Church, Assumption Cave Monastery are an integral part of the beautiful resort town. Resting in the Crimea, enjoying the sun and a stunning blue bay, visitors will be able to improve their health in the best five-star hotel Mriya Resort & Spa, which has a SPA center, the Mriya Life Longevity Institute, a medical complex and a balneological center. At the consultation, the doctor has the opportunity to discuss your problems in detail, pass the necessary tests and choose the most suitable treatment program. Depending on the program, visitors can attend sessions of a massage therapist, against osteochondrosis – sessions of amplipulse therapy, water procedures with a Charcot shower, sessions of paraffin therapy, take medicinal infusions in a phytobar, do therapeutic exercises, inhalation with solutions from medicinal herbs.

    Big Yarovoe

    In Altai, among the numerous lakes, Bolshoye Yarovoe stands out, in which there is very salty water. On the coast of the lake there is a sanatorium with therapeutic mud procedures. People come here not only to improve their health, but also to walk in the mountains, enjoying the green expanses of Altai and swim in the lake.

    Lake Teletskoe

    Among the lakes of Altai, Teletskoye Lake is the most beautiful and deepest lake in Russia, located in the northern part near Cape Karatash in the Altai Territory, on the border with the Western Sayan Mountains. They rest here in tents, enjoying the beauty of nature and breathing in the healing air.


    Lake Seliger for urban residents of the middle lane is a real salvation from the concrete jungle and the opportunity to breathe in the air of a pine forest, swim in clear water, ride a boat on the lake, catch fish, sing songs by the fire, pick wild berries and mushrooms, enjoy birdsong. You can stay in tents near the lake, in camp sites or in apartments, visit the main attractions of Seliger – Shirkov Pogost, Znamensky Monastery, Resurrection Church in Ostashkov and many other ancient buildings.

    Excursion rest

    Among the cities of our vast country, there are many ancient cities with an ancient history, distinguished by architectural monuments that have survived to this day. The leaders among cities in Russia in terms of the number of tourist excursions made in them are the two main cities of our country – Moscow and St. Petersburg, and the best month is July, when the climate is suitable for relaxing on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. Both capitals are like open-air museums with exhibits in the form of architectural monuments, historical buildings and other city attractions. In St. Petersburg, you are invited to visit St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Savior on Spilled Blood, Petropavlovka and more than a dozen historical places. In Moscow, one Tverskaya is worth something. The main thoroughfare of Moscow connecting two squares Red and Triumfalnaya. People especially like to come to St. Petersburg during the white nights season and take excursions along the rivers and canals of the city. Popular cities for travelers are Kazan and Kaliningrad. In Kazan, you can arrange a trip along the water surface of the mother – the Volga River, and swimming and sunbathing are best in the Middle or Lower Volga region. We also advise you to take a walk along Bauman Street, one of the oldest streets in Kazan, the pride of residents and a place of pilgrimage, and an overview of the sights of Kaliningrad is combined with a vacation on the Baltic Sea. Closer to summer and directly in the summer period, the main part of tourist destinations is connected with water. River cruises around the cities of the Golden Ring attract numerous tourists from all over the world. In Suzdal you can stop and see the ancient Kremlin, in Vladimir – the cathedral mosque, in Kostroma – monasteries. But in the summer there is nothing better than to combine a beach holiday with a visit to the sights that Sevastopol and Yalta are so famous for. Guests of the resort make a trip along the Yalta cable car, which was included in the Guinness Book of Records, to see the tridents of Mount Ai-Petri. Livadia, Massandra, Vorontsov palaces are always happy to meet travelers, the Dulber Palace, the palaces of Countess Panina and the Emir of Bukhara, the Yusupov Palace and the Swallow’s Nest castle are waiting for guests and local residents of Yalta, where all your dreams will come true. A seven-storey flower building with five petals and a pool in the center with a petal can also be considered a landmark. The hotel was designed by renowned architect Norman Foster. Here, guests know where to spend a complex of healing procedures, sunbathe on a well-maintained beach, swim in the sea and visit the numerous sights of Crimea as part of an excursion or on their own, spending less than an hour on the road.

    Wellness stay

    In our country, sanatoriums receive visitors every year, here visitors are offered a variety of programs with medical activities aimed at improving the body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You can heal yourself in Altai, where resorts are known for antler therapeutic baths using preparations made from deer horns. Sanatoriums in Kaliningrad and Svetlogorsk accept patients with cardiovascular diseases and asthma. Sanatoriums located in the southern latitudes of our country are in high demand, especially in the summer. Being in the summer near the sea, what could be better when relaxing on the beach can be combined with a worthy treatment, so to speak, pleasant with useful. Sanatorium-and-spa treatment may include procedures using mineral waters, therapeutic mud, and climatotherapy. The Caucasus is also famous for its mineral springs, which are in great demand. The sea and steppe expanses are well suited for recreation.

    It is believed that among the southern resorts, a special place is occupied by those located in Anapa and in the Crimea, due to comfortable climatic conditions. You can get personal wellness programs and fully recover at Mriya Resort & SPA in Yalta. Here guests are offered various medical procedures, after a medical referral: a salt cave, balneotherapy, Charcot shower and Vichy shower, mud baths. Then visitors can sit in a cedar barrel, relax in the sauna, pouring cold water over themselves at the end of the session from a barrel hanging at the top. They can take a massage shower with lighting, which is accompanied by birds singing. Guests will receive all this at the same time as a beach holiday, with sunbathing, the cleanest sea, which, as you know, heals.

    Leisure with children

    For a relaxing holiday, you need to go to the Sea of ​​\u200b\u200bAzov, where tourism is developing rapidly. Parents with children will especially like to relax here, because the sandy coastline goes far inland and allows sea water to warm up well in the sun, and there are no high waves and storms here. Quite suitable resorts for children’s recreation are Yeysk, Kuchugury and Golubitskaya. Rest here is also interesting: wide sandy beaches, mud volcanoes, lotus valleys. Family holidays on the Crimean Peninsula and in the Krasnodar Territory of our land are also useful for the children’s body, because being in sea water, the child is tempered and saturated with healing minerals, and also breathes healthy air, strengthening the immune system. And the air of Crimea is also distinguished by useful healing coniferous and eucalyptus aromas. It is better to go to the beach early in the morning, when there is the least amount of ultraviolet rays. Summertime, all children simply adore all kinds of attractions, water slides in water parks, excursions to the dolphinarium and oceanarium.

    You can get all these entertainments while relaxing at the Mriya Resort & SPA hotel, where everything is provided for families with children and includes a large entertainment complex. In the playroom, children not only play, but instructors conduct training sessions with them in a playful way. Parents will also find something to do. They can play bowling or billiards, watch a movie at the cinema. Work out in the gym or fitness center. And then relax in the sauna, there are many types to choose from: Finnish, cedar or salt, there is also a hammam. If desired, you can visit the massage rooms.

    The hotel has a large outdoor swimming pool with a small children’s pool on top. Inside, there is also a 25-metre-long pool that warms up to a normally comfortable temperature. Sports lovers are given attention to the sports ground to hold football, volleyball or basketball competitions on the vast territory of the hotel. There are two tennis courts nearby and one indoors. Entertainment programs and animation events are organized daily in the amphitheater to admire. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail on the children’s playground: figures-cartoon characters with attractions, swings, rocking chairs, carousels, slides are installed. Children will be able to get enough on the rope bridge with obstacles. Nearby there is a dancing fountain and much more.

    The karaoke bar opens in the evenings. All these entertainments can be combined with a complex of medical procedures under the supervision of competent specialists, with relaxation on a comfortable beach, as well as with delicious and varied food, and a full-fledged balanced special menu is provided for children. Resting in an unusual cozy atmosphere, visitors with children will not need anything. However, the convenient location of the hotel allows you to take a walk to the famous park, go to the nature reserve, go fishing, go up to see the picturesque surroundings, make trips with children to the nearby Yalta, where the Skazka zoo, the oceanarium, the dolphinarium, the Glade of Skazok museum, the Yalta crocodilarium.

    All inclusive

    Every year in our country, the demand for family vacations is increasing, which, in addition to accommodation, also includes travel and at the same time four meals a day. Therefore, more and more hotels are operating on an all-inclusive basis – tables bursting with food and drinks, a fun animation program with leisure and dancing around the pool. The largest number of such places is located in the most popular resorts – on the Crimean Peninsula and in the Krasnodar Territory, there are fewer hotels of this level in Altai. Currently, such services are offered by hotels located in resort cities: Sochi, Yevpatoria, Anapa, Yalta, Gelendzhik, where there is one of the largest water parks. Convenient location close to the sea, “buffet”, entertainment programs – this is the minimum set of services offered, to which each hotel strives to add something original in order to attract as many tourists as possible.

    They say that the map of regions in our country will definitely be the most relevant for the majority. There are too many reasons to think about a trip in advance, buy a tour or air tickets. We advise you to take a vacation in June and travel by train over the mountain peaks and waterfalls of Ruskeala, in August travel through the eastern part of Russia, learn many secrets about the Karelian Peninsula and its volcanic origin, where there are also many geysers. Another way to feel positive emotions is to visit the Republic of Adygea and admire Mount Fisht, especially since there are not very many vacationers here yet. There are many tours where you can drive a car through the gorge, walk into underground caves with a guide, go windsurfing, diving, kayaking, take photos on a boat, rent a house on the lake and much more.

    A list of available places for excursions in Crimea can be found here.

    Sierra Nevada, Monte Carlo and 8 more best travel destinations in Europe in January

    The holiday season is over in January: the holidays are over, tour operators are resting. It is at this time that you can go on a trip abroad, because there are many advantages to traveling in winter. Not only is it much cheaper, you don’t have to stand in hour-long traffic jams and then make your way through the crowds at crowded airports. nine0003

    Winter is an amazing time to visit Europe. You can take advantage of cheaper goods, fewer people, and scenic winter wonders. Of course, you will have to dress warmly, but this is not a big problem. But you can enjoy sleigh rides and ice castles, and then take a break from sightseeing and warm up in cozy restaurants and museums. Here are the best places in Europe to visit in winter.

    Bavaria, Germany

    The mountainous countryside of southern Germany delights tourists all year round, but with the advent of winter, a real fairy tale is born here. Stay in the old and majestic Munich. This center can be easily explored on foot, but do not rush – look into every mysterious corner. You can go to Salzburg or visit the former residence of the royal family. This is not just a building – it is the largest and most luxurious palace in Germany.

    Winter wonders await you when you visit the famous Bavarian Neuschwanstein Castle. It is featured on all advertisements. The castle is also known as the prototype for Cinderella’s castle at Disneyland. It looks even more beautiful in the snow. nine0003

    Rovaniemi, Finland

    This is the perfect place for a winter holiday filled with snow fun. Get around on snowmobiles, dog sleds, or reindeer sleighs. Try winter sports like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or ice fishing. Rovaniemi is also a great walking city and there are many museums here to learn a little more about this Finnish city.

    In winter, there are special promotions that allow you to visit three attractions for one price. With this, you can learn about the history of Lapland and Arctic exploration at Arktikum, experience Nordic contemporary art at the Korundi Culture House, and walk through the forests at the Pilke Science Center. nine0003

    Hurtigruten, Norway

    Take a winter cruise along the stunning Norwegian coast. The cruise line offers trips that will take you to the Arctic Circle and the Northern Cape, where you can enjoy the picturesque winter scenery. In addition, there is a chance that you will even be able to see the Northern Lights.

