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Canaries weather november: Canary Islands Weather in November

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November Weather in Puerto de Mogan, Gran Canaria – 2023 – Winter Sun Expert

Puerto de Mogan is a wonderful fishing village and resort, located in the municipality of Mogan. It’s right at a steep-sided valley on the south coast of Gran Canaria. There are canals that link the fishing harbor to the marina. It is often nicknamed the “Venice of the Canaries” or “Little Venice” because of the canals. Around the marina and beachfront, are great restaurants and bars that always stay open to guests. Also, tourists from other locations on the island of Gran Canaria visit the village on Fridays for its popular market scene. It is a beautiful place that attracts tourists from all parts of the world.

Puerto de Mogan has a Spanish culture and traditions present. Spanish is the official language of the village, but English is also spoken. Locals are very hospitable and friendly people. Snowbirds can explore this part of the town by engaging with locals, exploring archaeological sites and if you’re interested, you could learn some Spanish.


  • 1 November weather in Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria
  • 2 November weather in Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria in more detail
    • 2.1 – What will the temperature be in Puerto de Mogan in November
    • 2.2 – Can you expect rain in November in Puerto de Mogan?
    • 2.3 – What will the water temperature be in Puerto de Mogan for November
    • 2.4 – Can you expect in November a lot of sunny days in Puerto de Mogan
    • 2.5 – Will it be comfortable in November in Puerto de Mogan?
  • 3 What to do in Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria in November
  • 4 Is it humid in Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria in November?
  • 5 Is November a good time to go to Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria?
  • 6 Does it rain all day in Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria in November?
  • 7 Is November the rainiest month in Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria?
  • 8 Is November the most sunniest month in Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria?
  • 9 More information about Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria
  • 10 Weather in Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria in other months
  • 11 What to do in Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria for each month

November weather in Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria

To get a good overview of the type of weather you can expect in November in Puerto de Mogan, we will look at the day and night temperature, minimum and maximum water temperature, and if November is comfortable or humid

Generally, November in Puerto de Mogan will be really nice. Historical data shows that you can expect an average temperature of around 77°F / 25°C. As the humidty is low, it will feel very comfortable. During the night, it will cool down to around 60°F / 16°C.

Puerto de Mogan does not have a lot of rainy days in November. You can expect around 2 rainy days, with on average 0.2 inches / 6 mm of rain during the whole month.

The forecast for November 2023 is based on historical data and are averages. They will give a good indication what you can expect, but the daily temperature and rain will fluctuate during the month.

November weather in Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria in more detail

To get a better feeling for the type of weather, you can expect in November in Puerto de Mogan, we will look at the temperature, rain, wind, humidity, water temperature, and sun and clouds

– What will the temperature be in Puerto de Mogan in November

Generally, you can expect in November an average temperature of 77°F / 25°C during the day and an average of 60°F / 16°C during the night. In November, during the warmest part of the afternoon, the temperature can often get as high as 86°F / 30°C, and at the end of the night, it can get as low as 55°F / 13°C.

When looking at the whole year, January and February are the coldest months, with an average temperature of around 71°F / 22°C. August and September are the hottest months, with an average temperature of around 84°F / 29°C. When comparing November with the temperature in the month before and after, this is almost equal to October, which sees an average maximum temperature of around 80°F / 27°C. And almost equal to December, which sees an average maximum temperature of around 73°F / 23°C.

Day and night temperature variation for Puerto de Mogan during the year.Day and night temperature variation for Puerto de Mogan during the year.

But average temperatures only tell half of the story. It is also good to check the maximum and minimum temperatures. When looking at the whole year, August is the hottest month, with a temperature of around 93°F / 34°C. January and December are the coldest months, with a temperature of around 78°F / 26°C. When comparing November with the temperature in the month before and after, this is almost equal to October, which sees an average maximum temperature of around 89°F / 32°C. And slightly more than December, which sees an average maximum temperature of around 78°F / 26°C.

In the following graph, you can see how many cold and hot days you can expect in Puerto de Mogan each month:

Day and night temperature variation for Puerto de Mogan during the year.Day and night temperature variation for Puerto de Mogan during the year.

– Can you expect rain in November in Puerto de Mogan?

Generally, you can expect about 2 rain days in November, with on average 0.2 inches / 6 mm of rain.

When looking at the whole year, May and July are the driest months, with an average rainfall of around 0 inches / 0 mm. December is the wettest month, with an average rainfall of around 0.4 inches / 9 mmmm. When comparing November with the month before and after, this is slightly more than October, which sees around 0. 1 inches / 3 mm of rain. And slightly less than December, which sees around 0.4 inches / 9 mm of rain

Rain days for Puerto de Mogan during the year.Rain days for Puerto de Mogan during the year.

If we look at the number of days with rain, July is the month with the least amount of rain days with an average of between 0 and 1 days. December is the month with the most rain days with an average of between 2 and 3 days. When comparing November with the month before and after, this is almost equal to October, which sees an average of between 1 and 2 days of rain. And almost equal to December, which sees an average of between 2 and 3 days of rain

– What will the water temperature be in Puerto de Mogan for November

You can expect in November, the water temperature for Puerto de Mogan to be between 73°F / 23°C and 68°F / 20°C.

To compare the water temperature we will use the maximum water temperature. You can expect this temperature on a more sunny day, close to the shore, when the wind does not mix the relatively warmer and colder water.

September has the highest water temperature, with around 75°F / 24°C. March has the lowest water temperature, with around 68°F / 20°C. When comparing the water temperature from November with the month before and after, November has a water temperature almost equal to October, with a water temperature of an average of between 73°F / 23°C and 75°F / 24°C. And almost equal to the water temperature from December, that is around 69°F / 21°C.

Water temperature for Puerto de Mogan during the year.Water temperature for Puerto de Mogan during the year.

– Can you expect in November a lot of sunny days in Puerto de Mogan

Generally, you can expect around 10 sunny days in November and around 16 partly sunny days. The remaining days will be cloudy.

When looking at the whole year, December is the month with the highest number of sunny days, with an average of between 11 and 12 sunny days. August is the month with the lowest number of sunny days, with around 1 sunny day. When comparing November with the number of sunny days in the month before and after, it is almost equal to October, with an average of between 10 and 11 sunny days. And almost equal to December, with an average of between 11 and 12 sunny days

The number of sunny, partly sunny, and cloudy days for Puerto de MoganThe number of sunny, partly sunny, and cloudy days for Puerto de Mogan

We have looked at the sunny days in Puerto de Mogan. Let’s also look at the cloudy or overcast days. January is the month with the highest number of cloudy days, with an average of between 4 and 5 cloudy days. July is the month with the lowest number of cloudy days, with around 1 cloudy day. When comparing November with the number of cloudy days in the month before and after, it is almost equal to October, with an average of between 2 and 3 cloudy days. And almost equal to December, with an average of between 3 and 4 cloudy days

– Will it be comfortable in November in Puerto de Mogan?

Generally, November in Puerto de Mogan will have a low humidty, and will feel very comfortable.

We use the humidity and temperature in Puerto de Mogan to calculate the Wintersun Expert Comfort level for each month. The lower the Wintersun Expert Comfort level, the more comfortable it will be. Only for certain people, extremely dry air can feel slightly uncomfortable.

When looking at the whole year, January has the lowest humidity, with a Wintersun Expert comfort level of “very comfortable” (dry air). August has the highest humidity, with a Wintersun Expert comfort level of “comfortable” (not very humid). When comparing November with the month before and after, this is almost equal to October, which has a Wintersun Comfort level of “very comfortable” (low humidty). And almost equal to December, which has a Wintersun Comfort level of “very comfortable” (low humidty)

Wintersun Expert Humidity / Comfort level for Puerto de MoganWintersun Expert Humidity / Comfort level for Puerto de Mogan

What to do in Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria in November

  • Playa de Mogan: Snowbirds can visit the sandy beaches to swim, mingle with other tourists, sunbath, or even scuba dive at the Playa de Mogan. It is a top tourist destination, so you might experience crowds on some occasions.
  • Barranco de Mogan:  These are geological formations that snowbirds who are into nature and geography can visit to see some of nature’s little wonders.
  • Mercadillo de Mogan: The area is known for its flea & street markets. Snowbirds have the opportunity to find some cool items they might need at really cheap prices. All sorts of things could be purchased at these markets ranging from daily essentials to souvenirs.

Is it humid in Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria in November?

A lot of people ask interested in the humidity or relative humidity for Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria in November. But the real question they want to ask is not about humidity but the amount of moisture in the air. Or better, about comfort. Will it be comfortable in November in Puerto de Mogan, or will high humidity make it uncomfortable.

To answer this question, we have to look at the dew point. Relative humidity can change a lot in Puerto de Mogan during the day and night, as it changes when the amount of moisture changes and, but also when the temperature changes. It is a lot less reliable for comfort. Where the dew point only varies with the amount of moisture in the air.

Looking at the dew point, we can see that for the month of November, you can expect that Puerto de Mogan will have a low humidty, and will feel very comfortable.

January is the month with the most comfort. It will have dry air, and will feel very comfortable. August is the most uncomfortable month. It will not be very humid, and will feel comfortable. In the graph, you can see that there is some difference between the most comfortable and most uncomfortable months

Humidity level for Puerto de MoganHumidity level for Puerto de Mogan

Is November a good time to go to Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria?

Trying to answer the question of whether November is a good time to go to Puerto de Mogan is not as easy as it first seems. Some people like colder weather, and others prefer a warmer climate. Some are fine with some humidity, and others are not. If your location has air conditioning, the night temperature is less important.

These are some examples. I will try to answer the question with a more generic person in mind. The more detailed information in this article should be enough to check further if this applies to you as well.

If we look at the average temperature for Puerto de Mogan in November, we can see that it will be fine for most people. In November, you can expect it to be really nice, with an average temperature of around 77°F / 25°C. As the humidty is low, it will feel very comfortable. During the night, it will be around 60°F / 16°C.

As the number of overcast days is not high, you can enjoy the sun with around 10 sunny days and 16 partly sunny days.

The last aspect we will look at is rain. You can expect around 2 rainy days, with on average 0.2 inches / 6 mm of rain during November. If it were more than five days, the location would be slightly less attractive for a shorter stay.

We have looked at the average day temperature, the night temperature, humidity, the number of overcast days, and the rain. We think that November a good time to go to Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria for most visitors.

Does it rain all day in Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria in November?

In Puerto de Mogan, it does not rain all day in November. You can expect around 2 rainy days, with on average 0.2 inches / 6 mm of rain during the month.

Another way of looking at the rain is the number of sunny days. For Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria, there are, on average 10 sunny days and 16 partly sunny days in November. That clearly shows that it is not raining all the time.

Is November the rainiest month in Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria?

November is not the month with the most rainy days, and not the month with the most rain.

To answer what the rainiest month is in Puerto de Mogan, we will both look at the month with the most rain, and the month with the highest number of rainy days.

December is the month with the the highest number of rainiest days. On average, you can expect 3 days with rain. July is the month with the lowest number of rainy days, with aproximately 0 days.

December is the month with the most rain. This is not equal as the one with the most rainy days. On average, you can expect 0.4 inches / 9 mm of rain. July is the month with the least amount of rain. This is not the same month as the one with the lowest number of rainy days. You can expect approximately 0 inches / 0 mm of rain.

Is November the most sunniest month in Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria?

November is not the month with the most sunny days, not the month with the most partly sunny days, and it is not the month with the lowest number of overcast days.

To answer what the sunniest month is in Puerto de Mogan, we will of course look at the month with the most sunniest days, but also look at the month with the biggest number of days that are sunny or partly sunny.

December is the month with the highest number of sunny days. On average, you can expect 10 sunny days, and 16 partly suny days. August is the month with the lowest number of sunny days.

July is the month with the highest number of sunny days and partly sunny days combined. While February is the month with the lowest number of sunny days and partly sunny days combined.

The last thing we will look at is the number of overcast days. July is the month with the lowest number of overcast days. While January is the month with the highest number of overcast days.

More information about Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria

Click here for more information about the destination “Puerto de Mogan Gran Canaria”

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Nigerian stowaways found on ship’s rudder seek asylum


Renata Brito

Associated Press



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22 minutes ago

Jury finds ex-Border Patrol supervisor guilty of killing four Laredo women

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Man accused of shooting, killing BCSO K-9 Chucky goes to trial

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‘You messed up my son’s life’: Mother of teen shot in face speaks out after suspect charged with aggravated assault

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Workers’ unionizing efforts prove long, challenging against SAY Si’s board of executives

Order this dazzling lamp by 12/8 and get it by Christmas, it’s just $60


Renata Brito

Associated Press

In this photo released by Spain’s Maritime Safety and Rescue Society on Tuesday Nov. 29, 2022, three men are photographed on an oil tanker anchored in the port of the Canary Islands, Spain. Spains Maritime Rescue Service says it has rescued three stowaways traveling on a ships rudder in the Canary Islands after the vessel sailed there from Nigeria. The men were found on the Alithini II oil tanker at the Las Palmas port. (Salvamento Maritimo via AP) (Uncredited)

BARCELONA – The three Nigerian stowaways found on an oil tanker’s rudder after an 11-day ocean voyage from Lagos, Nigeria to Las Palmas in the Canary Islands are seeking asylum in Spain, a spokesperson for the Spanish government delegation in the Canaries said Wednesday.

The three men were picked up Monday by Spain’s Maritime Rescue Service from the rudder of the Alithini II ship and transferred to two hospitals on the island of Gran Canaria with symptoms of dehydration and hypothermia. One of them remained hospitalized while the other two had been released, Spanish authorities said.

According to Spanish law, unless the stowaways seek asylum, or are minors, the ship owner or agent is responsible for returning them to their point of departure – in this case, Lagos. Given that they are now seeking asylum, the ship is free to leave port again.

The asylum seekers’ identities and their motives for leaving Nigeria and hiding on the ship’s rudder haven’t been made public.

Earlier Wednesday, the human rights organization Walking Borders issued a statement demanding the Spanish government halt their potential return to Nigeria and calling for their cases to be assessed individually. The statement was issued following reports by Spanish authorities that two of the men were returned to the vessel for a potential return.

The non-governmental organization advocated that they be placed into the government’s humanitarian program for migrants so they could recover from their voyage and possibly seek asylum.

Spain’s Maritime Rescue Service shared a poignant photo that went viral this week showing the three men sitting precariously on top of the rudder with their feet only a few centimeters (inches) from the water’s surface under the ship’s massive hull.

According to the MarineTraffic tracking website, the Malta-flagged vessel left Lagos, Nigeria on Nov. 17 and arrived in Las Palmas on Monday. The distance between the ports is roughly 4,600 kilometers (2,800 miles).


Follow AP’s coverage of global migration at

Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.

90,000 weather in Aron Today, Aron’s weather forecast for today, Canar Islands, Spain



9000 +16 62

at the sensation +16 62



PT, 9 Dec




0 00

00 9000 9000

6 00

9000 00 9000 9000 9000

15 00

18 00

21 00






9000 +1866 +1866 +1866 +1866 +1866 +1866 +1866 +1866 +1866 +1866 +1866 +1866 +1866 +1866 +1866 +1866 +1866 +

Wind speed, m/skkm/h

2-5 7-18

3-8 11-29

4-6 14-22

3-5 11-18


6-9 22-32

5-7 18-25

4-6 14-22

Precipitation, mm

Print. ..

Wind, m/SCM/h

Thu, 8 Dec, today

Fri, 9,0003

0 00

3 00

6 00

00 9000

2 12 00

15 00

18 00

21 00


Thu, Dec 8, today

Fri, 9

0 00

3 00

6 00

9 00

12 00

15 00

18 00

21 00









Humidity, %

PET, today

PT, 9,0003

0 00


9EL0002 3 00

6 00

9 00

12 00

15 00

18 00

21 00









Sun and Moon

Thu, 8 Dec, today

Fri, 9,0003

Longness of the day: 10 h 25 min

Support – 7: 7: 7: 7: 7: 7: 7: 7: 7: 7 45

Sunset – 18:11

Today is the same day as yesterday

Moon waxing, 100%

Sunrise – 17:40 (December 7)

Sunset – 8:04

Full moon – January 6, in 30 days

Geomagnetic activity, KP-index

Thu, 8 Dec, today

Fri, 9,0003

0 00


6 00

9000 9000 9000

2 12 00

15 00

18 00

21 00





Tenerife-Sur-Reina Sofia



Santyago-del Teide

El Tanka



La Gvanchi


Temperature tenerife today: Tenerife, Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Spain 14 day weather forecast

Опубликовано: December 31, 2022 в 10:52 pm


Категории: Miscellaneous

Ireland to be as hot as Tenerife as temperatures to soar in high pressure swing

IRELAND is set to be as hot as Tenerife today as temperatures are set to soar to 22C on Friday.

And the good weather is set to continue with Carlow Weather’s Alan O’Reilly revealing better days are coming over the weekend.


Ireland will be as hot as Tenerife on Friday


Temperatures will reach the mid twenties over the weekend

O’Reilly revealed that temperatures look set to soar to 24C in parts over the weekend.

He wrote on Twitter: “As @DermotKennedy sings, better days are coming!

“The current charts for the weekend are looking good with more widespread sunshine and temperatures rising above 20C for most and even up to 24C for some.”

And Met Eireann have said that temperatures will hit 22C on Friday as the day will begin mostly dry and cloudy with some light outbreaks of rain.


Sunny spells are set to develop as rain in the northwest will die away bringing isolated light showers throughout the day.

Met Eireann said: “Mostly dry and cloudy at first on Friday with outbreaks of light rain in the northwest dying away with isolated light showers during the day.

“Some sunny spells will develop as well.

“Highest temperatures of 18 to 22C for most in light northerly breezes.”

Most read in The Irish Sun


Ireland braces for freeze blast as Met Eireann in snow & white Christmas update


Family heartbroken at sudden death of Clare schoolgirl in ‘terrible tragedy’


George Hamilton tears into Qatar World Cup with ‘hell in a handcart’ blast


Fourth person dies from Strep A in Ireland as HSE boss gives update

The national forecaster agreed with O’Reilly’s assessment, stating that temperatures on Saturday and Sunday will reach the mid twenties.

The forecaster said: “Dry for most with light winds and some sunny spells.


“Temperatures widely reaching the low to mid-twenties.

And the good spells are set to continue into next week as high pressure will dominate bringing dry and warm conditions.

Met Eireann added: “High pressure is expected to dominate our weather next week with largely dry and warm conditions.”

But first today will be rather cloudy with some patchy rain at times as mercury will reach 20C in parts of the south and southeast.

Sunny spells are expected to develop in the late afternoon as temperatures will be lowest in the northwest.

The forecaster explained: “A rather cloudy day, there’ll be a little patchy rain at times.


“Sunny spells will develop in the late afternoon.

“Highest temperatures of 15 to 20C, lowest in the northwest and highest in the south and southeast.

“West to northwest breezes, light to moderate in strength.”

Tonight will be cloudy with light rain spreading from the northwest over mainly Connacht and Ulster.

Temperatures will drop to 12 to 14C in light to moderate westerly breezes.

Met Eireann said: “A cloudy night tonight with light rain extending from the northwest mainly over Connacht and Ulster, staying largely dry elsewhere.

“Lowest temperatures 12 to 14 degrees with light to moderate westerly breezes”


Tomorrow will see sunny spells but it will be cloudy in the north with some light rain or drizzle.

Temperatures will rise to 21C in the southeast and will be at 16C in the northwest.

The forecaster added: “There’ll be sunny spells tomorrow, Wednesday.

“It’ll be a cloudier day in the north where there’ll be a little light rain or drizzle.

“Highest temperatures of 16 degrees in the northwest to 21C in the southeast, in moderate, occasionally fresh, west to northwest winds.”

Tomorrow night will be mild and humid as most places will be dry but there will be drizzle on north facing coasts.

Temperatures will drop to 13C to 14C with moderate northwest winds.

Met Eireann explained: “A mild and humid night on Wednesday night.

Read more on the Irish Sun

Read More On The Irish Sun

“Most places will be dry, there’ll be a little drizzle on north facing coasts.

“Lowest temperatures 13 or 14C with moderate northwest winds.”

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    A plasma physicist explains what’s next after this week’s nuclear fusion breakthrough

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    Can Fusion Solve the Climate Crisis?

  • 16 Dec 2022


    Nuclear fusion: how scientists can turn latest breakthrough into a new clean power source

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      25+ BEST Destinations For Winter Sun In Europe

      Are you in search of the fabled winter sun in Europe? Worry not.

      Winter in Europe doesn’t mean you have to freeze your toes off, wrap yourself up like a mummy, or become a hermit. With a variety of climate zones, there are many warm places in Europe, even in the winter months of December, January, and February.

      From the tropical Canary Islands off the coast of Northern Africa to the Greek Islands, numerous warm cities and regions dot the European continent.

      Below are the 25+ best destinations for winter sun in Europe.


      1. Bay Of Kotor, Montenegro

      By: Emily Of Wander-Lush

      If you’re chasing the winter sun and looking for a less conventional destination, consider the Bay of Kotor on Montenegro’s Adriatic Coast.

      Dotted with historic Venetian towns and picturesque islands, the Boka Kotorska was the ‘it’ place for summer holidays in the former Yugoslavia. Today, the bay has a very different, much quieter vibe – especially in the off season.

      Daytime temperatures hover around 13 degrees Celsius during winter on the coast. Although you should come prepared for rain, there are plenty of blue-sky days as well.

      Some of the most beautiful places in Montenegro are located on the bay, including the UNESCO-Listed Kotor and Budva. One of the best things about traveling in winter is that you’ll avoid the cruise ship crowds, which make the narrow alleys of the old towns almost unnavigable in summer.

      You might have to skip swimming, but there are plenty of other activities on offer. Walking the Seven Bay Trail from Budva to Sveti Stefan is a great way to take in the prettiest slice of the coastline, and is ideal in winter when temperatures are mild.

      Rent a car to explore at your own pace, setting aside a few days to drive up the mountains that rise above the coast as well. Lighter traffic and an abundance of car parks are two more perks of traveling in winter.

      On the flipside, tourism on the bay is very seasonal, so you’ll find some restaurants and cafes are closed in winter. But there will always be something open – more likely a local joint serving traditional seafood.

      2. Sao Miguel, Portugal

      By: Alexandrina Of Earthosea

      Sao Miguel island is set in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and is part of the Azores archipelago.

      What makes the island of Sao Miguel such a desired European winter sun destination is its mild climate and plenty of sunny days. However, occasionally the island might be covered in thick overcast that might last for a few days. This should not bother you, as this is the perfect time to visit the hot springs on the island.

      Sao Miguel has plenty of hot springs, which you can dip into. Most of them can be found in the middle of the island in the city of Furnas. The most famous hot springs and thermal spas are Poca da Dona Beija and Parque Terra Nostra (entrance is free if you stay or eat at Terra Nostra Hotel)

      Other hot springs in Sao Miguel for leisure are in Caldeira Velha, near the Cabrito Waterfall.

      If you prefer a more secluded place to take a dip into the hot water, then head to Ponta Da Ferraria natural pools. They are set on the western side of the island of Sao Miguel and are free to use.

      However, it is good to check when is high tide so that the water is not that hot, as the water is coming straight from the bowels of the earth.

      Other things that you can do on Sao Miguel are hiking to some of its most prominent landmarks – Sete Cidades or Lagoa do Fogo. The lakes on the island are surely the most beautiful landscapes in the Atlantic Ocean and will blow your mind with their beauty.

      3. Tenerife, Spain

      By: Deb Of TheVisaProject

      With a great all-year-round climate, Tenerife is an awesome choice for winter holidays in Europe.

      Considering one of the hottest places in Europe in December, the average temperature is 17°C and the sea temperature is 21°C, perfect for swimming! But you wouldn’t just go someplace because of its great weather unless it has something to offer. While studying in Spain, I visited Tenerife and I will tell you that it has a lot to offer.

      Situated to the west of North Africa, it is the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands. You can hike the volcanic landscape of Mount Teide National Park, a World Heritage Site and home to Mount Teide, a volcano and the highest mountain peak in Spain.

      Being an island, Tenerife has a great variety of beaches, starting from popular blue flag beaches to secluded, off-the-beaten-path gateways. You can go scuba diving in Tabaiba, in the central north of Tenerife. Into kitesurfing? Head over to El Médano beach.

      And while you are there, don’t miss the mysterious stone pyramids of Pirámides de Güímar Ethnographic Park. And, in case you are planning to be there in February, maybe you can add Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival to your list. Over the last week of February, festivals, processions and parties flood the streets of Santa Cruz with color, and glitter, and a lot of fun.

