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Fuerteventura november temperature: Fuerteventura Weather in November – Will the weather be hot?

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Fuerteventura Weather in November – Will the weather be hot?

 The kite festival usually takes place on the Corralejo dunes in November

November is pretty much a transition month – the weather is transitioning towards the winter season, which means that the temperatures will drop a bit and the wind will make its presence felt more than in the previous month.

  • Weather in Fuerteventura in November
  • Can you sunbathe in Fuerteventura in November?
  • Average temperatures in Fuerteventura in November
  • Rainfall
  • Sunshine hours
  • Sea temperature in November in Fuerteventura
  • Is Fuerteventura hot in November?
  • Things to do in November
  • Events in November

November is not as busy as the summer months; it’s actually one of the more quiet months in Fuerteventura since most people will wait to visit in December during the winter holidays.

Weather in Fuerteventura in November

Compared to October, the average temperature drops by about 2°C, but during the daytime, you can still expect temperatures of about 23-24°C, which will feel pretty warm when the sun is out.

The wind starts to pick up strength in November, which is why this is the perfect time of the year for the Kite Festival, which takes place on the beautiful Corralejo dunes in the north of the island. If you are in Fuerteventura in November during the time of this festival, we highly recommend you go and see the wonderful kites that the participants bring with them from countries all over the globe (see more details at the end of this article).

Can you sunbathe in Fuerteventura in November?

Although not as hot as during the summer months, November in Fuerteventura will still be considerably warmer compared to most places in Europe like Germany, France, the UK, or any other country in northern Europe.

As long as the sun is out, it will be hot enough to sunbathe even in November, both in the north and south of the island.

It’s true that the chances of rainy days increase as the month progresses to winter, so your impressions and experience will depend on how long you’re staying. If you’re staying for two weeks or more, you have chances to get one or two rainy or overcast days, but you’ll probably be happy if it’s warm and sunny during the remainder of your time on the island. But if you’re coming for a long weekend or a week you might not be as excited about the weather, which could be a bit more unpredictable in November. But all in all, November in Fuerteventura will still we much hotter compared to the rest of Europe, so if you’re looking for a warm destination in November, Fuerteventura is a very good choice. 

Average temperatures in Fuerteventura in November

The average high temperature in November in Fuerteventura is around 24°C, while at night you can still expect temperatures of around 19°C. At night you will probably need a jacket to feel comfortable, but during the day beach attire will be sufficient when the sun is out.

  • Average high temperature: 24°C  (75.2°F)
  • Average low temperature: 17. 7°C  (63.9°F)
  • Daily mean temperature: 20.8°C  (69.5°F)

In Fuerteventura, the daily mean temperature is 20.8°C  (69.5°F) in October, which is calculated as a mean between the average high temperature of 24°C  (75.2°F) and the average low of 17.7°C  (63.9°F). 

Record low & record high temperatures

The highest temperature ever recorded in Fuerteventura in November (at the Airport station) was 34.8°C and the lowest was 10.5°C.

The wind makes all the difference in how the temperature feels. On large and open beaches the wind will create the sensation of a lower temperature than it really is, while on smaller and protected space the wind will not bother you as much.


  • Average rainfall (mm): 13 mm
  • Average rainy days (>=1mm): 2

Fuerteventura does see a bit more rain in November than October, but the month with the most precipitation remains December.

The average rainfall in November is around 13 mm and this happens over 2 or 3 days, so there’s not much precipitation happening over the course of one day usually.

Sunshine hours

  • Monthly sunshine hours in November: 203
  • Daily average sunshine hours: 7
  • UV Index: 5

Fuerteventura gets an average of 7 hours of sunshine per day in November, while the sun sets at around 18:00 during this month.

Sea temperature in November in Fuerteventura

This is the average sea temperature in November in Corralejo:

  • Average sea temperature in November: 21.2°C / 70.2°F
Can you swim in Fuerteventura in November?

With an average of 21.2°C / 70.2°F, the water is still warm enough to swim. Some may prefer a heated pool at this time of year, so it might be useful to ask if the pool at your hotel is heated in November.

Is Fuerteventura hot in November?

What’s the island like and what’s the weather like in Fuerteventura in November?

See what you can expect in terms of temperatures and rainfall in different parts of the island.

November Weather Average
High °C (°F)
Low °C (°F)
mm (inches)
Sun Hours
Fuerteventura (Airport) 24 (75.2) 17.7 (63.9) 13 (0.51) 2 7
Corralejo 23.4 (74.1) 17.3 (63.1) 11 (0.43) 3 6
Morro Jable (Pajara) 25.1 (77.2) 19.2 (66.6) 4 (0.17) 1 6

Things to do in November

Even if the weather is not always suitable for sunbathing, you should see it as an occasion to explore the island and visit some of the wonderful places around. In November the weather is still pleasant enough to allow for long walks and the heat of the sun will not be a problem anymore like it is during the summer.

Playa del Viejo Rey in La Pared

View of Playa del Viejo Rey in La Pared, Fuerteventura

Located on the west coast of Fuerteventura, Playa La Pared provides amazing views and it’s a favorite place for surfers. Even if you’re not into water sports, you can still take in the beautiful views and explore this area of Fuerteventura, which is less known to visitors who usually stay in the more popular resorts like Caleta de Fuste or Corralejo.

The Colonel’s Route in La Oliva

Each Tuesday and Friday you can visit 5 interesting places in La Oliva, where you can find out more about the historical heritage of La Oliva and Fuerteventura. The route will take around 4 hours, so you will still have the afternoon free to enjoy a few hours on the beach if you want.

Events in November

Fuerteventura Kite Festival

7 – 13 November 2022

In 2022 the Kite Festival has changed its location to a more suitable one and everyone is expecting that it will be a great edition!

This event has a history going back more than 30 years and it has grown continuously during this time. Nowadays participants gather from corners all over the world and it is an attraction for everyone visiting Fuerteventura in November. The Corralejo dunes are the perfect place for the event and provide a gorgeous backdrop for pictures.

Fuerteventura Airport November Weather, Average Temperature (Spain)

Daily high temperatures decrease by 4°F, from 76°F to 72°F, rarely falling below 69°F or exceeding 81°F.

Daily low temperatures decrease by 4°F, from 67°F to 63°F, rarely falling below 59°F or exceeding 70°F.

For reference, on August 19, the hottest day of the year, temperatures at Fuerteventura Airport typically range from 71°F to 81°F, while on January 23, the coldest day of the year, they range from 59°F to 68°F.

Average High and Low Temperature in November at Fuerteventura AirportNov11223344556677889910101111121213131414151516161717181819192020212122222323242425252626272728282929303055°F55°F60°F60°F65°F65°F70°F70°F75°F75°F80°F80°F85°F85°FOctDecNov 176°FNov 176°F67°F67°FNov 3072°FNov 3072°F63°F63°FNov 1175°FNov 1175°F65°F65°F

The daily average high (red line) and low (blue line) temperature, with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands. The thin dotted lines are the corresponding average perceived temperatures.

The figure below shows you a compact characterization of the hourly average temperatures for the quarter of the year centered on November. The horizontal axis is the day, the vertical axis is the hour of the day, and the color is the average temperature for that hour and day.

Average Hourly Temperature in November at Fuerteventura Airport

Average Hourly Temperature in November at Fuerteventura AirportNov11223344556677889910101111121213131414151516161717181819192020212122222323242425252626272728282929303012 AM12 AM2 AM2 AM4 AM4 AM6 AM6 AM8 AM8 AM10 AM10 AM12 PM12 PM2 PM2 PM4 PM4 PM6 PM6 PM8 PM8 PM10 PM10 PM12 AM12 AMOctDeccoolcoolcomfortablewarm

very cold

The average hourly temperature, color coded into bands. The shaded overlays indicate night and civil twilight.

Mala, Peru (5,067 miles away) is the far-away foreign place with temperatures most similar to Fuerteventura Airport (view comparison).

© OpenStreetMap contributors

Compare Fuerteventura Airport to another city:


The month of November at Fuerteventura Airport experiences essentially constant cloud cover, with the percentage of time that the sky is overcast or mostly cloudy remaining about 36% throughout the month.

The clearest day of the month is November 29, with clear, mostly clear, or partly cloudy conditions 65% of the time.

For reference, on October 29, the cloudiest day of the year, the chance of overcast or mostly cloudy conditions is 37%, while on July 19, the clearest day of the year, the chance of clear, mostly clear, or partly cloudy skies is 98%.

Cloud Cover Categories in November at Fuerteventura Airport

Cloud Cover Categories in November at Fuerteventura AirportNov1122334455667788991010111112121313141415151616171718181919202021212222232324242525262627272828292930300%100%10%90%20%80%30%70%40%60%50%50%60%40%70%30%80%20%90%10%100%0%OctDecNov 163%Nov 163%Nov 3065%Nov 3065%Nov 1163%Nov 1163%clearmostly clearpartly cloudymostly cloudyovercast

mostly clear
partly cloudy
mostly cloudy

The percentage of time spent in each cloud cover band, categorized by the percentage of the sky covered by clouds.

A wet day is one with at least 0.04 inches of liquid or liquid-equivalent precipitation. At Fuerteventura Airport, the chance of a wet day over the course of November is essentially constant, remaining around 5% throughout.

For reference, the year’s highest daily chance of a wet day is 7% on December 7, and its lowest chance is 0% on June 28.

Probability of Precipitation in November at Fuerteventura Airport

Probability of Precipitation in November at Fuerteventura AirportNov1122334455667788991010111112121313141415151616171718181919202021212222232324242525262627272828292930300%0%1%1%2%2%3%3%4%4%5%5%6%6%7%7%OctDecNov 15%Nov 15%Nov 306%Nov 306%Nov 115%Nov 115%rain

The percentage of days in which various types of precipitation are observed, excluding trace quantities: rain alone, snow alone, and mixed (both rain and snow fell in the same day).


To show variation within the month and not just the monthly total, we show the rainfall accumulated over a sliding 31-day period centered around each day.

The average sliding 31-day rainfall during November at Fuerteventura Airport is essentially constant, remaining about 0.4 inches throughout, and rarely exceeding 1.6 inches.

Average Monthly Rainfall in November at Fuerteventura Airport

Average Monthly Rainfall in November at Fuerteventura AirportNov1122334455667788991010111112121313141415151616171718181919202021212222232324242525262627272828292930300. 0 in0.0 in0.5 in0.5 in1.0 in1.0 in1.5 in1.5 inOctDecNov 10.3 inNov 10.3 inNov 300.5 inNov 300.5 inNov 110.4 inNov 110.4 in

The average rainfall (solid line) accumulated over the course of a sliding 31-day period centered on the day in question, with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands. The thin dotted line is the corresponding average snowfall.

Over the course of November at Fuerteventura Airport, the length of the day is decreasing. From the start to the end of the month, the length of the day decreases by 35 minutes, implying an average daily decrease of 1 minute, 12 seconds, and weekly decrease of 8 minutes, 21 seconds.

The shortest day of the month is November 30, with 10 hours, 29 minutes of daylight and the longest day is November 1, with 11 hours, 4 minutes of daylight.

Hours of Daylight and Twilight in November at Fuerteventura Airport

Hours of Daylight and Twilight in November at Fuerteventura AirportNov1122334455667788991010111112121313141415151616171718181919202021212222232324242525262627272828292930300 hr24 hr4 hr20 hr8 hr16 hr12 hr12 hr16 hr8 hr20 hr4 hr24 hr0 hrOctDecnightnightdaydayNov 111 hr, 4 minNov 111 hr, 4 minNov 3010 hr, 29 minNov 3010 hr, 29 min

The number of hours during which the Sun is visible (black line). From bottom (most yellow) to top (most gray), the color bands indicate: full daylight, twilight (civil, nautical, and astronomical), and full night.

The earliest sunrise of the month at Fuerteventura Airport is 7:07 AM on November 1 and the latest sunrise is 22 minutes later at 7:29 AM on November 30.

The latest sunset is 6:10 PM on November 1 and the earliest sunset is 12 minutes earlier at 5:58 PM on November 30.

Daylight saving time is observed at Fuerteventura Airport during 2023, but it neither starts nor ends during November, so the entire month is in standard time.

For reference, on June 21, the longest day of the year, the Sun rises at 6:58 AM and sets 13 hours, 57 minutes later, at 8:55 PM, while on December 22, the shortest day of the year, it rises at 7:43 AM and sets 10 hours, 20 minutes later, at 6:03 PM.