    Be sure to visit Oslo for a fjord cruise or learn about Scandinavian history at the Viking Ship Museum. Try cross-country skiing or tobogganing in Korkettrekkeren. While you’re there, check out Frognerseteren, an old-fashioned cafe overlooking Oslofjorden serving apple pie, hot chocolate, and, of course, Norwegian waffles. nine0003

    Canary Islands

    If you want to skip the winter wonders and go for a warm island vacation, visit the Canary Islands. Here the climate is the same as in Africa, but in fact they are part of Spain. While on the islands, you will go hiking on volcanoes, such as the famous Mount Teide in Tenerife. You can also try climbing the Roque de los Muchachos, which reaches a height of almost 2440 meters. But it gets cold on the mountain in winter, so bring warm clothes if you plan to reach the top. nine0003

    Although it can be too cold to sunbathe on the beach, there are plenty of other activities on the islands. Take some time to hit the sand dunes and enjoy the local Canarian cuisine. New Year’s Eve swimming on the first day of the year is a tradition of the Canary Islands. Don’t forget to also visit the International Music Festival which takes place in January and February.

    Vienna, Austria

    This city is famous for its Christmas markets, but you can enjoy its unique history and culture in January without the holiday crowds. Stop at a local cafe to experience Viennese coffee house culture and warm up with this wonderful drink. nine0003

    If you are in Vienna for the New Year, visit the Sylvesterpfad festival. It is held for the 25th time, at this time in the city everything is filled with live music. You will not hear such an abundance of classical and modern rhythms anywhere else. Stop and have a glass of mulled wine or champagne as you prepare for the coming year.

    London, England

    Visit this historic city after Christmas to avoid the holiday crowds. You can stroll the quiet streets and visit museums such as the Tate Modern (which showcases contemporary art) or the National Gallery, which showcases works by da Vinci, Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Michelangelo. nine0003

    During the day, visit historic sites such as the Tower of London (where you can see the jewels of the royal family) or Westminster Abbey. Then warm up in the cozy pub with a glass of beer and fish and chips.

    Gestaad, Sweden

    Winter is the best time to visit western Switzerland. Here you can have great fun – you will be offered skiing from the mountains with slopes for any level – from beginners to experts. You can even try night skiing in the Rinderberg, which stays open until late with the slopes lit up. nine0003

    Each year, the nearby town of Château d’Eue hosts a nine-day hot air balloon festival. The snow-capped mountains provide the perfect backdrop for the hundreds of colorful aircraft that brighten the sky. You can always warm up in numerous cafes and restaurants that are open around the clock.

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    After the New Year, the crowds of tourists subside, and you can fully enjoy the views of the night city of Amsterdam. You can visit fascinating museums during the day and enjoy the city’s lively nightlife in the evenings. There are so many interesting places here that you definitely won’t want to sleep. nine0003

    Every winter, Amsterdam is filled with art installations for the annual festival of light. There are 30 different light installations around the city. You can try ice skating on Museum Square or celebrate National Tulip Day where you can choose any flower you like on Dam Square.

    Monte Carlo, Monaco

    January offers the main attraction for racing enthusiasts, the Monte Carlo Rally, which takes place at the end of January. This is the second largest event after the famous “Formula 1”. While not as exciting as the main event, this race still brings excitement to the city. nine0003

    While in Monaco, be sure to visit the famous Monte Carlo Casino, famous in the films and books about James Bond. Stop by the Oceanographic Museum to learn about marine life, or go shopping at the malls Metropole or Fontvieille.

    Sierra Nevada

    If you want to ski without getting cold, try the southernmost ski area in Europe, the Sierra Nevada mountains in Spain.

    Where is hot in january in europe: Stunning Warm Places in Europe in Winter

    Опубликовано: April 16, 2023 в 4:47 pm


    Категории: January

    Holidays in September: where is it still warm

    Which destinations are still popular? There are several places where you can spend a wonderful holiday in the fall.

    September is not the most popular tourist month for Germans, because with the beginning of autumn, the first autumn colds appear. However, there are several places where you can spend a wonderful vacation in September.

    See also: 9 places to visit in Europe in autumn.

    Where to spend your holidays in September

    Summer is over, but you haven’t taken your summer vacation yet? If you traditionally want sun and a beach, then you probably shouldn’t go to Denmark or Norway in September. However, if you travel by car, you can find many warm places in Southern Europe. And those who want to fly by plane are even more spoiled for choice when it comes to vacation spots.

    Italy or Spain

    Quick access by car or car: Geographically south of Germany, Italy and Spain still have pleasant summer temperatures in September. In Spain, for example, on the party island of Mallorca, the average temperature in the ninth month of the year is 27 degrees Celsius, in Italy up to 28 degrees. nine0003

    The best recommendation is the Italian islands of Sardinia and Sicily, which can be reached by car and ferry. Here you will find a wonderful beach holiday in the fall or a summer hike through the mountain landscapes.

    Sicily has, for example, Mount Etna, which is worth a visit, as well as beautiful clear waters for snorkeling or diving. In addition, the Calatafimi-Segesta festival takes place in Sicily in September.


    Malta has good weather in September, averaging 28 degrees Celsius. The summer heat has subsided, but you can still swim in a small archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. nine0003

    How to get there. Malta can be reached by plane from Germany in just over two hours and is a great choice for a beach holiday in autumn. Those who want to see many sights should head to the capital Valletta, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


    Located in the south of Europe, Greece retains its summer flavor even in September with temperatures up to 25 degrees Celsius.

    Holidays in September will delight tourists on the island of Crete. This is one of the most favorable directions. On an island in the Mediterranean Sea, the high tourist season has already ended, and in the low season, holidays there are much cheaper. This includes both a beach holiday and a trip to the capital Heraklion. The palm-fringed beach of Preveli and the Palace of Knossos are also worth seeing when temperatures are pleasant in September. nine0003


    Indonesia, more specifically the Indonesian island of Bali in the Indian Ocean, is a popular tourist destination.

    The capital of the island is called Denpasar and offers an exciting combination of ancient temples, foreign culture, amazing nature and a newfangled big city.

    Outside the cities there is a lot of coastline for a beach holiday under palm trees. The water is clear enough for snorkeling. Popular resorts in Bali are Seminyak, Sanur and Nusa Dua. In addition, yoga retreats and meditation courses are especially good here. nine0003


    In September, the temperature is still pleasant. It’s spring in Peru, and if you’ve always wanted to see the ruins of Machu Picchu, you should do it in September.

    The ancient city of the Incas is located in the Andes region of Peru, which is hardly bearable in the very hot weather of the Peruvian summer. However, in September, which is considered the ideal month for traveling in Peru, the temperature here is a pleasant 23 degrees Celsius. This makes a vacation in September quite possible.

    The rainforest can also be easily visited in September, when the dry season begins. In addition, the Varachikui festival takes place this month. It was originally an Inca ceremony during which young men could be given the status of adult men. Today Varachikuy is considered an important holiday for the Peruvians.

    Warm european countries in january: Seven Warmest European Countries: A Winter Sun Guide

    Опубликовано: April 15, 2023 в 5:26 pm


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    Video: Some European countries have recorded warmest day ever in January

    ‘Even the weather is on our side,’ Ukrainian official on warmer winter thwarting Putin’s plan


    Now playing

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    See the first electrified and fastest-accelerating Corvette


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    Here’s why your eggs are so expensive lately


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    ‘Sober bar’ owner says she’s struggling to meet unprecedented demands


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    Officials roll out welcome banner to receive Chinese travelers at airport


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    ‘Glass Onion’ actress talks about the challenge of her role


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    ‘You’re just a hamster spinning on a wheel’: Restaurant owner struggles to stay open


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    An iconic French food is under threat. Hear why one baker is speaking out


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    The debt ceiling drama, explained in 2 minutes

    This horror film doll is dancing her way into viral fame


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    Your questions about a possible gas stove ban, answered


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    See huge former NBA player win small car on game show


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    This 82-year-old couldn’t afford to retire. Then a TikTok user stepped in


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    ‘Shamefully good’: Stephen Colbert reacts to Tom Hanks’ new cocktail creation


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    CNN Business

    See CES 2023’s weirdest new technologies


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    New study shows walking this way burns just as much energy as jogging


    Now playing

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    Record warm European winter weather offers gas reprieve

    War in Ukraine

    January 05, 2023 06:01 PM

    Europe is poised to see its warmest January in years, sparking concern among climate activists but also serving as a welcome reprieve for many countries as they race to conserve gas and fill their storage tanks ahead of next winter.

    Already, January has sent record-high temperatures across Europe. At least 15 European countries have seen the warmest weather in a decade, including Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic — baffling meteorologists, who have reported conditions more akin to spring than the height of winter.


    The warmth sent gas prices plummeting this week to $79.96 per megawatt-hour on the Dutch TTF, Europe’s natural gas benchmark—the lowest point since before Russia’s invasion.

    The low prices have been a welcome reprieve for consumers across Europe, who have endured months of high energy prices following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the loss of gas supplies from Russia.

    The low prices have even allowed countries, including Germany, to begin refilling gas storage tanks ahead of next winter.

    On Thursday, the head of Germany’s Federal Network Agency, Klaus Mueller, noted that the country had used considerably less gas over the past week than in previous years, with consumption down 30% compared to the last four years.

    ”A gas shortage this winter is becoming increasingly unlikely,” the Federal Network Agency said in its latest report.

    Berlin’s gas storage currently stands above 90% — far above the 20% storage level Mueller had urged the country to maintain this winter in order to ensure adequate supplies to begin refilling for the 2023-2024 winter season.

    Italy’s energy industry also predicted a decline in energy prices this month if mild weather continues as predicted.

    Even so, the warm conditions are highly unusual, meteorologists say — just after a record-shattering warm year for Europe.

    The expanse and intensity of the warm spell in Europe make it “probably one of the most intense ever seen,” climatologist Maximiliano Herrera told E&E News.

    The German Weather Service noted in a broadcast that it had not seen such warm January weather since 1881 when it first started collecting records.

    Ski resorts in Austria haven’t seen snow for a month, and Switzerland put out a pollen advisory this week warning allergy sufferers about early-blooming plants and flowers.

    In Spain’s northern county of Basque, residents spent the start of the new year sunbathing and enjoying the 77-degree weather —roughly 27 degrees higher than their January averages.

    In Switzerland’s Jura mountain range, temperatures soared to a record-high of 65 degrees on New Year’s Day, with temperatures climbing to an even higher 69 degrees in other parts of the country.

    The warm weather has disrupted operations at popular ski resorts across Europe, forcing many to partially close down slopes or even shut down operations altogether until the next snowfall.

    5 janvier 2023, Station de Luchon-Superbagnères dans les Pyrénées. Photo parlante de @CTriballeau

    — Eloi Rouyer (@EloiRouyer) January 5, 2023

    The Swiss village of Adelboden, which is slated to host the World Cup skiing tournament this weekend, announced Thursday that it would be using 100% artificial snow this year due to the high temperatures.