      4. Syracuse, Italy

      By: Annabel Of Smudged Postcard

      Sicily is one of the most southerly destinations in the Mediterranean so it’s perfect for winter sun-seekers.

      One of the most appealing cities in Sicily at any time of year is the city of Syracuse. The historical heart of Syracuse is the small island of Ortigia, connected to the mainland by two bridges. Due to its size, you’re never far from a mesmerizing sea view in Ortigia.

      Although there is plenty of history to take in when you visit Syracuse: the Archaeological Park, Castello Maniace, and the fine Baroque architecture, the most appealing aspect of the city is being outside enjoying the sunshine.

      There are pleasant walks along much of the seafront and the white limestone on the buildings in the Piazza del Duomo glow in the sunlight. Wonderful cafes and restaurants dot the streets of Syracuse, warmly inviting travelers to come in.

      There is also an excellent street Market is also available should you decide to self-cater during your stay.

      If you’re visiting Sicily with kids, Syracuse is a brilliant destination for families: small and compact, it’s easy to explore on foot and children will love the traditional puppet theatre and the wonderful castle.

      The weather in Syracuse is often influenced by the sirocco winds from Africa so temperatures can reach 20 degrees in wintertime.

      5. Crete, Greece

      By: Mansoureh from Travel With Mansoureh

      Winter in Crete, the largest Greek island, means having blue skies, beautiful beaches, and outstanding mountains.

      Crete has more than 500 stunning beaches and it sees sunshine year-round. The average daytime temperature during the winter doesn’t go below 14 °C, which means swimming could be quite bearable.

      If swimming is not your favorite activity, you can still enjoy sunbathing, relaxing or playing on the beach. Preveli Beach, Balos Lagoon, Elefossini Beach, Rethymno Beach, and Missiria Beach are some of the most beautiful beaches in Crete.

      Crete is also home to some large mountain ranges, three beautiful national parks, historic towns, and numerous natural and historical landmarks.

      This island is one of the most popular islands in Greece, but the good news is not many tourists visit this charming destination during the winters, so you will be able to have some beautiful beaches to only yourself.

      Above that, there are tons of things to do in Crete during the winters, and the price of accommodations and tours are cheaper.

      While in Crete, roam around Chania, the second-largest city on the island, take a cooking class, hike in the Patsos Gorge, visit the Pottery Village of Margarites and visit the Arkadi Monastery.

      6. Cyprus

      By: Smita Of My Faulty Compass

      With its mild weather, stunningly scenic coastline, and fascinating legends and history, the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus is one of the most perfect winter sun destinations in Europe.

      Located at the crossroads of three continents, there is a strong influence of, and a beautiful medley of several cultures in Cyprus. Winter is the perfect time to explore the various historical treasures of the island – the crowds are much thinner and the sun is much milder.

      The archaeological park at Paphos contains sites dating back 2000+ years, as does the site of the city-kingdom of Kourion. Remains of intricate mosaic floors and grand theatres & buildings are some of the highlights of these locations.

      From history to legends, Cyprus has a lot to offer! The Greek Goddess of love & beauty, Aphrodite, is said to have taken birth on the island at the beautiful beach of Petra tou Romiou. Legend says, Aphrodite’s Rock at this beach grants eternal youth to those who visit it!

      The sparkling turquoise sea makes for a stunning sight which you can take in while sunbathing at one of Cyprus’ many pretty beaches – winter means there will be no crowds to interrupt the view!

      The scenic beauty of Cyprus’ coastline is unparalleled – from stunning natural landscapes (including the island’s famous sea caves!) at Cape Greco on the east to the incredible Akamas Peninsula on the other side of the island. One of the best things to do in Cyprus is to hike and explore these beautiful areas!

      Cyprus is a beautiful winter destination and a worthy addition to anyone’s bucket list.

      7. Almeria, Spain

      By: Paulina Of Visit Southern Spain

      Spain is one of the best travel destinations globally, all because of its diversity in terms of geography, food, and culture. One of the reasons which make a tourist destination throughout the year is the fabulous weather.

      Almeria is one of the places in Spain where you can expect warm temperatures until the end of November and mild temperatures throughout the winter. The average winter temperature in Almeria goes up to 16 degrees Celsius, perfect for a European winter city break!

      When you are visiting Almeria’s town, be sure to check out the natural park Cabo de Gata, it is one of the most underrated places in Spain.

      Almeria is a great European escape at an affordable price. During the winter months, hotels near Cabo De Gata offer attractive deals that can save you a lot of money.

      One of the best things to do in Almeria is to visit the white sand beaches, which are relatively isolated during winter months. During the winter season, the climate is perfect for cycling enthusiasts as they can easily travel between small towns without getting too sweaty.

      You can visit famous castles such as Castillo de San Cristobal and the Alcazaba. To make your lady happy, you can take her to Las Ramblas, a series of walkable routes that combine the city’s main route. These routes offer several cafes, famous restaurants, and bustling shops for purchasing local art.

      8. Sardinia, Italy

      By: Lotte Of Phenomenal Globe

      Sardinia is a wonderful place to visit in winter in Europe. No crowds, comfortable temperatures, and lower accommodation prices make Italy’s second-largest island an excellent winter escape.

      While it would be a lie to say that Sardinia is extremely hot in winter, temperatures are still around a comfortable 12-15 degrees Celsius on average with some days even reaching 20 °C.

      While days are relatively short, they are generally sunny and perfect for outdoor activities as well as exploring the pretty little towns found on this beautiful island.

      In fact, winter temperatures are much more suitable for such endeavors then the hot summer months, when it’s often too hot to do anything but relax on one of the splendid beaches. Those beaches are still beautiful in winter and perfect for an afternoon; however, swimming is only for the very brave during winter.

      Alghero is a must-visit on any Sardinia itinerary, as is the marvelous Maddalena Archipelago.

      Be sure to visit Bosa, a cute as a button town about an hour driving from Alghero. Hike up to the castle on the hill for a beautiful view over the colorful town and the bay.

      Those interested in history should definitely visit one (or several) of the ancient Nuraghi, ancient fortified towers built from large rocks, and the Ruins of Tharros.

      Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia and also highly worth a visit. And it may surprise you, but there are actually four ski resorts on Sardinia! So if you want to escape the warm winter sun for a day and engage in winter sports, head to the Gennargentu area for a day of fun in the snow.

      9. Barcelona, Spain

      By: Vicki Of VickiViaja

      When you think of Barcelona, you probably immediately have images of a typical summer destination in mind: Beach vacations, long warm nights, and ice-cold sangria are typical for a trip to the Catalan capital. But did you know that you can also expect a lot of sun when you visit Barcelona in winter?

      Barcelona is simply the perfect travel destination with only around three rainy days a month, even in winter. During the day, you can sit outside on one of the numerous terraces while you let the Spanish sun warm you and enjoy a few typical Spanish tapas.

      You should also not miss a visit to the beach in winter because the beach of Barceloneta is simply part of every visit to Barcelona. Unfortunately, at this time of year, the Mediterranean Sea is no longer warm enough for swimming.

      However, a walk on the beach is even nicer during the cold season because you have enough space to take a long walk and breathe in the salty water of the sea.

      Afterward, you can sit down in one of the cafés or restaurants on the beach promenade and relax with a hot coffee with a sea view.

      A winter trip to Barcelona is also great for discovering the city’s many attractions. Since there are far fewer tourists in town at this time of year, you have more flexibility in purchasing tickets and no need to stand in line at the city’s most popular attractions.

      10. Malta

      By: Sarah Of Dukes Avenue

      For a spot of Mediterranean winter sun, Malta is a great option. Within reach of destinations in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, Malta basks in sunshine a reported 300 days of the year, and it has been known to enjoy t-shirt weather well into winter.

      Whilst the humidity and wind can be bitter at times, the temperature remains firmly in double digits (Celcius).

      The best times to visits in winter are November and December after the summer rains have ended but the weather is still warm and sunny – often still swimmable!

      Outdoor events last all the way up to Christmas with festivals, concerts, and museums all in full swing. Moreover, it is much less busy than the summer season meaning you have more of Malta to enjoy and at a more affordable rate.

      Taking advantage of fewer crowds, one can enjoy a stroll in the historic Silent City, Mdina, Malta’s capital until 1530. Within the fortified walls of the tiny city of 400 residents, one can find beautiful churches and historic palaces owned by the Maltese noble families.

      Mdina was built atop of a hill with amazing views across the island, so be sure to enjoy them from the wonderful restaurants or tea houses.

      Valletta, the nation’s capital, is a great full day of activity with shops, quaint cafés, and stunning vistas across its two natural harbors.

      Valletta has a great offering of boutique hotels from repurposed baroque palaces often with interesting cellars, which connect to the network of tunnels hewn from the bedrock anchoring the city.

      These tunnels are often open to the public at the well-attended Notte Bianca festival in October or November in which shops, museums, and restaurants open all night.

      11. Gran Canaria, Spain

      By: Anuradha Of Country Hopping Couple

      Gran Canaria is a sought after destination by Europeans, more so during winter. Located in the Atlantic Ocean 150 km off North Africa’s coast, this second-most populous island in the Canary Islands receives 360 days of sunshine.

      Although a year-round holiday destination, winter is actually the peak time to visit Gran Canaria because the temperature is still around 25 degrees (It is one of the warmest places in Europe In January!). Due to the island’s diversity in climate, Gran Canaria is also known as a miniature continent.

      Enjoy the myriad beaches that Gran Canaria is famous for. Walk on the Maspalomas, a 1000 acre of sand dunes that makes you think you are in a sub-Saharan desert. The best time to walk the sands is around the time of sunset, soaking in the views of the vast dunes and blue sea.

      Visit the pretty whitewashed coastal town of Puerto de Mogan. There are boat and submarine trips if you fancy one.

      Gran Canaria is also a paradise for hikers. One of the best hikes is to volcanic rock Roque Nublo, a famous landmark and a UNESCO Site. Alternatively, hike the Caldera de Bandama, an ancient crater in the center of the island. For extreme water adventures, you can choose from an array of activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, jet-skiing, or paragliding.

      Visit Valerón’s monastery, an impressive archeological site of pre-hispanic collective granary containing 298 compartments distributed on 8 levels. For an offbeat experience, why not stay in a cave house in Gran Canaria?

      Whatever it may be, Gran Canaria is an experience in itself. The unspoiled coastline, dramatically changing landscape, and historic sites make for a great road trip in Gran Canaria any time of the year.

      12. Santorini, Greece

      By: Megan Of MeganStarr

      Santorini is often overlooked as a winter sun destination once the crowds start to dwindle and the charter holiday flights end for the year. However, while the scorching temperatures of summer may leave with the crowds, the island remains temperate and positively warm compared to the frozen cities of Northern Europe.

      The advantage of traveling to Santorini in winter is that you get to visit and enjoy the incredible beauty without all the crowds. Many of the places to stay in Santorini are much more affordable.

      During the day, spend time hiking the amazing trails that cross the island, and taking in the historical sites that date back thousands of years. As the sun starts to set, the magic of Santorini comes to life with the setting sun basking the white-washed buildings in gold, pinks, and purples.

      The beaches transform into a wilder landscape during winter and swimming isn’t advisable, but without the crowds, you can take in the raw beauty of the beaches with their red and black volcanic sands.

      At night, in the capital Fira, there are still plenty of places to eat, serving up traditional Greek and Santorini dishes. The traditional dishes of the island are hearty and perfect for re-energizing after a day of exploration, with the mashed fava beans being one of the most popular local dishes.

      13. Algarve, Portugal

      By: Nichola Of Family Hotel Expert

      Algarve is perfect for winter sun as it remains balmy throughout much of the winter months. This beautiful region at the very bottom of Portugal is filled with pops of color thanks to an abundance of beautiful flowers that thrive even in winter.

      While many of the traditional activities aren’t on offer there is still plenty to do throughout the season from visiting the numerous golf courses to horse riding, cycling, and tennis.

      There are some fantastic Algarve family resorts and unlike some of the other European tourist destinations, many of these are open throughout the year along with plenty of the region’s best restaurants.

      While the sea may not be warm enough to swim in (although some do), the beaches are beautiful and even in winter it can feel warm enough to walk barefoot in the sand.

      In the coldest months of December to February, the air temperature ranges from 9 °C to 16 °C. With the clear sun during the day, it can like low 20s outside!

      There are still places to visit even out of season from the wonderful pottery shops which this region is famous for through to the atmospheric Sagres, once thought to be the end of the world in Roman times.

      Winter is also a wonderful time to visit the Ria Formosa Natural Park, 60 km of lagoons and islands where you can spot some of the beautiful wildlife which is best seen during these more peaceful months.

      Algarve in winter is somewhere that feels good for the soul.

      14. Taormina, Italy

      By: Derek Of Robe Trotting

      One of Europe’s best winter sun destinations is the hilltop city of Taormina Italy on the island of Sicily. The city is located on the east coast of the island with sweeping views of the Ionian Sea and Mount Etna. 

      The walled medieval city is enchanting with cafes, piazzas, promenades, and boutiques. One of the most visited sites is the Teatro Antico di Taormina, an ancient Greco-Roman theatre that’s still in use today. It sits atop cliffs high above the sea and coves below. 

      Taormina is a great destination for natural attractions as well like the trails that lead to Mount Etna and hiking the volcano itself.

      Another popular natural attraction is the nearby Gorges of Alcantara. These gorges are carved into the black lava walls of the Alcantara canyon where you can swim in the cold waters that run through them.

      The beaches in Taormina are another main attraction for visitors and the most well-known beach is Isola Bella. It’s most easily reached by taking a funicular to the coastline from the town above.

      Once you reach the shore you will immediately notice the beautiful island just off the coast. It sits in the protected bay and is connected to the island’s mainland by a narrow strip of land.

      During high tide, the strip disappears and you have to wade to the island which is also a nature reserve. It’s worth the wet ankles to reach the rocky beach as it’s one of the best sunbathing spots in Sicily.

      15. Seville, Spain

      By: Jiayi Of The Diary Of A Nomad

      One of the warmest places to spend winter in Europe is Seville, Spain. This city is the capital of the Andalusia region and is also one of the sunniest places in Europe.

      In fact, temperatures range from roughly 8°C – 17°C there during the winter months, and there are only about 80 days of rain in Seville per year!

      I recommend spending at least three days in Seville to fully discover what this city has to offer. One of the best attractions in town is Plaza de España, a large square filled with gorgeous architecture, stunning azulejo tiles, and a charming canal.

      You can stroll around, take photos, and even rent a boat and row around the canal. It’s a very relaxing and beautiful experience. 

      Another not-to-miss attraction is Casa de Pilatos, a civil palace dating back to the 16th century. You’ll find tons of fascinating architecture and statues there!

      Make sure to also stop by the nearby Metropol Parasol, an enormous wooden structure that resembles a mushroom. Right by this place, you’ll also find lots of restaurants, cafes, and tapas bars!

      A trip to Seville also wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Royal Alcázar, the Cathedral, and the Giralda Tower. I also highly recommend watching a flamenco show and eating at a tapas bar while you’re there; both of those activities are crucial to an authentic Seville experience!

      16. Alicante, Spain

      By: Baia Of Red Fedora Diary

      If you are looking for the best winter sun destinations in Europe, consider spending your holiday in Alicante. This Mediterranean town southeast of the Iberian Peninsula in Spain sees 3,000 hours of sun per year with an average temperature not dropping below 18 degrees C.

      Who would say no to such weather when it’s gloomy elsewhere in Europe?

      With a rich history, beautiful sandy beaches, colorful streets, and charming little towns around it, Alicante is a perfect place for those who would love to escape the cold weather, yet enjoy stunning landmarks, hidden gems, and delicious food.

      The Castle of Santa Barbara, overlooking the shore, is the main attraction in Alicante. Considered as one of the biggest medieval strongholds in Spain, the area offers breathtaking views over the town and the Mediterranean. It dates back to the 9th century when Muslims ruled the Iberian Peninsula.

      Santa Cruz, a small neighborhood just below the castle, is a lovely area of white-colored buildings adorned with colorful windows, doors, balconies, and flowers.

      Also, Alicante is home to a couple of notable cathedrals and churches, along with various museums for art and history lovers.

      Alicante’s geographical location makes it a perfect place to make day trips and explore the Province of Alicant and charming towns of Costa Blanca.

      More importantly, if you are after hidden gems and unusual natural phenomenons, Torrevieja Pink Lake is also quite close either by driving on your own or taking public transportation.

      17. Lisbon, Portugal

      By: Bhushavali Of My Travelogue

      Lisbon is the capital city of the seaside country of Portugal with a summer temperature touching 30 °C and winter daytime temperature hovering around 15 °C.  Sunny on most days, Lisbon is a perfect destination for those who need to escape the cold harsh winters.

      Lisbon is a stunning place to see for history & culture lovers. The 2 most important places to see here are the Belem Tower and Jeronimos Monastery, both of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These 2 are located on the outskirts of the city and need a short train ride to reach there.

      Belem Tower was built in the early 16th century when the Portuguese voyagers began exploring around the world and Vasco da Gama reached India.

      It has 3 towers in it and the view from atop of the 25 Abril Bridge, the huge sculpture of Jesus Christ, and the National Sanctuary of Christ the King are splendid. Close to it is the Jeronimos Monastery which is the final resting place of Vasco da Gama.

      Entry to the church is free of cost but the monastery is ticketed. This was built throughout the 16th century. The place is exquisite with its sculptural details and hand-painted traditional Portuguese tiles. The octagonal cloister is an architectural marvel that cannot be missed.

      18. Lanzarote, Spain

      By: Chris Of Punta Cana Travel Blog

      Lanzarote is the northernmost main island of the Canary Islands and a perfect destination to fill up your need for Vitamin Sea & Sun.

      It features a very dry climate year-round with only 3 days of rain per month in winter. The highest temperatures between December and March reach up to 23 degrees and you’ll get an average of 7 hours sunshine per day.

      Isn’t this perfect to get away from any cold and rainy weather?

      But Lanzarote not only features excellent climatic conditions but also a lot of things to do, doesn’t matter if you are interested in nature, beaches, or culture.

      As Lanzarote is a volcanic island, dry vegetation is predominant, with Timanfaya National Park being the most impressive site to see the remnants of the volcanic eruptions from “just” three hundred years ago.

      Other highly recommendable nature attractions include Mirador del Rio with an amazing view, the picture-perfect beaches at Costa Papagayo and the secluded little island in the north of Lanzarote, La Graciosa. 

      If you are interested in culture and architecture, Lanzarote won’t disappoint you either, especially when visiting Jameos del Agua, Teguise, the Monumento del Campesino or the Fundación Cesar Manrique, named after Lanzarote’s most important personality.

      When visiting Lanzarote, it is recommended to rent a car, as the roads are well maintained and feature amazing views all over the island. Some of my favorite roads were the winding road south of Haría (LZ-10), the LZ-67 through Timanfaya National Park, and the western access to Mirador del Rio along LZ-202.

      19. Malaga, Spain

      By: Joanna Of The World In My Pocket

      With over 300 sunny days a year, Malaga is a perfect winter sun holiday destination in Europe. The weather in Malaga during winter is quite mild, with temperatures around 15 degrees Celsius, which feel much more in the sun.

      Malaga is a city that never sleeps, so no matter when you visit, there will always be things to do. One of the great things to do in Malaga, to join in with the locals, is having tapas at an outdoor terrace, either in the old center of the city or in the harbor.

      Visiting Malaga in winter also means that the prices you will pay for accommodation and transport will be much lower. Some of the top end four-star hotels in the city will sell rooms for only 60-70 euros a night in winter.

      Whilst it might not be sunbathing weather (though you never know, as I was on the beach at the beginning of December last year), you can still walk along the numerous kilometers of promenade that Malaga has and enjoy the sunshine. Or, you can jump on a boat and go see the dolphins who love to play just outside the main harbor of the city.

      If you choose to spend a weekend in Malaga in winter, you also need to know that the airport is literally 10 minutes away by underground train from the city center.

      20. Palermo, Italy

      By: Caroline Of Veggie Wayfarer

      Palermo is the capital of beautiful Sicily. It is known to be the home of amazing street food, extraordinary architecture, and very erratic drivers. It is the perfect getaway for the winter as the average temperature is a cozy 15°C and rainy days are few and far between.

      Now, let’s delve into the street food scene.

      Be sure to pop into the Antica Focacceria San Francesco and try out the typical Arancini (fried rice balls with ragu or alternatively a la norma for vegetarians). For the more adventurous souls, you could try out the Focaccia Maritata, a sandwich filled with veal spleen, fresh ricotta, and caciocavallo cheese.

      When it comes to churches, Italy might just blow your socks off. Sicily however, is on a whole other playing field.

      Be sure to pop into the Church of the Gesu, San Giuseppe dei Teatini, and the 12th century Arab Norman architectural gem called the Church of San Cataldo.

      Speaking of Arab-Norman architecture, one cannot leave Palermo without having stepped foot in the Norman Palace. The oldest parts of the palace date back to the 9th century, making it the oldest royal residence in Europe. These days it functions as the seat of the Sicilian Regional Assembly.

      Make sure to take enough time to wander through the Capella Palatina which is a stunning masterpiece of eclectic mosaics, wooden ceilings, and jaw-dropping frescoes, delicately covered in a glittering layer of gold.

      As for those erratic drivers, best to ignore those and go about visiting the bite-size city on foot.

      21. Cadiz, Spain

      By: Milijana Gabrić Of World Travel Connector

      Cadiz is one of the most beautiful cities in southern Spain and one of the most popular Spanish destinations for the warm and temperate climate, pretty urban beaches, impressive architecture, great seafood, and welcoming people.

      This magical port city is located on a picturesque peninsula surrounded by the mighty Atlantic Ocean and gorgeous sandy beaches in southwestern Andalusia.

      While summers in Cadiz are hot with average daily air temperatures climbing to 30°C, winters in Cadiz are mild with an average daily air temperature around 20° C. Even more, Cadiz has more than 3.000 hours of sunlight in a year.

      Sun-blessed Cadiz is well-known for some of the best beaches of Spain on the powerful Atlantic Ocean. The most popular Cadiz beaches are La Caleta beach, Santa Maria Del Mar beach, and La Victoria beach.

      The iconic landmark of Cadiz is the breathtaking seawater promenade that stretches around the peninsula. Cadiz sunsets and romantic walks along the promenade are hardly beatable in Spain.

      Visiting glorious Baroque and Neoclassical Cadiz Cathedral, having lazy coffee-time on Plaza de San Juan de Dios Square, exploring UNESCO protected San Sebastian Castle and Santa Catalina Castle, enjoying the stunning Genoves Park and beautiful Alameda Apodaca Park, and wandering around the medieval Barrio El Pópulo quarter are undeniably some of the best things to do in Cadiz.

      If you are a foodie, sampling fresh local food in Mercado Central and pampering yourself with seafood tapas in traditional taverns in Cadiz are the absolute must do’s. If you are chasing winter sun, ocean views, tasty seafood, and history-filled architecture, book your flight and pack your suitcase to Cadiz.

      22. Catania, Italy

      By: Anda Of Travel For A While

      When winter comes, we start dreaming about sunny, warm destinations and sometimes book our summer vacation. A good idea is to plan a sunny winter escape too, and enjoy that weather when you yearn for it the most.

      Catania in Sicily is a fantastic winter sun destination in Europe. It has pleasant weather in winter, it never reaches 0 degrees Celcius and most days are clear and sunny. At the same time, if you want to try skiing, you can do that on Mount Etna nearby, then come back to the warmth, and enjoy the city.

      Catania itself offers plenty to do. Explore the baroque city starting from Piazza del Duomo-the heart of Catania, visit Sant’Agata Cathedral, Ursino Castle, and the city gardens.

      Another ‘must’ in Catania is the food. Visit the open-air markets like La Peschiera close to Piazza del Duomo, try the fresh local products, fruit, vegetables, or fish.

      Also, leave room for desserts. The sweets of Sant’Agata are among the best in Italy, and the granitas are to die for. Taste the cannoli, typical Sicilian rolls with a ricotta filling, and the incredible pistachio spread.

      All-in-all, Catania is a perfect place to spend a winter holiday if you’re looking for a sunny destination with a lot of things to enjoy.

      23. Rota, Spain

      By: Stephanie Of Poppin’ Smoke

      If you’re looking for a sunny, peaceful place to relax this winter, look no further than Rota, Spain. This charming town of approximately 30,000 residents sits on the Bay of Cadiz and has some of the most beautiful and well-maintained beaches you will ever see.

      Winter temperatures are generally in the 60’s degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 16 to 20 degrees Celcius) during the day, but the strong sun makes it feel warmer. The weather is perfect for relaxing on the beach, strolling Rota’s 9 miles of coastline, or enjoying an epic Spanish-style lunch on an outdoor terrace.