Sunrise & Sunset with Twilight and Daylight Saving Time in November at Fuerteventura Airport

Sunrise & Sunset with Twilight and Daylight Saving Time in November at Fuerteventura AirportNov1122334455667788991010111112121313141415151616171718181919202021212222232324242525262627272828292930302 AM4 AM6 AM8 AM10 AM12 PM2 PM4 PM6 PM8 PM10 PM12 AMOctDec7:07 AM7:07 AMNov 16:10 PMNov 16:10 PM7:29 AM7:29 AMNov 305:58 PMNov 305:58 PM7:18 AM7:18 AMNov 166:01 PMNov 166:01 PMSolarMidnightSolarMidnightSolarNoonSunriseSunset

The solar day over the course of November. From bottom to top, the black lines are the previous solar midnight, sunrise, solar noon, sunset, and the next solar midnight. The day, twilights (civil, nautical, and astronomical), and night are indicated by the color bands from yellow to gray.

The figure below presents a compact representation of the sun’s elevation (the angle of the sun above the horizon) and azimuth (its compass bearing) for every hour of every day in the reporting period. The horizontal axis is the day of the year and the vertical axis is the hour of the day. For a given day and hour of that day, the background color indicates the azimuth of the sun at that moment. The black isolines are contours of constant solar elevation.

Solar Elevation and Azimuth in November at Fuerteventura Airport

Solar Elevation and Azimuth in November at Fuerteventura AirportNov11223344556677889910101111121213131414151516161717181819192020212122222323242425252626272728282929303012 AM12 AM2 AM2 AM4 AM4 AM6 AM6 AM8 AM8 AM10 AM10 AM12 PM12 PM2 PM2 PM4 PM4 PM6 PM6 PM8 PM8 PM10 PM10 PM12 AM12 AMOctDec010102020203040405000010202030303050


Solar elevation and azimuth over the course of November 2023. The black lines are lines of constant solar elevation (the angle of the sun above the horizon, in degrees). The background color fills indicate the azimuth (the compass bearing) of the sun. The lightly tinted areas at the boundaries of the cardinal compass points indicate the implied intermediate directions (northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest).

The figure below presents a compact representation of key lunar data for November 2023. The horizontal axis is the day, the vertical axis is the hour of the day, and the colored areas indicate when the moon is above the horizon. The vertical gray bars (new Moons) and blue bars (full Moons) indicate key Moon phases. The label associated with each bar indicates the date and time that the phase is obtained, and the companion time labels indicate the rise and set times of the Moon for the nearest time interval in which the moon is above the horizon.

Moon Rise, Set & Phases in November at Fuerteventura Airport

Moon Rise, Set & Phases in November at Fuerteventura AirportNov11223344556677889910101111121213131414151516161717181819192020212122222323242425252626272728282929303012 AM12 AM4 AM4 AM8 AM8 AM12 PM12 PM4 PM4 PM8 PM8 PM12 AM12 AMOctDecOct 146:56 PMOct 146:56 PMOct 289:25 PMOct 289:25 PMNov 139:28 AMNov 139:28 AMNov 279:17 AMNov 279:17 AMDec 1211:33 PMDec 1211:33 PMDec 2712:34 AMDec 2712:34 AM7:34 AM7:34 AM7:25 PM7:25 PM7:03 PM7:03 PM7:39 AM7:39 AM7:17 AM7:17 AM6:04 PM6:04 PM5:14 PM5:14 PM7:32 AM7:32 AM7:09 AM7:09 AM5:29 PM5:29 PM5:33 PM5:33 PM8:21 AM8:21 AM

The time in which the moon is above the horizon (light blue area), with new moons (dark gray lines) and full moons (blue lines) indicated. The shaded overlays indicate night and civil twilight.

Nov 2023 Illumination Moonrise Moonset Moonrise Meridian Passing Distance
1 87% 10:54 AM WNW 9:03 PM ENE 3:31 AM S 239,593 mi
2 79% 11:51 AM WNW 9:59 PM ENE 4:27 AM S 243,018 mi
3 70% 12:41 PM WNW 10:57 PM ENE 5:22 AM S 246,095 mi
4 61% 1:25 PM WNW 11:54 PM ENE 6:13 AM S 248,590 mi
5 50% 2:02 PM WNW 7:01 AM S 250,338 mi
6 41% 12:51 AM ENE 2:35 PM WNW 7:45 AM S 251,250 mi
7 32% 1:45 AM ENE 3:04 PM WNW 8:27 AM S 251,311 mi
8 23% 2:39 AM E 3:32 PM W 9:07 AM S 250,573 mi
9 15% 3:31 AM E 3:59 PM W 9:46 AM S 249,146 mi
10 9% 4:25 AM E 4:26 PM W 10:26 AM S 247,182 mi
11 4% 5:19 AM E 4:55 PM WSW 11:07 AM S 244,862 mi
12 1% 6:17 AM ESE 5:27 PM WSW 11:52 AM S 242,374 mi
13 0% 7:17 AM ESE 6:04 PM WSW 12:40 PM S 239,895 mi
14 2% 8:20 AM ESE 6:48 PM WSW 1:34 PM S 237,573 mi
15 6% 9:25 AM ESE 7:39 PM WSW 2:32 PM S 235,513 mi
16 12% 10:29 AM ESE 8:38 PM WSW 3:34 PM S 233,773 mi
17 21% 11:28 AM ESE 9:43 PM WSW 4:36 PM S 232,364 mi
18 31% 12:20 PM ESE 10:51 PM WSW 5:36 PM S 231,273 mi
19 42% 1:06 PM ESE 11:59 PM WSW 6:33 PM S 230,479 mi
20 50% 1:45 PM ESE 7:25 PM S 229,978 mi
21 66% 1:05 AM WSW 2:21 PM E 8:15 PM S 229,795 mi
22 76% 2:10 AM W 2:54 PM E 9:02 PM S 229,980 mi
23 86% 3:13 AM W 3:26 PM E 9:49 PM S 230,602 mi
24 93% 4:17 AM W 3:59 PM ENE 10:37 PM S 231,724 mi
25 98% 5:21 AM WNW 4:35 PM ENE 11:27 PM S 233,376 mi
26 99% 6:26 AM WNW 5:14 PM ENE
27 100% 7:32 AM WNW 5:59 PM ENE 12:20 AM S 235,535 mi
28 99% 8:37 AM WNW 6:50 PM ENE 1:16 AM S 238,107 mi
29 97% 9:37 AM WNW 7:45 PM ENE 2:13 AM S 240,931 mi
30 92% 10:31 AM WNW 8:43 PM ENE 3:09 AM S 243,791 mi

We base the humidity comfort level on the dew point, as it determines whether perspiration will evaporate from the skin, thereby cooling the body. Lower dew points feel drier and higher dew points feel more humid. Unlike temperature, which typically varies significantly between night and day, dew point tends to change more slowly, so while the temperature may drop at night, a muggy day is typically followed by a muggy night.

The chance that a given day will be muggy at Fuerteventura Airport is very rapidly decreasing during November, falling from 32% to 5% over the course of the month.

For reference, on August 31, the muggiest day of the year, there are muggy conditions 71% of the time, while on January 13, the least muggy day of the year, there are muggy conditions 1% of the time.

Humidity Comfort Levels in November at Fuerteventura Airport

Humidity Comfort Levels in November at Fuerteventura AirportNov1122334455667788991010111112121313141415151616171718181919202021212222232324242525262627272828292930300%0%10%10%20%20%30%30%40%40%50%50%60%60%70%70%80%80%90%90%100%100%OctDecNov 132%Nov 132%Nov 305%Nov 305%Nov 1121%Nov 1121%muggymuggyhumidhumidcomfortablecomfortabledrydryoppressiveoppressive


The percentage of time spent at various humidity comfort levels, categorized by dew point.

This section discusses the wide-area hourly average wind vector (speed and direction) at 10 meters above the ground. The wind experienced at any given location is highly dependent on local topography and other factors, and instantaneous wind speed and direction vary more widely than hourly averages.

The average hourly wind speed at Fuerteventura Airport is gradually increasing during November, increasing from 12.2 miles per hour to 13.1 miles per hour over the course of the month.

For reference, on July 17, the windiest day of the year, the daily average wind speed is 17.4 miles per hour, while on October 14, the calmest day of the year, the daily average wind speed is 11.8 miles per hour.

Average Wind Speed in November at Fuerteventura Airport

Average Wind Speed in November at Fuerteventura AirportNov1122334455667788991010111112121313141415151616171718181919202021212222232324242525262627272828292930300 mph0 mph5 mph5 mph20 mph20 mph25 mph25 mph30 mph30 mphOctDecNov 112. 2 mphNov 112.2 mphNov 3013.1 mphNov 3013.1 mphNov 1613.0 mphNov 1613.0 mph

The average of mean hourly wind speeds (dark gray line), with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands.

The hourly average wind direction at Fuerteventura Airport throughout November is predominantly from the north, with a peak proportion of 63% on November 1.

Wind Direction in November at Fuerteventura Airport

Wind Direction in November at Fuerteventura AirportNENov1122334455667788991010111112121313141415151616171718181919202021212222232324242525262627272828292930300%100%20%80%40%60%60%40%80%20%100%0%OctDeceastnorthwestsouth


The percentage of hours in which the mean wind direction is from each of the four cardinal wind directions, excluding hours in which the mean wind speed is less than 1.0 mph. The lightly tinted areas at the boundaries are the percentage of hours spent in the implied intermediate directions (northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest).

Fuerteventura Airport is located near a large body of water (e.g., ocean, sea, or large lake). This section reports on the wide-area average surface temperature of that water.

The average surface water temperature at Fuerteventura Airport is gradually decreasing during November, falling by 3°F, from 72°F to 69°F, over the course of the month.

Average Water Temperature in November at Fuerteventura Airport

Average Water Temperature in November at Fuerteventura AirportNov11223344556677889910101111121213131414151516161717181819192020212122222323242425252626272728282929303064°F64°F66°F66°F68°F68°F70°F70°F72°F72°F74°F74°F76°F76°FOctDecNov 172°FNov 172°FNov 3069°FNov 3069°FNov 1171°FNov 1171°F

The daily average water temperature (purple line), with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands.

Definitions of the growing season vary throughout the world, but for the purposes of this report, we define it as the longest continuous period of non-freezing temperatures (≥ 32°F) in the year (the calendar year in the Northern Hemisphere, or from July 1 until June 30 in the Southern Hemisphere).

Temperatures at Fuerteventura Airport are sufficiently warm year round that it is not entirely meaningful to discuss the growing season in these terms. We nevertheless include the chart below as an illustration of the distribution of temperatures experienced throughout the year.

Time Spent in Various Temperature Bands and the Growing Season in November at Fuerteventura Airport

Time Spent in Various Temperature Bands and the Growing Season in November at Fuerteventura AirportNov1122334455667788991010111112121313141415151616171718181919202021212222232324242525262627272828292930300%100%10%90%20%80%30%70%40%60%50%50%60%40%70%30%80%20%90%10%100%0%OctDec100%Nov 16100%Nov 16coolcomfortablewarm

very cold

The percentage of time spent in various temperature bands. The black line is the percentage chance that a given day is within the growing season.

Growing degree days are a measure of yearly heat accumulation used to predict plant and animal development, and defined as the integral of warmth above a base temperature, discarding any excess above a maximum temperature. In this report, we use a base of 50°F and a cap of 86°F.

The average accumulated growing degree days at Fuerteventura Airport are rapidly increasing during November, increasing by 569°F, from 6,052°F to 6,620°F, over the course of the month.

Growing Degree Days in November at Fuerteventura Airport

Growing Degree Days in November at Fuerteventura AirportNov1122334455667788991010111112121313141415151616171718181919202021212222232324242525262627272828292930305,800°F5,800°F6,000°F6,000°F6,200°F6,200°F6,400°F6,400°F6,600°F6,600°F6,800°F6,800°F7,000°F7,000°FOctDecNov 16,052°FNov 16,052°FNov 306,620°FNov 306,620°FNov 166,361°FNov 166,361°F

The average growing degree days accumulated over the course of November, with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands.

This section discusses the total daily incident shortwave solar energy reaching the surface of the ground over a wide area, taking full account of seasonal variations in the length of the day, the elevation of the Sun above the horizon, and absorption by clouds and other atmospheric constituents. Shortwave radiation includes visible light and ultraviolet radiation.

The average daily incident shortwave solar energy at Fuerteventura Airport is gradually decreasing during November, falling by 0.8 kWh, from 4.4 kWh to 3.6 kWh, over the course of the month.