    Several other annual winter events in the Alps were postponed due to the balmy conditions, including two popular dogsled races and the Andros Trophy, a popular car and motorcycle race hosted on ice.

    And in the interim, some resorts have gotten creative — opening their ski slopes and chair lifts to mountain bikers or hikers instead.

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    digest of warm countries for relocation / Sudo Null IT News

    We have already written dozens of stories about moving specialists from IT and related fields abroad. We collected a selection of articles from them about relocation to warm countries – to the sea or simply to places where there is practically no winter.


    This country is popular with those who want to combine a relocation to Europe with a move to a warmer place. Here, at the same time, there is a pleasant climate, European living conditions, and the sea is within easy reach, especially if you move closer to the coast. For good vacancies, it is still better to go to Barcelona – this, of course, is not a resort, but there are many offices of IT companies. nine0003

    Of the minuses: the winter here is cool, there are fewer IT vacancies than in the same Germany or the UK, plus, most likely, you will have to learn Spanish for life.

    Spain move stories:

    • [Personal experience] A place in the sun: career, education and housing in Spain

    • [Personal experience] and life as in a resort


    Here everything is much easier with moving: the conditions for a residence permit are more loyal than in other European countries. At the same time, living conditions are slightly worse than in many European countries, and the situation with IT vacancies is disappointing. But the climate is even milder than Spanish, and it is absolutely not necessary to know the local language for life.

    Heroes of our story about Portugal came here to build a business, not a career, so there is not much about local IT in the article – but it is described in detail about living conditions and starting a business here. It may be interesting for those who want to combine work and business. nine0003


    Of course, there is winter here, but it cannot be compared with Russia. Plus, this country is now popular for relocation, including for workers – entire offices have moved there, and it’s still not so difficult to stay there temporarily.

    In the article about moving to this country the hero shares his impressions. Housing prices here managed to jump, and there are already problems with Russian cards. But you can get a local card, and living here turned out to be quite comfortable. Maybe not forever, but it’s nice to stay here for the winter. nine0003


    Another country more suitable for remote work: there are practically no vacancies in IT here. But there are quite a few simple ways to legalize, relatively low prices and a very pleasant mild climate.

    One of the serious disadvantages is a very poorly developed infrastructure. There is little entertainment here, and getting some goods, especially high-tech ones, is quite difficult. Well, in terms of development and security, Montenegro is much inferior to other European countries. nine0003

    Stories of moving to Montenegro:

    • [Personal experience] Montenegro is a country like a dream. The simplest story of moving

    • Personal experience] Leave Montenegro to return to it


    Here it should be said right away that we are talking only about resort towns. The north of Vietnam is a harsh place, and winter is very much felt there. But in the south there is a sea, and the climate is warm, although unaccustomed to being too humid. nine0003

    There are many foreigners in the country who spend the winter or have moved here permanently. They are used to tourists and guests here – many speak English and treat visitors quite normally.

    Prices here have not been as low as they used to be – about the same as in Russia, but lower than in Europe or the USA. But there is absolutely no work in IT, so it’s worth considering the country only from the point of view of wintering or remote work.

    Read more about moving and the pros/cons of living in Vietnam in our article .


    Everything here is almost like in Vietnam: the sea, heat, many foreigners, no work in IT. The infrastructure is slightly more developed than in Vietnam, especially in large cities. Phuket is the most popular among those who move and winterers – we have two stories about moving there:

    • [Personal experience] “Phuket is not a village”: why the capital developer moved to Thailand

    • [Personal experience ] Telecommuting and life in Phuket: eternal summer and European service at Asian prices


    There is practically no IT industry here, but there are many offices of other foreign companies. Therefore, moving here for work is a fairly common scenario.

    The climate here is quite pleasant, although it can be stuffy. Almost from any settlement it is easy to get to the sea and many natural and architectural attractions.

    But since the country is quite small, the entertainment and service industries are not doing very well here. There is no e-commerce yet. There are two online stores, one worse than the other. nine0003

    Read more about the pros and cons of in our article.


    Now this is another quite popular relocation destination. It is in many ways similar to Georgia: it is not so difficult to stay and get a residence permit, but there is practically no market for IT vacancies. Many perceive this country as a transit point for moving to another foreign country. Life here is not very cheap, but it is quite easy for a foreigner to settle down. More about this – in our article about relocation to Antalya .


    Let’s dilute the classic selection with exotic. This is a country where there is certainly no winter – it is +32 ° C all year round and there is absolutely no change of seasons. The country is quite closed for relocation, but IT specialists are looking for here, so moving is still possible.

    Unlike many other small countries, everything here is good with shopping and not bad with entertainment. Of the features: this is a Muslim country, and therefore there are some restrictions here, but not as strict as it might seem. For example, nothing will happen if you walk around the city in a bathing suit. nine0003

    Read our article about other pluses and features of this country . By the way, in all foreign lists of “The best cities in the world for expats” there is the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur – and this is a good indicator.

    United Arab Emirates

    Another country without changing seasons. But there are a huge number of vacancies in IT. Work processes here are arranged specifically, much is unusual for Russians. Living here is also “strange”: the climate is difficult due to extreme heat and sandstorms, there are absolutely no walking areas, prices are incredibly high, and visitors are treated like second-class people. But if the work is interesting, then you can try – and did so the hero of our article .

    Thinking about relocation? Hundreds of IT vacancies are waiting for you in the getmatch bot — set the selection criteria and receive up-to-date offers.

    Where to go inexpensively in January 2023 in Russia for the weekend

    Neither SVO nor all kinds of economic crises are a reason to refuse to rest. After all, we go on trips not for luxury and glamor, but for new experiences.

    It is not necessary to go to warm tropical islands or exotic countries, you can organize an interesting and inexpensive vacation for yourself without leaving Russia. In January, tourists are waiting for snow-covered forests, picturesque Caucasian mountains, hot springs and architectural monuments. nine0003

    Read also:

    • Choose the best place for the New Year celebration in Russia
    • Where you can relax in February in Russia


    1. Where to go to the January weekend 2023
    2. Grounding YanV one
    3. Sochi
    4. Moscow
    5. St. Petersburg
    6. Kazan
    7. Ufa
    8. Krasnodar
    9. Samara
    10. Where to go with children for the January holidays
    11. Looking for warmth
    12. At sea in January
    13. FAQ
    14. Recommendations

    Where to go on a January weekend 2023

    Where to go on a January long weekend if you want to spend it not boring? There are many options for traveling for a week or several days.

    Traveling around Russia on January weekends can be truly eventful. And even Russian Railways is ready to provide discounts and favorable fares for tickets. For example, on trains from Moscow to Yekaterinburg. And families with three or more children can save up to 15% of their cost per passenger on buying compartment tickets. nine0003

    If you’re lucky, you might even meet Father Frost’s train while traveling around Russia. On January 2 he will be in Petrozavodsk, on the 3rd in Murmansk, on the 5th in Vyborg, and on the 6th and 7th in St. Petersburg.

    SEE ALSO : Santa Claus New Year’s Train Route →

    Exciting January weekend

    Among the cities that lead in the January holiday rating, one can single out both traditional tourist locations and less popular places. There are entertainment options for family visits, and those suitable for couples or those traveling without companions. Here are some interesting options to choose from:


    The most famous southern city during the January holidays offers a huge number of entertainment programs. Here you can go to water parks or museums, sightseeing.

    Iceberg Ice Palace will host Tatyana Navka’s show “The Scarlet Flower” on January 2, and on January 6 WOW Arena will host a disco of the 2000s with the best hits and performances by artists.


    Despite the possible cancellation of the New Year celebrations, it is worth going to Moscow for the long January weekend for the holiday atmosphere. There is always something to see here, there are many pavilions at VDNKh, including the famous Moskvarium. There is Red Square and other iconic places in the capital. And if you want to diversify the cultural program, on January 4 you can go to the ballet “The Snow Maiden” in the cultural center. Astakhov or find out “The Secret of the Christmas Toy” on the 2nd at the Mosconcert on Pushechnaya. nine0003

    St. Petersburg

    If you only have a few days to travel, you don’t want to spend them driving a car or on a train. In this case, you should pay attention to the sights located nearby. An excellent choice for such a trip is St. Petersburg.

    St. Petersburg will always find something to surprise you, and a huge selection of accommodation options will allow you to rent a house on your pocket.

    In the city on the Neva, the January holidays can also be spent with benefit. For example, go to the Hermitage or see the famous imperial palaces. One of them, owned by Zinaida Yusupova, will host a performance of the cabaret “The Bat” on January 7th. And in the Big Concert Hall “Oktyabrsky” on January 2, you can watch the ballet “The Nutcracker” if you buy tickets in advance. nine0003

    Walk through the Christmas Book Gallery, touch contemporary art in the Sevkabel Port art space, take a tour of the Christmas decorations factory and simply take pictures on the streets of St. Petersburg, which become absolutely fabulous with the arrival of cold weather.

    And if the northern capital has already been explored up and down – go to Suzdal or Veliky Novgorod – the ancient temples of these cities look especially impressive under a snow blanket. nine0003


    The capital of Tatarstan during the January holidays offers not only walks around the city. For those who do not know where to go, there are ski resorts, thermal springs and other entertainment nearby. And in the city itself, you can indulge in gastronomic temptations by tasting chak-chak and other local delicacies.

    Tourists will not be left without entertainment either. On January 5, you can go to a concert by Evgeny Dyatlov at the Unix Concert Hall or listen to world hits on the cellos at the BKZ im. Saydasheva. nine0003


    The capital of Bashkiria on January weekends attracts not only idle tourists, but also skiers. You can also spend time here for the benefit of the soul and mind. For example, on January 2, watch the play “The Nutcracker. A Story of Happiness” at the Bashkir Philharmonic, and on the 5th go to the “Lights of Ufa” for a disco in the style of the 80s, 90s and zero.


    People come to the capital of the south of Russia during the January holidays to take a walk in the Galitsky park, walk along Krasnaya Street, and enjoy delicious local cuisine. From here it is easy to get to the Black Sea coast and even to mountainous regions – for example, to neighboring Adygea. nine0003

    There is also enough entertainment in Krasnodar in January. On the 7th, you can visit the Christmas concerts at the Central Concert Hall, and on January 5, the performance “The Snow Queen” will take place here.


    One of the largest cities on the Volga region welcomes guests in January with a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful views. Here you can go skiing and cheesecakes, stroll along the snow-covered embankments or sit in cozy cafes with hot mulled wine or chocolate.

    Among the available entertainment, we can recommend the performance of the singer Shaman on January 5 at the MTL Arena and a tour of underground Samara with a visit to Stalin’s Bunker – it will take place on New Year’s morning, January 1, 2023. nine0003

    Where to go with children for the January holidays

    If your family is not afraid of air travel, in just two hours you can get to the most European of Russian cities – Kaliningrad. Everything is here to organize an interesting January vacation for a child and a rich cultural program.

    Does your child like to read? Take the book “The Adventures of the Little Mouse Nedo in Kaliningrad” on the road and follow the “footsteps” of the hero. In addition, you can arrange a photo hunt for homlins: this is the name of the local gnomes, known for their ability to work with amber. Figurines depicting them can be found in many tourist places in the city. nine0003

    Don’t forget to visit the World Ocean Museum, Schaaken Castle and the local puppet theater.