      The narrow, winding streets of “old” Rota are full of restaurants, tapas bars, bakeries, and small shops, nearly all of which are unique to Rota. The vibe is casual, and the people are friendly; no one is in a hurry.

      During your stay in Rota, take the ferry across the bay to Cádiz and spend the day visiting Europe’s oldest city. The journey takes about 25 minutes and offers great photo opportunities.

      The best place to stay while in Rota is the Hotel Duque de Nájera. It’s the only hotel in town that is directly on the beach and only steps away from Rota’s historic center. It’s also across from the ferry terminal, where you can catch the Cádiz ferry.

      Rota is the perfect place for a sunny winter getaway. This little-known, picturesque town on Spain’s Costa de Luz will surely become one of your favorite escapes!

      24.  Lagos, Spain

      By: Linn Haglund Of Brainy Backpackers

      When looking for winter sun in Europe, Lagos is the perfect destination. Algarve being one of the sunniest places in Europe, Lagos is spoiled with warm days, even in the winter months.

      Temperatures can drop to around 9 degrees Celsius, but can also rise close to 20, which means it’s warm and comfortable in the sun.

      There are so many fun things to do in Lagos and surroundings all year round, but in winter, there are fewer crowds. You can go surfing the waves with the locals, enjoy nearly empty, mesmerizing beaches, and walk the many coastal walks along jaw-dropping cliffs.

      To mention one, the Seven Hanging Valleys Trail is definitely worth it. It’s a good day hike return between Algar Seco and Marinha Beach. There are also boat rides to explore the many caves along the coast, among them, the world-known Benagil Cave.

      There are dive centers in Lagos if you want to learn how to scuba dive or if you’re already a certified diver, there are many amazing dive sites where you can explore the underwater cave systems and one of the world’s largest artificial reefs. Though it’s colder to scuba dive in winter, it’s still possible with a warmer suit.

      Lagos old town is also beautiful to get lost in and relax with a drink or with food at a bar or restaurant. Make sure you go on a day trip to Sagres cliffs and to Ponta da Piedade for amazing views.

      25. Agistri, Greece

      By: Philipp Of Journication

      If you’re looking for a great winter sun destination in Europe, the Greek Islands are definitely worth considering, especially Agistri. You can easily reach the small, rather unknown island with a short ferry ride from Athens or Piraeus.

      Agistri belongs to the subtropical climatic zone with a pleasant maritime climate – perfect as a winter destination. The annual average temperatures are 21 degrees Celcius and 14 degrees Celcius in winter. The water temperature in the Saronic Gulf is 23 degrees in October and 14 degrees even in winter.

      You can spend relaxing days on the tiny island of Agistri, which only has seven villages, two taxis, and one bus. Even in summer, this hidden gem is not too crowded, but be careful if you are visiting on the weekends. Agistri offers a peaceful retreat for locals and tourists coming from the packed city of Athens.

      On Agistri, the charm isn’t a list of UNESCO Heritage Sites or the most popular travel hotspots.

      Travel slow, stroll through the alleys of Skala, Megalochori, and Limenaria where white houses, Mediterranean churches, and picturesque beaches invite you to linger. Enjoy a cup of frappé – the typical way of preparing coffee in Greece – and a plate of fresh seafood.

      In order to explore the island, it is particularly advisable to rent a scooter or a bicycle due to the lack of public transportation.

      26. Nice, France

      By: Elisa Of France Bucket List

      Nice in southern France is a good destination for a sunny getaway in Europe in the winter. Bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, it is never too cold in Nice, with temperatures that reach 16 °C and only drop to 7 °C (from November to February).

      When the sun shines, some courageous people even consider taking a dip in the sea in Nice in the winter!

      Nice is an interesting city to visit, and at least 2 days in Nice is recommended to get a taste of what the city has to offer and visit the main sights.

      There is the picturesque old port with its colorful boats, beautiful squares, and baroque architecture, especially in the Old Town.

      There are also some good museums and if you are interested in modern painting, you need to check the Matisse Museum and the Chagall Museum.

      And of course, it is always pleasant to walk along the world-famous Promenade des Anglais, which is even more beautiful without the summer crowds.

      When in Nice, don’t forget to taste the local cuisine, which is much more than the Niçoise salad! And winter in Nice is never too cold for ice cream on the go.

      Finally, use Nice as a base to explore other pretty towns in the French Riviera: Cannes, Villefranche-sur-Mer, or Menton.  

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      These are the top destinations for winter sun in Europe. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags, book your flights, it’s time to thaw those fingertips!

      Any questions? Leave a comment!

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      The Best Winter Sun Destinations in Europe

      Head off for some winter sun with our best European destinations where the mercury rises well into the double digits.

      Still pining after the balmy days of summer now that winter has enveloped the UK? Perhaps it’s time to look at a short European winter break to find some well-earned sun. There are plenty of countries that are balmy all winter long that are easy to reach from the UK, and during the winter months, many of these otherwise heaving tourist hot spots are calm and quiet, often meaning that the down season is the perfect time to explore their towns and beaches.

      Grabbing some last-minute European sun on winter sun holidays is also more cost effective than a mega haul to the other side of the world to get your winter dose of vitamin D. Not only is it cheaper, faster and easier to hop to Europe, there’s no jet lag involved. This also means you can visit our top pick of European countries for winter sun for shorter periods of time, topping up that fading summer tan with just a long weekend.


      Where in Europe is warmest in winter?

      There are plenty of places in Europe with a good amount of sun all winter long. It’s wise to think south, to countries nearer Africa and in closer proximity to the equator. Here, temperatures in many of the places listed below can touch the mid to high 20s in December, January and February – rather better than the low single figures we have to suffer through in Britain.

      It’s very likely that if you visit some of these tourist hot spots during the winter, you’ll get a better reception from locals, too. Likewise, if you want to see the real, tourist-free side of some of these places, and understand how the locals work and live, strolling around during the down season will give you a much better opportunity to engage with the communities that call these beautiful places home. And by investing in the tourism industry all year round, rather than just a few weeks in summer, you’re doing a lot to support these regions and the local population.

      If you’re looking to spend a bit of your winter in the sun, we’ve listed the best European destinations to visit at this time of year for beaches, walks and local colour. Many operators and holiday providers offer discounts and cheap short break opportunities during the quieter months, so it’s worth shopping around before you book. All of these destinations are also easy to travel around independently.



      Greece’s endlessly varied islands are great places to visit during the winter months, and as Crete is the largest and most southerly of the Greek islands, it also gets the majority of the country’s sunshine and heat during winter. Greek hospitality is at its peak during the down season, too, when summer-weary taverna operators will be more than happy to show off their local delicacies and traditions, rather than serving up the same old fare to truck-loads of tourists during the summer holidays. From December to February some of the best bits of the region’s old towns, such as Chania, Paleochora and Heraklion, are blissfully empty, making it a lot easier to stroll around their cobbled streets in peace before exploring the local beaches.



      Malta comes top of the table for warm winter sun in Europe, so it’s one of the best places to start our list. On average, there’s approximately seven hours of sunshine a day throughout winter on the archipelago, and in winter Malta’s storied old streets are also a lot less crowded – Malta is so popular it can get incredibly busy through summer, but there’s lots of peace and quiet to be had in the winter. If you’re into wild swimming, climbing and other outdoor adventures as well as a dose of fascinating history, look no further.


      Canary Islands

      The balmy Canary Islands are famous for their mild climate all year round. Like many places in this article, there’s a quietness here in winter that you’d be unlikely to find in the busy, touristy summer season and the wide variety of landscapes on the islands mean that walking, swimming and even lying on the beach and soaking up some rays in the depths of December or January is very possible. What’s more, travelling to each Canary Island is quick (and cheap) from most major British airports, and the majority of the islands’ resorts stay open all year round to welcome anyone escaping to the sun in winter.



      There’s no denying that Sicily can get a little chilly in winter, but generally it’s mild outside of the mountain regions on the Italian island, and if you’re a culture vulture it’s far easier to stroll around and explore than under the searing heat of the summer months. Sicily outside of the peak seasons can be a hugely enjoyable place to be – sit in the harbourside area of Palermo and watch the local fisherman going about their daily routine in their colourful wooden fishing boats, or head to Sicily’s glorious beaches for a walk. Winter is also one of the best times to explore the region’s food, too, with plenty of cooking courses on offer all year if you fancy brushing up your pasta skills.



      Situated off the northwest coast of Africa, the two inhabited islands of the Madeira archipelago were settled by the Portuguese around the Middle Ages, and they’re known for their warm climate all year round due to their southerly location. The only thing to watch out for in the winter in Madeira, Portugal is the frequent rain, but there’s definitely enough to do here to keep you busy if the heavens do decide to open on your winter sun holiday. The islands are popular for adventure-seekers and coasteering lovers as well as for climbing, trekking and kayak tours – the latter are popular all winter due to the pleasant temperature of the waters here.



      Cyprus has the warmest average winter temperatures of the Mediterranean, with figures easily into the late teens or low twenties in January and February. This makes the island easily one of the best places to explore at this time of the year. Winter is an especially good time to spend some time in the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, which is still the last divided capital city in the world, with Greece laying claim to one side and Turkey the other. Slightly cooler weather in winter also makes it easier to hike around the villages of the beautiful Troodos Mountains, despite the peaks seeing their fair share of snow throughout the colder months.


      The Azores

      The Azores might sound tropical (and a long way away), but these green islands are actually only a five hour plane ride from the UK, and get a good amount of sunshine throughout the year. This autonomous region of Portugal is a little different from other places on the list in the sense that it has its own climate. Only a very small percentage of the land here has been used for development, and the rest is beautiful wildlife-rich wilderness. The Azores are home to some of the best forests, caves, cliffs, beaches and mountains in the world, and offer a huge amount of trekking opportunities for active travellers all year round.


      Seville, Spain

      If you’re looking for winter sun with a city vibe, Seville in the south of Spain is where to head. This lovely city never feels wintery, with average temperatures sticking in the mid-teens from December to February, which is pretty perfect walking weather. From the Plaza De Espana to modern constructions like the Metropol Parasol, there’s an abundance of stunning architecture, and when you’ve worked up an appetite sightseeing there are plentiful tapas restaurants to choose from. In general, the south of the country as a whole is a great bet for winter sun this time of the year.


      Turquoise Coast, Turkey

      The aptly named Turquoise Coast is jammed with tourists during the summer holiday season, so if you’re keen to head to Turkey, winter might just be the perfect time to do so. Although Turkey is a large country separated by a number of different climates, with heavy snowfall for some of the regions during winter, the warmer southern beaches near the Mediterranean coast still enjoy plenty of sunshine throughout December, January and February, and many of the towns and resorts stay vibrant and bustling in the winter months. Some top-end luxury resorts and hotels, normally very expensive during summer, also come down in price hugely during the low season.


      Balearic Islands

      Although you might not have the party island experience you’d find during the summer months on the Balearic Islands in winter, there’s a still a fairly steady stream of visitors to Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera outside of the summer holidays, and all of them are some of our favourite winter sun destinations. Putting some of the world’s best raving and partying scenes to one side, winter in this part of the world gives you a good opportunity to delve deeper into the archipelago’s ancient history, and hike some of the wilder portions of the islands which often get overlooked during the scorching heat and party-fuelled antics of summer. There are some truly beautiful areas to seek out on each islands if you’re prepared to head off the beaten track. Seek out cliffs, caves, coasteering and historical ruins.


      • READ NEXT The Best UK Beaches in Winter

      Caribbean closes after Europe. How tourists will be taken out of closed countries


      The situation with Russian tourists abroad is becoming especially acute. On Monday, many flights to foreign destinations are expected to be canceled. Airlines and tour operators have already begun to cancel all imported flights to the Caribbean countries – Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela for March.

      The complete closure of the airspace of almost all European countries, including Scandinavia, as well as Canada, has made flying around Europe an almost insurmountable obstacle to transatlantic flights of Russian airlines, even to open countries.

      In addition, a number of incidents with Russian aircraft abroad, when they are delayed at the request of the lessor even in third countries (already known cases: Mexico – Nordwind, Istanbul – Pobeda), forces companies to play it safe and cancel foreign flights even to those that are still open to Russians. countries.

      Transatlantic flights are one of the first to be stopped after Europe. Aeroflot on the evening of February 27 canceled flights to the United States and Mexico, and flights to Havana are not available until the end of March.

      And in the booking systems of tour operators on the evening of February 27, tours for all dates, starting from February 28, to the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, and Venezuela became unavailable. Searching for tours for March dates in booking systems shows no flights for the selected dates when trying to purchase a tour online.

      AZUR air has already announced the cancellation of flights to the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Mexico. According to a number of sources of the ATOR Bulletin, Nordwind and Royal Flight will soon do the same, and only export flights will be planned for all Caribbean destinations from tomorrow

      Experts believe that the case, in addition to the sanctions risks of withdrawing ships, is also on the way around. Nothing threatens our aircraft in Cuba, but given the closure of the airspace of Scandinavian and Canadian countries, any flight there becomes difficult (not available for all aircraft), and most importantly, fantastically expensive.


      According to the ATOR Analytical Service, more than 150,000 tourists can now be abroad, and more than 27,000 in the directions where there are now problems with the departure of tourists to Russia (Europe, Caribbean countries, the USA, etc.)

      According to the unanimous assessment of experts, in the current situation, tour operators alone cannot cope with the export of all tourists. Obviously, they will need help from regulators: the Federal Tourism Agency, but most importantly, the Ministry of Transport of Russia.

      Tomorrow, the Ministry of Transport will hold a special meeting on the current critical situation, at which, among other things, issues related to the export of tourists from closed countries will be considered. According to the information available to the editors, agreements can be reached with a number of EU countries on the provision of special one-time corridors for export “humanitarian flights”, but everything will become clear only on Monday evening.


      Late on the evening of February 27, the Federal Tourism Agency issued a statement stating that currently, due to the partial closure of the airspace, as well as the ongoing restrictions at some Russian airports, Russian citizens abroad may have difficulty returning home

      In this case, the regulator reminds, it is necessary to keep in touch with the tour operator or carrier and be sure to register in the Foreign Assistant mobile application of the Russian Foreign Ministry (available on iOS, Android).

      “The work on organizing the export of Russian citizens from European countries is carried out by the Federal Air Transport Agency together with the Russian Foreign Ministry and Rostourism. After specifying the required carrying volumes, a schedule will be formed. Russian airlines are ready to fulfill their obligations to passengers and deliver them home, subject to flexible approaches and constructive decisions of the aviation authorities of European countries on this issue,” the tourist market regulator said in a statement.

      • Citizens of Russia can report a problem with a flight to Russia via one of the available communication channels:
      • Call the 24-hour hotline of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs +7 495 695 45 45
      • Write (full name, location, contact details, description of the issue) to the special mail of the Russian Foreign Ministry – [email protected]
      • Call the Rostourism Hotline – 8 800 200 34 11 (from 8 to 20 Moscow time)

      Currently, on the basis of information received from all these sources, lists of Russian citizens who need to be assisted in returning home are being formed. This issue is dealt with by the Ministry of Transport, the Federal Air Transport Agency together with the Federal Tourism Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

      Edition of the ATOR Bulletin

      Photo courtesy of


      An updated table with entry conditions for 100 countries of the world is here, and a table with current restrictions in 85 regions of Russia is here.

      Even more materials from ATOR in our channel on Yandex.Zen .

      You can read the news by subscribing to the Instagram account of the Association of Tour Operators, to the ATOR channel in Telegram, or to updates of our Facebook page and in the ATOR community contact.

      Free online courses, webinars and e-catalogues of tour operators can be found at ATOR Academies.

      New: subscribe to the official ATOR YouTube channel and join the official ATOR group in Odnoklassniki.






      Foreign Ministry

      Open countries



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      Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic

      Cheap tours to Europe to neighboring countries attract Ukrainians not only by the cost. Ancient architecture, natural beauty, water parks and amusement parks have always been popular. Tourists choose trips to the Hungarian water park Hajdúszoboszló, thermal waters in Miskolc-Tapolca, Budapest and Eger. In the Czech Republic, Prague Castle, the Chocolate Museum, Wenceslas Square in the capital, Lednice Castle – near Brno, springs – in Karlovy Vary are interesting. Tourists go to Poland to walk around Krakow and Warsaw to see the beauty of the Tatra Mountains and to see wooden churches in the south of the country.

      France, Germany, Austria

      The Champs-Elysées of Paris, the royal palace of Versailles, the castle of Cheval, the cathedrals of Rouen are a magnet for guests of France. You can taste wines in Provence, visit the Château d’If in Marseille, walk through the museums of Toulouse. Then travel to Germany to appreciate the architectural genius of the creators of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and Potsdam, the Reichstag. If you like noisy fun, buy last-minute tours to Europe for the famous German Oktoberfest. Fans of cultural leisure will have a great evening at the Berlin Opera and the Hamburg Opera House. In Austria, it is worth taking the time to inspect the castles. And what are the palaces of Vienna and the Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens!

      Spain, Italy

      The price of a tour to Europe from Ukraine depends on the route of the trip and the season. In summer, thousands of Europeans come to the Mediterranean coast to swim in its warm waters and sunbathe. In spring and autumn, excursion tours to major cities and provincial towns are in demand, as well as trips to festivals: the Day of the Foundation of Rome, La Sensa in Venice, the Beer Festival in Barcelona, ​​Madrid Day. Travelers love Barcelona with the architectural heritage of Gaudi, Santader with the Altamira Cave, Milan with a unique cathedral and the Da Vinci Museum.

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      Sun: day off

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      st. Aleksey Tikhogo (Vyborgskaya), 42 A, Business Center

      Subway Shulyavskaya




      Mon-Fri: 10:00 – 19:00

      Sat: 10:00 – 17:00

      Sun : weekend

      Read more

      Choose Tour

      Chokolovsky Boulevard, 19A, OF. 7

      Metro Shulyavskaya 9000 +38 (067) 927-42-17

      9000 +38 (067) 927-42-17


      Mon-Fri: 09:00 – 21:00

      Sat: 09:00 – 19:00

      Sun: day off

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Weather on canary islands in december: A guide to your dreamy, warm Christmas in the Canaries

Опубликовано: December 31, 2022 в 9:54 pm


Категории: December

Cheap Canary Islands holidays from £282pp in December – but you must be quick

AFTER weeks of grey skies and torrential rain, it’s hard not to start pining for bathing suit weather.

If you’re seriously considering some winter sun, First Choice has launched a sale with up to 40 per cent off Canary Islands holidays next month, with deals from £282pp.


First Choice has launched a sale with up to 40 per cent off Canary Islands holidays next month, with deals from £40pp a nightCredit: Getty

There are eight islands to choose from for your next holiday in the Canary Islands, including Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro, and La Graciosa.

The islands are all located in the Atlantic Ocean and are just a four-hour journey from the UK.

The Canary Islands attract over 12 million UK tourists a year, and for good reason.

Even in December, you can expect long hours of sunshine and temperatures of 20 to 25°C.

There are also fewer crowds, so you won’t have to fight for a spot on the beach, and all of the attractions, shops and bars are still open.

There are deals for every budget, from self-catering to half-board and all-inclusive.

The biggest bargain we’ve found is seven nights at TUI SUNEO Tamaimo Tropical in Tenerife, costing from £282pp.

The deal works out at £40pp a night on a self-catered basis departing on December 6 from Stansted.

Most read in Beach holidays


Save £200 on Marella Cruises this Black Friday – deals from £97pp a night

SAVE BIG Black Friday sale has hols from £169pp & up to £300 off holidays


Jet2holidays Black Friday sale has up to 50% off hotels – including Spain & Turkey


First Choice Black Friday sale has up to £200 off hols – including Florida & Spain

Alternatively, you could go on a week-long holiday in Gran Canaria at Monte Feliz from £323pp on December 12 from London Stansted.

Half-board holidays are also a good in-between option if you don’t want to go on a self-catered holiday but don’t always want to be in your resort either.

The cheapest deal we’ve found is in Fuerteventura at Hotel Elba Carlota, available from £449pp (£64pppn) on December 3.

Here are some more half-board deals this December:

  • 7 nights at Barcelo Lanzarote Active Resort in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote, on December 1 – from £459pp
  • 7 nights at Servatur Waikiki in Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria, on December 12 – from £467pp
  • 7 nights at Best Jacaranda in Costa Adeje, Tenerife, on December 10 – from £499pp

If you’re after a hassle-free free holiday, check out these all-inclusive options:

  • 7 nights at Elba Lucia Sport & Suite Hotel in Nuevo Horizonte, Fuerteventura, on December 3 December – from £399pp
  • 7 nights at Apartments The Morromar in Matagorda, Lanzarote, on December 12 – from £399pp

Thomas Cook has all-inclusive beach holidays from £322pp, plus an exclusive discount for Sun readers.

Pure luxury villas lanzarote: Pure Luxury Villas in Lanzarote. The perfect villa holiday in the Canaries.

Опубликовано: December 31, 2022 в 9:46 pm


Категории: Miscellaneous

Villa El Nido Lanzarote 【 NOV 2022 】 Villa in Puerto Calero, Spain (3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms)

Puerto Calero Rentals


Canary Islands


Puerto Calero



  3 Bedrooms

 3 Bathrooms

 6 Guests

Available rates:

3 Bedrooms Villa in Puerto Calero

Villa El Nido Lanzarote. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms Airbnb Villa in Puerto Calero, Canarias, Spain. Max Occupancy of 6 persons. Minimum nightly stay 1 night. Amenities include:

  • Air Conditioner
  • Bedding/linens
  • Internet
  • Kitchen
  • Parking
  • Pool
  • Smoking
  • Tv

Show more

Show less

Prices and Availability

The last seen price for this Villa was
EUR €336

This property is unavailable on this site presently. Check back later.


Air Conditioner


Smoking Permitted





Is this Villa El Nido Lanzarote pet-friendly for guests?


No, pets are not allowed at this property. Check the guest reviews to learn what guests had to share.

Does the Villa El Nido Lanzarote have a swimming pool?


Yes, this Villa El Nido Lanzarote has a swimming pool. See details about the indoor or private swimming pool availability and other facilities.

How much does it cost per night to stay in Villa El Nido Lanzarote?


Best-rates for the Villa El Nido Lanzarote starts from $347 per night with includes Bedding/Linens, Internet, Kitchen, Air Conditioner, Parking, Pool, Smoking Permitted, TV with all other facilities. RBO matches every traveler with their perfect accommodation, whether you are traveling with a group, friends, family, or pets.

Is Villa El Nido Lanzarote a family-friendly place to stay?


Based on the information we have received from the owner or our partner, this is not considered to be a family-friendly property. As reported by the owner or manager, the villa has not specified that children are welcome. Please see details about suitability for your family or inquire with the property to learn more.

Is the Villa El Nido Lanzarote wheelchair accessible or offer services for disabled guests?


Based on the information received from our partner, the Villa El Nido Lanzarote has not specified they are wheelchair accessible. Likewise, there is not an elevator specified as being available at the property. Specific accessibility details may be addressed in the property details section of this page.

What is the minimum night stay policy for the Villa El Nido Lanzarote?


Based on the information reported by the owner or manager, the Villa El Nido Lanzarote indicates 1 day stay policy at this villa. Guests are cautioned that the minimum stay policy may differ based on seasonality or availability and may be at the discretion of the owner or manager.

What cancellation policy is in place for Villa El Nido Lanzarote?


Based on the information reported by the owner or manager, details for the cancellation policy for the Villa El Nido Lanzarote are as follows: Cancellation policy Guests are cautioned that the cancellation policy may differ based on seasonality, availability, or current travel restrictions. Guests should also be aware that this policy may be subject to change and should be confirmed prior to booking. More details may be available on this page in the property description. However, early check-in or late check-out can sometimes be negotiated between the guest and the owner or the manager of this property.

Compare Prices

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  • Highest Rating

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See More

Luxury Villa Collection | James Villa Holidays


  • Home
  • Our Villas
  • Luxury

Luxury villas include:

What’s more, when exploring each villa you’ll discover those added unique details that makes each truly luxurious.

Accustomed to the Life of Luxury

With every comfort taken care of and first-class facilities, these indulgent villas make a beautiful backdrop to a fantastic holiday.

Large private swimming pool, plump towels and crisp linen, decor to die for and lavish surroundings – all absolutely necessary for experiencing the life of luxury on holiday with James. What could be more fabulous?