Average Daily Incident Shortwave Solar Energy in November at Fuerteventura Airport

Average Daily Incident Shortwave Solar Energy in November at Fuerteventura AirportNov1122334455667788991010111112121313141415151616171718181919202021212222232324242525262627272828292930300 kWh0 kWh2 kWh2 kWh3 kWh3 kWh4 kWh4 kWh5 kWh5 kWh5 kWh5 kWh6 kWh6 kWhOctDecNov 14.4 kWhNov 14. 4 kWhNov 303.6 kWhNov 303.6 kWhNov 163.9 kWhNov 163.9 kWh

The average daily shortwave solar energy reaching the ground per square meter (orange line), with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands.

This report illustrates the typical weather at Fuerteventura Airport, based on a statistical analysis of historical hourly weather reports and model reconstructions from January 1, 1980 to December 31, 2016.

Temperature and Dew Point

Fuerteventura Airport has a weather station that reported reliably enough during the analysis period that we have included it in our network. When available, historical temperature and dew point measurements are taken directly from this weather station. These records are obtained from NOAA’s Integrated Surface Hourly data set, falling back on ICAO METAR records as required.

In the case of missing or erroneous measurements from this station, we fall back on records from nearby stations, adjusted according to typical seasonal and diurnal intra-station differences. For a given day of the year and hour of the day, the fallback station is selected to minimize the prediction error over the years for which there are measurements for both stations.

The stations on which we may fall back are Lanzarote Airport and Hassan I Airport.

Other Data

All data relating to the Sun’s position (e.g., sunrise and sunset) are computed using astronomical formulas from the book, Astronomical Algorithms 2nd Edition , by Jean Meeus.

All other weather data, including cloud cover, precipitation, wind speed and direction, and solar flux, come from NASA’s MERRA-2 Modern-Era Retrospective Analysis . This reanalysis combines a variety of wide-area measurements in a state-of-the-art global meteorological model to reconstruct the hourly history of weather throughout the world on a 50-kilometer grid.

Land Use data comes from the Global Land Cover SHARE database , published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Elevation data comes from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) , published by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Names, locations, and time zones of places and some airports come from the GeoNames Geographical Database .

Time zones for airports and weather stations are provided by .

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We draw particular cautious attention to our reliance on the MERRA-2 model-based reconstructions for a number of important data series. While having the tremendous advantages of temporal and spatial completeness, these reconstructions: (1) are based on computer models that may have model-based errors, (2) are coarsely sampled on a 50 km grid and are therefore unable to reconstruct the local variations of many microclimates, and (3) have particular difficulty with the weather in some coastal areas, especially small islands.

Lanzarote weather late november: Lanzarote weather in November ()

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Weather in Lanzarote during November



Average high


UV Index


Monthly rainfall


Sea temperature

As a winter-sun destination, Lanzarote is very pleasant during November. Daytime and nighttime temperatures are usually warm. Pack a hoody just in case the sea breezes make the nights feel a touch cold. The sea is warm year-round in Lanzarote and is ideal for swimming. We’ve looked at the most up-to-date weather data for Lanzarote, covering the last 12 years up to 2023, plus we’ve asked our team of travel bloggers for their first-hand experiences in order to answer the most frequently asked questions about Lanzarote weather in November.

How warm is it in Lanzarote during November?

The temperature is extremely stable in November with average highs of 22℃ and lows just 2℃ lower at 20℃. The UV index will be moderate at this time of year, so not something to worry about for the average person. However, if you’re going to be outside for long periods it’s worth wearing a broad spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen and UV-blocking sunglasses. Remember that bright surfaces, such as water and sand increase UV exposure.

Does it rain in Lanzarote during November?

On average, in November you’ll see rain on just one day in the month. In other words, you shouldn’t see any of the wet stuff. There’s a small chance that you’ll catch a thunderstorm during your trip.

Is it windy in Lanzarote during November?

Expect moderate breeze becoming stronger at times during November, with occasional gusts up to 19mph. With warm air temperatures and high humidity, any breeze will feel warm but refreshing.

How warm is the sea in Lanzarote during November?

The water temperature around Lanzarote reaches a pleasant 22℃ during November. While generally considered warm, some people might find it a little on the cool side on entering the water.

Things to do in Lanzarote

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Weather in Lanzarote

Our month-by-month guide to the weather and climate in Lanzarote

Lanzarote weather in


Lanzarote weather in


Lanzarote weather in


Lanzarote weather in


Lanzarote weather in


Lanzarote weather in


Lanzarote weather in


Lanzarote weather in


Lanzarote weather in


Lanzarote weather in


Lanzarote weather in


Lanzarote weather in


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weather in Lansarot tomorrow, Lansarot Forecast for tomorrow, Canary Islands, Spain

Mon, 30 Jan


9000 +745


W, 31 Jan

Tomorrow 9000 +745

9000 +1254 +1254

SR, 1 Feb



0 00

3 00

6 00


18 00

21 00





9000 +1152



+745 9000 +74000 +74000 +74000 +74000 +74000 +74000 +74000 +74000 +74000 +74000 +74000 +74000 +74000 +74000 +74000 +74000 +74ITA m/skkm/h

2-8 7-29

3-8 11-29

3-8 11-29

3-9 11-32

5-9 18-32

5-90 18-32

4-8 14-29

3-9 11-32

Precipitation, mm

Print. ..

Wind, m/skm/h

Mon, 30

W, 31 Jan, tomorrow

cr, 1

0 00 0026

3 00

6 00

00 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 15 00

18 00

21 00



Mon, 30

Tue, Jan 31, tomorrow

Wed, 1

0 00

3 00

6 00

9 00

12 00

15 00

18 00

21 00









Sun and Moon

Mon, 30

W, 31 Jan, tomorrow

Wed, 1,

Longna day: 10 h 51 min

Sunrise – 7:50

Sunset – 18:41

Tomorrow is 1 minute longer than today

The moon is growing, 77%

Rise – 13:33 (January 30)

Sunset – 3:48

Full moon – February 5, in 6 days

, баллы

Пн, 30

Вт, 31 янв, завтра

Ср, 1

0 00

3 00

6 00

9 00

12 00

15 00









Santa Brihida

Valsekilo de Granarii

Sant -Maria de Guia de Gran Canaria

San Bartolome de Tirajana



Santa Lucia de Tirajana


Las Palmas



La Aldea de San Nicolás


Gran Canaria

Santa Cruz de Tenerife


What to do during this time

November in Tunis
is the struggle between autumn and winter. Sandy winds are blowing more and more often at this time, it is raining. At night it is already chilly and humid, and the sun appears in the sky less and less. You can only admire the sea, and then, not on a peaceful surface, but on a living bubbling water mass. Average air temperature during the day: +21 degrees.

in November is more rainy and overcast. Of course, there are no colds as such yet, but as soon as the sun disappears, it becomes chilly. Strong winds often rise on the coast, disturbing the water and catching up gray clouds. The highest air temperature is in the east and south of the country. So, in Malaga, during the day the thermometer rises to +20 degrees, in Madrid it ranges from +5 to +13 degrees.

B Greece
in November
, the rainy season begins, which can go on for several days without ceasing, especially from the second half of the month. Swimming at this time is cold. The average air temperature drops below +18 degrees. Autumn is not the most long-awaited time of the year here.

In United Arab Emirates
in November, that unbearable heat that drives Europeans crazy begins to finally subside. In Dubai, for example, in the afternoon around +31
C, which is quite comfortable. The level of air humidity on the coast is still somewhat elevated, while inland it is less.

November opens in Thailand
dry season, which will last until February. The air temperature during the dry season during the day is kept at around 24-27 C. On the coast in Thailand, you can swim and sunbathe.

In Egypt

November is called the beginning of the “cold” season, as the air temperature gets a little lower and strong winds blow. However, this period can be called “cold” with a big stretch, in the seaside resorts of the Sinai Peninsula during the day it is 28 degrees, at night it is usually not lower than 19ºС.

But November in Turkey

– this is a real autumn with yellowed foliage on the trees. The average air temperature is about +17 °C, the water in the sea cools down, and it does not look as friendly as in summer. It often rains, which can last for many hours.

Weather in Mexico
in November is wonderful, the unbearable heat ends by this time, the air warms up to an average of only +29 degrees. The season of tropical rains and storms is also waning. The level of humidity in the air stabilizes, which has a positive effect on the overall well-being of the body. However, the possibility of precipitation should not be completely ruled out.

Weather in November in France
, of course, is not the most pleasant from 5 to 17 degrees, everything can change quickly, the sun gives way to rain, and then looks out again.

In November in England
is very rainy and cold and strong winds blow, and in some places hurricanes. The air temperature does not exceed +10 degrees.

Weather in Germany
in November is also not high – +10-13 degrees, but not as rainy as in England, although the sky is constantly overcast. The thermometer mark usually does not fall below zero, so, in general, the weather is comfortable if you dress warmly.

The weather in Moscow in November is one of the most tedious
nine0412: there is no trace of the golden autumn, and there can be no talk of a comfortable winter yet.

November, frankly, is not the best month for a trip to Moscow, but the capricious and changeable November weather can suddenly turn out to be favorable.

What is the weather forecast for November in Moscow?

is the pre-winter period, the transitional period between the seasons. “In November, seven weather in the yard”
– the saying is true and, as they say, suffered. The weather constantly balances around 0°C. nine0003

Average air temperature

Average temperature
in early November is approximately +3°C (+4°C during the day and +3°C at night). At the end of November, the average temperature is already -3°C (-3°C during the day and -4°C at night).

The air temperature continues to drop steadily on the eve of winter, and gradually move to only minus marks.

Other weather “charms”

November is characterized by rather high humidity
nine0412 on average 86%, and it increases from 84% at the beginning of the month to 88% by the end of the month. On average, out of 30 November days, only two are clear.

Most precipitation in the eleventh month of the year varied
. Often the snow that began to fall at night turns into sleet in the morning, and in the middle of the day already into rain. The snow cover is still unstable: sometimes it melts and turns into puddles, sometimes it freezes and creates ice.

In addition, November is considered the darkest month of the year. In, of course, daylight hours are shortened even more, but snow creates more illumination. nine0003

Peculiarities of a November holiday in the capital

November in Moscow has its advantages and disadvantages, and it is better to learn about them not at the entrance to one of the capital’s railway stations, but in advance

Pros and Cons

Moscow November are obvious – this is unstable weather. But there are pluses: it is precisely due to its instability that the November dankness can suddenly turn into unexpected warmth, or vice versa, a very light invigorating frost. Anything is better than mud. nine0003

And November is a wonderful month for those who appreciate comfort
. At no other time of the year is a cup of hot tea, coffee or a glass of mulled wine more enjoyable than in November. As for cultural life, the “dead” summer season is far in the past. The closer to winter, the richer Moscow life becomes with various interesting events.

How to dress?

The main thing is to choose warm and waterproof at the same time
clothing and footwear. You should take care of the headgear – without it it will most likely be uncomfortable. However, it is worth considering that in Moscow it is always much warmer than on the street, and be prepared for the fact that in the cars you will have to unbutton jackets, take off hats, and unwind scarves. nine0003

In addition, Moscow sidewalks are often sprinkled with reagents to avoid ice
. This will save you from falling on the ice, but the reagents do not affect shoes in the best way.

What to do at this time?

You can go to see the main capitals or walk in the parks, although the vagaries of the weather will often drive you to the numerous warm and cozy Moscow cafes

November in Moscow is a time of numerous holidays and interesting bright festivals. nine0003

What is worth seeing?

If the weather fails, Moscow is ready to offer a lot of events
and in warm enclosed spaces.

Museums, theaters, various exhibitions, concerts of Russian and foreign stars – the cultural life of Moscow in November is in full swing
. Of course, night clubs are also “on the alert”. Better, of course, to be somewhere under the roof. For example, you can visit:

  • Tretyakov Gallery
    nine0412 ;
  • Moskvarium
  • Historical Museum
  • anti-cinema “Kino House”
  • Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery
  • Bolshoi Theater
  • Happylon Magic Park
  • theatre. Vakhtangov
  • wind tunnel “Airstream”

Holidays and festivals

  1. November 4 – National Unity Day
    nine0412 . A festive procession, a concert (usually on Manezhnaya Square) and a number of other celebrations are the obligatory attributes of this holiday.
  2. November 7 – Day of the October Revolution of 1917
    . It is clear that there is no trace of the scope of the Soviet times; today this holiday has become rather exotic. But the mass of red flags against the background of the gray November city is, in any case, a beautiful sight.
  3. For several years in a row, Gostiny Dvor hosts Igrocon
    is a board game festival that has been long awaited in Russia. nine0548

And most importantly – do not forget about the various gastronomic festivals
. November weather in Moscow is very conducive to visiting them.