    NOTE: When is the best time to go to Kaliningrad for a vacation? An unforgettable vacation can be spent, for example, in the Republic of Adygea. The region has a developed tourist infrastructure, convenient routes for sightseeing tours lovers. nine0003

    Head to the Lago-Naki plateau where you can not only admire the mountain scenery, but also ski or tubing down the neighboring slope. And the waterfalls of the Rufabgo River will enchant even experienced tourists – in winter, frozen streams form bizarre ice sculptures in a picturesque gorge.

    The main attraction of Adygea is the Lago-Naki plateau : How to get there on your own and where to stay →

    It should be borne in mind that you will have to pay for the passage along some trails near natural attractions. If you are not ready to part with money, you should look for an alternative – there is almost always a less convenient, but free route. nine0003

    And to warm up after all these hikes, take a dip in the thermal pool. The water temperature in the springs reaches 40 degrees Celsius, so you can swim even in the open air.

    At the sea in January

    Swimming and sunbathing at domestic resorts in January, of course, will not work. But you can breathe the sea air and throw off your tired warm clothes. For example, in Anapa in winter the temperature is often above zero, and instead of snow you can expect real winter rain. nine0003

    Tourists are offered to take care of their health in numerous sanatoriums, take a walk to local attractions such as the Lion’s Head Castle and wander along the beaches in the absence of crowds of tourists. A nice bonus will be the prices, which on the Black Sea coast are much more modest in the “low” season.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When should I start planning my winter long weekend trip?

    Where to go on a January weekend for beautiful architecture? nine0003

    Where to go on a January weekend near Moscow?

    Is it possible now to get to Kaliningrad by train?

    Which of the Russian seaside resorts is the warmest in winter?

    Where is it better to go in January for lovers of excursions?

    When would you like to travel?














    Filled with breathtaking scenery, each island has its own distinct character and we offer ten Caribbean islands to explore. St Lucia’s verdant volcanoes are beautiful at this time of year. Warm days filled with bright sunshine make January the perfect time to visit – without the worry of tropical storms and hurricanes.

    Read more about the Caribbean


    Holidays to Dubai take you to one of the world’s most glamorous metropolises, and at just a seven-hour flight away you don’t have to travel to the other side of the world to get some guaranteed winter warmth. With temperatures around 20°C during the day, pleasantly comfortable, cool nights and just one day of rainfall per month, it’s the perfect time to go for warmth without the stifling heat of the summer.

    Read more about Dubai

    Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka is a culture lover’s heaven; full of ancient ruins and colonial-age relics (if you have more time, a visit to the Cultural Triangle is a must), fantastic national parks teeming with free-roaming wildlife, and beaches and tea plantations that dazzle with colour. January is a good time to visit the beaches of Negombo, Bentota or Tangalle as the weather is generally warm and dry in the central, western and southern regions.

    Read more about Sri Lanka


    When you visit India you leave with a lifetime of unforgettable memories. Our handpicked holidays take you to a land of colourful festivals, sacred landmarks and stunning scenery – from the beautiful beaches of Goa and the temples of Madhya Pradesh to the tranquil backwaters of Kerala and the culture of the Golden Triangle. At this time the humidity is lower than the rest of the year, the days are warm but not fiercely hot, and the monsoons are many months away.

    Read more about India

    New Zealand

    With the epic landscapes of both the North Island and South Island, New Zealand has an array of attractions. There are dazzling glaciers (best viewed by helicopter), geothermal sites with bubbling sulphur pools and erupting geysers, sophisticated rooftop bars, pebble beaches and dramatic fiords. With humid, tropical heat on the beaches of the North Island and cooler, fresher temperatures in the mountains of the South Island, January is the perfect time to visit this captivating and naturally stunning destination.

    Read more about New Zealand


    Thailand has long been a favourite with travellers. Famed for its beaches, wildlife, vibrant cities and unique cultural attractions, it’s one of the few places in the world where you can see a city, rainforest and coast in one trip. With dry and sunny days at around 30°C this time of year, tempered by the balmy waters of the South China Sea, it’s the perfect escape for some January warmth.

    Read more about Thailand

    January Holiday | Where to Go in January

    January Holiday | Where to Go in January | Scott Dunn

    Bid farewell to the January blues by escaping to a far-flung land. For the sun worshippers among you, the beach resorts of the UAE and Maldives promise to deliver. India offers pleasant weather for a sight-seeing extravaganza, while Iceland is a magical winter wonderland waiting to wow you.

    Below are our top picks for where to travel in January.


    Warm days but not too hot

    India offers a chaotic and colourful assault on the senses, where busy cities are abuzz with people and the hum of rickshaw horns fill the air. But delve beneath this frenetic exterior and you’ll find a charming and deeply spiritual country. You’ll be welcomed by friendly locals who will treat you to the finest hospitality and mouth-watering cuisine, while the wealth of forts, palaces and temples to explore is unmatched almost anywhere in the world. India in January boasts cooler and crisper weather; perfect for busy days spent exploring these captivating sights.

    Read More

    The Maldives

    January almost guarantees dry weather

    An alluring archipelago of over 1,000 ancient coral islets spread out like glittering gems across 500 miles in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is paradise found. With private islands, endless infinity pools, incredible dining options and villas that stand alone on stilts in the sea, there’s no doubt these relaxed, barefoot islands are the perfect antidote to the busy schedule of the festive season. We love these idyllic islands at any time of year, but January is among the best months to visit – the weather in the Maldives in January is consistently warm with very little rain.

    Read More


    Good chance of seeing the northern lights

    A land of fire and ice, Iceland is mysterious, magnetic and unlike anywhere else on Earth. Hike across impressive icescapes, marvel at erupting geysers, and roam the wilderness on a husky-drawn sled. And the ultimate antidote to all this adventure? Renew body and mind as you soak in the mineral-rich waters of a thermal lagoon. Winter in Iceland brings snow in abundance, along with the real star of the show, the Northern Lights. Travel to Iceland in January for a chance to see this mystical natural phenomenon dancing overhead.

    Read More


    The ultimate winter sun destination

    The United Arab Emirates is a country of contrasting elements, from the glamour and exuberance of its cities to the wide-open swathes of desert. January in the UAE is perfect – with an estimated 350 days of sunshine per year, winter sun doesn’t come much more guaranteed than this. Known for its luxury resorts, high-end dining and impressive skylines, this is the place to be in January to soak up some much-needed vitamin D in unquestionable style. If you think the UAE isn’t for you, give us a chance to re-frame your perspective.

    Read More


    The scenery is especially beautiful & the weather is cool

    Oman is perfect for some winter sun in a laid-back atmosphere with some of the best food and service in the Middle East. There is so much to do in Oman from relaxing by a sparkling pool to paragliding over rugged mountains or snorkelling just off a golden beach. Temperatures fall to 25 degrees in January so you can enjoy all Oman has to offer without having to retreat to your room when the temperature gets too hot.

    Read More


    Warm & dry weather

    It’s been a firm favourite with travellers for decades and with white sand beaches, spectacular national parks and an array of cultural delights, it’s hard to see why. From north to south, east to west, there’s always a new corner of Thailand to uncover. No destination is off-limits in January but this is a particularly good time to visit Phuket as the azure waters are especially calm and welcoming, and the diving is out of this world.

    Read More

    Cape Town & Kruger, South Africa

    Excellent weather & great game viewing in Kruger

    Cape Town is an excellent place to start the new year, this cosmopolitan city puts on an impressive fireworks display and it’s also an excellent excuse to try out some of South Africa’s sparkling wine. Once you’ve explored this vibrant city you can make your way up South Africa’s stunning coastline and along the Golden Coast. You could even go on a quick safari, January isn’t the warmest time to visit South Africa, but lions are less likely to be hidden away in shady spots during the day making sightings probable.

    Read More

    Baja California, Mexico

    Best time to see whales & whale sharks

    Baja California takes you off-the-beaten-path to explore the traditional culture, history and culinary scene of this desert peninsula, while in search of magnificent blue Whales and vast whale sharks. This is a great place to spy Blue Whales as most of the world’s population meet here between December and April to socialise, mate and give birth.

    Read More

    Sri Lanka

    During Sri Lanka’s dry season

    Sri lanka may be relatively small but there’s lots to do. Serene beaches, ancient Buddhist cities, emerald tea plantations and dense national parks are amongst her many highlights. Temperatures reach a balmy 30°C and there is very little rain so you can expect plenty of beach days when you’re not seeking out elephants or soaking up the stunning views at Sigiriya. Wildlife, history, culture, beach…this destination ticks all the boxes.

    Read More


    A romantic winter sun destination

    Barbados is a great antidote for the winter blues; there’s plenty to enjoy, from stately homes and top-class restaurants to more than 1,000 rum bars and the wild waves of the east coast. In Barbados you need never stop having fun, whether it’s catching some horse racing at the Garrison Savannah track or dancing to “oldie goldies” at Oistins Friday Night Fish Fry. This island is a place where couples can have a ball and families will find it easy to slot in.

    Read More

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    In the Kemerovo region frosty weather will be established from January 1 to January 10, 2022. NGS42.RU was told about this in the weather forecast department of the Novosibirsk Hydrometeorological Center.

    According to weather forecasters, in the first 10 days of January, the average daily air temperature in Kuzbass will be -5… -10 degrees, at night -13… -20 degrees. Precipitation in the region is expected to be mostly light snow.

    On some days of the beginning of the month, experts do not rule out a cold snap in the region during the day to -15 … -20 degrees, in some places up to -25. At night, the temperature can drop to -23 … -28 degrees, in some places up to -33.

    Previously, NGS talked about the weather forecast in Kuzbass for the last days of December 2021. According to forecasters, the coldest day will be December 31: on this date in the daytime in the region it is expected to be -22 . .. -27 degrees, in places up to -32, at night -27 … -32 degrees, in places up to -37.

    We also wrote about observations by specialists of the Hydrometeorological Center on the presence of harmful substances in the air in Kuzbass cities in November 2021. In different settlements, they revealed exceeding the permissible concentrations of dust, carbon monoxide, hydrogen fluoride and other substances. On the topic0024

  • 01 January 2022, 15:16

    Kuzbass officials told how they fulfilled the New Year wishes of children

  • December 31, 2021, 14:37 24

    To be in time before midnight: a photo report from Kemerovo shopping centers

  • December 31, 2021, 10:52

    Ilya Seredyuk showed an archival photo from his childhood and told how he celebrated the New Year

  • December 30, 2021, 17:30

    The last test before the holiday: how Novokuznetsk residents cope with New Year’s Eve queues

  • December 27, 2021, 16:57

    A cold snap is expected in Kuzbass in the last days of 2021

  • December 27, 2021, 13:04


  • December 04, 2021, 10:00

    Getting ready for the thaw: what winter will be like in Russia

  • November 25, 2021, 15:07

    night snowfall

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    Media news2

    Media news2

    Perm | During the New Year holidays in the Perm Territory it can get cold up to -38 °

    Photo: gorod342. ru


    Forecasters have published a preliminary weather forecast for the New Year holidays in the Perm region. According to the specialists of the Perm TsGMS, on January 1 there will be light snow, first in the west of the region, in the afternoon it will spread to the central regions, including Perm.