When personally handpicking our collection of luxury villas we focus on the deluxe criteria the property meets and how luxurious it feels to all of your senses! Apart from a stunning setting (which is an absolute essential), the interior will have to ooze style. We make sure those balmy evenings are cooled down with free unlimited A/C in bedrooms, while an en-suite or shower room is a must have.

“The whole experience of staying in a stylish private villa with spectacular swimming pool is pure luxury.”

Our Luxury Destinations

Exquisite, the world over…

  • Portugal

  • Spain

  • Cyprus

  • United States

  • France

  • Greece

  • Italy

  • The Caribbean

  • Croatia

View All Luxury Villas

Our Luxury Showcase

Browse through our breathtaking collection of Luxury villas and taste the high life. You just know any of these luxury picks will guarentee exceptional comfort and style on your villa holiday. Which villa will be the perfect fit for your luxury stay?


    James Recommends

    Looking for something specific? From villas by the beach, to villas with hot tubs, browse our range of recommended villas.View our recommendations

    • Villas with Heated Pools
    • Villas for Babies and Toddlers
    • Villas with Large Pools
    • Villas by the Beach
    • Villas with Hot Tubs
    • Villas for Couples
    • Villas Great for Privacy and Seclusion
    • Villas with Great Views
    • Villas for Large Groups
    • Villas with Barbecues
    • Villas with Infinity Pools
    • Villas with Tennis Courts
    • Villas in the Heart of the Action
    • Villas with Wi-Fi
    • Villas with Games Facilities
    • Villas with Gated Pools
    • Villas Great for Golf
    • Villas with Spas
    • Villas with Air Conditioning

    Holiday Resorts

    Over 55 resorts in 21 destinations

    Experience Luxury villa living with hotel style facilities at your fingertips. Holiday Resorts offer the privacy and peace of a villa holiday, while the shared pools, leisure facilities and restaurants to keep the whole family entertained.

    More Holiday Resorts

    VILLA FAMARA (Lanzarote, Spain – Canary Islands) – Hotel Reviews & Photos

    VILLA FAMARA (Lanzarote, Spain – Canary Islands) – Hotel Reviews & Photos – Tripadvisor

    Check with accommodation to check availability.

    You can choose rooms in similar hotels.

    show all

    Full -size viewing

    Show all photos (11) 11

    photos from guests (



    Bathroom (



    View from the number (



    How the payments from the procedure for display of prices. Room types may vary.

    About Us


    Very Good

    8 Reviews

    #64 out of 108 Specialty Lodging in Puerto del Carmen





    offer amendments to improve the shown data. Edit this catalog object


    Full -size viewing

    69 can be reached on foot

    Assessment: 69 out of 100

    24 -restor of 0 km

    22 3attractionswithin 0 km


    Lanzarote 35572, Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote Spain

    Name/address in language of region

    How to get

    LANZAROTE AIRPORT55 KM to order all flights

    Puerto del Rosario Airport1 Km to order all flights 9000 minMediterranean


    46 reviews

    6 minInternational

    Parrillada la Sierra

    70 reviews

    4 minSteakhouse

    Creperia y Tu Que Te Creps?

    42 reviews

    3 min

    Entertainment nearby

    Sculpture Park Park Puerto Del Rosario

    4 Minh Monetors and statues


    6 Minro 9000 2 minutes di000 DIST

    1 review

    4 minDance Clubs & Discos

    Show all nearby activities



    Canary Islands


    Puerto del Carmen



    Is this your property’s Tripadvisor page?

    Do you own or manage this property? Register as a property owner for free to respond to reviews, update your profile, and more.

Vejret satellit: Satellitbilleder | DMI

Опубликовано: December 31, 2022 в 9:36 pm


Категории: Miscellaneous

Radar: Få overblik over nedbøren over Danmark lige nu


Radar fra DMI. Se her, hvor tæt regn, sne, slud eller hagl er på dig.

Her ser du radar for nedbør for hele Danmark i dag. Vejrkortet viser hvordan nedbøren har bevæget sig over Danmark de seneste 3 timer dagen i dag.

Få nem afgang til nedbørsradaren med TV 2 VEJR app.

  • Hent TV 2 VEJR app til iOS gratis
  • Hent TV 2 VEJR app Android gratis

Radaren sender elektromagnetiske signaler op mod skyerne. Rammer signalet en regndråbe eller et snefnug, så reflekteres signalet til radaren. Vi opdaterer vores online radarkort hvert 10. minut 24 timer i døgnet, hver dag året rundt.

Vi får radar online og direkte fra DMI (Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut). Radardata er sammensat af data fra DMI’s fem radarer på Stevns på Sjælland lidt syd for København, i Sindal i Nordjylland lidt nord for Aalborg, i Virring mellem Aarhus og Skanderborg, på Rømø ud for Sydjyllands kyst og på Bornholm. Radaren giver overblik over den nedbør, der allerede er faldet, men brugt rigtigt giver den en meget tydelig fornemmelse af, hvor regnen er på vej hen. Nedbøren kan fx være i form af både regn, sne, hagl og slud.

DMI’s radar er meget følsom og slår ud på selv ganske lidt nedbør. Svag nedbør vil være vist på radarskærmen med en lys blå farve. Farven ændrer sig så over i en mere lilla farve, efterhånden som nedbøren tager til. Radaren sender elektromagnetiske signaler op mod skyerne. Rammer signalet en regndråbe eller et snefnug, så reflekteres signalet til radaren.

Da det er en nedbørsradar, der reagerer på den modstand, signalerne møder, kan den ikke se forskel på nedbør. Det vil sige, at radaren reagerer ens på alle slags nedbør. Hvis der er regn, sne, hagl og slud i luften, giver det signal.

Nedbøren kan med andre ord være regn, hagl, sne og alt derimellem. Til gengæld er radaren pålidelig. Den reagerer kun, når der er noget i luften, selvom der kun skal ganske få regndråber eller snefnug til at få den til at slå ud.

Denne vejrradar viser kun den nedbør, der har været, og selvom det kan se ud, som om der nærmer sig et kraftigt nedbørsvejr, skal man huske på, at uvejret kan nå at opløse sig, inden det når frem.

Radaren indeholder fremskrivninger af nedbør. Dermed kan du se hvor du kan forvente, at det kommer til at regne i de kommende timer. Dette vil give dig en mere præcis prognose, da byger ofte rammer meget lokalt.

Hvis der er tale om en generel vejrudsigt, vil den ofte dække over, at der er nedbør en række steder inden for dens område, mens der er andre områder, der går fri. Der vil du kunne få en langt mere præcis prognose for vejret lige præcis der, hvor du har behovet med denne vejrradar.

DMI’s fem radarer er opstillet på Stevns på Sjælland, lidt syd for København, i Sindal lidt nord for Aalborg, i Virring mellem Aarhus og Skanderborg, på Rømø ud for Sydjyllands kyst og på Bornholm.

Du kan altid se, hvornår regnen falder i dit område med nedbørsradaren i TV 2 VEJR app eller her på siden.

Læs mere om TV 2 Vejr appen og download den lige her

Vejrradar LIVE ✔️ Vejrdata og vejrudsigt!


Vejrradar live

Har du planlagt en tur ud i naturen? Eller vil du blot nyde solen på din terrasse eller altan? Så bør du tjekke vejrradar live for din region eller by! Den giver dig alle relevante oplysninger om vejret samt en vejrudsigt.

Du får et overblik over det aktuelle vejr og kan forudsige, hvordan vejret vil være i de kommende timer.

Afhængigt af intensiteten vises nedbøren på regnradaren i farverne blå (svag nedbør), grøn, gul, gul, orange (moderat nedbør), rød eller lilla (meget kraftig nedbør). Tordenvejr og lynnedslag angives med et lille lynsymbol.

Sådan fungerer vejrradar live:

Vejrradaren live viser selv skydække, aktuel nedbør, storme, tordenvejr eller tornadoer i realtid. Med markøren nederst til venstre i midten kan du se vejret over tid. Ved at trykke med fingeren eller klikke med musen kan du flytte området på kortet. Brug + eller – øverst til højre for at zoome ind. Du kan også zoome ind med fingrene eller med musehjulet.

Hvad er en live vejrradar?

En live vejrradar er en særlig type radar, der indsamler og analyserer data om vejrsituationen. For at kunne lave en konkret vejrudsigt og for at kunne indsamle og analysere data over et stort område er det nødvendigt med mange forskellige vejrradarstationer på forskellige steder. Disse vejrstationer er forbundet med hinanden og sender de indsamlede data til en central computer. Denne centrale computer er ansvarlig for at behandle alle de indsamlede data og bruge dem til at skabe et billede af den generelle vejrsituation.

En radar og forskellige terminologier

Den mest kendte type vejrradar er nok regnradaren. Denne type vejrradar indsamler sine data ved at sende radarstråler ind i skyerne, som derefter reflekteres til radarstationen af vandmolekylerne. Dette kan skabe et præcist billede af, hvor præcis regnskyer befinder sig. En tordenradar og en almindelig skyradar fungerer på samme måde.

I øvrigt er mekanismen i en vejrstation også ens. Med modtageren (vejrradaren) placeret udenfor i din have eller på din altan indsamles vejrdataene, overføres til basisstationen og behandles. På denne basestation præsenteres de forskellige vejrdata for dig. En vejrstation er i bund og grund en vejrradar live i miniaturestørrelse.

Vidste du, at …

…at den første vejrradar blev bygget allerede i begyndelsen af 1940’erne? Denne type vejrradar kunne dog ikke præcist forudsige regnenes intensitet eller styrken af tordenvejret eller stormen. Først brugen af nye typer radarteknologier, såsom Doppler-radaren, gjorde dette muligt.

Hvordan oprettes en vejrradar?

Som du allerede ved, bruges radarstationen og dens radarstråler til at måle mængden af vanddamp, der er til stede i en sky. For at vise disse resultater i et radarbillede har man brug for ikke blot én, men flere stationer på forskellige steder. Først da kan man få et konkret billede af nedbøren i området.

Nu er det sådan, at nøjagtigheden af målingen falder med stigende afstand. Årsagen hertil er divergensen af de udsendte elektromagnetiske stråler. I fysik betyder dette divergens af den stråling, som stationen udsender. Derfor er det tilrådeligt at sprede radarmålestationerne over et stort område for at få et nøjagtigt billede af nedbøren.

Hvilken er den bedste vejrradar?

Hvis du kigger dig omkring efter en vejrradar i dag, finder du normalt meget hurtigt en. Uanset om det er på internettet eller i de forskellige app-butikker, tilbydes vejrradarer i overflod i disse dage. Hvordan kan du se, hvilken radar der er god, og hvilken der er bedre at lade være?

I det følgende finder du nogle punkter, der indikerer en god vejrradar:

✔️ Vejrradaren giver oplysninger om fortidens OG det fremtidige forløb af regnområderne

✔️ Området på kortet kan zoomes ind eller ud

✔️ Radaren vises også korrekt på smartphonen og er mobiloptimeret

✔️ Kortet skelner mellem regn og snefald

✔️ Vejrkortet viser tordenvejr ud over nedbør også tordenvejr

Vejrradar – Hvad betyder farverne, og hvad betyder lilla?

Når du kigger på vejrkortet, vil du bemærke mange forskellige farver. Disse giver dig et overblik over nedbørens intensitet. Skalaen spænder fra blå (svag nedbør), grøn, gul, orange (moderat nedbør), rød eller lilla (meget kraftig nedbør).

Farven lilla repræsenterer således områder, hvor du skal forvente kraftig nedbør. Til orientering: Fra en nedbørsmængde på ca. 5 liter pr. kvadratmeter inden for 5 minutter kaldes det kraftig regn. Desuden er det næsten altid ledsaget af tordenvejr.

Hvor pålidelig er en vejrradar?

Takket være det bredt udviklede radarnetværk og den moderne teknologi bag analysen af radardata kan der laves meget præcise prognoser med hensyn til vejret. Vi vil se nærmere på, hvor nøjagtige disse prognoser kan være om et øjeblik. I mellemtiden er radarbilledernes træfprocent over 95 %.

Hvor præcis er radaren?

Radaren måler og arbejder ekstremt præcist. Faktisk så nøjagtigt, at nedbør kan forudsiges på en afstand af få hundrede meter. Dette er på trods af, at mange påvirkningsfaktorer såsom lokale forhold eller vind kan påvirke resultatet af radarbilledet.

Tror du ikke på os? Så hvorfor ikke lave testen selv? Kig oftere på din radar i fremtiden. Næste gang en regnfront nærmer sig, kan du afgøre præcis, hvornår regnen begynder, og om radarbilledet stemmer overens med virkeligheden.

Hvornår bliver vejret godt igen?

Hvornår vil vejrguden endelig give os godt vejr igen? Det er et spørgsmål, der bekymrer os alle meget ofte. Med et kig på vores vejrradar kan du nemt og hurtigt besvare dette spørgsmål. Først skal du se, hvor du befinder dig på kortet. Klik derefter på markøren nederst til venstre og observer, hvornår regnfronten er passeret forbi dig. Du kan nemt aflæse denne information på tidslinjen nederst på vejrkortet. Derefter kan du bruge vores skyprognose til at tjekke, hvornår solen vil kigge igennem skyerne, og planlægge dit næste solbad.

Hvorfor viser vejrradaren mig regn, selv om det ikke regner?

Indimellem kan det ske, at der vises regnområder for dig, selv om regnen venter. Lad os i den forbindelse minde om det, vi allerede har sagt: Vejrradaren viser os, hvor høj koncentrationen af vanddamp i skydækket er. Ved hjælp af fysiske love kan vi nu bestemme ret præcist, hvornår skyen begynder at regne og ikke vil være i stand til at absorbere mere vanddamp. Men undtagelser bekræfter reglen her. Hvis skyen f.eks. optager mere vanddamp end beregnet (hvilket kan skyldes temperatur- eller lufttryksforskelle), kan man på radaren registrere regnområder uden egentlig regn.

Men det kan også være, at regnen ikke når jorden, fordi den bliver blæst i en anden retning af vinden eller begynder at fordampe igen på vej til jorden på grund af høje temperaturer.

Fordele ved vejrradaren live

Lad os se nærmere på de fordele, som radaren tilbyder. For det første er brugen af den helt gratis for dig. Desuden behøver du ikke at installere nogen programmer for at bruge den. Ikke desto mindre kan du bruge vejrradarkortet på din mobiltelefon såvel som på din tablet eller pc. En anden fordel er, at radarbilledet opdateres inden for ekstremt korte tidsintervaller, hvilket giver dig et overblik over vejret i realtid.

Hvordan ser en radarstation ud?

Selve radaren ligner en meget stor satellit parabol med hensyn til dens opbygning. Denne “parabolantenne” er omgivet af en såkaldt radome (kugleformet beskyttelse). I næsten alle tilfælde er vejrradaren og radomet placeret på et tårn for at sikre, at radarbølgerne uhindret kan sendes ud i luften.

En anden speciel form er den radar, som anvendes af flyselskaber. Den er placeret i flyets næse og kaldes derfor næseradar. Den har til opgave altid at informere piloterne om vejrsituationen, så der kan tages alternative ruter i tilfælde af uvejr.

Er der ingen radar til rådighed i din region?

Vores vejrradarkort bliver løbende opdateret med nye områder og regioner. Hvis din by eller region endnu ikke er med: Tøv ikke med at kontakte os. Vi vil gøre vores yderste for at tilbyde en passende radar for din by eller region så hurtigt som muligt. Vores service er helt gratis, men vi vil sætte pris på din støtte

Vi håber, at du kan lide vores tilbud, og at du kommer godt ud af det med driften. Hvis du har spørgsmål, ønsker eller forslag, er du velkommen til at kontakte os.

Excursions in St. Petersburg 2022 prices and schedule

1364 excursions in St. Petersburg and the region costing from 400 ₽. 💘 Top attractions 2022: Hermitage, rivers and canals, museums, Tsarskoe Selo and Peterhof. Schedule for November-December, booking excursions online.

Bus and pedestrian

Catherine Palace, apartments of the summer residence of the kings, parks and mirror ponds, with a visit to the sights of the picturesque province.


Bus and pedestrian

Visit three of the most luxurious royal country residences in one day.

More details

Bus and walking tour

Bus and walking tour to the legendary fortress city will reveal the historical role of brave sailors in the fate of Russia.

More details

Bus and pedestrian

Travel from St. Petersburg to Karelia by minibus — the city of Sortavala, a retro train and Karelian waterfalls.

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Bus and pedestrian

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Russian Empire in the royal city of Lomonosov.

More details

Bus and walking tour

Sightseeing tour of St. Petersburg on a comfortable bus with stops in the most significant places.

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Bus and walking tour

Sightseeing tour of St. Petersburg on a comfortable bus with stops in the most significant places.


Bus and pedestrian tour

Full bus tour from St. Petersburg to the imperial residence. The chic Grand Palace and the Lower Park with fountains.

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Bus and pedestrian tour

Fascinating tour of the center of St. Petersburg by bus with stops at the most popular places with a visit to the Hermitage.

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Automobile and walking tour

5-hour individual automobile and walking tour to Kronstadt with a local history guide.

More details


Acquaintance with the history of Peterhof in five hours — see a real architectural masterpiece of the past in detail.

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By bus

Evening bus sightseeing tour of the historical center of St. Petersburg.


Bus and pedestrian

The main sights of St. Petersburg from the window of a comfortable bus. In conclusion – a tour to the Peter and Paul Fortress.




You will see places unknown to most tourists. It’s time to reveal the secrets of the mysterious Vasilevsky Island.


Automobile and pedestrian

Acquaintance with St. Petersburg and its main symbols in the light of lanterns. The best night romantic views of the city center.


Bus and pedestrian

A trip to one of the St. Petersburg residences of the Romanov dynasty, now the State Palace of Congresses is based on the palace and park complex

More details

Car and pedestrian

Take a walk through one of the most beautiful palace and park ensembles in the world and learn about the life of Russian tsars and empresses.

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By car

All the sights of St. Petersburg, individual service, any meeting place. For those who value time and comfort.



Bus and pedestrian

Night falls on St. Petersburg, and architectural and artistic lighting turns the city-museum into a theater, in the scenery of which a historical performance is about to begin, the heroes of which will be emperors and counts, architects and sculptors , merchants and gendarmes, janitors and coachmen . ..


Bus and pedestrian

Evening in St. Petersburg, shrouded in mysticism and legends. A new look at city monuments and sights.




2-hour group walking tour of the center of St. Petersburg with a visit to courtyards and front doors.

More details



See St. Petersburg from above: panoramic views of iconic sights and captivating guide stories about the history of the city.

More details

Bus and pedestrian

A three-day trip around Karelia around Lake Ladoga – northern nature, deer farm, local traditions and a ride on a retro train.



Bus and walking tour

3-hour bus and walking tour of St. Petersburg in a mini-group in the format of a “spectator-actor” conversation.


Car and pedestrian

A five-hour journey from St. Petersburg to Tsarskoe Selo — learn all about the country residence of the emperors.

More details


Five-hour tour of Peterhof in a mini-group — learn the history of the most popular country residence in St. Petersburg.


Bus and pedestrian

Excursion to the most unusual suburbs of St. Petersburg: Peterhof with its luxurious palaces and fountains and Kronstadt with its military conciseness and forts.


Bus and walking tour

4-hour bus and walking tour of the historical center of St. Petersburg with a visit to the cruiser “Aurora”.



All the variety of St. Petersburg – from majestic palaces and embankments to huge graffiti and the most delicious donuts.


Bus and pedestrian

The most popular sights of Karelia in a two-day tour


On the boat

St. Petersburg in the light of lanterns – a walk through the city center.

More details

Bus and pedestrian

See the main symbols of St. Petersburg and get to know its history.




2-hour group author’s tour of the courtyards and front doors of the Petrograd side.

More details

By bus

Feel the spirit of northern Karelian nature on a trip to the flooded marble quarries of the Ruskeala mountain park.

More details



Visit the apartments of tenement houses, take a walk through the well-yards and learn the history of St. Petersburg streets.

More details


Excursion around the atmospheric medieval Vyborg with a visit to the Vyborg Castle and Mon Repos Park.




Acquaintance with the architecture of the 19th-20th centuries from all angles — enjoy St. Petersburg landscapes from the rooftop.



Bus and pedestrian

How did Leningrad live during the siege? A walk through memorable places – the besieged temple, the Piskarevsky memorial and the house of Tanya Savicheva.


Bus and walking tour

Bus tour to Gatchina with a visit to the Great Gatchina Palace and a walk through the picturesque park.

Read more

Car and pedestrian

One-day trip through the history of Vyborg — Vyborg castle, medieval streets and Scandinavian glög.

More info

By bus

Go to the summer residence of the emperor and take a walk in the landscape park.

More details

Car-pedestrian tour

8-hour individual car tour with a local historian in Pushkin and Pavlovsk for a mini-group of up to 4 people.

More details

Bus and pedestrian

See all of St. Petersburg in 5 hours: Nevsky Prospekt, bridges and monuments.

More details

Walking tour

A two-hour private guided tour of the State Halls of the Hermitage.

Read more

One of the largest museums in the world invites you to enjoy masterpieces of art without queues and waiting.


Bus and pedestrian

Back to the past — from St. Petersburg to Vybor along the Royal Road.


Bus and pedestrian

The main sights of St. Petersburg from the bus window and a tour to the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Read more



Get to know the real nightlife of St. Petersburg: stroll through the locals’ favorite bars and try the best drinks.

More details


Tour to Ruskeala by premium-class bus with a visit to Marble Canyon, Akhvenkoski waterfalls and Korela fortress.

Read more



Uncover the secrets of St. Petersburg courtyards and find out what is hidden behind their impenetrable facades.




Walk through the most interesting courtyards of the city and visit Dovlatov’s former apartment.

More details

An 8-hour car ride around St. Petersburg from the Peter and Paul Fortress to the cruiser Avrora.

Read more

By bus

Before Moscow, Rus’ had its pillars and strongholds on which the country rested. Some of them are the cities of Pskov, Izborsk and Pechory, which still keep the country.

Read more

Best offer

By boat

5.5-hour group excursion on the Meteora, the price includes a ticket to the fortress and a sightseeing tour

More details


Love history and tasting tinctures? Vitoslavlitsy is waiting for you – a museum of wooden architecture, Novgorod Detinets and Sofia, “Enchantress” and “Cranberry.


Entrance ticket to the Hermitage for a two-hour session with an independent tour of the exposition and a tour of the closed Diamond Storeroom.

Read more

By bus

Visit the city that was inhabited by Scandinavians in ancient times and see the famous ancient monasteries, one of which was the home of the first wife of Peter I.

More info



Explore the city and its history on a tour in a comfortable car and in a friendly atmosphere.


Entrance ticket and tour of the Menshikov Palace.

Read more



A safe way to see St. Petersburg from a bird’s eye view is a rooftop tour. A comfortable and unusual journey for everyone.

More details

Bus and walking tour

Group bus sightseeing tour of the historical center of New Year’s St. Petersburg.

More details

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Veliky Novgorod

6 excursions

Staraya Russa

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4 excursions


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3 excursions

Reviews of tourists

Anna V.

Absolutely wonderful excursion! So many beautiful and amazing places and a great tour guide Karina! I got great pleasure and enriched myself with knowledge about the past and present of Vasilyevsky Island!

19 minutes ago

Andrey N.

The beauty of the palace is simply amazing, and the guide told everything very interestingly, I recommend everyone to visit

27 minutes ago

Sergey P.

Wonderful guide Vera. It was very interesting. He experienced the pages of the famous novel anew, as not a reader, but a participant.

about 3 hours ago

Alexey A.

Comfortable bus, interesting story of the guide. The impressions of the tour were pleasant.

about 4 hours ago

Dorina O.

Thank you, it was interesting and informative. Maria very interestingly told and showed the courtyards and front doors of St. Petersburg. They wanted to see Sergey Dovlatov’s apartment, they saw it! There are a lot of impressions and thoughts! We will come in the spring and we will definitely go on an excursion, there is much more I would like to see!

about 5 hours ago

Nina S.

Very good guide and driver. I’m a great tour! Thank you!

about 5 hours ago

Alan P.

The tour is interesting. Only the gathering place is not at the Jordan Stairs, but at the Commandant’s Arch of the Hermitage. The exhibits are gorgeous.

about 9 hours ago

Xenia Ts.

It is not necessary to buy tickets online and for a specific time.
You can come and buy a ticket.
The wardrobe and the women at the pass are rude.
The Hermitage itself is, as always, gorgeous.

about 10 hours ago

Salikhova S.

We got a great company, I liked the leading and charming bartender in the second bar! We had a fun and positive time! I recommend!

about 11 hours ago


Visited Kronstadt. We had the best tour guide Elena!!! We all really enjoyed it! Nice speech, very interesting story, wonderful tour!!!

about 19 hours ago

We liked everything very much. The guide Yana, perfectly found an approach to our kids (5-6 years old).
Thanks, happy kids!