In this video
you can see what the weather is like in Moscow in November:

According to our observations, as well as reviews of tourists who have visited Belarus, we can say that the weather in Kemer in September is expected to be mediocre. The average daily air temperature in November is 3.5
° С, while the night air temperature will be 0.4

Weather in November

Is it worth going to Mir for a holiday in November?


Taking into account all available weather data in the World in November (air and water temperature, amount and intensity of rains, cloudiness, day length and wind strength), we calculated the level of comfort at this resort, which was 46.7
%. Please also note that the comfort level in December will be lower and will be 45.1

Comfort level by months

On the graph below you can see the comfort level in the World calculated by us for each month. The most comfortable months for holidays in the World are August, June and July. Months with the minimum level of comfort are November, December and January.

Monthly comparison of weather in Mir

Select the month you are interested in from the list below if you want to receive detailed information about the weather in Mir at other times.

Air temperature in the World in November

During the daytime air temperature in November ranges from -2.8°C to 7.3°C, at night from -5.9°C to -5.9°C respectively. At the same time, the average air temperature is 3.5
°C during the day, and 0.4
°C at night. The difference between daytime and nighttime air temperatures reaches 3.1°C on average per month.

Rainy days and precipitation in November

Average precipitation for November in the World 47
mm of precipitation, as a rule, about 5
rainy days. According to our observations and hysmeteo data, the probability of rainy weather is 22.2
%. In this case, most often it will be a light drizzle.

Sunny, cloudy and cloudy days

In the World in November, as a rule, there are about 4 sunny, 5 cloudy and 21 cloudy days. The length of daylight hours (from dawn to dusk) is 8 hours and 38 minutes. The number of hours of sunshine when the sun’s rays reach the earth’s surface, taking into account the average cloud cover for the month, is 2 hours and 19 minutes per day.

Wind in the World in November

The graph below shows the probability of winds of various strengths during the month. At the same time, the average wind speed in the World in November is 12.4

Weather in November in other resorts of Belarus

We bring to your attention brief data on the weather in other popular resorts of Belarus in November. Select the resort you are interested in to get more detailed information.


Name Air temperature
during the day
Air temperature
at night
Rainy days
World 3.5
5 days
(47 mm)
Minsk 2.6
4 days
47. 3

When it’s cold and rainy outside, it’s time to travel! We have chosen the TOP 7 countries where you can go to relax at sea in November 2020: it is dry, warm and sunny there. nine0003

In a dull November, it is especially pleasant to go to a sunny country, listen to the sound of the surf and soak up the warm sea water. Feel free to take a vacation – in November you can catch tasty destinations!


Boldly and decisively go on a beach holiday in November 2020 to Israel. Better – to the Red Sea in Eilat and the resorts of the Dead Sea to swim and sunbathe. The weather there is ideal, in my opinion: during the day on average +23 … + 27 ° С, at night + 16 ° С, the water in the sea is +23 … + 26 ° С. No heat and no rain. And it’s also convenient that we have a visa-free regime with Israel! nine0003

In November, you can fly to Israel relatively inexpensively (compared to the high season) if you catch a last-minute tour.

What to do?
While there are no pilgrims, go to holy places: Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem. Visit the Bahai Gardens in Haifa, see Tel Aviv and Jaffa. Relax on the Dead Sea and go snorkeling or diving in .

(Photo by tsaiproject / / Licensed under CC BY 2.0)


Where is the most comfortable place to relax in November abroad? Very good in the UAE: during the day +30°С, at night +18…+20°С, the sea is warm +23…+25°С. The weather is ideal for beach holidays and excursions. Sometimes it rains, but it passes quickly. nine0003

Tours and hotels in the UAE are more expensive in November because there are many tourists.

Interested in Vietnam?
This is our favorite country and we have a lot about it (because we lived and traveled there for many months!). A big plus of the republic is a simplified visa regime for Russians: up to two weeks a visa is not needed, but for a longer period of time.

What to do?
In Mui Ne, the sea is rough, so it is ideal for surfing and kitesurfing. For snorkeling and diving, go to Phu Quoc where visibility is good. Visit the huge Vinperl Park in Nha Trang or Fukuoka – there will be enough entertainment and attractions for the whole day! Take an excursion to Ho Chi Minh City, Halong Bay, Dalat or Sapa. nine0003

(Photo by / @wild_away)


A full-fledged beach holiday in China in November is only possible, in other seaside resorts it is already cold. You can have a great rest in 2020 at the sea in Sanya: in November, the sea is warm + 25 ° С, the air temperature is + 28 ° С.

What to do? The water is so clear that you can safely explore the depths of the sea. Tours to local attractions are popular: Pirate Island, Butterfly Museum, Ma An Volcano and Dong Tian Temple Complex. Take a tour of the Great Wall of China and Shanghai – great shopping and towering skyscrapers. Dress warmly, megacities are located much to the north. nine0003

(Photo / @chasta03)


It is relatively inexpensive to have a rest on the sea in November in the Maldives – prices are lower compared to December. If you dreamed of visiting the paradise islands, it is worth flying in November.

By the way, we know how to spend a holiday! We independently visited 4 islands: Rasdhoo and Male. We share useful tips in this article.

November is a transitional month. Dry weather is setting in, but there may still be rain. The air temperature is +30°C, the water is clear and warm +28°C. The driest region – Haa Alifu Atoll
, rainy in the center of the archipelago: Faafu, Baa, Male, Ari.

What to do?
There are few excursions in the Maldives: diving, snorkeling, sea fishing, trips to uninhabited islands and a picnic island, romantic dinners on the beach, water skiing, canoe rental – these are the main entertainments. Tourists in the majority lazily wallow on the beaches.

The uninhabited islands of Madivaru, 1 km from Rasdhoo. You can come here for a tour. From one island to another you can walk right across the ocean (500 meters).

Best hot weather in november in europe: Where is it hot in November? 10 destinations in Europe

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Where is hot in November? Top winter sun holiday destinations 2021

Escape to Mauritius – or any of these November winter sun hotspots (Picture: Getty)

As things get frosty throughout November, you can’t be blamed for seeking a bit of sun.

Catching some golden rays on a white sandy beach somewhere far, far away? Sounds like music to our ears.

An action-packed adventure itinerary, completed glowing of sunshine would also be a dream come true.

With travel now more open than it has been for quite some time, it’s not totally impossible to think a winter sun-focused November getaway could be on the cards.

So, where are the hottest and best weather-friendly destinations for this chilly month?

Let’s take a look at a few options around the globe.

Where is hot in November?

Le Morne Brabant on Mauritius (Picture: Getty)


Temperature: 29°C
Sunshine hours: Eight
Flight time: 12 hours, 55 minutes

In the Indian Ocean, you’ll find the East African country of Mauritius – up there with The Seychelles and Maldives as one of the world’s most famous and beautiful island destinations.

Glistening beaches, reefs to snorkel and oceans to swim in make Mauritius an excellent option for those who prefer to sunbathe all day. Evenings are warm at 20°C, so you won’t need to wrap up too much to enjoy the nighttime.

For the active traveller, Mauritius has lots to offer, too. Here, you can do just about every water sport under the sun, hike through rainforests, climb mountains and discover wildlife.

It can be pricey, but here’s how to see Mauritius without breaking the bank.

Madeira’s traditional houses (Picture: Getty)


Temperature: 21°C
Sunshine hours: 10 hours
Flight time: Three hours, 50 minutes

An autonomous region of Portugal, you’ll find Madeira is significantly warmer in November than much of Europe – as it’s located just off the northern coast of Africa.

The weather’s not scorching – a lovely 21°C as an average high, getting cooler at night towards the 13°C mark. But for the shorter flight time, and the amount of options for your trip, you can’t really go wrong.

Funchal, the capital, is a quirky city, while the northern reaches of the island are where to go for wild nature-packed adventures. Wherever you go, expect to see coast – and drink lots of wine (there are plenty of vineyards).

A lion in KwaZulu-Natal, on South Africa’s coast. (Picture: Andia/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

South Africa

Temperature: 23°C°C
Sunshine hours: 12 hours
Flight time:

November is usually a pretty good time to visit South Africa.

It’s the very start of summer, with (mostly) clear weather, quiet beaches and fewer tourists all clamouring to go on safari before the peak season begins.

Your options for where to go in South Africa are vast. There’s Cape Town, which has lovely weather in November, and then the big national parks for safari: Kruger National Park perhaps being the best known.

You could go off-the-beaten-path to the Northern Cape, or the eastern region of KwaZulu-Natal, which is also a great destination for wildlife lovers.

There, you’ll also find the city of Durban – which is known for its Golden Mile beach.

Near Aphrodite’s Rock in Paphos, Cyprus (Picture: Getty)


Temperature: 22ºC
Sunshine hours: 10 hours
Flight time: Four hours, 30 minutes

Usually a scorching summer destination for us Brits (even getting into the 40ºC range on occasion), Cyprus is a great choice for winter sun with minimal flight time.

Temperatures can reach around 22ºC as an average high, maybe pushing up a bit higher if you’re lucky.

Uber-popular Paphos will be this warm in November, so you can spend all day lazing on the sun lounger or by the glorious beaches – before a slightly chillier evening kicks in.

P.S. We’ve also recommended Cyprus in December’s top winter sun destinations.

Caminito in La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Picture: Getty)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Temperature: 25ºC
Flight time: 17 hours

Sunny South America couldn’t be any further away from cold, damp England – and Argentina is now reopening to vaccinated travellers who meet their lengthy entry requirements.

You’ll have to pay for it though, with a stop-over flight taking a minimum of 17 hours, unless you can catch the only direct flight from the UK to Buenos Aires leaving from London Heathrow.

Hopefully, it’ll be worth it. The bustling capital is full of interesting neighbourhoods, art museums and noteworthy architecture, which are so much better enjoyed when the weather’s nice. Of course, it could also be your gateway into a much longer, more extensive trip.

The capital of Malta is the city of Valletta (Picture: Getty)


Temperature: 21ºC
Sunshine hours: 10 hours
Flight time: Three hours, 10 minutes

The easiest flight time on our list belongs to Mediterranean gem Malta.

At this time of year, the sea is still pretty warm, so get yourself on that beach ASAP – consider the coastal towns of Sliema and St Julian’s for that resort feel.

Don’t skip on the other islands of Malta, though: Gozo and the petite Cosimo. And if you can, spend a few days in the stunning capital, Valletta, which has been a filming location for everything from Game Of Thrones to the new Jurassic World.

Discover the best things to do in Malta here – from festivals to hopping islands

Tarrafal on Santiago Island, Cape Verde (Picture: Getty)

Cape Verde

Temperature: 28ºC
Sunshine hours: Eight hours
Flight time: Six hours

Cape Verde is a small archipelago country in Africa – and is the perfect winter sun destination. With a gorgeous average high temperature, you’ll feel like you’re away at the peak of UK summer.

Beach resort Boa Vista is popular, while the off-shore island of Sal is known for its history in salt trading, kitesurfing opportunities and being the home of many sea turtles.

Meanwhile, the capital, Praia, is on the largest island, Santiago. It’s home to two very well-known beaches: Praínha and Quebra Canela – but it’s not all simply sea and sand.

Expect to see vibrant towns, mountains and the UNESCO-listed old capital Cidade Velha (the oldest part of Santiago island) – on your trip, too.

Santa Cruz province of Tenerife, with Mount Teide in the background (Picture: Getty)


Temperature: 21°C
Sunshine hours: Seven hours
Flight time: Four hours, 30 minutes

The Canary Islands are beloved as a winter sun destination – so Tenerife’s inclusion on this list is no surprise.

Home to myriad yellow-sand beaches (like the windsurf-friendly La Tejita), the Thailand-inspired water park Siam, Spain’s highest peak (Mount Teide) and hikes galore in Teide National Park, you certainly won’t get bored on a trip to Tenerife.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the major city on the island, and there you can find the Mercado de Nuestra Senora de Africa – a traditional, local food market dating back to the 1940s.

The view of city Luang Prabang and Nam Khan River from Phousi Mountain (Picture: Getty)

And for November 2022 (and beyond)…

If 2021 is still feeling a bit uncertain for you, here are some great destinations you can consider for next year.

Time to get saving!


Temperature: 25°C
Sunshine hours: Six
Flight time: 11 hours

This South-East Asian country has so much to offer – and is particularly sunny and rain-free towards the back end of the year.

Unfortunately, travel restrictions mean few Brits can get visas and there’s a 14-day quarantine still in place – so maybe one for 2022 or beyond.

Opt for the capital Vientiane, or the popular city of Luang Prabang. Expect temples to explore, bridges, markets, architecture, great food – and views along the famous Mekong River.

However, Laos is landlocked – so no beaches here. If you’re after beaches and islands, you may want to consider switching to (or combining your trip with) neighbouring countries Vietnam and Cambodia – also good weather picks for November.