    Already in the following days – January 2 and 3 – it will be warm, snowy and windy in the Kama region. But on January 4 and 5, cooling is expected again in the Perm Territory, there will be cloudy and frosty weather. So, at night, the thermometer can drop to -33 … -28 ° degrees, in the mountains and lowlands to -38 °, in the daytime to -30 … -25 °.

    Earlier it was reported that a teacher in the Perm Territory froze to death while returning from a corporate party.

    Ivan Grivich

    More news about the event:

    New Year’s Eve in Perm will be cold

    Strong wind expected Elena TRETYAKOVA

    The beginning of January will be snowy.

    Photo: Nikolay OBEREMCHENKO

    – On the night of January 1, the temperature is expected to be -15 … -18 degrees, with a noticeable wind, in general,
    14:24 12/30/2022 Komsomolskaya Pravda – Perm

    Severe frost awaits residents of Prikamye during the New Year holidays

    The thermometer will drop to -38 degrees.

    Forecasters told what the weather is waiting for Perm residents on New Year’s holidays.
    11:00 12/30/2022 V-Kurse.Ru – Perm

    January 1 in Perm will be -10° and it will snow

    Photo: Perm News
    Author: Rodion Filin

    On the night of December 31, Saturday, cloudy weather is expected in the regional capital, up to -12°С.
    10:37 30.12.2022 News of Perm PermNews.Ru – Perm

    During the New Year holidays in the Perm Territory it can get as cold as -38°


    Forecasters have published a preliminary weather forecast for the New Year holidays in the Perm region.
    20:01 29.12.2022 Gorod342.Ru – Perm

    During the New Year holidays it will drop to -38 degrees in Prikamye

    A noticeable cooling will come in the region after January 4

    Konstantin Dolganovsky

    An Arctic invasion is expected in the Perm Territory on the upcoming New Year holidays.
    17:02 29.12.2022 New Companion – Perm

    Forecasters spoke about the weather in the Perm Territory during the New Year holidays

    Specialists of the Perm Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring made a preliminary brief weather forecast for the New Year holidays in the region.
    16:24 29.12.2022 Business Class – Perm

    News from neighboring regions on the topic:

    Forecasters promise St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region snowy New Year holidays

    According to preliminary forecasts, the thaw will begin after January 8th.

    The chief forecaster of the Hydrometeorological Center of St. Petersburg, Alexander Kolesov, spoke about the weather in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region for the New Year and after, during the holidays.
    12:31 12/31/2022 47Channel.Ru – Leningrad region

    The New Year holidays will be especially sunny in the Khabarovsk Territory

    True, weather forecasters promise us fairly frosty and sometimes windy weather  Photo:
    17:26 12/30/2022 News Agency Khabarovsk Krai today – Khabarovsk

    On New Year’s Eve, Tyumen residents will experience frost down to -31 degrees

    Weather in Tyumen for the holidays from December 31 to January 8

    Photo by Ekaterina Khristozova

    According to weather forecasters, on New Year’s Eve from December 31, 2022 to January 1, 2023, Tyumen residents will experience frosts up to 31 degrees below zero.
    10:20 12/30/2022 Tumentoday.Ru – Tyumen

    Weather forecast for the New Year’s weekend

    As the press service of Primhydromet told the publication “Far Outskirts”, in the Primorsky Territory on New Year’s Eve, December 31, under the influence of the anticyclone crest, weather is expected without precipitation.
    16:02 30.12.2022 Newspaper Far Outskirts – Vladivostok

    New Year’s Eve in the Krasnoyarsk Territory and Khakassia will be frosty

    New Year’s Eve will be frosty in the central and southern regions of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.
    10:32 30.12.2022 IA Zapad24 – Krasnoyarsk

    It became known what the weather will be like on the night of January 1 in the Altai Territory

    The Altai Hydrometeorological Center published a weather forecast for New Year’s Eve.

    Weather in Altai Krai

    On the afternoon of December 31, there will be a slight frost, -4…-9 degrees, in some places -11…-16 degrees.
    09:21 30.12.2022 New way newspaper – Pospeliha

    Kiinskiye Pisanitsy and Stone Mirrors what to see for the residents of the Khabarovsk Territory during the holidays

    The Ministry of Tourism of the Territory told about interesting offers of regional tour operators Kiinskiye Pisnitsy and Stone Mirrors what to see for the residents of the Khabarovsk Territory during the holidays.
    10:20 12/30/2022 AmurMedia.Ru – Khabarovsk

    New Year poster. The Ministry of Culture of the Kursk Region has published a poster of upcoming New Year events in the cultural institutions of the city of Kursk

    In a few days we will celebrate the New Year, and after that we will have a long vacation.
    17:25 29.12.2022 Shchigrovsky district – Shchigry

    Where to go to Astrakhan residents during the New Year holidays: poster

    During the New Year holidays, residents and guests of the Astrakhan region are waiting for exciting cultural and sports events.
    17:01 29.12.2022 Astrakhanpost.Ru – Astrakhan

    On January 1, it will get warmer in the Vladimir region and it will rain

    Have you gone for a swim?! Forecasters spoke about the New Year’s weather in the Vladimir region.
    15:02 29.12.2022 Time33.Ru – Kameshkovo

    Astrakhan New Year’s Digest

    During the New Year holidays, residents and guests of the Astrakhan Region will enjoy exciting cultural and sporting events.
    12:49 29.12.2022 Portal of public authorities – Astrakhan

    The cybernetic version of the fairy tale, a quest tour and concerts are offered to Astrakhan residents during the New Year holidays

    During the New Year holidays, exciting cultural and sports events await the residents and guests of the Astrakhan Region, the press service of the Astrakhan Governor reports.
    12:18 29.12.2022 Volga newspaper – Astrakhan

    (opinion) About New Year’s events in the Samara region

    The New Year is coming, and with it the most long-awaited time – New Year’s holidays, which will last from December 31, 2022 to January 9, 2023 inclusive.
    11:22 29.12.2022 TltGorod.Ru – Togliatti

    Novokuznetsk will host a New Year’s ice skating carnival

    It will take place on January 5, 2023.

    An unusual carnival will take place in Novokuznetsk for the New Year holidays.
    14:12 29.12.2022 Sibdepo.Ru – Kemerovo

    The schedule for the payment of pensions during the New Year holidays in the Kuban is known

    Photo: In January, the schedule for the delivery of pensions will change in the Krasnodar Territory due to the upcoming holidays and weekends.
    09:32 29.12.2022 Kuban News – Krasnodar

    Bryansk published a program of New Year’s events during the holidays

    They will be held in palaces and houses of culture from January 1 to 10

    The Mayor’s Office of Bryansk has published a program of festive events for the New Year holidays.
    23:10 28.12.2022 BryanskToday.Ru – Bryansk

    Weather forecast for Tver: still a slight frost

    News of Tver, 28 December. – Thursday, December 29 will be the last day in 2022 when the air temperature will remain below zero – this is the weather forecast for Tver and the region.
    18:51 28.12.2022 Afanasy exchange – Tver

    Center “Bereginya” offered activities for the New Year holidays

    Center “Bereginya” offered activities for the New Year holidays. Photo: Anna Bykova, Evening Moscow

    Employees of the Bereginya Family Center on December 28 told how you can spend the New Year holidays.
    16:33 28.12.2022 Chertanovo District Central Southern Administrative District – Moscow

    Big January holidays are coming

    How many days will Russians be able to rest?

    The Ministry of Labor explains that in January 2023, the New Year holidays will last from January 1 to January 8.
    12:23 28.12.2022 Newspaper Zarya – Surovikino

    About the City of Perm

    Museum of Local Lore



    Chusovskoy urban district

    New Companion



    One of them killed a man Ekaterina Yaganova

    Photo: Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the Perm Territory.
    Komsomolskaya Pravda

    business class

    New Companion


    Checking in progress

    As a result of a fire in a two-story house in Chernushka, one person died.
    Pro City Perm

    Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Perm Territory

    In the city of Chernushka, Perm Territory, on February 3 at about 11 p.m.
    New Companion

    A message that a fire has occurred in a residential building, which is located on the street.
    Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the Perm Territory

    Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Perm Territory

    The regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations warns residents of the Perm Territory about adverse meteorological phenomena on February 5.
    New Companion

    In February, the Perm Regional Blood Transfusion Station (PKSPK) organizes a series of field events in the region to collect donated blood.

    Kudymkar residents were attacked by viruses.

    Best places in europe in january: 27 Best Places to Visit in Europe in January (+ Winter Tips!)

    Опубликовано: April 14, 2023 в 4:48 am


    Категории: January

    European winter city breaks by train

    Our recommendations for top European city breaks by train this winter.

    Though Europe’s cities receive the bulk of their visitors in spring and summer, they offer cultural and natural delights all year round. Forgo the summer crowds by taking a city break by train, when the veil of winter casts a quiet glow on Europe’s most scenic cities. From Roman ruins to merry markets and cosy cafés, here are some of the best places in Europe to visit by train this winter.


    Lyon is a lovely city to explore on a winter’s day, its UNESCO-listed old town and medieval streets offering a wealth of sights to explore. Wander around the Place Bellecour, netled between the Rhône and the Saône rivers before taking the F2 funicular (buy locally) to the Fourvière hilltop for views of Lyon’s basilica and the city below. 

    Lyon also boasts many museums, from the traditional Museum of Fine Arts to the modern Mac gallery or contemporary photographic exhibitions at Galerie le Réverbère. During the first week of December, the city hosts its most famous celebration, the Fête des Lumières, an annual festival of light that brightens up the darkest time of year.

    Lyon is also famous for its food, boasting 16 Michelin-starred restaurants, countless bouchons and food markets serving traditional Lyonnaise cuisine. And that’s just for starters. Off the beaten track there are trendy cafes, boutique shopping, wine tasting and a chocolate laboratory, offering more than enough to keep you entertained for a long weekend.

    With its extensive rail network, taking the train to France has never been easier. And Lyon is top of the list for a city break by rail this winter, since there is a direct Eurostar train from London to Lyon, taking just 4 hrs 41 mins. Alternatively, stay on board and travel further south to reach Avignon in 5 hrs 49 mins or Marseille in 6 hrs 27 mins for a taste of the French Riviera in winter.


    Another savvy choice for a winter city break by train is Strasbourg, on France’s eastern border with Germany. It’s easy to take the train from London to Strasbourg since the 5 hour 41 minute journey requires a simple change of stations from Gare du Nord to Gare de l’Est in Paris, possible on foot in just 10 minutes. Read more about changing train stations in Paris in our blog.

    Travel from London by Eurostar, with time for coffee in Paris before hopping on a double-decker TGV Duplex to Strasbourg. From there, you can easily explore the region including the Alsatian city of Colmar, just 30 mins away by regional train.

    One of Strasbourg’s most iconic sites is the Gothic Cathédrale de Notre-Dame, surrounded by canals and cobbled streets. In December, the city comes alive with its famous Christmas market, the oldest in Europe. Shop, skate, drink vin chaud and enjoy the many shows, concerts, and musical evenings that take place during the festive season.


    In the shadow of the snow-capped Alps, Turin is teeming with Baroque and Neoclassical architecture, cafes and myriad museums. Throughout the winter season, Luci d’Artista, an event dedicated to the city’s burgeoning contemporary art scene, lights up the whole city with beautiful installations that add a touch of magic to winter evenings.