1 day ago

Natalie N.

I went with a friend who was in St. Petersburg for the first time. I liked everything, showed the main places “visiting cards” of the city, told in detail about each of them

1 day ago

Ilona F.

I liked the tour very much, Dmitry worked for 5+++. Thanks a lot.

1 day ago

Vovyak .

Excellent excursion for not very big money, entertaining on the ship is wonderful! And the leading girl plays and dances the saxophone! Well done

1 day ago

Larisa O.

Valery is one of the best guides we were lucky to meet. Valery loves his city very much, he prepared an amazing trip around St. Petersburg, it will not leave anyone indifferent

1 day ago

Hope .

Excellent excursion. The weather has been as good as ever. We drove – there was a terrible downpour. As soon as we entered Peterhof, the bright sun came out. And all 3 hours of walking we enjoyed beautiful views.

1 day ago

Daria M.

Many thanks to our guide! Very informative tour, left a lot of pleasant impressions!
Thanks a lot!

1 day ago

Svetlana .

Of course, Dasha! Honor and salary increase to this unique employee!) Diplomatically resolved the unfortunate misunderstanding related to the organization of this event

1 day ago

Yana F.

Good afternoon, Thank you very much for the tour. Everything went well, it was convenient and comfortable) the guide Olga, a professional in her field, she has a very pleasant voice, a good sense of humor) it was nice to listen to her) Thank you)

1 day ago

Anastasia L. Peter made no less impression than the front door. Thanks to the guide Sergey – for an unusual look at the architecture of the city, and the guide Maxim – for a good mood from a bird’s eye view

2 days ago

Svetlana V.

Excellent tour and interesting presentation of historical facts, legends and fiction. Valery! Thank you very much!
In this format, for the first time, I took a mini tour – what you need: 3 hours 20 minutes in warmth and comfort and a wonderful guide.
… what to add? I would add black coffee. Just a couple of sips 🙂

2 days ago

Anna I.

An excellent tour, and a guide Vladimir who knows the material perfectly! Interesting facts and events from the life of the city and Dostoevsky, I highly recommend it for those who are interested in the writer’s work.

2 days ago

Tatyana D.

Our guide Alexander took us through the communal apartments of St. Petersburg in a very exciting way. The tour itself is informative, 2 hours in one breath. I recommend it, not boring, unbanal, with St. Petersburg flavor.

2 days ago

An excellent walk, even in bad weather – there is where to warm up and even where to take a seagull. Interesting story from Ilya. Very comfortable to listen with headphones.

2 days ago

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When is the best time to visit St.


You can go to the Northern capital at any time of the year, in each of them the city is especially beautiful. But still, summer during the white nights, May and New Year holidays are considered the high tourist season.

White nights can be observed here from the end of May to the middle of July. Summer in St. Petersburg is not only white nights, but also a lot of interesting excursions, festivals, hiking and working fountains of Peterhof. It is cold and windy here in winter, but museums and exhibitions are less crowded, and tickets for many events are cheaper.

Do you want to enjoy the sights of St. Petersburg in a more relaxed atmosphere and save on vacation? Come here in winter, autumn or early spring, when the influx of tourists subsides a bit. The high season means higher prices and more tourist traffic, which means long lines to attractions and crowded streets.

How long does it take to get to St.

Petersburg from Moscow?

The distance from Moscow to St. Petersburg is 634 kilometers in a straight line and 712 kilometers on the highway. By car you will arrive in about 8-9hours.

By plane and train, the travel time will depend on the specific flight. By plane, the journey to the place will take from 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour 45 minutes, by train – from 8 hours 30 minutes to 10 hours 30 minutes. You can get there faster by high-speed train – in 3 hours 30 minutes.

What to bring from St. Petersburg as a gift?

At any time of the year, you can bring from the Cultural Capital of Russia:

  • Numerous souvenirs depicting the main attractions of the city: magnets, postcards, mugs, mini-paintings, figurines, decorative plates.
  • Souvenirs with a “royal” theme: images and figurines of the Bronze Horseman, busts of Peter the Great, elements of the imperial costume.
  • “Marine” souvenirs depicting anchors and models of ships, vests and caps, watches in the form of a steering wheel, paintings and decorative panels under glass on a marine theme.
  • Umbrellas or raincoats with unusual prints as a symbol of St. Petersburg – a city with a lot of gloomy rainy days.
  • Smelt fish. This is a gastronomic symbol of the city; it is better to take smoked or dried fish on the road.
  • Watches of the Raketa factory of the Raketa and Pobeda brands from the branded St. Petersburg factory.
  • Porcelain tableware from the Imperial Porcelain Factory.
  • Coins from the Mint: collectible, commemorative, from precious metals, sets for numismatists.

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Excursions in Sochi 2022 😍 prices for November-December

415 excursions in Sochi with experienced guides costing from 490 ₽. 🏆 4425 reviews from tourists, the current schedule for November-December 2022. Compare prices, book and pay for excursions in Sochi, Adler, Krasnaya Polyana and other destinations online.

Bus and walking tour

Group bus and walking tour with a visit to Gagra, Pitsunda, New Athos, Blue Lake and Lake Ritsa.



8-hour car tour to Abkhazia with a visit to Gagra and Lake Ritsa for a group of up to 6 people.


Automobile and pedestrian

Journey from Sochi around Abkhazia by jeep in a mini-group — visit all the main sights in one day.


Automobile and pedestrian

One-day trip by jeep from Sochi to Abkhazia in a mini-group.


Bus and pedestrian

Learn all about the ski resorts in Sochi. See the Olympic venues and climb to the top of Rose Peak.


Bus and pedestrian

From the sea coast to the ski resorts – the Olympic heritage and mountain landscapes.


Bus and pedestrian

From the sea coast to the ski resorts – the Olympic heritage and mountain landscapes.

Read more

On a yacht

Author’s boat trip from the sea wolf. The beauty of big Sochi and the Olympic facilities. Views of the Caucasian mountains and encounters with dolphins.



Individual excursion for 1 day to Abkhazia with a visit to Lake Ritsa, Gagra, waterfalls and many other beautiful places.

Read more

By car

Acquaintance with the traditions of Russian tea growing – tea plantations, mountain landscapes and tea tasting.

More details

By car

One-day trip from Sochi to Abkhazia in a mini-group — Gagra resort, New Athos monastery and Psyrtsha station.


Automobile and pedestrian

Drive a jeep and enjoy the most beautiful places in Sochi.

Read more


A classic tour of Krasnaya Polyana in a mini-group — get to know the Olympic legacy.

Read more


Walking tour

A two-hour walk around Sochi in a mini-group — get to know the history of the resort on the Black Sea.


2-hour horse ride around Sochi in a mini-group of up to 10 people.

Read more

By car

Take a ride through the most beautiful surroundings of Sochi. Stop at cliffs, waterfalls, and lookouts.

Read more

On a quad bike

Ride a quad bike along the Old Krasnopolyanskoye Highway and enjoy the picturesque scenery.


Bus and pedestrian

The main sights of Sukhum and Gagra. Thermal complex in the village of Kyndyg and Chernigovka gorge. Tasting of wine, cheese and honey.


By car

Excursion to the national park Ritsa to the famous lakes and waterfalls by minivan in a mini-group of 6 people.

More details

Bus and pedestrian

One-day trip across Abkhazia — New Athos, Pitsunda, lake Ritsa and Yupsharsky canyon.

Read more

2-hour diving session in the Black Sea with preliminary briefing and equipment rental.


Bus and walking tour

One-day group bus and walking tour of Abkhazia with a visit to Gagra, Ritsa and Novy Athos, accompanied by Abkhazian guides.

More details

Bus and walking tour

5-hour group bus and walking tour around the center of Sochi with an ascent to Mount Akhun and a boat trip.


Bus and walking tour

6-hour evening group bus and walking tour of Sochi with an ascent to Mount Akhun.

More details

Bus and pedestrian

Set off to explore the best resorts in Sochi with a professional guide who is in love with these places.

More details

Bus and pedestrian

Visit the main attractions of Abkhazia: lakes Ritsa, Pitsunda and Novy Afon in a small group in a comfortable minivan.

Read more

On a yacht

Go on a yacht to the sea — view Sochi from the water and swim in the open sea.

Read more

By car

One-day trip across Abkhazia in a mini-group — the city of Gagra, the Bzyb fortress and Lake Ritsa.


Bus and walking tour

One-day group bus and walking tour of Abkhazia from Sochi.


Bus and walking tour

One-day group bus and walking tour to the Dzhegoshsky waterfall with a traditional Adyghe feast.


Bus and walking tour

9-hour group bus and walking tour of Krasnaya Polyana.

More details


Travel from Sochi to Abkhazia – visit the main attractions and relax in the thermal springs.

Read more

On a yacht

2-hour private boat trip on a yacht for a company of up to 11 people.


Bus and walking tour

The most popular excursion among Sochi guests! Krasnaya Polyana, Ah-Tsu gorge, husky kennel, mineral spring and lifts on cable cars.


Bus and walking tour

One-day bus and walking tour to the valley of 33 waterfalls with tastings of wine, cheese, honey and a show program on Saturdays

More details Blue Lake, Ritsa.


Automobile and pedestrian

Travel from Sochi – gorge, waterfall and monastery.

Read more


An individual horse route through the natural attractions of the Black Sea coast with an instructor.

Read more


4 bars in 3 hours – get to know the nightlife of Sochi.



One-day trip across Abkhazia — a walk along Sukhum, zipline in the Bzyb gorge and rest in the thermal complex.

Read more

On a boat

3-hour fishing with access to the open sea on a trimaran from Sochi or Adler for a company of up to 10 people.

More details

Walking tour

2-hour private walking tour around the historic center of Sochi for a group of up to 5 people.



Automobile and pedestrian

Acquaintance with Sochi in 4 hours – from the embankment and the Marine Station to Mount Akhun and Stalin’s Dacha.



Bus and walking tour

Nine-hour bus and walking tour of Sochi with an interactive presentation and tasting of local wine, cheese and honey.

More details

Car-walking tour

4-hour individual car-walking tour of Sochi for a mini-group of up to 6 people.


Automobile and walking tour

One-day automobile and walking tour from Adler in Abkhazia for a group of up to 8 people.


Automobile and pedestrian

One-day trip to Abkhazia: Gagra, Lake Ritsa, New Athos caves and Yupsharsky canyon.

More details

On horseback

3-hour horse ride around Sochi in a group of up to 20 people.


Bus and pedestrian

Excursion to the three most important ski resorts in Sochi – Rosa Khutor, Krasnaya Polyana and Gazprom Laura.



On a motorcycle

A three-hour ride on a cruise motorcycle – enjoy the views of Sochi from Mount Akhun.



One-day jeep tour through the abandoned places of Gagra in a mini-group up to 8 people.

Read more


Learn all the secrets of brewing in four hours – taste homemade beer.

Read more

By boat

3-hour sea fishing with lunch and swimming in the open sea on a small boat with a capacity of up to 11 passengers.

More details

On a yacht

Enjoy your holiday on a sailing yacht, basking in the sun and swimming in the purest waters of the Black Sea.

Read more

By car

You will take off the ground and rise into the sky. Birds, intoxicating air and stunning panoramas will be waiting for you there!

Read more


3-hour tour with rafting on the Mzymta mountain river and soaring in a mountain bath for a mini-group of up to 9 people.

Read more


A two-hour horse ride through picturesque places – a forest and a mountain river Kudepste.

Read more



Walk through the caves with a speleologist guide, learn the secrets of the underworld and visit the Colchis forest.

Read more

Bus and pedestrian

Go where the best holiday destinations in Russia are open all year round! Resorts “Krasnaya Polyana” and “Rosa Khutor”, mountain peaks and the Olympic Park.

More details

On a yacht

1.5-hour sailing trip along the coast of Sochi in a mini-group. You can swim in the open sea and, if you are lucky, you will see dolphins.



One-day trip by jeep across Abkhazia in a mini-group — lake Ritsa, Yupsharsky canyon and Gegsky waterfall.

Read more

Private guides in Sochi

Hello! My name is Vlada. My goal is to improve your vacation and immerse you in the world of travel and entertainment. Our team has selected only the best routes according to various criteria – price, uniqueness, quality. ..

1000 ₽

per person

3 excursions

Hello dear friends. Let’s get acquainted. My name is Alexander and for more than 4 years I have been a travel agent in Sochi. Along the way, I tried many things. And always humanitarian…

500 ₽

per person

9 excursions

Friends, good day to all! My name is Maria. I have been living in Sochi for 4 years, originally from Kazakhstan, I have lived all my life in Siberia.

I am a representative of a travel agency in Sochi, so I can…

950 ₽

per person

9 excursions

Hello friends! My name is Alina, and I am your conscientious guide, assistant for choosing a quality and affordable vacation in the outskirts of Abkhazia, Sochi and Georgia.

I like to communicate with people and try to…

1600 ₽

per person

3 excursions

Master and owner. Company founder. Father of a large family. Military pensioner. Professional traveler since 2013. Sailing is a way of life.

1300 ₽

per person

2 excursions

Greetings, dear travelers! My name is Lesya and I am a guide-organizer of tours and excursions to the most beautiful places in Sochi and Abkhazia. My team and I select the best routes for you …

1000 ₽

per person

3 excursions

Traveling is like reading a new chapter of an endless book about Happiness. We will help you to read the chapter about Abkhazia in the “Country of the Soul”. For 7 years we have been organizing excursions, both for groups and individual…

3000 ₽

per person

8 excursions

Hello dear travelers! My name is Nikita, and my main task is to organize the best holiday in Sochi for you! I love this city very much, so I will be happy to guide you to its most. ..

1200 ₽

per person

3 excursions

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44 excursions


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63 excursions

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3 excursions


3 excursions

Tourist reviews

Wonderful route, great places, definitely worth a visit! Comfortable car, driver Maxim, a polite punctual person, interestingly told about the places that were passing, picked up from the entrance (the center of Sochi) and brought to the house itself, all stops were optional, we saw everything we wanted, there was enough time. Thanks a lot for the tour!

39 minutes ago

Alice Z.

Thanks a lot to the guide Irina, she told me very interestingly and advised me to ride the cable car for the first time – Krasnaya Polyana, where I saw a beautiful waterfall.
Thank you for the excellent organization of the tour.

43 minutes ago


Especially the guide Irina. Explained everything, where to go, what to see.
a lot of stories
had a great time
the weather wasn’t very lucky

about 5 hours ago


Was on a sightseeing tour, guide Nina. It was interesting to talk about the history of Abkhazia. We stopped at Gagra, then at Lake Ritsa and waterfalls, on the way back to New Athos. We quickly look everywhere and move on. Of course, there was no swimming, the end of November. I took off one star, because we didn’t get into the monastery, it was closed, we were not warned about it. Of course, they “jumped over the tops”, but there is a reason to return.

about 7 hours ago

Mishina Yu.

The tour is wonderful. I really liked our guide Alim – he is a great professional. The program is very comfortable, tireless, beautiful, interesting) Thank you very much Alim!!!

1 day ago

Elina A.

A very rich excursion, thanks to the guide Slavik. Despite the rainy weather, we saw everything we wanted, Slavik took us to all the places that were of interest to us. Very informative and interesting, the guide did not just sprinkle facts, but told the full story.
We got a lot of knowledge. Thanks a lot.

1 day ago

Elena P.

Excellent organization of the tour. The guide explained and showed everything in the most detailed and interesting way. It was fun and comfortable. Many thanks for the organization, as well as the guide and driver

2 days ago

Gashkova A.

Everything was just wonderful, even despite the rain that accompanied us the whole trip, we were satisfied, this is a huge merit of our guide Irina, for which many thanks to her, it was fun and very interesting ☺️

2 days ago

Morozova M.

Wonderful excursion! We were picked up directly from the hotel, brought to the border, then put on jeeps. We visited many interesting places. Even though it rained all day, we enjoyed the tour very much! From the wishes, I would like the jeeps to provide a place where you can put small luggage, otherwise bottles of wine that you bought after the tasting rolled around at your feet the whole trip.

2 days ago

Anna K.

We saw the Chernihiv gorge, which delighted us the most, we would like the program to include a stay in it longer than 35 minutes

3 days ago

Evelina K.

I liked the tour with Marina. Had a great day, informative tour, pleasant company. Marina helped resolve the border crossing issue for ISIS. Comfortable car, drove slowly. The Marina includes in the tour its author’s places, which you will not find in the guidebooks. Thanks a lot!

4 days ago

Anastasia B.

A wonderful walk. We spread the sail, saw dolphins and even managed to steer the yacht.
Thank you!

4 days ago

Oksana D.

We traveled on 11/17/2022 on a small route, in bad weather, we met in a comfortable car, provided equipment (pants, jacket, gloves, of course a helmet), hot coffee on request. The route is interesting – not only the surrounding beauty is impressive, but also the path itself along the route

5 days ago

Arina H.

Super tour! The driver Leva is the best) part of the way we rode standing with the roof open, the emotions are indescribable! The driver gave us wine on the way)) take catamarans on the Ritsa, and buy tangerines on the way from Abkhazia) Katya met everyone and led us through the border, thanks to her and Leva for such impressions!

6 days ago

Lydia U.

Wonderful excursion! Julia manages to strike a balance between visual impression and informative material. I recommend it as an introductory sightseeing tour!

8 days ago

Vera M.

Thank you very much for the tour!
Very informative: from historical facts to the legends of the city.
We managed to visit the declared locations, and at the most suitable time for each place (the tower on Mount Akhun at sunset is just wonderful!)

8 days ago

Vladislav P. after lunch somewhere on the seashore to swim for 40 minutes😉

9days ago

Alena .

The tour is amazing!
The tour guide is very entertaining. A person is simply in love with his homeland and falls in love with the listener from the first words. The nature of Abkhazia is indescribable. I recommend this tour to everyone!

10 days ago

Xenia P.

I went on an excursion to warm up and walk through the forest, the goal was more than achieved. I especially remember the fording of the river (in November), nature and waterfalls were good by themselves, Vlad led the route confidently, helped if necessary, in general it turned out to be a great 3-hour walk, thanks!)

11 days ago

Dmitry L.

An excellent excursion for the initial acquaintance with Abkhazia. Convenient transport, many wonderful views, tasty stops!

11 days ago

Elena A.

Wonderful excursion. All locations are well planned. I recommend. Special thanks to the guide Azamat.

12 days ago

Masha .

Great tour! Very beautiful and views and calm horses

14 days ago

Mikhail B.

We took a tour of the mountains from you, thanks to the great guide Denis👍He didn’t let us get bored on the road, told us about history and sights, watched our comfort, gave us tea and coffee🙂

An interesting tour, informative, and most importantly individual, no strangers – everything is high. Let’s turn again😉

15 days ago

Galina k.

The guide is excellent! If you love mountains, I highly recommend this tour.

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Is it possible to go to Sochi now?

You can. The situation in Sochi today is calm for tourists. Sanatoriums, boarding houses, hotels and rest houses have been opened in the Krasnodar Territory. Parks and squares, shops are open. Cafes and restaurants are open with restrictions. Due to the coronavirus, masks and social distancing must be observed. The only category of citizens who should refrain from traveling to Sochi are people over 65 years old.

What to do in Sochi?

Go sightseeing. Sochi and its suburbs are full of amazingly beautiful buildings. The majestic Sea Station, the solemn Winter Theater (by the way, it is in it that the Kinotavr film festival is held), the multifunctional Olympic Park. The city has many museums, a dolphinarium, an oceanarium and a water park. You can see all this on your own without a guide, you just need to purchase tickets.

Take active rest. For those who are looking for a drive, we recommend visiting Skypark. This is the only extreme park in Russia where you can bungee jump from a 200-meter bridge, or ride over the gorge on a special trolley. Here you can go rock climbing, conquer the rope town or walk along the longest suspension bridge in the country.

Admire nature. The natural beauties of the surroundings of Sochi will enchant anyone. Zmeykovsky and Agursky waterfalls, Psakho canyon and Mount Akhun, Devil’s Gate canyon and Ashtyrskaya cave. The names themselves are fraught with mystery and promise tourists something exciting and interesting. In the city you can visit the green park Riviera and the arboretum. And around Sochi you can admire the boxwood groves, enjoy the sea views, explore the surrounding mountains.

What to visit in Sochi with children?

The first place that can be recommended to those who come with children is Sochi Park . The theme park has many rides, science shows, quest rooms, a game lab and much more.

Ironman is: What is an Ironman? – 220 Triathlon

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What is an Ironman? – 220 Triathlon

An Ironman is a long-distance triathlon race organised by the Ironman franchise. The term ‘Ironman’ has now become synonymous with races of this distance. A full Ironman has the following format: 3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42.2km run.

What does an Ironman consist of?

The first leg is a 3.8km open-water swim in the sea or a lake. Athletes will run from the water to the transition area (T1), where they’ll don their bike gear and jump on the bike for the 180km ride. Then, after preparing for the run in T2, the athletes will set out on a marathon (42.2km) for the final leg of the Ironman.

Not for the faint-hearted, an Ironman is widely considered to be the gold standard of endurance triathlon racing. Ironman is a household name across the globe and popular event locations include the famously hilly Ironman Wales, Lanzarote, Hamburg, Taiwan, Morocco… you name it.

What is an Ironman 70.3?

An Ironman 70.3 is half the distance of a full Ironman and ideal for those not quite ready for the challenge of a full. Popular British 70.3s include IM Weymouth, Staffordshire and UK. Top finishers of each event will qualify for the 70.3 World Championship which will take place in Utah for 2021 and Taupo, NZ for 2022. The full Ironman World Championship is always in Kona, Hawaii; the birthplace of the Ironman.

Interested in taking on an Ironman or half but not sure where to start? We’ve got you sorted, check out our training pages for all our top gear, nutrition and injury prevention tips!

Can anyone do an Ironman?

Yes, absolutely. Ironman races may be among the toughest triathlon events in the sport, but thousands of ordinary people make it to the finish line every year. As long as you’re prepared to put in the hours of dedicated long-course training, an Ironman should be doable.

In fact, you can even train for Ironman in a year, says coach Philip Hatzis. “It certainly depends on your starting point, but a year seems like a reasonable amount of time to prepare for an Ironman.” Find out more here.

How long does it take to complete an Ironman?

While the top pro male triathletes can complete an Ironman in less than eight hours and the women in under nine, those times are likely to be out of reach to us mere mortals. The overall cut-off time for many races is 17 hours, with separate cut-off times after the swim and bike.

For age-groupers in the 30-35 bracket, anything around 13 hours is a solid time for men, while 14 hours is a great time for women in that age bracket.

  • What’s a good triathlon time?
  • How to predict your Ironman time
  • What is Hyrox and is it useful for triathletes?


Kate Milsom

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220 Triathlon Staff Writer

Kate Milsom is 220 Triathlon’s staff writer and a keen endurance triathlete and bikepacker. Kate is in charge of the gear section of the magazine, with particular interests in cycling, nutrition and sports injury. Having previously bikepacked across Europe solo, Kate advocates for adventure and inclusivity within sport.


  • Ironman

3 Signs You’re Ready to Do An IRONMAN

Endurance athletes are a goal-oriented bunch. The more we get involved in our sport, the more we yearn to reach outside of our comfort zone, attempting go farther and faster.

For triathletes, this reaching often leads to the inevitable question: “Can I do an IRONMAN?”

IRONMAN training requires a significant investment of resources. To determine whether now is the right time for you, consider three basic factors:

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Athletic experience
  3. Costs

1. Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is a key consideration before starting your IRONMAN journey. Finding an appropriate life-work-training balance will help you through the challenges of training – rather than stand as obstacles to your success.

How much time do you have to commit? You don’t need 20+ hours a week; however, training for an IRONMAN is still a time-consuming process. A typical plan will run a course of 24-30 weeks, with the first six to 10 weeks totalling between eight and 10 hours per week.

As you get closer to the race, training time ramps up, to averages closer to 12 to 15 hours per week. Peak weeks may hit 16+ hours, depending on the particular IRONMAN training plan you follow, or the coach you hire.

Training time will also detract from time you spend doing household chores, other hobbies and your social life. Consider if a balance is possible, or if you would be okay with things being out-of-balance for several weeks.

You may find yourself falling asleep while standing up at family events. You may forget what your friends look like as time for socializing becomes limited. You will get used to saying, “I’m sorry, I can’t. I have a long ride on Saturday morning.”