Here’s everything you need to know about Laotian cuisine

Is there anything you need to consider before you travel in 2021? (Picture: Getty)

More winter sun destinations – and when to visit them

Don’t fancy November 2021, and can’t bear to wait until November 2022?

Consider a winter sun holiday later this year, or in early 2022, instead. You could be jetting off in January, or enjoying the sunny climes of Abu Dhabi in February.

Fancy Christmas abroad? Here’s where’s hot in December.

To kick off the New Year in St Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda or Thailand, see the (literal) hottest destinations for January.

And last but not least, here’s where to find the sun in February on a romantic Valentine’s Day trip.

Know this before you go

While travel has recently opened up and its seems like Covid travel restrictions are a thing of the past – keep in mind that things could change at any time.

All the destinations on this list are visitable at the time of writing – but you should know that countries can be added to a ‘red list’ or ‘no-go list’ at at short notice. If a country goes red while you’re already there, you’ll be subject to new quarantine rules.

Individual countries could also change whether or not they’re willing to allow Brits in – so that’s worth keeping in mind, too.

Places with nice weather in november: 21 Best Places to Visit in November in the USA

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21 Best Places to Visit in November in the USA

If you’re looking for the best places to visit in November in the USA, you have found the right article!

Traveling in November may seem inconvenient to some, but it’s an excellent month for a vacation in the USA. 

Whether you’re looking for somewhere warm, somewhere with spectacular fall foliage left, or a place to try new things, there is always a perfect destination for a November vacation in the US. Ain’t that right?

In this article, we considered different destinations that are perfect for your November vacation in the USA. 

Also, we took into account different factors, including the holiday events, activities to enjoy, temperature, hotel costs, and so more.

21 Best Destinations in the United States to Visit in November

Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a place to visit in November for vacation, here are some of the best places to visit in November in the US in no particular order.

1. Charleston, South Carolina 

Charleston is one of the best fall vacations in the US as the city boasts mild weather with a high of 70℉ and a low of 60℉, which is perfect for strolls along the gaslight paths and alleyways of the city. 

Fun activities to try out in Charleston include touring historic places like the famous Old City Jail or visiting one of the haunted pub tours. 

You can also explore Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge and the beautiful Rainbow Roll, which features brightly colored homes that have been photographed a million times. 

It would be a shame if you would venture on your Charleston getaway in November without joining in the events like the Scottish Games, Festival of Lights, and Charleston Literary Festival. 

There are also a lot of restaurants that host Thanksgiving events, so Charleston will make a great place to spend your Thanksgiving in style.

Where to Stay in Charleston

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San Diego, California

November is a perfect month to visit San Diego, especially for a warm vacation. San Diego has a temperature of around 70℉ in November, making it an excellent time to enjoy outdoor activities like surfing, biking, and gliding. 

This charming city has so much to offer; visit the Carrillo National Monument, a historical landmark where you can learn more about San Diego, including the city’s role during WWII. 

Or, enjoy popular events like Día de Los Muertos celebrations, Mexican Independence Day in Old Town, San Diego Beer Festival, and the Fleet Week Boat Parade. 

Another great thing about visiting San Diego is the ease of crossing over to explore the neighboring country, Mexico. All these make the town one of the best places to visit in November in the USA. 

Where to Stay in San Diego

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3. Key West, Miami

Key West is one of the best places to visit in November in the USA

With a temperature ranging between 80℉ and 72℉, Key West is one of the best places to visit in November in the USA, and it’s the perfect time to spend your day splashing warm waters.  

While you are here, you can enjoy activities like snorkeling, kayaking, and swimming.

In case you want activities that aren’t water-related, you have many options on your hand too. 

Stroll along with the colorful palm tree cottages, visit Hemmingway’s home, and grab a drink at Sloppy Joe’s, which is known as Ernest Hemmingway’s best spot to drink.

November also marks the end of the hurricane season in Key West, and there are a lot of events you can attend. Some popular ones are the Key West Film Festival and the Key West Harbor Walk of Lights.

Where to Stay in Key West

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4. Napa Valley, California

November is a perfect time to visit Napa Valley because fall looks spectacular here. (And it also happens to be an incredibly romantic getaway in America!)

It’s easily one of the best places to visit in November in the USA, and you can start your vacation in this charming spot by exploring the vineyards and the vivid fall colors.

If you are a wine lover, you will enjoy visiting the wineries for outdoor tasting as November marks the start of the Cabernet season. 

Also, try ballooning over the valley and get ready for the pumpkin and squash activities.

Many restaurants offer special Thanksgiving menus, so feel free to indulge your taste buds. 

On top of that, November is also an excellent time for shopping as stores are already preparing for the holiday season. 

By mid-November, you will find holiday decorations and lights along with the shopping centers where you can shop for wines, clothing, and gifts.

Where to Stay in Napa Valley

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5. New York, New York 

New York is one of the best places to go in November to tour the legendary city with fewer crowds.

Temperature ranges from 54℉ to 41℉, so stay warm to enjoy the iconic activities in this city.

Start your trip in NYC by taking a ferry to see the symbolic Statue of Liberty or take in the city’s spectacular landscape from the top of the iconic Empire State Building.  

Also, enjoy a stroll through Central Park, where the fall foliage will be on display in burnt orange and yellow or watch the New York Marathons, one of the biggest marathons in the world.

If you stay in New York long enough, you may catch the snow, see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting, and watch the Radio City Rockettes’ Christmas performance.

Needless to say, New York is a magical US November travel destination!

Where to Stay in New York

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6. Salt Lake City, Utah

Looking for the best places to visit in November in the USA? Don’t miss a vacation to Salt Lake City. 

This US city is cold and snowy in November, and yet, it’s a great time to explore all the activities and attractions. You will also have the discounted hotel rooms and the city all to yourself. 

There are about 12 resorts close to Salt City Lake, so you can enjoy activities like skiing, hiking, and snowboarding. 

You can also explore the art scene downtown, watch A Christmas Story in the theaters, visit some hot springs, and visit the lovely restaurants in Midway.  

Finally, check out the Great Salt Lake at the Antelope Island State Park or the Great Salt Lake Marina.

Where to Stay in Salt Lake City

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7. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is an incredible place for a November vacation in the USA. 

If you visit towards the end of the month, you will start to see holiday lights around the city, and you may even attend some of the famous festivals during the month. 

One of the must-see spots in Savannah is Bonaventure Cemetery, the prettiest cemetery in the world. 

The incredible weather also makes it perfect for visiting Forsyth Park, the Historic Street River, and stroll down the district to take in the views of the beautiful streets and homes. 

While you are here, we recommend taking a food tour to taste the finest Savannah cuisines and attend the Food and Wine Festival. 

Lastly, many people believe you haven’t fully experienced a vacation in Savannah if you don’t participate in a ghost tour.

Where to Stay in Savannah

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8. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is hands-down one of the best places to visit in the USA in November, thanks to the tons of things to experience. 

On top of that, Los Angeles is relatively warm this month, with a temperature averaging 70°F. 

You can enjoy your evenings touring the city and your day sunbathing on any of the numerous beaches. 

We recommend hiking down Griffith Park and visiting Santa Monica Mountains to pose in one of the endless photo spots for outdoor activities. 

You can also swim at Venice Beach, surf at Huntington Beach, and shop for different souvenirs at historic Olvera Street.

All of these make Los Angeles one of the best destinations in the USA in November.

Where to Stay in Los Angeles

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9. Lake George, New York

The scenery of Lake George is so beautiful and dramatic during this month, especially after foliage.  

There are many things to do and see in Lake George, making it one of the best places to visit in the USA in November. 

Events in November include the Field of Flags, where people come together to honor the memory of those who served the country during the war, the Pumpkin Chunkin’ at the Adirondack Pub & Brewery, and the Free Fishing Days, where you can fish the fresh waters without a license. 

For shopping, there are a lot of outlets to find gifts for yourself and your loved ones. 

Another fun thing to do here is customize your own Candle Creations at Wax ‘n’ Wix and watch an Adirondack Thunder hockey game at Cool Insuring Arena.

Where to Stay in Lake George

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10. Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Oregon

Columbia River Gorge is simply breathtaking; hence it’s considered one of the best places to visit in November in the USA. 

This spot separates Washington and Oregon and features about half a dozen waterfalls, stunning views, hiking opportunities, and pleasant weather.  

You can also visit Hood River while you are here to explore the vineyards, enjoy wine tasting, and try skiing in the Mount Hood ski spots.

Some other fun places to visit here include the Vista House, where you can take in the Georg and the Multnomah Falls’s spectacular views. 

Many people often cross into Washington from this spot to check out Catherine Creek.

Where to Stay near Columbia River Gorge

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11. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas, has average weather of 72°F-49°F, so it’s one of the best places to visit in November in the US with cooler temperatures. 

Once you arrive at the Texas Hill Country for your weekend in San Antonio, start by touring the five historic missions in this southern city, and be sure not to miss the San Antonio River Walk.

You can also sign up for educational boat tours that highlight the culture, museums, restaurants, and landscapes of this fall destination in November.  

If you get here early, you can also enjoy the Dia de Los Muertos celebrations, which feature many activities and a beautiful parade on the river. 

Other things to do here include celebrating Indian culture at the Diwali San Antonio event, attending the Wurstfest, and seeing the teen version of Little Shop of Horrors at Woodlawn Theatre.

Where to Stay in San Antonio

Check out where to stay in San Antonio.

12. Asheville, North Carolina

If you are looking for a place to go in the USA in November, then book a trip to Asheville, North Carolina, right now and enjoy all it has to offer.

This vibrant city has so much that you could easily spend years here!

Still, you’ll avoid crowds, enjoy fun activities, and also get to experience one of the best places to visit in November in the USA.

Asheville is known for its fine dining, so don’t miss some of the local Appalachian-inspired southern cuisines. 

Other things to do in November include visiting the Blue Ridge Parkway to see the brilliant display of fall colors, hiking in different areas, and exploring the local stores for gifts and food.  

Also, try to participate in one of the late night’s ghost tours while you’re in Asheville. 

Where to Stay in Asheville

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13. San Francisco, California 

Whether it’s November or March, San Francisco is a beautiful city to visit all year round.

One of the good things about visiting in November is that it’s shoulder season, meaning it’s less crowded but still warm, with pleasant temperatures between 64°F-51°F.

Some of the fantastic things you can do in this USA November vacation spot include visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, where you get to cycle, bike, and take in the spectacular views.

Another popular spot to explore is Golden City, where you will see the incredible views of the San Francisco Bay and Lombard Street, famously known as the “Crookedest Street in the World.”

If you have a passion for food and drinks, we recommend exploring the Fisherman’s Wharf, where you will find many local restaurants.

In short, if you’re planning your USA travel in November, you can’t go wrong with San Francisco!

Where to Stay in San Francisco

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14. Arches National Park, Utah

If you’re looking for the best places to visit in November in the USA, then Arches National Park should be at the top of your list.

With an average temperature of 50°F, exploring the park’s trails and natural stone arches will be comfortable.

The downside is that Arches National Park is one of the most photographed places in the world, and so many people, including photographers and tourists, have to wait in a queue to take a picture. 

However, what makes the Arches one of the best national parks to visit in November is that you won’t be experiencing this long queue! 

Other activities to enjoy here include walking around Arches, taking in the breathtaking views, and exploring the hiking trails.

Where to Stay near Arches National Park

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15. Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai is one of the best places in the USA to visit in November

Kauai is one of the best places to visit in the USA in November as it’s less crowded, and there are many offers and deals on hotel bookings, flights, and tours. 

Another advantage of traveling to Kauai in November is its perfect fall weather: the foliage is still in bloom, and the temperatures are around 83°F.

However, November is the beginning of the rainy season, so you might experience some showers.

Once you’re in Kauai, be ready to explore all of the exciting Hawaiian beaches and waterfalls over the island. You can also take on more outdoor activities like snorkeling, hiking, and surfing.

In November, other popular activities include visiting cool spots, trying out street food across local restaurants in the islands, and exploring the Waimea Canyon and Koke’e State Parks.

In short, Kauai is one of those November vacations in the US that you can’t afford to miss!

Where to Stay in Kauai

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16. Miami, Florida

Miami is a trendy city amongst travelers and tourists, and it also happens to be one of the best places to visit in the USA in November. 

During this month, the city is less busy, has a mild temperature of 77°F, and you also get flights and hotels at a friendlier price.

There are many resorts and beaches where you can relax or get more adventurous by snorkeling and kiteboarding. 

If you are an art person, don’t miss the Wynwood Walls to see the colorful and beautiful artworks of artists from around the world. 