    Take in the sights and enjoy an aperitivo at one of the city’s many cafes, or immerse yourself in Turin’s slow food movement and savour the delicacies of northern Italy.

    By visiting Italy by train in winter you’ll avoid the busiest, hottest and most expensive months and make big savings on accommodation and travel. Though further away than our other recommendations, Turin is a fantastic choice since it’s easily accessible by train from the UK.

    Travelling from London to Turin by train takes 10 hrs by Eurostar and TGV with a quick change in Paris. It is also possible to travel overnight by Eurostar and Thello night train to Milan, then onwards to Turin by high-speed Frecciarossa train. For more inspiration, see our blog on travelling to Italy by train in winter.

    Image credits top to bottom: Lyon Croix Rousse and Rhine River iStock ©ventdusud, Water canal in Strasbourg iStock ©Razvan, Mole Antonelliana and Alps iStock ©egadolfo

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    14 Photogenic Winter Destinations in Europe

    Where to go in Europe for amazing winter photos!

    There’s a chill in the air, snow in the mountains and magic in the sky. Winter is perhaps the most photogenic season in Europe and by far my personal favourite, offering a variety of landscapes formed by dramatic weather conditions.

    Photographing winter scenery is a constant buzz of excitement, anticipation and fleeting opportunities filled with total photo perfection. Once you’ve experienced an Aurora hunt, snow storm and editing session by the fire after a long day outdoors it becomes an addiction. A never ending adventure to photograph the perfect northern lights display, a charming village square at Christmas filled with twinkly lights or an alpine wilderness that feels like you’re a million miles from anywhere.

    There’s something about gearing up to face the elements, heading out to photograph the unknown and waiting for the conditions to line up. Summer can be a little predictable but winter is most certainly a total contrast, not just where temperatures are concerned.

    With castles, volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls and the Alps; Europe over delivers when it comes to winter photography locations. Below I’ve put together a guide to some of my favourite destinations that I’ve been lucky enough to photograph over the past two winter seasons.

    Here’s a map to where they are located and if you’ve got somewhere photogenic to add to the list, I’d love for you to comment at the end of the article and share it!

    Okay let’s get going…


    Lofoten Islands, Norway

    The Arctic Sea meets an endless landscape of steep peeks rising from frozen shores. Norway’s Lofoten Islands are filled with dramatic scenery and each year photographers flock to the region to capture its natural beauty.
    It’s a popular destination for Aurora hunters but if you’re into coastal landscapes, this is THE place. The island chain stretches west from Norway’s northern coast and linked by bridges, forms one of the best road trips you can take.
    In winter conditions can get quite sketchy with wild seas and snow storms closing roads. That said, it’s also the intense weather that makes a trip here in winter so special. You might get stuck indoors for three days straight but that one hour you get outside could be all you need to create an absolutely stunning image.

    Best photo spots in the Lofoten Islands –

    Unstad Beach
    A gnarly (clearly I’m cool) surfer hangout with a long beach break that curves beneath a cliff face.
    In winter the rocks are covered in snow and contrast beautifully with the aqua brilliance of the freezing waster while surfers in steamers carve up the waves.

    Hamnoy Bridge
    Perhaps the most photographed scene in Lofoten, the red cabins of Eliassen Rorbuer are somewhere you need to see to believe. The landscape will take your breath away. I’d recommend visiting this spot a few times in winter as the weather changes so quickly it can look completely different within a few hours.

    Hattvika Lodge is one of the best bases you can have while exploring Lofoten with the owner Kristian an expert on where to go to capture the best photos. From the lodge you can photograph trawlers returning from the wild sea with a fresh catch, zoom in on the snowy horizon of Norway’s mainland or hike to the peak of Nonstinden. Read my visual review of Hattvika Lodge here.

    Click here to read the full ‘Photography location guide to the Lofoten Islands‘.


    Now one of the most popular destinations regardless of season, Iceland attracts photographers for a very good reason. It’s spectacular. It’s an island nation filled with so much natural beauty it would take a lifetime to explore.

    From waterfalls and glaciers to volcanoes and ponies coiffed to perfection, Iceland will blow your mind. If it doesn’t, then it’s you, not Iceland. Iceland is perfect (in my opinion).
    For solo travelers it’s a country where you can feel completely safe driving from location to location with your camera. If you’re part of a group keen on capturing the best landscapes, it will no doubt be the trip of a lifetime. And winter, in my opinion, brings out the best Iceland has to offer.

    It’s rugged, wild and unpredictable. Don’t come to Iceland with a planned itinerary in winter because it’ll no doubt be interrupted by crazy storms, gale force winds and road closures, but that’s all part of the fun. The road system is completely prepared for the winter weather with websites like and Veð publishing live updates and colour coordinated guides to help you decide on a safe route. But that’s the boring bits to talk about now…let’s get onto the best spots.

    Click here to read my guide to Iceland’s South Coast Photography Locations and then also here for Photo Spots Around the Snaefellsnes Peninsula.

    Best spots in Iceland  –

    Skogafoss Waterfall
    One of the first spots you’ll come across when driving the southern route towards Vik and Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, Skogafoss is a gem. For some reason it reminds me of a toaster but it’s square formation looks like how I’d imagine the definition of a waterfall should. Thundering water pouring over the edge of a cliff with rainbows and seagulls dancing in it’s mist. It is popular so it’s best to time your visit for sunrise! Read more here.

    Jokulsarlon Lagoon
    Even though it can be crowded, this place is my favourite spot in Iceland (so far!). Icebergs float throughout the lagoon as seals bob up and down and the sound of crackling ice can be heard amongst the stillness. Sunrise here is simply an experience and standing on the shore at night waiting for aurora is like being in another world. The sounds of silence here are incredibly loud and overpowering for the senses. Read more here.

    Vatnajokull Glacier Ice Caves
    Experiencing the glistening beauty inside an ice cave is like entering another world. Forming anew each year the ice caves of Vatnajokull are carved by waterfalls that run through the glacier. Read more here – Photographing Inside an Ice Cave.

    Kirkjufellfoss Waterfall
    Located on the Snaefellsness Peninsula, this gem is so photogenic, you can capture it from almost any angle. The mountain Kirkjufell is like a witches hat resting on the shores where orcas cruise by and aurora dances above. Across the road from the mountain is Kirkjufellsfoss…the waterfall, which is what you’ll see most photographers capture when they visit this region. The waterfall has a few levels so be sure to cross the bridge and explore a little for varied compositions.

    Western Fjords
    While I personally haven’t visited this region in winter, it looks like the ultimate adventure for both photographers and keen winter addicts. If you’ve got the right equipment and local knowledge that is. Check out Chris Burkard’s video showcasing the region in ‘Under an Arctic Sky‘, possibly the best adventure/photography video I’ve ever seen.

    Swedish Lapland

    Forests filled with snow covered pines, frozen lakes and a sky filled with magic awaits in Lapland. Like wandering inside a snow globe, the region is a photographers dream…provided you’ve got a warm jacket to keep you cosy outdoors!

    Across Scandinavia the lapland regions offer the ideal place to watch for northern lights during the dark, winter months. With the lights visible from early September until late March, there’s plenty of time to visit and witness the magic. Visiting in winter however provides that extra wow factor. White landscapes covered in deep snow, trees lined with a constant layer of sparkling frost and some of the coldest conditions you’ll likely ever experience. On my visit in early January temperatures were hovering around -35 degrees…dropping to about -46degrees one night while I was out photographing aurora. It sure is cold but it’s an experience I believe that if you can get there, it’s so worth your eyelashes freezing together.

    Best photo spots around Kiruna, Sweden –

    It’s probably best to have a guide when visiting this location but it’s worth it. The frozen Laukkujarvi creates an ideal base for your tripod while you wait for the northern lights to dance. You’ll find wooden cabins throughout the woods and with a guide will be able to get access and warm up with tea or capture it’s atmosphere. Read more here.

    Kiruna – Middnattsolstigen
    Every time I describe this forest I really can’t say it any other way. It’s like walking in a snow globe; a freezing cold, real life shaken up globe of winter perfection. Tree branches are covered with a sparkling layer of frost and the dusk skies of winter compliment the scene beautifully.
    You’ll find the park entrance just behind Camp Ripan, also the perfect place to base yourself whilst exploring the region. Read more here.

    In the winter months this frozen wilderness is alive with activities. From dog sledding to reindeer encounters, traditional Sami culture and of course the infamous Ice Hotel. Your camera will be more than happy to snap it’s way around this area, be sure to check out my guide to camera care in extreme conditions though!


    Winter time in Germany means one thing…Christmas Markets! Well, it probably means more than one thing but if you’re into photographing village squares, atmosphere and fairy lights, Germany is your place and winter is the time.
    Throughout December most villages and cities will have at least one Christmas market, some will have multiple and they bring all the festive spirit, glow and mulled wine with them.
    Take a peek at my Christmas market cruise for more details otherwise below is my pick for winter photography locations.

    Neuschwanstein Castle
    Visiting in winter typically means less crowds and more snow, which for photographers is the dream combination! Looking like the Disney logo come to life, Neuschwanstein Castle is every bit the fairy tale.
    Personally I found the exterior much more impressive than the interior and behind the castle you’ll find the immensely picturesque Lake Alpsee. In winter it’s shores are covered in snow and the reflections of forest and lake cabins is worth at least a few hours of your time to explore. Read more about the fairy tale village of Hohenschwangau here.


    Of course if you can ski, Switzerland is one of the dream destinations where the slopes are primed and ready for your downhill skills to be unleashed. If, like me, you fall over just hearing the word ski, there’s plenty of photo spots to keep you happy too.

    Lake Blausee
    Last winter I checked the forecast waiting for a snow storm to turn this lake into a winter wonderland. The lake is already quite popular with visitors who flock to see it’s bright turqouise colour, believed to have been created when the tears of a local woman fell into the lake. For the full story you can read my article ‘Behind the Lens: Lake Blausee, Switzerland’.
    Photo wise though, this lake is crazy beautiful. With clear teal water, alpine forests and a gorgeous little cabin and hotel it’s worth spending an entire day here with your camera (and a friend…but mainly a camera!).

    Jungfrau Region
    If you’re looking for a base in Switzerland, the Jungfrau Region is it. With places like Wengen, Grindelwald, Kleine Scheidegg and Jungfraujoch all linked by train, it’s ideal for photographing a variety of alpine landscapes.
    Read my guide to the region here with lots of detail on transport, where to stay and the best photography locations.

    So, after reading about these 14 spots, how many have you visited?

    Or…do you have somewhere beautiful to add to the list? I’d love for you to comment below and share your favourite winter destination in Europe and why it’s great for taking photos! You’re welcome to leave a link to your own blog post or photo on Instagram so we can see what makes it so photogenic.


    Lisa Michele Burns

    Hello! I’m the founder and photographer behind The Wandering Lens.
    With 17+yrs experience as a professional travel and landscape photographer, all advice found on this site is from my personal experience on the road. I hope it’s useful for your own travels and would love to hear in the comments about your trips and experiences around the world.

    Enjoyed reading? Share the article!

    Rest in the Caucasus: where to go, what to see

    The Caucasus is a real tourist Eldorado. Here, as in Greece, there is everything! And even more. Mountains, glaciers, lakes, rivers, waterfalls – this is a far from complete list of Caucasian assets. Tourists have chosen this region more than 100 years ago, and the number of people wishing to visit the blessed places is growing from year to year.