You’ll learn to accept that bedtime is 8:30 p.m. And, despite going to bed at 8:30 p.m., you will have days where you’re certain the alarm clock is conspiring against you. But, make sure you have time to sleep! One of the biggest mistakes age group athletes make is to cut sleep when volume increases.

Most importantly, think about how training will affect your family. It is crucial to have your family’s support. While you may have to get creative to balance family and training time, it can be done. Have a discussion with your family. Be honest about the time investment. Ask for their advice. Be willing to adapt your training for key events. For example, if there is a vacation or family event, plan for that to be a reduced load week or a rest day in your training. Work with your family, and ask for their support. Don’t assume they will give it.

Ask yourself, honestly, if you are willing to make these sacrifices in order to achieve your goal. While your life will not make a 180-degree change; it will change during the weeks you are training. Be honest with yourself!

2. Athletic experience

You will be more successful, and enjoy the experience much more, if you have a history in some type of endurance-based sport.

Training for an IRONMAN takes a toll on your body and mind. A gradual progression can help you avoid injury, overtraining or burnout. Race day is NOT the main challenge. The training is really what makes an IRONMAN challenging—and ultimately worth doing.

Each of you will have unique circumstances to your racing history, so there isn’t a specific formula that applies for all. However, you should have some experience with triathlon and with events that require multiple hours (say 4+ hours) to complete. A coach or fellow athlete with experience at the distance can provide helpful guidance in assessing your history and race readiness.

The specific course you select should be match to your experience and abilities. Each course will maximize or minimize certain strengths and weaknesses. For your first attempt at the distance, we recommend a course that:

  • Is similar to your available training terrain. For example, if you select a race with hills, can you find access to hills for training – or suitable simulation? Conversely, a flat course presents it’s own challenges, so if you live in hilly terrain, you will need to teach yourself to pedal constantly. No coasting downhill on the flats!
  • Speaks to your particular strengths. For example, if you are not a strong swimmer, then selecting an ocean swim may prove challenging—especially if you don’t have access to practice swims in the ocean.
  • Is easy for travel. Driving to an IRONMAN reduces the travel logistics significantly. Additionally, if you live close enough to the course, you may have the opportunity to train on it. On the flip side, your family may be on board if you select a course that offers the possibility for a vacation. Just recognize that flying to a venue poses some logistical challenges.

3. Costs

IRONMAN is expensive. The race fees alone are around $700, but they are only the start.

There are training costs, such as pool fees, gear purchases or upgrades, and sports nutrition. Your weekly food bill may increase, as you eat more to fuel your longer efforts. IRONMAN training creates a monster in your belly.

There are travel and lodging costs. Most races require that you pick up your packet at least one to two days before the race, so you need at least three to four days of lodging. If you fly or drive, there are costs associated with that.

Not all of these items are fixed costs. You can keep the overall budget in check. For example, you need a bike, but you don’t need a $10,000 bike.

You will also need a training plan. An unstructured approach to training is not a recipe for success. As the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail.  Will you purchase a structured plan, hire a coach, find a free plan online? The decision to hire a coach goes beyond the scope of this article, but consider how the need for training advice will impact your budget.

So are you ready to do an IRONMAN?

I hope this article gives you some useful factors to consider as you make your decision. While the challenges may be significant, when you cross that finish line, you will feel like every moment was worth it to hear the announcer say: “You are an IRONMAN!”

The training and the race are a triumph of the human spirit, and a display of the depth of human determination. It will push your limits, and show you how amazing the human body and mind can be.

Movie Iron Man (USA, 2008) watch online – Afisha-Movie


Iron Man, USA, 2008

Poster Selection



a comic book about an arms salesman who is engaged in saving the world

Another film adaptation of a Marvel comic book. Robert Downey Jr. plays the inventor of new weapons systems, who puts himself in armor and takes it upon himself to save the world. For careful work on the image, Downey rented an office next door to director Jon Favreau.


Genrybooevik, adventure, fiction, fiction

Director Gonon Favro

Duration of 1 minute

Date of exit April30, 2008

Date of exit in Russia30 April, 2008

Age restrictions14+

9000. Jr., Terrence Howard, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeff Bridges, Samuel L. Jackson, Leslie Bibb, Clark Gregg, Peter Billingsley, Sean Taub, Faran Tahir,

Most anticipated events

Films directed by Jon Favreau


Jon Favreau

56 years, films: 33

In the 1990s, before becoming a director, Jon Favreau played minor or box-office roles criticism of films, for example, “Unknown Persons” or “Kings of Dogtown”. In 2001, he directed his debut film, Made. Made was followed by three more films directed by Favreau: the comedy Elf, the children’s fantasy Zatura, and the superhero movie Iron Man.


King Lev

2019, adventure

Book of jungle

2016, adventure

Iron Man-2

2010, militant


2014, comedy

2005, adventure

The Mandalorian

2019 – . .., Action


2003, Comedy

Cowboys vs. Aliens

2011, Western

Battle for Bonneville 90,91


Afisha’s review of the film Iron Man

Petr Favorov

260 reviews, 286 ratings, rating 3357


flares, chrome limousines and New York modern architecture. Iron Man, the next blockbuster based on the adventures of Marvel’s heroes, breaks with this tradition and, merrily rattling computer-generated explosions of megaton rockets, goes to the war on terror – where, until now, highly moral moralizing like “Uncensored ‘ or ‘In the valley of Elah’. It’s about time – in the last year of the Bush administration, otherwise the battle with the Taliban will also become retro.

In this sense, businessman Tony Stark (Downey Jr.) is, of course, an exemplary hero of our time: a shark of the American defense industry, a brilliant inventor of the latest weapons systems, a poseur, an alcoholic and a womanizer (“Is it true that you slept with all twelve girls from the covers of last year’s “Maxim”? “- the soldiers ask him. “Yes and no. I had no luck with the March one, but, fortunately, there were twins on the Christmas issue”). The main thing is a neoconservative patriot who is convinced that for the common good, America must not only have, but also use his bombs, because in the question “Should we be feared or respected?” he firmly considers the word “or” superfluous. Ambushed by dushmans while testing a new missile in the Bagram airbase area, he is surprised to find hundreds of boxes with the logo of his native company Stark Industries in their lair. The seriously wounded Stark, for the sake of appearance, agrees to work for his jailers (politically correct portrayed by anyone, from Hungarians to Malays, but not by Afghans), but in fact, right under their noses, he assembles a portable thermonuclear reactor, powering armored armor forged almost on the knee from it, smashes to hell with their entire Toru-Bora, along with weapons depots, and flies away in the direction of army positions. Returning to Los Angeles, to a villa on the ocean’s edge and a devoted secretary named Pepper Potts (Paltrow), he perfects his costume for about half the film, and then teaches a good lesson to those who put personal gain above the unconditional tactical and technical superiority of the US Armed Forces.

Considering that in the original comic Stark (loosely based on the great psychopathic aviation mogul Howard Hughes) fought the communists in the Vietnamese jungle, the film version of Iron Man at first seems like a grand diversion, a parody of warmongers filmed by the eternally left Hollywood on such a grand scale that Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, who are prone to megalomaniacs, will even seem to have nothing to complain about. This feeling, however, disappears without a trace to the moment when Robert Downey, carefully approaching the drawing of the role, begins to depict a psychological crisis that changes the whole worldview of his hero. Stark’s mental suffering is shown in such detail, and the details of his internal upheaval are so ridiculous (according to the results, it seems that something like an awareness of the need not only to make and sell, but also personally use his miracle weapon) that it becomes clear: this is not a parody. Everything here is serious – including the responsibility of the scientist for the fact that the fruit of his labor falls into the right (that is, army) hands. Perhaps this seriousness reconciles with Iron Man – without it, he would have remained nothing more than a skillfully screwed attraction without a drop of human feelings, which, like engine oil, can only lubricate the creaky gears of such machines.

Dreaming of being a superhero is a privilege of adolescence, and it’s no surprise that the most successful Marvel comic book movie was Spider-Man, a film about how a notorious high school student became omnipotent. At first glance, the transformation of a talented adult man into a superhero is a sad and unnatural sight. But when the Iron Man comic plot fits like a native on the current images of international politics, the thought naturally comes to mind: all this is simply because the neoconservatives are the same teenagers.

April 28, 2008

The best reviews about the film “Iron Man”


Walter Klemmer

92 92 reviews, 245 assessments, rating 549


I want to put the “Fifs” of the first two thirds of the Iron Man and the “Iron Man” and roll a hard aspen stake into the finale. However, disappointments as it happened: Robert Downey Jr. is just a fine fellow, such David Letterman quite rightly announces as one of the finest actors of our time. Thanks to the RDM, the stilted scenario is overgrown with reality even in the wildest scenes (however, there are very few of them), his jokes are funny, the character is tangible, the actions are dynamic. Throw in some no-CGI impact scenes and Gwyneth Paltrow’s tight skirt (also no CGI, I’m sure) and you’re good to go.0113 “Iron Man” becomes a pleasure.

The initial impression after the (exceptionally poorly localized) trailer was – what kind of rotten RoboCop hybrid will open the blockbuster summer season this year? In fairness, the film only becomes a “rotten hybrid” for a few minutes of the final battle, which, according to the law of the genre, should be a super performance, but in reality it turns out to be porridge smeared on a plate like “Transformers”, when the story suddenly reduced to a typical “Push the button, Pepper!” – what kind of button, where does it come from, and how Pepper (Paltrow) shod in luxurious Christian Loubutin is still alive in all this scrap metal, it is not clear. The rest turned out well: Tony Stark (Downey Jr. knows how to play an alcoholic: not only is life experience, but if you remember all his last roles – Charlie Bartlett, Scanner Darkley, Zodiac – he’s not out of the bottle at all got out), his assistant Pepper Potts (Paltrow is surprisingly sweet and in general she has legs, I must say just ah – it’s not for nothing that Madonna drives her to the gym every day), absolutely luxurious ZhCH armor, a lot of comedy situations and, for all that, quite cruel ( for a mass comic) battles – the film is very entertaining and does not allow you to get hung up on the inevitable clichés. Even the intrusive presence of the entire Audi range doesn’t hurt.

May 1, 2008


4 reviews, 14 ratings, rating 25


“And instead of a heart, a fiery motor!”

Overseas filmmakers have long been making the best films based on Soviet song hits (“Sky Captain and the World of the Future”, for example, as it was noted, this is about “First of all, first of all, planes . ..”). The story of an arms magnate who almost lost his physical heart, but along with a saving thermonuclear reactor in his chest, found a metaphysical heart, is a fairy tale about a tin woodcutter of our days. Steel arms-wings for eternal romantics.

May 14, 2008


105 reviews, 113 ratings, rating 723


An afternoon drive through the Afghan deserts was the end of the career of Tony Stark (Downey), the main arms dealer of his country: an ambush that accompanied him fell into the cars drowned in clubs of flame, and Stark himself, struck by the sight of bullet holes in the door, jumped out of the SUV, but did not run even ten meters – what to do, a rocket exploded somewhere nearby. To prevent fragments from piercing his heart, the martyrs sewed a magnet the size of a hockey puck into his chest and connected it to a car battery – and then said: “make us a warhead and we will let you go.” Instead of weapons, he made himself armor of iron and with their help he returned back. At home, however, new problems awaited him, a suit upgrade, as well as a faithful friend with a fighting bearing (Howard) and a Pepper Potts (Paltrow) tight skirt.

Everything flows – everything changes sooner or later. It is easy to agree with such a statement if you look at how big-budget films have been and are now arranged. On the one hand, there are a lot of clichés everywhere: the themes are beaten, the plots and characters are secondary. On the other hand, once every five years, people appear who, in search of new ideas and trends, uncompromisingly destroy the established canons of the genre. In 2002, Doug Liman turned the page on the spy thriller by coming up with the perfect killer in Jason Bourne, a man in the crowd. In 2006, Martin Campbell partially revived Bond when, against all odds, he took the short, blond Craig and made him feel pain. Of course, there were mini-revolutions in the film adaptation of comics, but if we discard all the flirting with the picture (Sin Sity, 300), then the only and truly large one remained with Spider-Man with his teenage romance. The second, perhaps, will be for “Iron Man” with his adult relationships.

Aaron Man isn’t strictly speaking the most popular comic in Marvel’s lineup, but it’s probably the most relevant to date. The title role here is Robert Downey Jr., who literally draws a collective portrait of our contemporaries with just a few strokes: a kind of cynical infantile, impartially burning life in the information flow of exchange rates, money transfers and neurotechnologies. In Peter Parker, as a simple man who cannot fuck a girl for three episodes in a row, one could only believe in the power of another script convention of a movie comic; in Tony Stark, who communicates with robots for more time and does not notice the pretty secretary under his nose, you believe immediately and unconditionally, because you recognize yourself, and in general, this, probably, is a certain symbol of the coming tomorrow. The main charm of “Iron Man” is not even in the freaky Downey, not in funny jokes and not in the pyrotechnical capabilities of director Jon Favreau, who, like Michael Bay, damnably loves to blow up tanks and simply tear off the wings of military aircraft to a squeal. The strongest thing in all this is the involuntary realization of how fragile and sometimes ridiculous simple human relationships are. In the end, from this 200-million-dollar film, which opens the summer blockbuster season this year, it is worth remembering just one scene and drawing from it a simple and obvious conclusion: robots, iron suits, saving the world is certainly good, but only a miniature feminine a pen, like Gwyneth Paltrow’s, is able to “replace the charge” in our heart.

May 2, 2008


67 reviews, 109 ratings, rating 472


Technician genius Tony Stark makes a living by creating the most advanced weapons in the world, and then selling them for huge money to whom not hit. During another business trip to the Middle East, Stark is kidnapped by evil guys with machine guns, put under arrest and without a single word in English (American) is forced to make him a prototype of the deadly Jericho missile. It turns out they have been using the inventions of Stark Industries for a long time. Holding a fat fig for his offenders in his trouser pockets, the tycoon builds an iron suit in captivity and, sacrificing his scientist partner, escapes from prison. At home, he realizes that his kidnapping is a conspiracy orchestrated by his companion and old friend Obadiah Stein. Having improved his costume at home, he sets out to beat his offenders and becomes Iron Man.
Jon Favreau, who, in my opinion, directed the dumbest comic movie movie of our time, Daredevil, wove an almost perfect blockbuster canvas, at times disappointing only with the situational stupidities of the main characters, staged blunders and a faceless Paltrow as Stark’s “almost main love”.
Two beginnings, two destinies, two lives – the basis of any character of almost every superhero. Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker and many others suffered greatly, and sometimes annoyed the viewer, from their bipolarity of the inner world. It is out of habit that you prepare yourself for the fact that Tony Stark is also a member of the “Be yourself – Not be yourself” club. An no. Playboy, a reveler and part-time seller of death, falls in love with himself from the first minutes with his lax personality. Robert Downey Jr. on the screen is extremely rational, strict and resolute. No sentimental thoughts, snot and affection. A staunch supporter of the rule: “If I sell a gun, it doesn’t mean that someone will ever fire it.” Unlike the indecisive Spider-Man and Batman, who felt comfortable only dressed in their superhero attire, Iron Man remains a tough guy in ordinary life. Even Stark’s inner coup is taken for granted, not an event (Hollywood is very “famous” for this). It is this prudence that makes Stark essentially the most human of modern day superheroes, giving a delicious kick to Peter Parker’s teenage mental ordeals and Bruce Wayne’s closed duplicity.
Whiskey, Audi R7 and Maxi magazine models are Tony Stark’s three pillars. From now on, the superhero is an idol not only for children, but also for their parents.

May 7, 2008

Dmitry Jigalov

333 reviews, 1078 ratings, rating 1410

7Cyborg, but it’s normal

Even Spider-Man would not allow himself such a thing! – my girlfriend remarked admiringly when the credits rolled. No wonder: the incredible Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man is enchanting!

Captured by terrorists in Afghanistan, millionaire playboy and weapons baron Tony Stark managed to escape thanks to his own talent and endurance. Wounded almost mortally, he soldered a mini-reactor into his chest, magnetizing small fragments circulating in the blood, and created an armored suit to defeat the terrorists. Returning to his villa, Stark decides to change the principles of his military industry – from now on, the weapons that he produces should only protect, but not destroy the world. And in the forefront of the defenders is Stark himself, clad in an improved armored suit of Iron Man.

Turning into a superhero is not just another notorious teenager, but forty-year-old Robert Downey, which cost Universal and Marvel $186 million, seems like a risky move. But when it comes to a possibility that simply no one has seen before, it is called by another word: genius.
A cynical playboy, a merry fellow and an enthusiastic designer in one bottle – Tony Stark must certainly become, if not a hero of our time, then a first-class example of our technogenic tomorrow. He was neither a poor genius, nor a mutant bitten by some rubbish – Stark made himself, doing what he loved and having fun. He sleeps with every hottie he meets and flies around the world in a plane with a striptease pole performed by luxurious flight attendants – but he is too charming and noble to seem immoral. Stark is like a modern Athos, addicted to technology at heart: he is alive enough to aspire to be like him, and quite perfect to be out of reach for imitation.

As befits the first series of a new franchise that has declared itself, the lion’s share of “Iron Man” is dedicated to the transformation of Tony Stark into a superhero. Heroes are not born – heroes are made: and Downey Jr. spends half of the film in the workshop, first literally forging, then debugging an armored suit full of various gears. The spiritualization of metal is fascinating: it seems that one can forever watch how iron parts move in the suit of the first cyborg, and with what funny incidents a person tames unbridled mechanical power.

Of course, preparations alone will not be enough: Iron Man will smash terrorists into tins, compete with fighter jets and almost fly to the moon. And from the final fiery battle with the throwing of cars and special agents, my eyes still burn like a child’s.

The fusion of man with metal has always been one of the favorite stories in world science fiction. Iron will, iron endurance, iron logic – and Iron Man as a perfect fusion of all this. But external hardness often coexists with restlessness and sensitivity, and the steel shell is designed to pacify the inner wildness.
Iron Man’s weakest point is his craving for special effects, and only the closest woman can start a fiery engine in his chest.

Boat trips from playa blanca to fuerteventura: Lanzarote-Fuerteventura Ferry, Tickets and Info

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The 20 Best Boat Trips and Tours in Lanzarote

The sun-baked island of Lanzarote is renowned for its secluded golden beaches and dramatic volcanic shores, so exploring the coast is a must during your Canary Islands vacation.

There is a staggering range of boat tours in Lanzarote to choose from. Will you opt for a leisurely catamaran cruise with snorkeling in hidden coves, or is an adrenaline-pumping spin on a jet boat more your sort of thing?

What are the most popular boat tours in Lanzarote?

Most first-time visitors to the island are keen to visit Papagayo Beach, and there are plenty of Lanzarote boat trips that swing by this famous stretch of coastline. You can also explore the outlying island of La Graciosa or take a sunset cruise for a splash of romance.

Papagayo Beach trips

Sail around the pristine southern tip of Lanzarote by catamaran, marveling at volcanic landforms and keeping watch for dolphins. Drop anchor in secluded bays for snorkeling and see if you can spot some local marine life.

On longer boat tours in Lanzarote, you can try kayaking and paddle-boarding too. For something more sedate, relax on deck with lunch and an all-inclusive bar.

La Graciosa tours

After a 30-minute ferry ride from Lanzarote, sail around La Graciosa Island visiting pristine beaches and hidden coves. Stretch your legs in the pretty village of Caleta del Sebo, then go snorkeling to see what lies beneath the waves.

The highlight is Francesa Beach, where kayaking, swimming, and relaxing are on the cards. Sip mojitos and enjoy lunch back on board.

Dolphin watching excursions

For a shorter coastal cruise, this 2-hour dolphin watching excursion focuses on spotting dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. There are opportunities to swim and snorkel from the boat on this family-friendly trip.

Sunset cruises

2-hour sunset cruises are a relaxing way to spend the evening. Enjoy free-flowing drinks and cosy up on beanbags to watch as day turns to dusk. Both catamaran and jet boat trips are available.

Private sailing trips

For an exclusive day out, charter a private sailing yacht and explore the less-visited coastal gems. You can decide where to go, and enjoy as much snorkeling, beach-hopping, and beer as you like.

Family pirate-themed tours

The 3-hour pirate and princess cruise is popular with younger explorers. Laze on giant cushions and enjoy live entertainment and activities, or go swimming from the boat.

Glass-bottomed boat cruises

Get up close and personal with the underwater kingdom as you glide along the southern coast in a glass-bottomed boat. Splash around in the water then eat lunch on board.

Jet boat rides

Take a thrilling 20-minute spin on a jet boat, enjoying the high-speed ride with its turns, spins, and slides.

How much do boat tours in Lanzarote cost?

The price of Lanzarote boat trips varies depending on the tour length:

  • Full-day boat tours in Lanzarote cost €59 per person, with lunch and an open bar.
  • Boat trips to La Graciosa island range from €53 to €59, including food and drinks.
  • Half-day catamaran trips around Papagayo start at €49 for 4 hours, rising to €59 for 5 hours. 4-hour adults-only cruises are €69.
  • 3-hour jaunts with swimming and snorkeling from the boat cost €55 per person, while 2-hour dolphin watching cruises are €24.
  • The pirate-themed 3-hour family trip is €59 per guest.
  • 2-hour sunset cruises are €38 – €42, and most include free-flowing beer, sangria, or soft drinks.
  • Chartering a private boat costs €499 for a 5-hour catamaran trip, and €799 for 4 hours on a motor yacht.
  • Glass-bottomed boat cruises are €44 for 4 hours, or €55 a 9-hour tour.
  • A 20-minute jet boat spin costs €36.

Which places are visited with a boat tour in Lanzarote?

Papagayo Beach

The southern Papagayo coastline is a highlight of any boat tour in Lanzarote, with hidden bays, sandy beaches, and plenty of turquoise ocean. Papagayo itself is the most famous beach on the island, with untamed surroundings and soft white sand lining the natural cove.

Families love the shallow water, and snorkeling is a delight in the crystal-clear water. Feeling hungry? Then head up the hillside to the beach bar for some local refreshments.

La Graciosa

Less than a mile off the coast but a world away from Lanzarote, the island of La Graciosa is a popular destination on boat trips. Tours include a half-hour ferry ride to the island, where a catamaran awaits to take you off adventuring.

This marine reserve is home to dramatic volcanic landscapes, virgin beaches, and abundant nature. There are no roads on the island, so exploring sleepy villages like Caleta del Sebo is a real treat. Francesa Beach is popular for snorkeling, and makes a great backdrop for lunch onboard.

El Poril

The tranquil bay off the shores of El Poril on the eastern coast is a popular spot for anchoring during Lanzarote boat trips. The clear waters make for superb snorkeling, and you can spot everything from octopus to cuttlefish. Keep an eye out for barracuda hiding in the volcanic crevices.

Many tours also offer kayaking from the boat, and sometimes even jet skiing or inflatable donut rides.

Playa Grande

Playa Grande is one of the most famous beaches in Lanzarote, and the main offering at Puerto del Carmen. The sheltered bay boasts warm, calm waters and a long stretch of golden sand with plenty of space for sunbathing.

Swimming and snorkeling are excellent and the buzzing vibe really gets you in the vacation mood.

How long does a boat trip last?

Lanzarote boat trips range in length from 2-hour excursions to full-day adventures. The most popular tours that visit Papagayo are usually half a day, although longer cruises up to 8 hours are available.

Catamaran sailing trips around La Graciosa are between 5 and 8 hours, including the initial 30-minute ferry ride.

Sunset cruises are 2 hours long, giving you time to relax on deck and watch out for dolphins before the sun sinks below the horizon.

The family pirate trip is 3 hours, while glass-bottomed boat tours are 4 – 9 hours long. Jet boat rides last 20 thrilling minutes.

Where do boat tours leave from?

Hotel pick-ups from resorts around the island are usually included on boat tours in Lanzarote.

On the few occasions where transfers are not included, the departure points are easy to find. Most sailing cruises depart from the Puerto del Carmen Marina or the harbor at Playa Blanca.

For the private catamaran trip, you will need to make your way to the Marina Rubicón in Playa Blanca.

When is the best time for a boat trip in Lanzarote?

Many Lanzarote boat trips can be enjoyed all year round, as the Canary Islands are famed for their winter sun. Temperatures soar during the height of summer, so the best months for a day out on the water are during Spring and Fall when things are a little cooler.

The winter months between November and March can be a great time to visit with fewer crowds. Yet if swimming and snorkeling are priorities, consider coming when sea temperatures are warmer between April and September.

Meanwhile, sunset tours depart at 6 PM during summer, and 4 PM in winter.

Which other water activities can be done in Lanzarote?