Also, try to visit Little Havana and the Art Deco District to soak in the culture, explore buildings in the Miami architectural and Mediterranean revival style and enjoy local cuisines.

In other words, if you want a warm November vacation in the US, Miami is your best bet!

Where to Stay in Miami

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17. Phoenix, Arizona

Manuela Durson /

Looking for a warm US vacation destination in November? Look no further! Phoenix is the perfect city to explore and relax before the winter months.  

One of the best things to do here is hiking at the Wind Cave Trail, Hieroglyphic Trail, or the Piestewa Peak. You can also enjoy some outdoor activities like fishing, and wildlife viewing.

There are many farmers’ markets for shopping, including Uptown and Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market where you can get your bags packed.

From Phoenix, you can also go on a trip to Sedona to enjoy the autumn colors and unique red rocks.

Where to Stay in Phoenix

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18. Palm Springs, California

Jeff Whyte /

With the pleasant fall temperature, the golf courses, and numerous events, it’s impossible not to love Palm Springs. 

This enchanting place is hands-down one of the best places to visit in November in the US because you can enjoy the Props & Hops Beer Festival, The Desert Arts Festival, and the Palms Spring Vintage market. 

On top of that, many travelers’ favorite things to do here in November include visiting the Coachella Valley for the pride festival, seeing the modern psyche at the desert art collection in Palm Desert, and enjoying the dance performance at the Día De Los Muertos.

In short, palm springs is an incredible place in the USA to visit in November. Will you miss it?

Where to Stay in Palm Springs

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19. Bend, Oregon

If you visit Bend in November, be ready for a fun outdoor adventure where you can experience the city without the summer crowds. 

One of the must-see places in Bend is the Smith Rock State Park, where you can hike, climb, and take in the breathtaking landscape.

After that, we highly recommend you relax in one of the many hot springs in this area.

Tamolitch Blue Pool is another famous attraction in Bend. Here, you will find a stunning lake, catch the beautiful fall foliage, and enjoy lots of hiking.

And if you are visiting with kids, there are many museums, parks, and go-kart tracks where the whole family can have fun. 

Further out, Bend is known for its craft beer so try out the world-famous Bend Ale Trail at the Bend Breweries during your vacation.

Where to Stay in Bend

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20. Zion National Park, Utah

Zion National Park is one of the best places to visit in November in the US mainly because you can avoid the crowds, thus allowing you to explore everything fully.

It’s a beautiful national park in Utah that boasts a vivid display of golden, rusty, and brown leaves that will enchant you.

On top of that, the weather is excellent for hiking. The average temperature for Zion Canyon in November is between 63°F-37°F, so it’s important to pack a lot of layers and warm clothes when coming.

There are many trails you can hike, and some people’s favorites include Angels Landing and Emerald’s Pool which features lush vegetation, red rocks, and amazing waterfalls. 

Clearly, Zion is a great place to visit in November for anyone who wants to breathe clean, crisp air.

Where to Stay near Zion National Park

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21. San Juan, Puerto Rico

photravel_ru /

From the beautiful beaches to the rich culture and fun activities, there is no way San Juan, Puerto Rico, wouldn’t be on a list of the best places to visit in November in the USA. 

This island offers a unique vacation experience, and you will be able to enjoy tours and excursions without the burden of crowds. 

Explore the city to find beaches where you can relax, scuba dive, and snorkel.

Also, try hiking El Yunque Rainforest and immerse yourself in the island’s essential, historical, forts, and culture. 

Some top attractions in San Juan include Old San Juan, the National Historic Site, and the Plaza Las Americas which has over 200 restaurants, boutiques, and more.

Where to Stay in San Juan

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Wrapping Up on the Best November Vacations in the US

We hope you can have a wonderful time in one of these popular destinations as they make for wonderful getaways.

If you want to experience US travel destinations in a less crowded, more relaxed time, plan a November visit. You won’t regret it!

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25 Best November Vacations

November can be a great time to travel. The excitement of summer vacation seems long past, and the busyness of the Christmas and New Year season isn’t quite upon us. Also, much of the country becomes a bit dreary during this time of year, causing many to look for a break from grey skies and chilly temperatures. November is a fantastic time to escape the dreary weather that much of North America experiences this time of year.

We recommend that you call the attractions and restaurants ahead of your visit to confirm current opening times.

1.Algarve, Portugal

© Courtesy of lukaszimilena –

Algarve is Portugal’s southernmost region and is an area noted for its beautiful beaches and golf resorts. What was once only tiny fishing villages perched on the cliffside overlooking the sandy shore, the central section between Faro and Lagos is now is a world-class tourist destination with luxury resorts, hotels, more villas than you could count, nightlife, and delicious restaurants. If you’d like to get away from the hustle and bustle of this area, check out the western coast or the less-developed interior of the region for a look at the real Portugal. The Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park is a protected region of the coast that also allows you to enjoy untouched nature.

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2.Steamboat Springs, CO

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Steamboat Springs is a city located in the mountains of Colorado’s Yampa Valley. The city is a popular wintertime skiing destination. The mountain views are gorgeous year round, but the world-class skiing is why many travelers come here in November. Two ski areas are located here, including the Steamboat Ski Resort and Howelsen Hill Ski Area. After a day spent on the slopes, warm up and soak your sore muscles in the city’s geothermal hot springs, which are thought to have therapeutic effects. The Old Town Hot Springs has long been a choice destination and offers swimming pools, hot springs for soaking, and water slides for endless fun.

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The state capital of Texas, Austin is a city near the Texas Hill Country. It is known as the home to the University of Texas as well as for its vibrant live music scene. Here you’ll find a rich representation of country, rock, and blues music, and plenty of venues to hear a live band perform. The city has many wonderful parks and year-round mild weather, giving you plenty of options for outdoor enjoyment whenever you choose to visit. Go for a run at Lady Bird Park, stroll around Zilker Park, or take a dip at the Barton Springs Pool for an enjoyable day outside in Austin.

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Bangkok, Thailand

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Bangkok, Thailand, is a sprawling metropolis known for its beautifully ornate Buddhist temples, delicious food, and massive outdoor markets. Life in the city revolves around the Chao Phraya River, which bisects the city and feeds its numerous canals. Taking a boat ride on the river or a canal tour is a must if you want to understand the city. Other popular attractions include the Grand Palace complex complete with the Wat Phra Kaew Temple and Wat Pho, which sits nearby and has a massive reclining Buddha statue. The street life in Bangkok is vibrant, and many tourists enjoy exploring the street food and stopping by vendors selling wares that you just can’t find back home.

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5.Barcelona, Spain

© Courtesy of neirfy – Fotolia. com

Barcelona, the vibrant capital city of Spain’s Catalonia region, is a city known most for its architecture and art. One of the city’s most impressive landmarks is the Sagrada Familia cathedral, which was designed by Gaudi. He also designed many other buildings and landmarks throughout the city, and interested visitors may enjoy trying to spot them as they stroll the streets. Flamenco dancing is huge here with plenty of opportunities to watch. You’ll also find many art museums such as the Museu Picasso and the Fundació Joan Miró, which both feature modern art collections by their namesake artists. Visit La Rambla street for a taste of everything Barcelona has to offer, including shopping, art, and dancing.

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© Courtesy of Fotos 593 –

Belize is a Central American nation located on the Caribbean Sea. The country is characterized by beautiful sandy beaches with a large offshore reef and dense jungle in the interior. The Belize Barrier Reef is a stunning place to snorkel or dive and features hundreds of small islands, or cayes, throughout. In the jungle, you’ll find Mayan ruins such as those at Xunantunich and Caracol, which has an impressive ancient pyramid. The Great Blue Hole is also a popular attraction and is a deep, blue sinkhole that is famous as a diving destination. Like the rest of Central America, Belize has beautiful weather year round, making it an especially attractive destination when North America is in the midst of winter.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Buenos Aires is Argentina’s cosmopolitan capital. The city is vibrant and has many interesting sites. For example, there are stunning examples of 19th century architecture, such as the presidential palace, known as the Casa Rosada. Many of these buildings are located in the city center area, around the Plaza de Mayo central square. Other interesting sights in Buenos Aires include the Teatro Colon, which is a large, impressive opera house dating to 1908, and the MALBA museum, which has a nice collection of art sourced from across Latin America. From the capital, you can easily reach the beautiful beaches of Argentina or other interesting sights around the country if you wish to go a bit further afield.

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Florida Keys

© Courtesy of jcpjr –

The Florida Keys is a string of islands that stretch off the tip of Florida into the Atlantic Ocean. The Keys are known as a popular place to go snorkeling and scuba diving and there are also plenty of opportunities to go fishing and boating. The southernmost city in the United States, Key West is famous for its raucous nightlife along the many bars of Duval Street and the nightly Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square. Key West was also the home of author Ernest Hemingway, whose home is now preserved as a museum. The average high temperature in November is 80°F, making it a delightful escape from the chilly temperatures in most of the rest of the USA.

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Hong Kong, China

© Courtesy of Javen –

Hong Kong is officially an autonomous territory of China, but is decidedly more western in culture than its mainland counterpart owing much to its long history as a British colony. Today Hong Kong is a vibrant and densely populated metropolitan area with beautiful beaches and green spaces outside of town. The city is also popular among shoppers, with abundant opportunities to purchase both locally made items and international luxury brands. The Temple Street Night Market is a famous destination for tourists who love to shop. Family travelers will appreciate a visit to Disney Hong Kong or Ocean Park, another theme park with rides and wild animals.

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© Courtesy of maylat –

Jamaica is an island nation located in the Caribbean and is characterized by lush mountains covered in rainforests and a coastline with many beautiful beaches and a reef just offshore. The country was a British colony and as such still retains vestiges of colonial architecture in its capital. It is also known around the world as the birthplace of reggae music and the home of Bob Marley. Jamaica gets quite a bit of rain year round, but November is one of their drier months; hurricane season is also starting to taper off and the island is not yet experiencing the holiday rush that comes in December, making it a popular time of year to visit.

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Joshua Tree National Park

© Courtesy of GDMatthews –

Joshua Tree National Park is a large park in Southern California known for its rugged and stark landscape with rock formations, deserts, and its namesake, the twisted Joshua Trees. The park occupies parts of both the Mojave Desert and the Colorado Desert. Hiking, camping, horseback riding, birdwatching, rock climbing, stargazing, and nature photography are all popular activities here. Visiting in late fall means that you will avoid the harsh summer temperatures and can enjoy the soft autumn light, which makes for especially beautiful photographs. There are also several festivals that happen nearby in October and November, which draw many visitors to the area.

74485 National Park Drive, Twentynine Palms, CA 92277, Phone: 760-367-5500

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

© Courtesy of structuresxx –

Kuala Lumpur is the modern capital city of Malaysia. When you look out at the city skyline, you can’t help but see the Petronas Twin Towers, a pair of glass and steel skyscrapers that soar 451 meters high and are some of the tallest buildings in the world. There is a public skybridge and observation deck that is open to tourists. There are also a number of examples of British colonial architecture around town as well as beautiful city parks and modern shopping malls. The Hindu temple set inside the Batu Caves just outside of the city is a popular place to spend a day. You may find heavy rains at times if you visit in November, but they rarely last long enough to severely interrupt your plans.

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Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is a massive city in Southern California. Perhaps most famous around the world as the home of the country’s film and television industry, the city is home to several recording studios, many of which offer tours, as well as the iconic Hollywood Sign and the Walk of Fame honoring many of the country’s most revered stars. However, the city isn’t just glitz and glamour. Disneyland is a popular reason for family travelers to flock to the city, as is the Santa Monica Pier, which offers rides and numerous places to grab a bite to eat. There’s so much more to do in this huge city that you’re sure to find something for every type of traveler. It’s warm year-round, so November is a great time to visit.

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© Courtesy of zoltangabor – Fotolia. com

Malta is a small island nation in the Mediterranean. Set between Sicily and the coast of North Africa, the nation is known for its historic sites. Throughout history, Malta was ruled by many different groups, giving it a varied history and interesting architecture. There are numerous large fortresses, interesting temples, and remnants from ancient history such as the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, an underground burial complex that is thought to have been constructed around 4000 B.C. The coast is beautiful and scuba diving is nice in this area. The weather in November is mild but can be a bit cool at times, meaning that you may find a good deal on hotels.

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Memphis is a city in southwestern Tennessee set on the banks of the Mississippi River. The city is most famous as the home for the different strains of blues, soul, and rock n’ roll music that had their start here. Musicians such as Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and B.B. King all recorded albums at Sun Studio, which has now been turned into a museum. Elvis Presley’s impressive Graceland mansion is also popular among Elvis fans and music lovers of all sorts. Other attractions include the Beale Street Historic District, known for its nightlife, the National Civil Rights Museum, and the Blues Hall of Fame.