    Caucasus Mountains

    Trekking, mountaineering, mountain skiing, thermal springs, mineral water – all this can be obtained at the same time in a relatively compact area. The climate here is so diverse that palm trees grow against the backdrop of snow-capped mountain peaks. A variety of cultures and national cuisine reigns in these parts. nine0003 The Caucasus must be visited at least once in a lifetime. Better yet, do it once a year!

    The Caucasus is a mountainous country in Eurasia. Its significant part is located on the territory of Russia. Geographically, the South and North Caucasus are distinguished. Ciscaucasia adjoins on the northern side. From the south stretches the Black Sea coast. The core of the mountain system is the Main Caucasian Range. The length of the mountains is 1100 km, and the width is up to 180 km. The highest point is Elbrus (5642 m). In terms of the number of glaciers, this Russian region is not inferior to 90,003 Alps.

    There are many tourist routes in the Caucasus. As a rule, they include the most interesting places. So, where should you go to the Caucasus and what can you see? We offer you to get acquainted with the ten most popular places for hiking.

    1. Elbrus

    Elbrus is the pride of Russia. It is not only the highest mountain in the country. There are no mountains higher than it in Europe! For this reason, the tourist trail does not overgrow here. The mountain takes an honorable line in the world ranking “Seven Peaks” . Every self-respecting climber wants to put a tick: “I was on Elbrus.


    Stratovolcano formed millions of years ago. The last eruption occurred about 5,000 years ago. From afar, Elbrus resembles a two-humped camel, because it has two peaks – East (5621 m) and West (5642 m). They were first conquered, respectively, in 1829 and 1874.

    Elbrus is good because it has all the necessary infrastructure for climbing. Since the southern slope is simpler, peaks are most often stormed along it. There is a lift that takes tourists to station Gara-Bashi. It is located at an altitude of 3847 m.

    There are three shelters on the slope – Barrels (3720 m), LeapRus (3912 m) and Shelter 11 (4055 m). Here they stop for acclimatization and rest. On snowcats, those who wish are lifted to a height of 5100 m, where there is a place called “Oblique shelf”.

    Starting points for hiking Elbrus are Mineralnye Vody and Nalchik. These cities have an airport and a railway. Buses run from here to the village of Terskol and Azau glade. They travel by their own car through Rostov-on-Don or Krasnodar. nine0005

    There are the following options for going to Elbrus:

    • “Your peak”: climbing to the western peak of Elbrus
    • Elbrus climbing 10 days (overnight in the Alp. Shelter)
    • around Elbrus
    • Rowing to the eastern elbecions

    2. Elbrus region

    The very name suggests that the place is located in the vicinity of Elbrus. The Elbrus region is a vast resort area, including ski resorts and numerous natural attractions. Most of them are located near the southern slope of Elbrus, as well as in the Baksan Gorge. Skiers, snowboarders, hikers, climbers and climbers come here. Fans of outdoor activities are offered helibiking and ATV trips. nine0005

    • Mountain camp in the Elbrus region (active program with hotel accommodation)
    • Mountain camp at the royal resort (in one tour north and south of the Elbrus region)
    • Elbrus region with children (in tents)
    • Mountain trekking with children near Elbrus region accommodation at the base)
    • Seven wonders of the Elbrus region (auto tour, trekking, photo tour)
    • Snowboard and skiing: drive resort Elbrus-Azau


    Tsey, Kazbek and Digoria

    North Ossetia is located on the northern slope of the Greater Caucasus Range. Mountains occupy a little less than half of its territory. This part of the republic is the most attractive for tourists. Its highest point is Mount Kazbek (5033 m), and the main river is Terek. For a long time they were chosen by lovers of ascents and rafting. The territory of the republic is crossed by four large ridges, which are separated by gorges.


    Tsey gorge is the most popular among tourists. His affectionate one is called Tsey. The first alpine camps appeared here 80 years ago. In the vicinity of the gorge, there are three dozen peaks , whose height exceeds 4 thousand meters! Only on the slopes of Mount Wilpata more than a dozen routes of different difficulty categories have been laid. Summer is hiking season. But even at this time of the year you can get into real winter by climbing Tsey glacier.

    North Ossetia is also a historical place with the romantic name Digoria. Alania National Park is located here. Visitors can go mountain biking, agricultural tours, paragliding or photography. There are many camp sites in Digoria, as lovers of hiking, skiing and horseback riding come here.

    This is where the Galdoridon waterfall, Tana glacier and Chifandzar swamp are located . People go to North Ossetia to conquer Kazbek, to visit thermal springs and see Dargavs, which is called the “city of the dead”.

    The transport gates of North Ossetia are the cities Mineralnye Vody and Vladikavkaz. Get to Digoria through the village of Chikola. It is the starting point for hikes in the west of the republic. The path to the Tsei Gorge lies through the village of Buron . Mount Kazbek can be conquered from the side Russia and of Georgia. On Russian territory, the starting point is the village of Karmadon. There is a bus service between all settlements.

    There are the following campaigns in North Ossetia:

    • Mountain camp in Digoria
    • Mountain camp in the Zeisk gorge
    • Ossetian weekend: Digoria+tsei
    • Seven miracles of North Ossetia
    • Rock Rock: from Balkaria to North Ossetia 9006
    • Alania Alpine National Park: to the Karaugom Glacier
    • High-mountain national park “Alania”: to the Tana valley through the Bartui glacier
    • Mountain roads of the ancients: North Ossetia
    • Digoria’s ice necklace
    • North Ossetia with children. Midagrabin and Karmadon
    • Climbing Mount Kazbek from Russia

    4. Dombai and Arkhyz

    For climbers, rock climbers and skiers the names Dombai and Arkhyz sound like spells. A mountainous country called Dombay is located in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic. The center of attraction for tourists is the village of the same name on the Dombai glade. Its natural decoration is the top of Dombay-Ulgen. As soon as the slopes of the mountains are covered with snow, skiers. In summer they are replaced by climbers.


    Every mountain in Dombay is a masterpiece. The vertex names speak for themselves. Mount Belalakaya is called “Striped”, Dzhuguturlu-Chata – “Abode of tours”, and Ine is translated as “Needle”. Sofrudzhuksky, Chukhchursky and Alibeksky waterfalls , lakes Turye and Klukhor are considered the property of Dombai. Not far from the resort spread Teberdinsky Reserve. Visitors are offered hiking, cycling, ATV trips to hard-to-reach places and horseback riding.

    Arkhyz is the second popular resort in Karachay-Cherkessia. It is located at the foot of the ridge Abishira-Akhuba. Since the resort has the status of an all-season resort, tourists can be found here all year round. Mountain hikes, jeep safari, horseback riding, quad bike racing, mountain biking – this is not a complete list of active entertainment. There is also paintball, paragliding, rope park, outdoor pools. nine0005

    What can you see in the vicinity of Arkhyz? The main point of attraction is Agursky, Baduksky, Dukinsky and Sofia lakes. The cascade of Sofia waterfalls, as well as Barite and Cossack waterfalls are very beautiful. Climbing Pioneer Peak (3182 m) is popular. In the Arkhyz region, many ancient buildings have been preserved – a medieval Alanian settlement, the Lower Arkhyz settlement of the 10th century. The Polovtsian statue “Bowl Holder” and the rock icon of Christ on Mount Miceshta are considered cult sights. nine0005

    The nearest airport is at Mineralnye Vody. There are railway stations in Nevinnomyssk, Cherkessk, Nalchik. Buses and minibuses run from these cities to the resorts. In the high season, hotels organize transfers.

    Here is a list of trips to Dombay and Arkhyz:0063

  • along the mountains of Arkhyza: along the main Caucasian ridge
  • Lakes Tekberdinsky Range
  • Gray Elder Dombay and children
  • Pearls of the Western Caucasus: Mountain Campaign from Dombay to Arkhyz
  • Luxurious Arkhirs: Family Croaches Arkhyz: family hike
  • Blooming slopes of Arkhyz
  • Beauty of the Abishira-Akhuba ridge
  • In the land of azure lakes
  • Ski camp in Arkhyz

  • 5. Bezengi

    Kabardino-Balkaria is a small republic. Nevertheless, two reserves and a dozen sanctuaries fit in its territory. This speaks of the unique nature of the region. The role of a magnet that attracts climbers and tourists is a place called Bezengi.


    The main hit is the so-called Bezengi wall . A natural “citadel” 13 km long was formed by several four-thousander peaks at once. This is a real paradise for climbers and climbers! Hiking routes to Bezengi also include visits to the Bezengi and Mizhirgi glaciers and other beautiful places. nine0005

    The way to Bezengi lies through Nalchik and Mineralnye Vody. These cities can be reached by plane or by train. Next, you should get to the village of Upper Balkaria or the Bezengi mountain camp, from where the hikes begin. Vehicles will have to be rented.

    Routes to Bezengi:

    • Mountain camp in Bezengi
    • Beauty of Bezengi
    • Along the high mountain paths of Bezengi with children


    Fisht and Oshten peaks (2804 m) are located in Adygea, north of Sochi. Together with Mount Pshekha-Su, they form a vast mountain range. Above the mark of 2700 m, the snow never melts, so eternal winter reigns there. The peaks are always decorated with snow-white caps. There are about a dozen glaciers in the mountains. These places are considered the most beautiful in the country. The territory has long been the domain of climbers and trekking enthusiasts.

    Mount Fisht

    0003 route number 30, which was very popular. Back in the 40s, a tourist camp was opened in the village of Guzeripl, which served as a transshipment base for those who went to the mountains. Part of the route is still in operation today. All this is the territory of the Greater Caucasian Reserve. Lago-Naki plateau, Lake Psenodakh, Fishtinsky waterfall are considered natural pearls. On the way you will have to overcome several picturesque passes – Guzeriplsky, Fisht-Oshtenovsky and Maikopsky. nine0004

    Fisht-Oshten massif is accessible from Adygea . By plane or train they get to Krasnodar, from there by bus to Maykop . Regular buses run from the Adyghe capital to the village of Guzeripl. Further, you can drive some distance on an SUV, and then you will have to rely only on your own legs.

    Another option is through the village Kamennomostsky , which is located south of Maykop. From here it is possible to cast on Lago-Naki plateau. Or get from Sochi and Dagomys by bus to village Solokh-Aul and then continue climbing on foot.

    The following trips to the Fish-Sochanty massif are available:

    • Legendary thirty (30): route to Mount Fisht
    • Mountain camp at the shelter Fisht


    7. Khadzhokhsky tough tougher for ideal for ideal. active tourism. There are many picturesque natural places in the republic that are suitable for hiking. There are many interesting routes in the central part of the region, in the immediate vicinity of Maykop. The village of Khadzhokh (Kamennomostsky) is considered a popular center of tourism. First of all, it is famous for the beautiful canyon, which was named

    Khadzhokh gorge.

    Khadzhokh gorge

    In the vicinity of the canyon, there are many attractive natural objects, to which separate routes are laid. The gorge of the Mishoko River, where there are several beautiful waterfalls at once, is considered a real tourist eldorado.