  • Scuba diving: feel the thrill of descending into the underwater world on a diving adventure, meeting creatures of the deep or exploring Europe’s first underwater museum.
  • Kayaking: dig deep as you paddle through the sea on an open-top kayak, exploring secret coves and coastal landforms that are only accessible by water.
  • Jet skiing: get your heart pumping with an exhilarating jet ski ride as you power through the waves along dramatic stretches of coastline.
  • Surfing: learn the rhythm of the sea as you take to the water on your surfboard, after handy lessons on the beach if you need them.
  • Paddle boarding: propel yourself along the water in the most relaxing fashion, exploring sheltered bays and learning new skills.
  • Flyboarding: harness your superhero powers as you fly over the sea in an unforgettable rush of adrenaline – prepare to get wet!

Travel tips

  • Make sure you pack your swimming gear and a towel if you plan to go swimming or snorkeling from the boat.
  • Take sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from the rays out on the ocean.
  • Book your Lanzarote boat trip tickets online so you can compare prices and get the best deal for your tour.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and take a light jacket in case it gets breezy on the water.
  • You will be asked to remove your footwear on board some boats, so take suitable shoes that you can easily slip off.

Boat Trips Lanzarote | Catamaran Boat Cruise

Boat trips in Lanzarote

There’s no better way to explore the stunning, warm, clear waters that surround Lanzarote than going on a Lanzarote boat trip. From afternoons lazing on a Catamaran, chill out cruises, Lanzarote sun set sailings and trips between the islands, there is a boat trip suitable for everyone. If it’s family fun on a Lanzarote Catamaran you’re looking for then choose from a selection of trips anchoring either in the Papagayo Bay or just off the island of La Graciosa in the north of Lanzarote. No matter what Lanzarote Boat Trip you want to experience, TravelOn world has you covered.

Lineas Romero leaders in Lanzarote boat trips

When you come to Lanzarote you will see and hear the name Lineas Romero, they are the leaders when it comes to Lanzarote boat and ferry trips. They have the largest fleet of Lanzarote Catamarans and Ferries and run a number of services across the island. They are a family run business and started in La Graciosa where they introduced a ferry service to and from Lanzarote to Caleta De Sebo, before expanding the company to provide an additional ferry between Lanzarote to Fuerteventura and a range of different tours and experiences that make them the leaders when it comes to Lanzarote boat trip excursions. You can see the full range of boat trips between Lanzarote and Fuerteventura There is a strong chance that if you book a boat trip in Lanzarote you will be sails with Lineas Romero.

I Love Papagayo Lanzarote Family catamaran cruise

The Family catamaran cruise is a maritime adventure that’s fun for all the family. This Lanzarote catamaran excursion gets you onboard a luxury catamaran that sails the waters around the island for four hours. Have a fun day of swimming, snorkelling or playing on inflatable mats and kayaking across the crystal clear waters. This high-energy Atlantic adventure is the only Puerto Del Carmen catamaran boat trips that will pick you up from other resorts.

Lanzarote to Fuerteventura boat trips and excursions

Lanzarote is just over 10 miles away from Fuerteventura at it’s shortest point, so why not take a boat trip over to the neighbouring island during your stay? You can easily get from Lanzarote to Fuerteventura and you have 3 Ferry services to choose from. Book a ferry ride or take an organised excursion from Lanzarote to Fuerteventura, giving you the additional options of visiting attractions such as the Lanzarote Fuerteventura Sand Dunes or a 4×4 Fuerteventura tour.

The islands are very close, yet offer something completely different, so we highly recommend an organised excursion to Fuerteventura.

Lanzarote to Fuerteventura Ferry

With a free bus pick up from your hotel, we work with the best Lanzarote to Fuerteventura ferry operated by Lineas Romero, one of the islands most famous Lanzarote boat trips and ferry companies. The Lanzarote ferry service departs the harbour in Playa Blanca, and sails into Corralejo on the northern tip of Fuerteventura. Our Lanzarote to Fuerteventura ferry service, with coach collection and drop off is ideal if you don’t have a hire car (or maybe even if you do as some Lanzarote Hire Car companies don’t allow you to take the car off the island

Catlanza Lanzarote Catamaran trips

If you want to experience one of the best Lanzarote Catamaran trips, Catlanza is one of the longest established Lanzarote boat trips on the island. Catlanza boasts a luxury catamaran that sails to the most sought after Lanzarote anchor point, an area most commonly referred to as Papagayo Beaches. They run three different Catamaran Excursions, including a family Catamaran trip, Adults only and a private sailing. For family Papagayo Catamaran excursions, you can take the Catlanza Papagayo beaches family cruise, a trip specifically designed with activities for the family to enjoy together. If you’re looking for an adults only Catamaran trip in Lanzarote you can book their Platinum package. This is designed more with adults in mind, with music, inclusive bar and water sport activities such as snorkelling and jet ski rides. It’s the same boat, but a completely different Catamaran Experience.

Catlanza, the best Catamaran trips in Lanzarote

Based in Puerto Calero, Catlanza is an Irish owned Catamaran Excursion company in Lanzarote. Their Catamaran trips depart from the marina of Puerto Calero, home to some of the most luxurious yachts and Catamarans in the Canary Islands and also often referred to as the Millionaires Marina, so as you can imagine that sets the gold standard of your sailing with Catlanza. After operating Catamaran Excursions in Lanzarote for many years, there is nothing they don’t know about creating the ultimate Catamaran experience, wether it’s a family excursion or an adults only catamaran experience, they know how to treat you well and create memories that will last a life time.

Dolphin and Whale Spotting in Lanzarote

Although it’s impossible to guarantee a sighting of a whale or dolphins there are trips that have regular success. There is nothing more exciting than having a pod of dolphins swimming alongside your boat as you power through the water. One of the most popular Lanzarote boat trips for spotting dolphins is the Sunset Biosfera cruise. This excursions also includes pick up and drop off at your hotel or accommodation if required.

Lanzarote Papagayo Boat Trips

The Papagayo beaches in Lanzarote are famous for their golden sands and crystal clear waters. If you’re going on luxury Lanzarote catamaran cruises, you’re very likely going to anchor at one of these famous Papagayo beaches (there are 7 in total). The scenery here is absolutely breathtaking and. Whilst on anchor you will usually experience a wide range of water-sports and activities such as swimming and snorkelling, as well as jet ski and banana rides. It’s easy to see how the Papagayo Boat trips are so popular. One of the best ways to enjoy the Papagayo beaches is by sailing on the I Love Papagayo Catamaran cruise that will take you on a 5-hour Luxury Catamaran excursion that boasts an inclusive bar and lunch. Get the best deals, and avoid dissapointment by booking your place with today.

Taxi Boat Puerto Del Carmen to Puerto Calero

Skip the traffic and travel from Puerto del Carmen to Puerto Calero in style! If you’d like to go from Puerto Del Carmen to Puerto Calero (and back), then why not jump on the taxi boat that sails backwards and forwards multiple times a day. You can spend a day in either Puerto Del Carmen or Puerto Calero and travel in style on the sun-kissed, glistening waters of the southern Lanzarote coast . Reserve yourtaxi boat Puerto Del Carmen Puerto Calero tickets before you travel.

La Graciosa Lanzarote boat trips with a difference

If there’s a place you have to visit when you’re in Lanzarote, that’s La Graciosa. This hidden gem is located up North of Lanzarote and is tiny that it only has 500 people living in it. You would know just how unspoilt the island is as there are no roads. To get to La Graciosa, you can take the La Graciosa ferry as it runs daily. There is also a bus pick-up or a catamaran option that lets you explore the island on an expensive luxury catamaran called the I Love La Graciosa catamaran. This is the flagship of all Lanzarote boat trips so you know it’s going to be amazing!

Papagayo Water Taxi (Currently not running)

** This is currently not in service, however the Papagayo Water Taxi was a very popular way of getting from the town of Playa Blanca to the Papagayo Beaches. Lineas Romero, the operator of the Papagayo Water Taxi, is working with the authorities to get this back so keep checking our website for further updates. **

Another amazing way to head over to Papagayo beaches is by taking the water bus from Playa Blanca. From the harbour, you will head over to Marina Rubicon and then directly onto Papagayo beaches if you come during the summer months. After the trip to Papagayo Beaches, you can hop on the waterbus and enjoy the Marina Rubicon Market, open on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Spaces on one of the best Lanzarote boat trips are very limited, especially if you come in busy months. So book your seats in advance, only with TravelON World.

Lanzarote Submarine Trips

With only 15 Submarine Safaris in the world, can you believe that Lanzarote is home to one of them! Jump onboard the 18.5m long Lanzarote Submarine and experience the most unique excursion on the island. Dive to a depth of 30 meters below the sea on the only Lanzarote yellow submarine and see thousands of species of fish in their natural habitat and two real shipwrecks! If you’re lucky you might even get an appearance from a giant stingray. If you want to impress on your social media, some underwater shots from a real submarine is surely the way to do it.

Party Boat Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a far cry from Ibiza, but that doesn’t stop you from having fun on he only party boat in Lanzarote. The Splash Party Boat departs from Puerto del Carmen on a crazy day partying out on the ocean. With live DJs playing the latest tunes and an inclusive bar, you’re all set to party the night away on the only dance floor on the ocean in Lanzarote. Please note that, since Covid 19 these Lanzarote boat parties have been put – but that doesn’t stop the fun! If you’re still in the mood for an upbeat Lanzarote Boat Trip with music and an inclusive bar then TravelON recommends the I Love Papagayo Catamaran cruise.

Lanzarote Sunset Boat Trips

Lanzarote has some spectacular sunsets and there is no better way to experience them than out at sea. Sip a glass of Prosecco on the waves as the colours of the evening sky become one with the reflection on the water. It’s a really spectacular sight that has to be seen to be believed. Ideal for a romantic evening, or special event we high recommend a Lanzarote sunset boat trip to wow your loved one or friends and family.

Boat trips from Lanzarote to Los Lobos

The small island between Lanzarote and Fuerteventura? That’s Los Lobos. And new to our Lanzarote boat trip offerings is the Biosfera Jet. Departing from Puerto del Carmen, this power boat takes you on an exhilarating journey over the waves to Los Lobos, a volcanic nature reserve where you can explore or chill out on the beach and in the calm surrounding waters. This is a very popular Lanzarote power boat trip so to avoid disappointment if you want to experience Lobos Biosfera jet boat we recommend reserving your places before you visit.

Boat trips in Puerto Del Carmen

In the old Town of PDC, the harbour is a great place to find boat trips in Puerto del Carmen. Some of the best sailing excursions in Lanzarote depart from Puerto del Carmen but remember they can book up fast, so reserve your places in advance to avoid disappointment. Some of the best boat trips that depart from Puerto Del Carmen include I Love Papagayo Catamaran cruise and the small taxi boat from Puerto Del Carmen to Puerto Calero. You will also find a Lanzarote boat tour company called Lanzarote Sea Tours, who’s boat trips include everything from Los Lobos to Sunset cruises watching our for whales and dolphins. All of these can be booked on our Lanzarote boat trips page.

Boat trips in Costa Teguise

There are no boats that depart from Costa Teguise, as it doesn’t have a harbour, however all the boat and Catamaran trips booked through have a free collection and drop off. The closest and best boat trip to Costa Teguise is I Love La Graciosa catamaran. This departs from Orzola and sails to the island of La Graciosa where you spend a day anchored to the south of the island, enjoying the sea, the sun and food and drink onboard.

Boat trips in Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca has both a harbour and Marina, and you can find boat trips and ferry services that depart from both. If you’re looking for a ferry, or excursion to Fuerteventura, then you will depart from the Playa Blanca harbour. For private Catamaran Cruises and boat trips you’ll often find them leaving from the Marina Rubicon which is at the other end of Playa Blanca. Hiring a boat in Lanzarote is the ideal way to spend your day. If you’re in a larger group or family it can often work out better value if you’re exclusively hiring a private charter.

Private boat hire in Lanzarote

If you are in a group or with a large family and you want something a little more private, then exclusive boat here is a perfect way to spend time on the ocean. With private catamaran and private boat hire you can enjoy Lanzarote boat trips in your own little bubble. Private boat hire in Lanzarote has become particularly popular in this post Covid-19 era.

Best boat trips in Lanzarote for families

Unless stated as an Adult only cruise, all Lanzarote boat trips are suitable for children. If you have younger children, who you feel might get a bit restless on a full day at sea you could consider a mini cruise or a trip on a taxi boat. If you want a full day out and prefer a Catamaran then may we suggest the I Love Papagayo Catamaran cruise.

Best Lanzarote boat trips for adults and couples

When you go on holiday as a couple one of the most popular things to do is experience a boat trip, for adults and couples that want not only an amazing catamaran experience but also to see another island we recommend the I Love La Graciosa. Adults only is the way to go if you do not have children with you so if you are looking for peace and relaxation on your Lanzarote boat trips then Catlanza catamaran adults only both of these catamaran cruises in Lanzarote are our top tips for adults and couples.

How do you book your place on a Lanzarote boat trips?

In recent times, Lanzarote Boat and Catamaran excursions have been very popular and people who have tried to book whilst being on holiday have often been left disappointed. We highly recommend booking your Lanzarote Boat Trips in advance with This not only guarantees you your place on the day, but you only need to pay a deposit and it enables you to plan your holiday more efficiently. Just select your trip, choose a day, and tell us where you are staying so we can arrange your pick up. We will secure your place and send your boat trip tickets and be provide support for your bookings if needed. Book with confidence with TravelOn World.

Frequently asked questions about Lanzarote boat trips

It depends what you define as the best boat trip. If you’re looking for something that’s fun, on a luxury Lanzarote Catamaran then the best boat trips are, in our opinion, the ‘I Love Papagayo Catamaran’ and ‘CatLanza Catamaran’ trips. Not forgetting, of course, the stunning La Graciosa Catamaran excursion with is simply stunning. If you are a large group a private catamaran is the best thing for you and better value. If you’re looking for something a bit more intimate then a private hire boat trip, or Lanzarote sunset cruise might be a better option for you.

Yes, it’s certainly possible to hire a boat in Lanzarote, either as part of an excursion or a private charter. It’s also possible to hire a private small boat that you can take to the water without a license, however we find that most people prefer to relax on their boat trips so an excursion is the better option as it provides them with everything you could want on a Lanzarote boat trip.

A large number of the boat trips you will find in Lanzarote offer food and drink. This could be in the form of tapas, paella or a BBQ. The larger Lanzarote boat trips all have bar facilities onboard. You should check with the boat operator, or on the website to see what hospitality options are available on each trip.

Yes! CatLanza offer an Adult Only Catamaran Cruise in Lanzarote, and it’s also possible to hire a private charter for your group. So if you prefer to take a Lanzarote boat trip tailored specifically for adults then you can book these through our website.

We would highly recommend booking your Lanzarote boat trip in advance. The island is very busy at the moment and excursions are extremely popular so to avoid disappointment, book today (paying just a deposit) and reserve your places on the boat trips of your choice.

Most boat trips will depart from Puerto Calero or Puerto del Carmen. The La Graciosa Catamaran excursion and ferry leaves from the port in Orzola and the Lanzarote – Fuerteventura ferry leaves from the Playa Blanca Harbour. In reality you don’t need to worry about where the boats sail from as our excursions will collect you from your hotel and take you where you need to be.

If you are booking a large group (10 or more people) then please get in touch before you book as we may be able to offer a special rate.

Yes! Please check the individual excursion pages for more information before booking, but you will find that the majority, if not all of our excursions offer hotel collection and drop off as part of the boat trip price.

Absolutely. You don’t need to be able to swim to enjoy a few hours out at sea, and all excursions operate under strict safety requirements. If you still feel uncomfortable then ask the boat operator for a life jacket to wear during the excursion. All boat operators want you to feel safe whilst having a great experience on the waters around Lanzarote.

Surf Safari | Makani

Surf Safari

Our tours:

Tour 3 Nights

Tour 5 Nights


9000 3 Nights

9000 and we go to the picturesque place of El Golfo, where we make a short walk to the Green Lake. The unique lake with its emerald color contrasts with red volcanoes and a volcanic black sand beach. After the walk, we will have a delicious lunch of freshly caught fish and seafood in a fishing village in a restaurant right on the ocean where we can taste the legendary dry white wine from volcanic malvasia. After lunch, we check in on a catamaran, buy food and go on a boat trip on our catamaran to the virgin beaches of El Papagayo, where you can swim in the clearest water and meet the sunset with a glass of champagne!!! We will have dinner on the Catamaran and spend the night in the Marina. There are many shops, cafes, bars and restaurants in the Rubicon Marina. If you wish, you can have a cocktail and listen to music in the evening.

Day 2 Breakfast on the catamaran, departure from Marina Rubicon and sailing to Lobos Island. Lobos island spots, exit and tour of Lobos island. Lunch at anchor near Lobos Island. B-B-Q. Trek to Corralejo Fuerteventura. We spend the night at anchor. Optional Dinner in Corralejo and Nightlife Experience in Corralejo!

Day 3 Breakfast on the catamaran and transfer to the beach “Papagayo” and “Las Mujeres Beach”, Magnificent beaches are reserves where we do water sports, ride Soups, Snorkeling, Kite and have lunch at the beach restaurant of the same name. In the evening we return to the Marina where we will have a farewell dinner in the Marina Rubicon.

Day 4 Breakfast and departure from the Catamaran. Before the airport, we will visit the legendary wineries of Lanzarote, where we will be able to taste wine and have a bite of goat cheese. Airport transfer.


Rent of a catamaran (up to 8 people)- 4000 €

Double cabin (up to 2 people)- 1200 €

Troll cabin (up to 3 people)- 1500 €


Transfers, excursions, catamaran accommodation, catamaran material, bed linen and final cleaning

Not included:

meals, entrance to the national parks (Timanfaya and El Rio Viewpoint), Ship’s ticket in the amount of 50€ per person. Rent kite equipment.


Tour 5 nights

Day 1 Meeting of clients at Lanzarote airport 11.00 – 13.00 we leave things in the Marina and drive to the picturesque place of El Golfo, where we make a short walk to the Green Lake, the unique emerald color of the lake red volcanoes and black sand volcanic beach. After the walk, we will have a delicious lunch of freshly caught fish and seafood in a fishing village in a restaurant right on the ocean where we can taste the legendary dry white wine from volcanic malvasia. After lunch, we check in on a catamaran, buy food and go on a boat trip on our catamaran to the virgin beaches of El Papagayo, where you can swim in the clearest water and meet the sunset with a glass of champagne!!! We will have dinner on the Catamaran and spend the night in the Marina. There are many shops, cafes, bars and restaurants in the Rubicon Marina. If you wish, you can have a cocktail and listen to music in the evening.

​Day 2 Breakfast on the catamaran and sailing towards Lagracios Island. Depending on weather conditions with or without tourists. With tourists Past Timanfaya National Park, La Santa Cult Surf Spot, Mimo Famara and Dinner on a catamaran in a quiet bay on the island of La Graciosa.

Without tourists (the weather is difficult) Tourists go to the Timanfaya National Park where they have lunch and then go to Famara beach and the Mirador del Rio observation deck. After that, we board a catamaran in the Orsola marina, a short passage to La Graciosa . . where we have dinner on the Macnee catamaran and spend the night at anchor.

Day 3 Breakfast on the catamaran. Kite (surf) spot La Graciosa. Detour of La Graciosa on a catamaran and passage to the island of Alegranza (if the tide is low, inspection of the cave) Lunch on the Catamaran and return to the island of La Graciosa. Dinner on the Catamaran, themed evening.

Day 4 Breakfast on the catamaran and transfer to the island of Lanzarote towards the Costa Teguise marina. We spend the night at anchor. Optional dinner in the city and visit to the nightlife in Costa Teguise!

Day 5 Breakfast on a catamaran and transfer to the spot Onda kite or surf. Transfer to Rubicon marina Overnight in our own marina. Dinner at the marina ..nightlife.

Day 6 Breakfast and departure from the Catamaran. Before the airport, we will visit the legendary wineries of Lanzarote, where we will be able to taste wine and have a bite of goat cheese. Airport transfer.


Catamaran rental (up to 8 people) – 6000€

Double cabin (up to 2 people) – 1850€

Triple cabin (up to 3 people) – 2200€


Transfers, excursions, accommodation on the catamaran, material on the catamaran, bed linen and final cleaning

Not included:

parks (Timanfaya and El Rio Viewpoint), Ship’s ticket office in the amount of 75€ per person. Rent kite equipment.


Tour 7 nights

Day 1 Meeting of clients at Lanzarote airport 11.00 – 13.00 we leave things in the Marina and go to the picturesque place of El Golfo, where we take a short walk to the Green Lake, the unique emerald color of the lake red volcanoes and black sand volcanic beach. After the walk, we will have a delicious lunch of freshly caught fish and seafood in a fishing village in a restaurant right on the ocean where we can taste the legendary dry white wine from volcanic malvasia. After lunch, we check in on a catamaran, buy food and go on a boat trip on our catamaran to the virgin beaches of El Papagayo, where you can swim in the clearest water and meet the sunset with a glass of champagne!!! We will have dinner on the Catamaran and spend the night in the Marina. There are many shops, cafes, bars and restaurants in the Rubicon Marina. If you wish, you can have a cocktail and listen to music in the evening.

​Day 2 Breakfast on the catamaran and sailing towards Lagracios Island. Depending on weather conditions with or without tourists. With tourists Past Timanfaya National Park, La Santa Cult Surf Spot, Mimo Famara and Dinner on a catamaran in a quiet bay on the island of La Graciosa.

Without tourists (the weather is difficult) Tourists go to the Timanfaya National Park where they have lunch and then go to Famara beach and the Mirador del Rio observation deck. After that, we board a catamaran in the Orsola marina, a short passage to La Graciosa . . where we have dinner on the Macnee catamaran and spend the night at anchor.

Day 3 Breakfast on the catamaran. Kite (surf) spot La Graciosa. Detour of La Graciosa on a catamaran and passage to the island of Alegranza (if the tide is low, inspection of the cave) Lunch on the Catamaran and return to the island of La Graciosa. Dinner on the Catamaran, themed evening.

Day 4 Breakfast on the catamaran and transfer to the island of Lanzarote towards the Costa Teguise marina. We spend the night at anchor. Optional dinner in the city and visit to the nightlife in Costa Teguise!

Day 5 Breakfast on a catamaran and transfer to the spot Onda kite or surf. Transfer to Rubicon marina Overnight in our own marina. Dinner at the marina ..nightlife.

Day 6 Breakfast on the catamaran, departure from Marina Rubicon and sailing to Lobos Island. Lobos island spots, exit and tour of Lobos island. Lunch at anchor near Lobos Island. B-B-Q. Trek to Corralejo Fuerteventura. We spend the night at anchor. Optional Dinner in Corralejo and Nightlife Experience in Corralejo!

Day 7 Breakfast on the catamaran and transfer to the beach “Papagayo” and “Las Mujeres Beach”, Magnificent beaches and reserves where we do water sports, ride Soups, Snorkeling, Kite and have lunch at the beach restaurant of the same name. In the evening we return to the Marina where we will have a farewell dinner in the Marina Rubicon.

Day 8 Breakfast and departure from the Catamaran. Before the airport, we will visit the legendary wineries of Lanzarote, where we will be able to taste wine and have a bite of goat cheese. Airport transfer.


Rent of a catamaran (up to 8 people)- 7500 €

Double cabin (up to 2 people)- 2300 €

Troll cabin (up to 3 people)- 2500 €


Transfers , excursions, accommodation on a catamaran, material on a catamaran, bed linen and final cleaning

Not included:

meals, entrance to the national parks (Timanfaya and El Rio Viewpoint), Ship’s ticket in the amount of 100€ per person. Rent kite equipment.


Krasnaya Gora – Guide in Russian


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Montaña Roja ( Montaña Roja ) or Red Mountain is a volcano in the southern part of the island of Lanzarote, in the city of Yaiza and in close proximity to the popular resort of Playa Blanca.


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The height of this extinct volcano reaches 194 meters above sea level, it has the shape of a cone. The approximate age of Montaña Roja is about 2700 years. During the eruption, volcanic lava flowed out through a breach in the northern part of the crater and flowed into the ocean. The volcano got its name because of the reddish color of the rock.

Excursion to Montaña Roja

Seeing the volcano up close is not difficult, you can organize this excursion yourself. Also, Red Mountain is often included in excursion routes with a private guide and group trips. It’s worth a trip if you like hiking and beautiful photos against the backdrop of volcanic landscapes.

The volcanic crater looks very picturesque, it attracts trekking enthusiasts, so around the crater there is a hiking trail with a length of about 3 km, on average, a walk along the route takes about 40-50 minutes. During the walk, you can also go down into the crater of the volcano.