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Nepal is a small, mostly mountainous country in Southeast Asia bordered by China and India and in close proximity to Bhutan and Bangladesh. The country is home to eight of the top 10 highest mountains in the world including the tallest, Mount Everest, which sits on the border with Tibet. Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha, is also located in Nepal. Visitors typically come to Nepal for trekking the mountainous region of the country, with the majority of treks occurring in the Annapurna and Everest regions. Ethno-tourism and cultural tourism are also starting to take off and you will find many interesting options available. The weather is typically cool in November but not too cold to enjoy a nice hike or walks around town, making it a nice time to visit.

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Oahu is one of the islands that make up the US state of Hawaii. The island is home to the state’s capital city, Honolulu, as well as the iconic stretch of beach known as Waikiki. Just to the west of the capital is Pearl Harbor, which was the site of the 1941 bombing attack during World War II. The USS Arizona Memorial is also located here. Other attractions include a range of dining and nightlife options, a nice historic Chinatown, and the Diamond Head crater. November falls in the shoulder season which means comfortable daily temperatures but less crowds than during the summer months.

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18.Plymouth, MA

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Plymouth is set just south of Boston on the Massachusetts coast. The city is famously the location of the first Pilgrim settlement, which was established in 1620. A large boulder known as Plymouth Rock is located in the Pilgrim Memorial State Park and marks the location where it is thought that the pilgrims first landed in what is now the United States. A full-sized replica of the original Mayflower known as the Mayflower II is typically anchored here at the park. Plimoth Plantation located nearby is a re-created village that depicts how the Pilgrims may have lived in the 1620s.

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19.San Diego

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San Diego is a city set on California’s Pacific coastline and is known for its beautiful beaches, fun-filled parks, and year-round warm weather. The San Diego Zoo inside the immense green space of Balboa Park is a popular family attraction, as is SeaWorld San Diego. For beach lovers, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, and Silver Strand State Beach are all nice places to spend a day in the sand while Coronado Beach with its grand, circa 1888 resort offers visitors a chance to imagine what the city was like more than a century ago. Weather is nice year round, making San Diego a great vacation destination for your November travels.

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20.Santa Fe

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Santa Fe is the capital city of the US state of New Mexico. The city sits in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and is known around the country and the world as a haven for creative arts. The unique Pueblo-style architecture makes the city an enjoyable one to have a stroll in and take in the picturesque sights. The historic district houses a number of interesting sites, including the New Mexico History Museum, which occupies the Palace of Governors, and the Loretto Chapel with its legendary staircase. The weather is cool in November and much less busy than during the summer months, making it an ideal time to visit and perhaps get a good hotel deal.

21.Santa Monica

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Santa Monica is an oceanfront town on the coast just west of downtown L.A. The town’s most iconic landmark is the Santa Monica Pier, which features rides and numerous dining establishments. The beach is sandy and while it can be busy, offers mountain views and is a nice place to spend the day. Family visitors love Pacific Park Amusement Park as well as the Hippodrome Carousel and the aquarium at the pier. Muscle Beach is just nearby, which is just as popular with gawkers and onlookers as it is with exercise enthusiasts. The reasonably warm weather in November makes it a popular place to visit when the temperatures are icy in the rest of the country, although the water may be too cold for swimming.

22.Sardinia, Italy

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Sardinia is an Italian island in the Mediterranean. The large island has almost 2,000 miles of coastline that is marked with long stretches of sandy beaches. The interior of the island is mountainous, offering adventurous travelers plenty of hiking. There are ancient Bronze Age ruins that dot the landscape and provide interesting sites along the way as you are exploring. The beaches are some of the most beautiful in Europe with stunning blue water and white sand. In November, temperatures can be quite cool, but the sea doesn’t usually get too cold and it can be a good time to enjoy the sites without paying premium prices for the peak season.

23.Athens, Greece

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Athens, the capital of Greece, is a city with a long history and many cultural influences. During the times of ancient Greece, the city was the head of a powerful empire and was the location of many important historic events. Many landmarks from this time period are still standing including the Acropolis, with it’s impressive Parthenon. Museums such as the National Archeological Museum and the Acropolis Museum preserve many historical items from ancient Greece and give visitors an opportunity to understand this history. Today, the city is a charming modern metropolis with numerous tasty restaurants, great shopping, and plenty of options for nightlife.


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Taos is a northern New Mexico town set in the high desert near the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The town is most famous for its unique architecture consisting of historical adobe buildings such as the famous Taos Pueblo. Taos Pueblo was a multistory residence constructed from adobe that housed Native Americans for many years. The city has long had a strong tradition in the arts, with many museums and galleries displaying art from the region with the Taos Art Museum and the Harwood Museum of Art standing out as great places to start. Many come to ski in the winter time, making November a great time to come visit if you enjoy the powder.

25.Zihuatanejo, Mexico

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Zihuatanejo is a city on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, a little north of Acapulco. Like its better-known neighbor, the city is a resort town known for its beaches, such as the palm-fringed Playa La Rosa and the nearby Playa El Palmar (in Ixtapa). The city streets are dotted with excellent restaurants and numerous galleries. Just offshore, you can see sea turtles and dolphins as well as other interesting marine animals, so it’s worthwhile to take a snorkeling trip or boat tour. Daily temperatures in November are typically in the 80s, so it’s a fine place to vacation if you are tiring of cold weather.

25 Best November Vacations

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  • Steamboat Springs, CO, Photo: Courtesy of Tupungato –
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  • Hong Kong, China, Photo: Courtesy of Javen –
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  • Oahu, Photo: Courtesy of Marco Körner –
  • Plymouth, MA, Photo: Courtesy of mheston –
  • San Diego, Photo: Courtesy of hakanozturk –
  • Santa Fe, Photo: Courtesy of Christopher Boswell –
  • Santa Monica, Photo: Courtesy of evenfh –
  • Sardinia, Italy, Photo: Courtesy of refresh(PIX) –
  • Athens, Greece, Photo: Courtesy of Kisa_Markiza –
  • Taos, Photo: Courtesy of victoria629 –
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7 WARMEST places in Crimea in November: rest 2023, reviews, rating Although often during this period the local Indian summer begins on the peninsula, the last month of autumn is characterized by winter manifestations.

But still there are Crimean places where in November the weather is pleasant for rest, even relatively warm.

#1. Alushta

Alushta, in principle, is considered the warmest place in the Crimea. In the first half of November, in the afternoon, the thermometer here steadily reaches +13 … +15 ° C, and often almost summer weather lasts for several days. nine0003

The water temperature is about the same, but the general regime is no longer conducive to beach recreation – unless the walruses are satisfied with such conditions. It should also be borne in mind that November on the South Coast is a rather wet period.

In November it is worth coming to Alushta for the sake of sanatorium treatment – at this time good discounts are provided, and many local sanatoriums work all year round. You can walk around the neighborhood or go on a tour, although many tour desks are closed by this time. nine0003

In the mountains near Alushta in November, golden autumn reigns, but you need to remember that it can be much colder there than near the coast. And it should be borne in mind that the choice of city entertainment will inevitably be limited – by mid-October, most seasonal establishments close in Alushta.

Topic: Sights of Alushta

№2. Alupka

Conditions in November in Alupka are as similar as possible to those in Alushta. The temperature of air and water is approximately the same, it stays at around +15 ° C at the beginning and middle of the month. Swimming, of course, is only for the most daring, but there are still sunbathers. nine0003

The disadvantage of Alupka in November may be difficulties in finding suitable housing. The village is relatively small and only a few of its hotels are open out of season. However, you can try to look in the private sector, while there is every reason to count on a democratic price.

Entertainment and attractions in Alupka and in the season is not too much. But in November, you can travel on excursions in comfortable conditions (not hot, but not too cold!) – the village has good transport links with all points of Big Yalta, and there is something to see at any time of the year. nine0003

TOP-8 – the most sparsely populated places in Crimea for summer holidays

№3. Yalta

Yalta weather in November is generally similar to Alushta. The average temperature of the month is +12 °C, but at the end of the month it becomes much colder. The coolness is relatively easy to bear because autumn Yalta is not characterized by storms and generally strong winds – it is quiet there.

The sea can be even warmer than the air, but you still don’t feel like swimming. In addition, November Yalta is often cloudy – there are hardly more than half of the sunny days here. However, Yalta sanatoriums and large hotels continue to work, and in autumn the average tourist has the opportunity to visit the most prestigious of them. nine0003

Out of season, accommodation prices drop almost several times, so that luxury Yalta hotels become affordable even for an ordinary wallet. By the way, they almost always have indoor pools, allowing you to swim in any weather.

The social life of Yalta does not stop in November either. So the tourist will provide a rich cultural program for himself – there would be a desire. You can also go on excursions, although you should not count on seeing natural attractions – it will be much colder in the surrounding mountains than in the city, and even unsafe. nine0003

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№4. Sudak

The average November temperature in Sudak is even higher than in Yalta. Usually it is warmest here in the middle of the last month of autumn – this period accounts for the local Indian summer. There is a lot of sun – up to 70% of fine days.

But there is one minus – in Sudak it is often windy, and therefore subjectively the weather can be perceived as colder. The temperature of the water is also low here – the excitement of the sea contributes to its cooling. nine0003

Entertainment and seasonal restaurants are usually closed during this period, but it is not difficult to find a hotel or a restaurant in Sudak. Working all year round, prices, of course, are noticeably reduced – the rest will be inexpensive. Local museums are open all year round, and nothing prevents you from going to the New World. It’s no longer worth climbing Ai-Georgy or walking along the Golitsyn trail – it can be cold and slippery.

But in November in Sudak you can eat plenty of grapes. The city is surrounded by vineyards, and just at the end of autumn, the harvest is intensively going on. nine0003

The best on the site: Sights of Crimea

№5. Sevastopol

The air temperature in the city of maritime glory in November is similar to the indicators for the South Coast – an average of +13 … +15 degrees during the day. Sunny days are common, their number can reach 70%. But the sea here is colder – about +12 ° C at the beginning of the month, so swimming is virtually out of the question.

However, in general, you can take advantage of the comfortable November climate in Sevastopol by securing a luxurious vacation in one of the local status hotels operating all year round. nine0003

Out of season, they significantly reduce prices, so that staying in them becomes affordable for tourists with an average income. In such hotels you can get a cultural program, and heal, and do sports (almost always there are winter pools).

And most importantly, it is more convenient to go on excursions in Sevastopol outside the season, as there are no crowds and queues. And museums are open all year round, and access to historical sites is always open. You can take a walk around the neighborhood, and even go mushroom picking – in November there are quite a lot of them near Sevastopol. nine0003

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№6. Evpatoria

It is still relatively warm in the Western Crimea in November (in contrast to the eastern coast, where cold winds begin to blow in mid-October).

In Yevpatoria, heat is maintained mainly due to a significant amount of sun – in autumn, local indicators almost catch up with Sudak and account for 65-70% of fine days. The air is a little colder than on the South Coast, but still the thermometer steadily rises above +10 degrees during the day. nine0003

The water in the sea is much colder, and sea bathing in Evpatoria at the end of autumn is available only to the elite. However, healing mud lakes (paradox!) are often warmer (just the sun, reflecting off the silt, heats them very effectively, and shallow water warms up during the day), and a relatively large number of vacationers are at risk of taking a “mud bath”.

But the main thing is that the majority of Yevpatoriya sanatoriums work all year round, and their offers for the medical part do not depend on the season. However, prices depend on it. Therefore, autumn is a good period in order to heal on the mud without spending extra money. nine0003

No. 7. Saki

Everything said about Evpatoria is true for this resort. It is a little colder here (there is a little less sun), but it will be difficult to notice the difference without serious meteorological studies. Lake Saki in good weather also sometimes heats up quite noticeably.

But usually in November it is recommended to go to Saki for people who need balneological treatment, but cannot stand the heat. It will certainly not be hot, but on average the climate remains pleasant. The services of local sanatoriums do not depend on the season, but you can save a lot on accommodation. nine0003

The sanatorium can also offer a cultural program, but in general, a stay in Saki is more designed for a quiet, relaxing holiday – this is the case here in the season. Excursions will mostly have to be organized by yourself, since most of the bureaus are already closed in November.

To the topic: Where is the warmest place in Russia in November

Noyabrsk Crimea can no longer satisfy the demands of lovers of exclusively beach holidays, but it remains a pleasant, interesting place and an excellent health resort. Reviews of autumn guests of the peninsula invariably note this, and many tourists willingly admit that they did not even expect that their Crimean vacation in November would be so successful. nine0003

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When it is cold and rainy in the middle lane, you especially want to escape from the working routine to the sea. You do not have to deny yourself the pleasure of spending a week under the warm sun, getting a healthy tan and eating juicy fruits.