    Nearby is located Mishoko extreme park, where they offer a wide range of active activities. They will certainly come to the taste of climbers. Of interest are Devil’s finger rock, Rufabgo waterfall and Great Azish cave . Many trails are available for children.

    Getting to the village of Kamennomostsky is very easy. They usually fly to Krasnodar by plane or by train, and there they change to an intercity bus. In the case of a private car, you must use the highway A-159 Maikop – Kamennomostsky.

    The following travel programs are available in central Adygea:

    • Caucasus with children. Secrets of Adygea
    • Multitour in Adygea with children
    • Mountain camp in Adygea
    • Winter Adygea

    It is so beautiful and unique that it was included in the honorary list

    of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage . On a vast territory there are rivers, waterfalls and canyons. The maximum elevation of this mountainous country reaches 2486 m. The two-peak Mount Acheshbok. She resembles a giant petrified dinosaur.

    Big Thach

    Several ecological trails have been laid in the park for tourists. They are laid in the most picturesque places. There is an opportunity to visit caves. Routes include the Mankin Shum waterfall, the Belfry rock, the Big and Small Tkhach mountains, the Koryto ridge and the Devil’s Gate massif. The fast waters of the rivers Kuna and Bolshoi Sakhrai flow through the park. Natural beauty can drive even seasoned photographers crazy. nine0005

    The main asset of the park are rare animals and plants. In the mountains, the bison population has been restored, which were completely exterminated in the last century. There are wild boars and graceful roe deer. If there is little chance of seeing a bison, then you can see plenty of birds. Of the Red Book species, the Caucasian flycatcher and the bearded vulture are found here. And the number of rare plants exceeded 80 items. The hallmark of the park is fir. Individual trees can be over 700 years old! nine0005

    The closest village to the park is Novoprokhladnoe. It is located on the territory of the Republic of Adygea. The trails in the park start from here. Regular buses run to the village from Krasnodar , where there is a railway station and an airport.

    The following hikes are available in the Big Thach National Park:

    • Big Thach Natural Park
    • Two Peaks of the Western Caucasus: Thach and Fisht
    • Through the Devil’s Gate
    • Riding through the Devil’s Gate: Riding to Bolshoi Thach


    Western Caucasus

    The Western Caucasus is a huge territory from Elbrus to Anapa. Administratively, most of it belongs to Krasnodar Territory. The closer to the Sea of ​​Azov, the lower the mountains. However, there are many interesting places for hiking. It is not for nothing that the entire Western Caucasus is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site . On its territory there are Caucasian National Reserve, Sochi National Park, the upper reaches of the Pshekha and Pshekhashkha rivers and other large natural objects.

    Dolmen in the Western Caucasus

    Western Caucasus – the territory of dolmens. Mysterious megaliths can be seen on the Black Sea coast near Gelendzhik. There are many of them on the Pshada River, which is also famous for its waterfalls. Rock climbers have long chosen the Turkey and Papai mountains. There are also popular hiking trails. It is worth visiting the romantic Mikhailovskoye pass, see with your own eyes waterfall Count’s ruins and Wolf’s Gate gorge.

    The main transshipment bases to the objects of the Western Caucasus are the cities Krasnodar, Gelendzhik and Tuapse . To the mountain peaks Papai, Turkey and Semashkho , the path lies from Krasnodar through the city of Tuapse, the village of Novy, the village of Ubinskaya, the villages of Krivenkovskoye and Anastasievka. buses, trains and electric trains run between these settlements. nine0004 The Pshada River, as well as the waterfalls and dolmens of the same name are accessible from Gelendzhik. In the Western Caucasus, there is a developed transport infrastructure, so getting to the objects of inspection is quite simple.

    campaigns in the Western Caucasus:

    • Treasures of the Western Caucasus (mountains in Gelendzhik)
    • Hot key – walking and healing rest
    • cliffs and dolmens of the foothills of the Caucasus
    • NOVICH GIVE: Patplants of the Western Caucasus
    • Two peaks of the Western Caucasus: Tkhach and Fisht
    • Pearls of the Western Caucasus: mountain hike from Dombai to Arkhyz


    Sochi surroundings

    Sochi needs no introduction. The resort city in the Krasnodar Territory is known throughout the world as a ski center, a venue for major sports competitions and beach holidays. At the same time, numerous natural attractions hidden in the surrounding mountains remain in the shade. Sochi – ideal place not only for recreation and health improvement, but also for hiking.

    Surroundings of Sochi

    What is interesting about the surroundings of the resort? For starters, you should climb the Akhun tower on the mountain of the same name. From the observation deck, a panorama of the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea coast appears at a glance. Once you get the general idea, you can get down to the details. Hiking is the best way to do this.

    Hiking routes include canyons Psakho and rivers Kudepsta . White rocks and Vorontsov caves are very popular. It is worth walking along the river gorge Agura , climbing into Partizanskaya cave and appreciating the beauty of Eagle Rocks. Don’t forget about the museums and entertainment that the spa town offers in abundance.

    In the South Caucasus, all roads lead to Sochi. You can get to the resort by air, rail and road. One has only to remember that in the high season a lot of vacationers and tourists flock to the coast, so you should take care of tickets in advance. nine0005

    In the vicinity of Sochi you can take a walk along the following routes:

    • Comfort-Tur Sochi-Light
    • through the mountains in Sochi
    • New Year’s holidays in subtropics (Sochi)

    In addition to the above campaigns, there are other others . For example, rafting on stormy mountain rivers or rest on thermal springs . There are hikes that only trained tourists can do, and there are those that you can safely poison yourself with children. If you are short on time, take advantage of weekend itineraries. nine0005

    But it’s better to go to the Caucasus for a week or two. This beautiful region of the country offers too many opportunities for tourists. Its appeal lies in its great variety. In addition, the Caucasus is accessible at any time of the year – in summer, autumn, winter and spring. The choice is yours!

    Other attractions

    Emmanuel’s Glade

    Pastukhov Rocks

    11 best countries — INMYROOM



    Don’t let modest budgets and bureaucratic formalities stop you in your desire to explore the world – we have selected 11 interesting tourist destinations that do not require a visa or a solid bank account.


    Georgia invites travelers to tart “Kindzmarauli”, fiery lezginka, delicious barbecue and juicy khachapuri. There are many options for spending a vacation: wandering through the cozy streets of Tbilisi and ancient Kutaisi, inhaling the thick smell of the relict forests of Adjara, admiring the ancient fortresses and endless vineyards of Kakheti, or conquering the ski slopes of Bakuriani and Gudauri. nine0005

    Entry conditions: one year without a visa.

    For a good offer to this country look for here.


    The country of four seas combines inexpensive vacations and European level of service. It has everything: picturesque mountains, bright sun, excellent cuisine, healing massage in the hammam, ancient cities and ancient shrines. Turkey has something for everyone, whether it’s relaxing on the beach, vibrant nightlife, adventure tourism or exploring the many attractions. nine0005

    Entry conditions: 60 days without a visa.

    Look for a good offer to this country here.


    Azerbaijan is ancient fortresses and palaces where the Turkish episodes of “The Diamond Arm” were filmed, the Caspian Sea, mud volcanoes, thermal springs and healing oil baths in Naftalan. And the heart of this motley tangle is Baku, the city of lights. The old city – Icheri Sheher – will let you touch the origins: see with your own eyes the Maiden Tower, the Shirvanshahs’ palace and the most ancient Zoroastrian temples. And New Baku will plunge you headlong into modernity and stun you with the glow of lights and fantastic Flame Towers resembling flames. And Azerbaijan is also a delicious plov, which has 40 different recipes and can rightfully be considered part of the country’s cultural heritage. nine0005

    Entry conditions: 90 days without a visa.

    Look for a good offer to this country here.


    Boundless steppes, golden domes of mosques and futuristic buildings of Astana — ancient oriental flavor and modern western traditions are surprisingly intertwined in Kazakhstan. Travelers will not be bored: excursion routes through deserts, ancient cities and an amazing sunken forest — Lake Kaindy, health programs, mountaineering, as well as watching rocket launches from Baikonur and space cuisine. The best part is that Russians do not even need a passport to visit Kazakhstan. nine0005

    Entry conditions: 90 days without visa and passport.

    For a good offer to this country look for here.


    Morocco is an oriental fairy tale that attracts tourists with its Arabian and African exoticism, the beaches of the Atlantic and the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. This is a realm of contrasts: here kings get along with Bedouins, chic hotels coexist with ancient mosques, and a bustling market hides behind a modern shopping center. Moroccan cuisine is also unique – bright and as rich as the culture of the ancient country. nine0005

    Entry conditions: 90 days without a visa.

    For a good offer to this country look for here.


    Serbia is one of the most underestimated tourism destinations. Judge for yourself: magnificent nature, more than 50 resorts with thermal and mineral springs and excellent skiing – and all this at very attractive prices. After long walks, you can have a delicious and inexpensive dinner with cevapcic and rakia in a cozy restaurant. I am also glad that the language in fraternal Serbia is very similar to Russian, so there will definitely not be any problems with communication. nine0005

    Entry conditions: 30 days without a visa.

    For a good offer to this country look for here.


    Moldova is loved by tourists for its winemaking and abundance of ancient Orthodox monuments. Today, hundreds of varieties of wine and cognac are produced in the republic, and wine tours are considered an obligatory item on the excursion program of any traveler. Moldova also boasts a rich and colorful history, as well as simple and delicious cuisine. nine0005

    Entry conditions: 90 days without a visa.

    For a good offer to this country look for here.


    Montenegro is one of the most beautiful European countries. Mountain landscapes, the turquoise Adriatic Sea, green cities and clean beaches attract tourists from all over the world. In addition, the country is rich in attractions, including the Ostrog rock monastery, where the relics of St. Basil of Ostrog are kept, the picturesque canyons of the Moraca and Tara rivers, the vast Lovcen and Durmitor national parks, the Lipska cave and the ancient city of Kotor. Montenegrin cuisine deserves special attention: here everything is grown in natural, environmentally friendly conditions, so the food is natural, fresh and exceptionally tasty. nine0005

    Entry conditions: 30 days without a visa.

    For a good offer to this country look for here.


    Vietnam will always surprise you with ancient history and culture, countless monuments and temples, diverse landscapes and white sandy beaches, as well as cheap fruits and fresh seafood. Here you can ride a wave on a kite, ride a boat along Dragon Bay, admire the rice terraces and the Nguyen Imperial Palace in Hue – whatever you choose, there will be a sea of ​​impressions. nine0005

    Entry conditions: 15 days without a visa.

    For a good offer to this country look for here.


    Beautiful and many-sided Thailand pleases all year round with warm clear waters of the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, colorful festivals, Buddhist temples, exotic cuisine and an abundance of tropical fruits and flowers, as well as inexpensive shopping. Most of all, tourists have chosen noisy Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Samui, and lovers of private rest will like secluded islands like Phi Phi Le, where you can easily get on a rented boat. nine0005

    Entry conditions: 30 days without a visa.

    Look for a good offer to this country here.


    Tunisia has all the conditions for recreation: the Mediterranean Sea, snow-white beaches and extensive areas of hotels with a high level of service. But not only this is famous for Tunisia – a country with a rich history: here you can make a trip through the Sahara desert, wander through the narrow streets of the Sousse medina and see the traces of ancient civilizations in the legendary Carthage.

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