During the walk you can see the local sparse, but rather colorful vegetation, represented by shrubs and low grass. You can also hear the singing of birds and, if you’re lucky, see a few representatives of the local fauna.

The walking route around the crater is easy and short, it goes around the crater and allows you to enjoy magnificent views of the volcanic rocks, the ocean coast, the island of Fuerteventura.

Also Montaña Roja is of great interest to people interested in UFOs.

Canaria gran: The Official Gran Canaria Tourist Website

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Camino de Santiago de Gran Canaria

The Camino de Santiago de Gran Canaria is a beautiful multi-day walking route on the main island of the Canary Archipelago. It’s the only Camino de Santiago route located outside of mainland Europe. The trail crosses the island from south to north offering a perfect combination of the beautiful coastal scenery and the spectacular mountain views. It’s a perfect Camino route to walk during the winter months.

Breathtaking scenery on the Camino de Santiago de Gran Canaria

Table of Contents

The Camino de Gran Canaria route overview

  • Total distance – 67 km/41,6 mi
  • Number of days – 3-4 days
  • Difficulty level – 5 out of 5
  • Total ascent (over 3 days) – 2514 m
  • Total decent (over 3 days) – 2354 m
  • Max elevation – 1692 m
  • Walking surface – 17 km/10,5 mi tar road/asphalt, 50 km/30,4 mi gravel road/footpath
  • Average cost – 60 euros per person per day

Camino de Santiago de Gran Canaria PDF files

To make your planning easier we’ve created 2 downloadable PDF files. The first file contains the walking stages of the Camino in Gran Canaria, and the second file has a list of places to stay along the route.

  • Camino de Gran Canaria walking stages PDF
  • Camino de Gran Canaria places to stay PDF

What is the Camino in Gran Canaria?

The Camino de Gran Canaria is a long-distance walking route on Gran Canary Island, one of the islands of the Canary Archipelago, Spain. It’s the only Camino de Santiago route outside of continental Europe and the only route that doesn’t end or start (like the Camino Finisterre) in Santiago de Compostela. The Camino connects the south of Gran Canary (Faro de Maspalomas) with the northwest of the island (the Church of Santiago de Las Caballeros in Gáldar).

The connection between Apostel Santiago (St.James) and the church of Gáldar dates back to 1481 when the first mass honoring the saint took place. Since 1965 the route on Gran Canaria is recognized as a part of the Camino de Santiago network.

How long is the route?

The Camino de Gran Canaria is 67 km/41,6 mi if you walk the standard route and 76 km/47,2 mi if you walk the Tejeda Variant (the alternative route, stage 2). You’ll need 3-4 days to complete it. We walked it in 3 days but it’s possible to split the route into 4 days or even longer. 

Alya on the first day of the Camino de Santiago de Gran Canaria

Where does the Camino de Santiago in Gran Canaria start?

Most sources mention Faro de Maspalomas (Maspalomas Lighthouse) as the starting point of the Camino de Santiago on Gran Canaria. The route finishes at the Church of Santiago de Los Caballeros in Gáldar. 

According to the tourist information office (inside Maspalomas lighthouse), the route starts at the exit of Maspalomas near Centro de Salud (Health Center). The first 4 km from the lighthouse are not marked. It’s up to you where to start walking. From the lighthouse, it’s 28 km to Tunte, and from Centro de Salud – 24 km. If you walk the Camino during the summer when it gets very hot by midday, skipping 4 km is maybe not a bad idea considering the challenging ascent on the first day. You can take a bus from Maspalomas Beach (bus station) to Centro de Salud. We walked from the lighthouse and besides the beautiful sunrise that we got to see right at the beginning the rest of the 4 km was quite ordinary. If you skip it you won’t miss much. 

Spectacular sunset at Faro de Maspalomas

How to get to Faro de Maspalomas?

Step 1. Fly to Gran Canaria. There are low-cost direct flights to Gran Canaria from many European countries, e.g. UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France, etc. It’s easy and cheap to get there. 

Step 2. Take a bus from the airport (LPA) to Faro de Maspalomas (Maspalomas Lighthouse). There are 2 buses from the airport, #66 and #90. The 66 bus is direct, and the journey takes 25 minutes. It leaves daily every hour from 7.30 am to 8.30 pm. The timetable might change you can find the up-to-date timetable here. The 90 bus makes a lot of stops on the way, it takes 45 minutes. The price is the same 3,5 euros (paid on the bus by card or cash). The bus station is a 5-minute walk from the lighthouse. 

There is a direct bus (#30) from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (from both Santa Catalina and San Telmo Bus Stations) to Maspalomas Lighthouse. It’s a 40-minutes journey, the price is 7 euros (paid on the bus by card or cash).

Rugged mountains and a rocky ground on the first day of the Camino de Gran Canaria

There are plenty of accommodation options at Maspalomas Beach. We stayed at Apartamentos El Capricho (they accept bookings only for 3+ nights). It’s a nice place on the beach, a 10-minute walk from the lighthouse, right on the Camino. I would recommend staying in that area. Maspalomas Beach is beautiful we could watch the sunrise and sunset from the beach every day. It was spectacular.

Most of the well-priced places to stay near Faro de Maspalomas accept reservations only for extended stays, from 3+ nights. If you want to stay only 1 night you’ll have to book one of the expensive hotels or stay away from the beach.

Places to stay near Faro de Maspalomas

| Eden Meloneras by TAM Resorts (1 night), 500 m from the lighthouse | Caybeach Meloneras (1 night), 1,4 km from the lighthouse | Hotel Los Calderones (1 night), 2 km from the lighthouse |

When is the best time for walking?

The Canary Islands have a different climate from mainland Spain. Gran Canaria is one of the driest islands even during winter months there is not much rain. In my opinion, cooler months, between November and March, are the best time for walking the Camino de Santiago Gran Canaria. It’s warm but not too hot, there is not much rain, and it’s not too busy (except during the Christmas holiday). You don’t have to book accommodation and buy plan tickets long in advance. It can be a last-minute trip. Camino de Gran Canaria is a perfect option if you want to walk the Camino de Santiago in winter. 

During the summer months, it gets very hot and it’s very busy so expect to pay more for accommodation as well as plan your trip long ahead.  

The scenery on the Camino de Gran Canaria is truly impressive

How difficult is the Camino in Gran Canaria?

The Camino de Gran Canaria is a challenging walk with steep and long ascents and descents every day. It’s highly recommended to be in good walking shape. If would compare every day on this Camino with the first day on the Camino Frances, the walk over the pass from St.Jean-Pied-de-Port to Roncesvalles. If you’re not walking fit I would recommend starting training for the Camino a couple of months in advance.

Is the route well-marked?

It’s marked but not as well as the main Camino de Santiago routes on continental Spain. There are yellow arrows painted on rocks and trees here and there. Most of the time you follow the wooden signs pointing in the direction of the next town on the route. On the last day, you start seeing typical stone route markers with distances that you usually see in Galicia.

One of the traditional Camino route markers on the last day of the walk

Where to get the Credential?

There are several places in Gran Canaria where you can get a credential. It’s free of charge.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

In Casa Galicia Calle Salvador Cuyas, 8 (Las Canteras Beach). It’s an association of the Camino de Santiago in Gran Canaria. They are open only on Thursdays between 6.30 pm and 8 pm. You can get some information on the Camino de Santiago Gran Canaria from them if you speak Spanish. We got our Credentials here. E-mail [email protected] Phone +34 928 263 627.


At the tourist information office in Maspalomas Lighthouse for free. The office is open daily from 10.30 am to 5 pm. You can get your first stamp at the office as well. It’s the most convenient place to get your credential for the Camino de Santiago Gran Canaria. We got a Credential here after losing one. Phone +34 928 772 445. 

At the tourist information office Las Dunas, C/ Avda. de Tirajana, 1, Playa del Ingles. It’s open Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri from 9 am to 4 pm.   Phone +34 928 765 242

At the tourist information office Anexo II, Centro Comercial Anexo II Paseo Marítimo, Local 20, Playa del Ingles. It’s open Mon to Fri from 9 am to 4 pm. Phone +34928768409.

Our Credentials for the Camino de Santiago on Gran Canaria

There are more places where you can get a credential including the tourist information offices in Tunte, Tejeda, and Galdar. If you don’t get a chance to obtain a physical credential you can download one HERE and print it. 

Where to get stamps?

On the Camino de Gran Canaria stamps can be obtained at your accommodation, tourist information centers, and restaurants along the route.

Here is a list of the places where we got our stamps.

Before the walk

  • Casa Galicia in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
  • The tourist information office in Maspalomas lighthouse (it’s better to get a stamp the day before you start walking the office opens only at 10.30 am).

Day 1

  • Centro de Salud in Maspalomas. You can get a stamp early in the morning which is a better option if you don’t have time to get one at the tourist office.
  • Los Giles Bar in Fataga
  • The tourist information office in Tunte. 

Day 2

  • The information office in Cruz de Tejeda
  • Hotel Rural El Refugio in Cruz de Tejeda

Day 3

  • At Bar Lomo El Palo, 9,3 km from Cruz de Tejeda

Do you get the Compostela for the Camino de Gran Canaria?

No, you don’t get the Compostela for completing the Camino de Santiago de Gran Canaria but you can get a certificate for completing the route. The certificate can be obtained at the Church of Santiago de Los Caballeros in Galdar at the end of the Camino. Like with any other Camino in order to get the certificate you need a Credential (pilgrim’s passport) with stamps collected along the route. 

Are there albergues on the route?

No, there are no albergues (public or private) or hostels on the Camino de Santiago on Gran Canaria. Pilgrims stay in hotels and guesthouses which makes the walk more expensive.

Santiago de Los Caballeros Church in Galdar is the end of the Camino de Gran Canaria

Is there a luggage transfer service?

No, there is no special luggage transfer service on the Camino de Santiago on Gran Canaria like on the other Camino routes. You’ll have to carry your luggage yourself so try to pack as light as possible it’s only 3 days of walking.

The cost of the Camino

This Camino works out more expensive per day than the Camino de Santiago routes on the mainland. Expect to spend double what you spend on any other Camino route. There are no public or private albergues or hostels along the route. Every night you stay in a hotel or a guesthouse. Most places (if not all) don’t have a kitchen, so if you want to get a hot meal you’ll have to eat at a restaurant which is more expensive than making food. The good news is that the Camino de Santiago de Gran Canaria is a very short route, 3-4 days even though it’s more expensive per day in the end it won’t cost you a fortune.  

Our budget breakdown

Accommodation – 300 euros for 4 nights for two people or 150 euros per person. 4 nights in hotels in Maspalomas, Tunte, Cruz de Tejeda, and Galdar. Accommodation prices vary depending on the season. We walked the Camino in mid-October everything was cheaper than during the summer months or in December.

Food – 85 euros per person for 4 days. We didn’t focus on saving too much if you do you probably can reduce your food expenses to 60-70 euros per person. 

Transport – 10 euros per person on buses to get from the airport to Faro de Maspalomas and from Galdar to the airport.

Total: 245 euros per person for 4 days or 60 euros per person per day. Compared to the average cost of the Camino de Santiago on the mainland it’s more than double but on the Camino de Gran Canaria, you stay in private and eat at restaurants. If you do the same on any other Camino route it will cost more or less the same.

The Camino de Santiago de Gran Canaria walking stages

The standard itinerary for the Camino route is 3 days but you can split it into shorter stages depending on your fitness level, how much time you have, etc.

Camino de Gran Canaria in 3 days (the suggested itinerary)

Stage Faro de Maspalomas – Tunte Tunte – Cruz de Tejeda Cruz de Tejeda – Gáldar
Distance 28 km/17,3 mi 17 km/10,5 mi 22 km/13,6 mi
Time 7 hours 5 hours 6 hours
Ascent 1121 m 1051 m 342 m
Descent 238 m 454 m 1662 m

Camino de Santiago on Gran Canaria a 3-day itinerary

Camino de Gran Canaria in 4 days

It’s possible to split the first day which is the most challenging day on the route into two. Then your itinerary will include 4 walking days.

Stage Faro de Maspalomas – Alteara Alteara – Tunte Tunte – Cruz de Tejeda Cruz de Tejeda – Gáldar
Distance 17 km/10,5 mi 11 km/6,8 mi 17 km/10,5 mi 22 km/13,6 mi
Time 4 hours 3 hours 5 hours 6 hours
Ascent 447 m 674 m 1051 m 342 m
Descent 160 m 78 m 454 m 1662 m

Camino de Santiago on Gran Canaria a 4-day itinerary

Day 1.

Faro de Maspalomas – Tunte, 28 km/17,3 mi

  • Distance – 28 km/17,3 mi
  • Time – 7 hours
  • Difficulty level – 5 out of 5, relatively long distance with an 1100 m ascent in one day
  • Total ascent – 1121 m
  • Total descent – 238 m
  • Max elevation – 950 m
  • Walking surface – 5 km/3,1 mi tar road (the first 4 km out of Maspalomas, plus a couple of hundred meters here and there when walking through towns), 23 km/14,2 mi gravel road/footpath.

A route map of the walk from Faro de Maspalomas to Tunte

Highlights of the day

  • The stunning sunrise at Maspalomas Beach
  • Arteara, a beautiful small village at 17 km
  • Breathtaking mountain views on the way up
  • Fataga, a charming town at 22,5 km
  • Tunte, a nice town with a beautiful church

Challenges of the day

  • The first 3 km of the Camino are not marked.
  • Nowhere to stop for food or water for the first 22 km
  • More than 1100 m elevation gain in one day, most of it in the second half
  • By midday, it gets quite hot with no shade to hide

Elevation profile of the first day on the Camino de Santiago de Gran Canaria

It was the toughest and the longest day on the Camino de Santiago de Gran Canaria. The main ascent is in the last part of the day. You start going up after midday (even if you start very early in the morning) when it gets very hot. It’s possible to split this stage into two; Faro de Maspalomas to Arteara and the next day from Arteara to Tunte.

The first 3 km out of Maspalomas is not marked but it’s quite straightforward you just follow the dried river bed. First, you walk on the left side of the river, then at 3 km you cross the bridge and continue on the right side. There will be the first wooden sign indicating the direction and distance to Tunte. It’s possible to skip the first 4 km of walking out of the town and instead take a bus and get off at Centro de Salud (Health Center). According to the information office the official start of the Camino de Santiago de Gran Canaria is not at the lighthouse but almost 4 km further. I saw the first route sign is at 3,2 km. 

From the lighthouse, I would recommend walking on the boardwalk along the beach to see the sunrise. Watching the sun rising above the sea was one of the highlights of the day. Some maps suggest a different route for the first 500 m from the lighthouse past the bus station but if you take that route you’ll miss the sunrise.

Beautiful sunrise at Maspalomas Beach at the start of the Camino de Gran Canaria

Route description

0 km – 10,5 km flat walk

3,2 km – the first route marking after crossing the bridge

4 km – the end of the town, footpath

From 6 km more yellow arrows painted on rocks and trees

10,5 km – the beginning of the ascent

16 km – right turn off from the gravel road to a footpath. A steep descent with loose rocks.

16,5 km – a lookout point

17 km – Arteara, a small village

18 km – a road crossing, the beginning of a steep ascent

21 km – a sharp turn off the gravel road

22,5 km – Fataga, a beautiful town with many restaurants. As an option, you can stop here for the night.

23,5 km – the beginning of a steep and long ascent

24,7 km – a sharp left turn to a footpath (easy to miss)

The last couple of kilometers to Tunte are next/on the road with not many cars.

Places to stay in Tunte

| Vista Tunte, Camino de Santiago | Rural Suite Santiago de Tunte |

The view of the beautiful town of Arteara from the Camino route

Day 2. Tunte – Cruz de Tejeda, 17 km/10,5 mi

  • Distance – 17 km/10.5 mi
  • Time – 5 hours
  • Total ascent – 1051 m
  • Total descent – 454 m
  • Max elevation – 1629 m
  • Walking surface – 1 km/0,6 mi on asphalt, 16 km/9,9 mi on gravel road/footpath

A route map of the second day of the Camino


  • Iglesia San Bartolome church in Tunte (San Bartolomé de Tirajana) – Beautiful church forms the base of this pilgrimage route.
  • Paso de La Plata – an amazing pass built in the vertical cliffs of the summit to connect the North and South of the island.
  • Mirador de la Cruz Grande – nice viewpoint in two directions, vistas of Caldera de Tirajana one way, and the Cuenca de Chira and the Pinar de Pilancones the other.
  • Los Llanos de la Pez – dense pine forest covering a big part of the hike.
  • Ventana del Nublo – a natural rock arch forming a window through which you can view the spectacular Roque Nublo and its surroundings.  
  • Views of Roque Nublo – Roque Nublo, meaning “Cloud Rock”, is a 65-meter-tall volcanic rock visible from several viewpoints.
  • Mirador Degollada de Becerra – A fantastic lookout from where you can see you can see the most important rock formations on the island; Roque Bentayga and Roque Nublo

San Bartolome Church in Tunte is an important temple on the Camino de Gran Canaria


  • A steep ascent from the start, the first 9 kilometers of this stage you will gain 800 meters of elevation.
  • Paso de La Plata (Silver Pass) the hardest climb of the day is up a stone switchback path that was cut into the mountain 6 km along the trail from Tunte.

Elevation profile of the second day on the Camino

The day starts with a steep uphill walk through the streets of Tunte. You keep on climbing for the first 9,5 km, gaining about 900 meters of elevation in the first 9,5 kilometers.

Shortly after passing the Ventana del Nublo enter the pine forest of Los Llanos de La Pez. From here the climbing is basically over for the day with only about 200 m of elevation gain over the last 8 km. The route alternates between nice wide gravel and pine needles footpaths and a bit more tricky single tracks. Always keep an eye out for a yellow arrow, you should see one about every 200 meters.

The route is well marked on this stage with wooden signs and red crosses and the traditional yellow Camino arrows. Wooden signs for the  S-50 hiking trail indicate the route from Tunte to Cruz de Tejeda. The yellow arrow markings start 1,3 km into the trail in the pine forest on stone and gravel paths, from here you see a marking about every 200 meters.

The Tejeda Variant of the Camino de Santiago de Gran Canaria

The Tejeda Variant of the Camino de Gran Canaria is a detour via the Roque Nublo through the village of Tejeda to Cruz de Tejeda. It’s a longer route 24 km/15 mi vs 17 km/10,5 mi on the standard route with a total ascent of 2000 m and a total descent of 1400 m. If you decide to take that route it’s better to split the day into two stages: Tunte to Garañon – 11 km/6,8 mi and Garañon to Cruz de Tejeda – 15 km/9,3 mi. You can find more information on the variant here.

The split on the Camino de Santiago de Gran Canaria on the second day

Route description

0 km – walk the first 1.1km of paved road exiting the town

1,1 km – short gravel road marked “Camino Real”

1,3 km – stone and gravel path start, mostly steps going up (next 8km)

3 km – pine forest opens up a bit for some nice views

4,5 km – Mirador de la Cruz Grande – nice viewpoint, cross a paved road, a short walk on the road, gravel road continues.

6 – km Paso de La Plata (Silver Pass) rock and gravel path.

8,6 km – Ventana del Nublo, the short trail to the rock arch is well marked. The viewpoint is 200 meters from the main trail.

9,6 km – cross the main road, wider gravel and pine needle path continues

10,6 km – Campsite in the pine forest.

11 km – cross the main road

11,7 km – Variant Marker, clear markers for the 11 km detour to Tejeda

13,3 km – Vista Roque Noble

14 km – keep an eye out for markers, single track, markers here are quite easy to miss

15,2 km – Mirador Degollada de Becerra, one of the most famous viewpoints on the trail.

16 km – single track for the last kilometer to Cruz de Tejeda

Places to stay in Cruz de Tejeda

| Rural Hotel El Refugio | Parador de Cruz de Tejeda |

Ventana del Nubo, a natural rock formation in the shape of an arch

Day 3. Cruz de Tejeda – Gáldar, 22 km/13,6 mi

  • Distance – 22 km/13,6 mi
  • Time – 6 hours
  • Total ascent – 342 m
  • Total descent – 1662 m
  • Max elevation – 1692 m
  • Walking surface – 12 km/7,4 mi on asphalt, 10 km/6,2 mi on gravel road/footpath

A map of the third walking day on the Camino in Gran Canaria


  • Mirador Degollada de Las Palomas – Unique perspectives of Caldera de Tejeda, Roque Noble, and Roque Batayga can be from this amazing viewpoint.
  • Caldera de Pinos de Gáldar – Circular volcanic mountain located to the North West of the Black Mountain.
  • El Montañón Negro Natural Monument – natural monument, recent volcanism in Gran Canaria can be seen in the area.
  • Descent between farmhouses in El Cabezo.


  • The day starts with a steep climb, quickly ascending 150m.
  • From the 4 km/2,4 mi mark, you have a steep descent the whole way, about 18 km/11 mi. This can be tough on your knees and your toes.

Elevation profile of the third day of the Camino

After a steep start for the first kilometer with some nice views, a single track takes you on fairly level ground for about 3 kilometers surrounded by Pines, brooms, lards, and chestnut trees. In this section of the Camino de Gran Canaria, you walk past some nice viewpoints. The next 17 kilometers are steep downhill, about half on a gravel road and half on a paved road.

The trail goes through farmland, forest, and some volcanic scenery. There is some traffic on parts of the paved road. For the last 3 kilometers to Galdar, you will pass banana plantations, rows of prickly pears, and steep downhills with views of the city surrounding the volcanic cone of Montana Galdar. Follow the yellow arrows to the Jacobean temple of Santiago de los Caballeros de Gáldar.

Spectacular scenery on the third day of the Camino

Route description

0 km – A Galdar sign in town points you in the right direction to walk, walk through a big parking area and yellow arrows and a sign saying ‘Artenal’ indicates the way.

0,2 km – gravel single track, very nice rocky mountain views for 1,5 km

1,6 km – Mirador Degollada de las Palomas, single track 

4,9 km – crossroad, walk over a large volcanic area, Pinos de Galdar

5,6 km – check for a yellow arrow at a gap in the barrier, steep down on volcanic gravel for 1.5 km

7 km – hard single track

8,6 km – Paved road, flat, slight downwards

9,3 km – Bar Lomo al Palo, toilet, coffee, sandwich

9,6 km – Gravel and tar road alternates, passing through nice farmlands for 5 kilometers. Little traffic on the tar road, but no shoulder, keep an eye out for the occasional bus or truck.

15 km – Town Saucillo, Casa Pepe – Bar restaurant, well rated, serves typical Canarian food.

16 km – arrow signs get more difficult to spot, keep an eye out not to miss a turn-off.

17,4 – no Camino arrow sign at this junction, follow the pink sign indicating CEIP HOYA PINEDA.

17,8 km – Hoya Pineda, houses, a cafe, and a hotel

18 km – nice gravel track going downhill for about a kilometer

19 km – houses of suburb Anzo, from here the route is not well marked there are official Camino markers at 1 km and 0.4 km to go.

22 km – Parroquia de Santiago Apóstol, Plaza de Santiago. To get your Stamp and Official Certificate come to the church. Opening hours – weekdays 9am–1pm and 4pm–8pm, weekends 9am–12pm and 12:30pm–7:30pm.

Places to stay in Gáldar

| Coqueto apartamento | Gáldar, habitación privada en la playa | Hotel Emblemático Agáldar |

What to pack for the Camino in Gran Canaria?

The Camino de Santiago in Gran Canaria is a short route compared to the other Camino routes you don’t need to bring a lot of clothes with you. Try to pack light for the Camino to make your walk easier.

  • Hiking shoes/trail runners. We walked in our running shoes but light hiking shoes would be better especially if you get some rain in the mountains.
  • A backpack. For this short walk, a 25-30L backpack should be enough.
  • Long pants, 2 pairs. They are better for sun protection and when walking through long grass/bush. I usually wear long yoga pants.
  • Long sleeve tops, 2-3. I prefer walking in long-sleeve running tops for better sun protection. They dry quickly, cover your upper body so you don’t need to put on sunscreen all the time, and pack very small.
  • A fleece. It gets quite chilly up in the mountains even in summer.
  • A rain jacket/a poncho. If you walk during winter months having a thin rain jacket or a rain poncho might be a good idea.
  • Merino wool socks, 3 pairs. We always wear them when going hiking.
  • Flip flops. It’s very nice after a long hiking day to take off your shoes and put on flip-flops.
  • A cap or a hat. The sun up in the mountains is very strong and there is no shade to hide.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Water bottle. One big bottle (1,5L) or two small bottles (1L each).
  • Sunscreen.
  • Clothes for sleeping.
  • Toiletries
  • Personal belongings (camera, phone, chargers, documents, etc.)

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