Despite restrictions due to the pandemic, in November 2022 there are many interesting destinations and great offers for those who crave a complete beach holiday. All the best are collected in today’s review. The point is small – choose and book! nine0003


Flight: 4–5 hours from Moscow

Visa: to enter the resorts of the Sinai Peninsula is issued free of charge at the airport, outside the peninsula and to Hurghada you will have to pay a visa ($ 25)

A trip to the Red Sea coast of Egypt is a popular holiday option in November. A large selection of hotels and a rather budgetary cost of the tour are not all the advantages. The main thing is that the heat subsides in November, so you can go on vacation with the whole family without fear of getting a heat stroke under the African sun. nine0003

The air during the day heats up to 27-29 degrees, the water stays at around 24-26 degrees – great even for babies. If even under such conditions you are afraid to freeze, go to Sharm el-Sheikh: thanks to the special microclimate, it is always a couple of degrees warmer there.

At any of the resorts it will be fresh at night – take a sweater or fleece for walking. You can completely forget about rains and cloudy skies during your vacation. Children will be delighted with the autumn holidays: warm sea and mountains of fruits (especially strawberries and watermelons). What else do kids need for recovery?!

November is a great time to visit the central part of the country with a guided tour. Go to Alexandria or Cairo, where the air only warms up to 25 degrees. It’s chilly by local standards, but it’s perfectly comfortable to walk around. In the last month of autumn, Cairo hosts a number of celebrations, such as the spectacular Arabic Music and Dance Festival.

Tours to Egypt →


Flight: 8-9 hours from Moscow

Visa: free for 30 days

In the Maldives in November you will find a real tropical summer and a serene beach holiday: during the day the thermometer will show 30 degrees, and at night – a little less. A significant plus of November is the opportunity to visit the paradise islands before the high season hits with the same high prices.

The last month of autumn is the end of the rainy season. A downpour can pass, but only at night, with the sunrise, there will be no trace of the drops. Humidity reaches 80%, but you will see the flowering of tropical plants and a riot of fresh greenery. nine0003

Divers appreciate this time of year (I bet you won’t find an island without a dive school). By the end of autumn, there are especially many whale sharks and rays off the western coast, which are attracted by the abundance of plankton. Watching them is a separate pleasure for travelers. Surfers and lovers of other activities on the water feel great.

The impression of trips to neighboring islands and excursions to the capital can be supplemented by participation in national holidays. For example, Victory Day is celebrated at the beginning of the month, and Republic Day is celebrated in the middle. And if you are in the Maldives at the end of November, do not miss the large-scale Food Festival. nine0003

Tours to the Maldives →


Flight: 4.5 hours from Moscow

Visa: issued at the airport free of charge for 1 month

November Jordan and its popular resorts Aqaba, Tala Bay are suitable for a beach holiday for literally everyone. You can and should swim in two seas at once: the Red and the Dead (they warm up to 24℃).

The air in the daytime reaches 27 degrees in summer, and after sunset a pleasant coolness descends. You definitely won’t need an umbrella, but you can throw a light jacket for night walks in a suitcase. nine0003

Since there is no sweltering heat in November (this is the velvet season), you can successfully combine relaxation by the sea with a cultural program:

  • See ancient monuments of history and architecture
  • Go to holy places
  • Take a photo against the backdrop of natural locations of incredible beauty (including deserts, canyons and caves)
  • Scuba dive or snorkel in the Red Sea
  • Improve well-being in spa centers and clinics on the shores of the Dead Sea

  • Become a fan at the traditional camel race in the Wadi Rum desert

Tours to Jordan are gaining popularity – it’s time for you to form an opinion about this country!

Tours to Jordan →


Flight: 12 hours from Moscow

Visa: not needed

Cuba is tempting most of the year, but in November you can buy a tour at a very good price. There is still time before the New Year’s surge in demand, but hotels and local restaurants are already fully prepared for the peak of the tourist season.

The weather is optimal for basking on a snow-white beach: air – up to 27-30, water – about 25 degrees. In the southern regions of the country a little warmer, but the differences are insignificant, so you can safely choose any resort in Cuba.

In November, stably dry weather gradually sets in on the Island of Freedom. If it rains, then a short downpour at night – it will not bother anyone to go to the beach.

All kinds of excursions and shopping, discos and shows, sea voyages and incendiary parties on the coast will make you forget about the cold autumn of the middle lane.

In the middle of the month in Havana, you can witness the carnival and processions in honor of the city’s patron saint. You are also waiting for the Memorial Day of Christopher Columbus and a series of music festivals across the country.

It’s worth taking diving lessons in Cuba in November – the visibility is excellent and the water temperature is pleasant. In addition, in addition to marine life, local dive sites boast an abundance of picturesque wrecks.

Tours to Cuba →

United Arab Emirates

Flight: 5 hours from Moscow

Visa: issued free of charge at the airport for 90 days

In November it gets cool in the UAE (by local standards, of course): during the day – 30 degrees, at night – 24-26. The beach will be completely comfortable, although you should not neglect sun protection. The gentle waters of the Persian Gulf are warmed up to 25 degrees.

The last month of autumn is good both for relaxing by the water and for walking around the city. You can go on excursions without the sweltering heat. If you are planning evening walks or a trip to the desert, take a windbreaker from home. Although it probably won’t be needed. nine0003

November is the best month for a holiday in the United Arab Emirates, so you shouldn’t delay buying tours. There are many tourists, the infrastructure is working at full capacity.

Thinking about which Emirates to choose for a beach holiday in November?

  • Dubai is a super-developed infrastructure, fantastic illumination, shopping and entertainment
  • Abu Dhabi – the greenest emirate with a luxurious Corniche for walking
  • Fujairah – for those who want to swim in the Arabian Sea

  • Sharjah – an opportunity to combine more budget accommodation, but at the same time travel to neighboring Dubai. In the emirate itself there is a beautiful promenade and a park
  • Ajman – free city beaches, the cost of hotels is lower than in Dubai and Sharjah, you can buy alcohol and even use the barbecue area
  • Ras al-Khaimah is a picturesque mountain and a 7th century city for excursions

Without a doubt, it is worth going to the UAE with children – they will not be bored. For young tourists, animation is prepared not only by hotels, but also by restaurants and shopping centers.

In November, you can get acquainted with local traditions at the Date Festival, the Art Festival, in the ethnographic village. Many travelers are attracted by the opportunity to watch Formula 1 races.

Tours in the UAE →


Flight: 13 hours from Moscow

Visa: not needed

Margarita Island is on trend! Beautiful white sand and turquoise sea beckon tired Russians. In addition, there are direct flights and the opportunity to get to the selected hotel as comfortably as possible.

November in Venezuela marks the transition from the rainy season to the dry season. And if in some regions of the country it still rains 10-15 days a month, then on Margarita in November the sun is already shining with might and main. The air temperature at noon reaches 32 degrees, water – does not fall below 27-28.

National parks and reserves with flamingos and colorful parrots await you on the Venezuelan island. After relaxing on the beach and swimming in the sea, go to see the beauty of the real jungle and mangroves (everyone can do this from a boat, but only those who are physically fit go on trekking along mountain trails).

Connoisseurs of museums, fortresses and ancient monasteries will also find something to add to their collection of impressions. The island is famous for entertainment and water parks.

Margarita Tours →


Flight: 12 hours from Moscow

Visa: electronic travel authorization

Going to Mexico in November is a great idea:

  • No extreme heat, but it’s good to spend days on the beach: water and air warm up to 30 degrees

  • The rainy season ends, the air humidity decreases
  • There are not too many vacationers: the beginning of the high season is ahead
  • You can comfortably go on excursions

The locals themselves call November the velvet season, given the pleasant price-to-weather ratio.

If you choose the northwest coast for your trip, you don’t have to worry about rain. Here their probability is minimal. But in the south-east in the evenings the sky can still be covered with clouds. However, night precipitation does not interfere with a beach holiday.

From the November entertainments – Revolution Day, Day of the Dead, aeronautics festival, Jazz Festival.

Tours to Mexico →

Dominican Republic

Flight: 12 hours from Moscow

Visa: not needed

November in the Dominican Republic is the period of the end of the rainy season and the transition to a paradise tropical summer. The south of the republic (Santo Domingo, Punta Cana, Barahona, La Romana) is the most comfortable for relaxing by the sea: here the dry season comes earlier. nine0003

The thermometer registers 29 degrees during the day and 24 at night. Short-term showers still occur in the north of the country, but the air humidity decreases, and the average daily temperature reaches values ​​that are pleasant for a European.

Weather in los gigantes in november: Los Gigantes November Weather, Average Temperature (Spain)

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Категории: November

Los Gigantes, Canary Islands – November Weather

What’s The Weather Like In Los Gigantes In November


Following on from a warm October, the temperatures continue to get cooler in Los Gigantes, Tenerife in November, when the winter season is just round the corner. At this time of year, the average temperature for the resort is 21.5°C, made up of highs of 25°C during the day and lows of 18°C at night. The hottest temperature ever registered in Los Gigantes in November is 35°C, whilst the coldest temperature ever recorded in the resort during this month is 12°C.

As the month progresses, temperatures get cooler, making the first week in November the best time to visit if you want to experience the resort when it’s at its warmest.

However, whichever week of the month you decide to visit, you’ll need to take beach clothes to wear during the daytime, plus warmer clothing such as jumpers and coats to ensure you stay comfortable on an evening. If you love the sunshine and would rather visit Los Gigantes when temperatures are at their highest, forget about November and plan your holiday for August or September instead, when high temperatures are usually at their peak.


Over the course of November, Los Gigantes receives an average of 20mm/1 inch of rainfall which is divided between three rainy days that’s a small increase when compared to the previous month. With such a small amount of rainfall occurring on so few days throughout the month, you probably won’t see even a drop of the wet stuff during your holiday in November.

The likelihood of rainfall steadily increases as the month develops, making the beginning of November the best time to go if you don’t want to risk your holiday being spoilt by a shower. If you are unlucky enough to get some rainfall during your holiday in Los Gigantes in November, it will most likely be drizzle (which occurs on 32% of days with rainfall), moderate rain (30%) or light rain (25%).

Sunshine Hours

During a typical November, Los Gigantes enjoys an average of nine hours of sunshine every day that’s one hour less each day than last month which, along with an average relative humidity of 65% and relatively cool temperatures, makes this month perfect for holidaymakers who like the sunshine, but can’t stand intense heat.

Sea Temperature

The average sea temperature for the waters surrounding Los Gigantes in November is 22°C that’s 2°C cooler than last month which is probably just warm enough to go swimming. If you find the sea to be a bit cold for you, stick to the heated and indoor swimming pools found throughout the resort.


Los Gigantes is hardly affected by strong winds at all. In November, the average wind speed for this part of the island is 19 km/h that’s 1 km/h more than in October with the maximum sustained wind speed registered in recent times being 83 km/h.

Los Gigantes Hotels In November

Villa La Gaviota

Large families and groups looking for somewhere affordable to stay should take a look at Villa La Gaviota. Located in between Los Gigantes and Playa de La Arena, this villa can sleep up to eight people and offers views across the ocean and over to the cliffs of Los Gigantes. Facilities include four bedrooms two with double beds and two with twin beds, one ensuite bathroom, two separate bathrooms, fully-equipped kitchen, living room with Satellite TV, gym, games room, WiFi access, air conditioning and large terrace with barbecue facilities and private swimming pool. Shops, bars, supermarkets, restaurants, beauty salons, tennis courts and the marina are all within walking distance.

Two-Bedroom Apartment

For something a bit smaller, try this privately-owned two-bedroom apartment. Situated within a quiet residential complex with pool, sea and mountain views, this apartment can sleep up to four guests and is close to the harbour, excursion kiosks, bars, restaurants and shops. Features include large living/dining room with TV, bedroom with double bed, second bedroom with two twin beds, complete kitchen, two bathrooms and balcony with furniture. Within the complex there’s an adults’ pool, kids’ pool, garden and parking facilities.

Bars And Restaurants

Tipsy Terrace Bar Bistro

For family fun, you can’t heat Tipsy Terrace Bar Bistro. This eatery is decorated in an African style and serves up a varied selection of breakfasts, lunches and dinners with healthy, traditional and contemporary options available for each, as well as special vegetarian and children’s menus. Although the food is definitely worth going for, the highlight of the Tipsy Terrace Bar Bistro is its range of facilities, which includes swimming pool, tennis courts and mini golf course.

La Bodeguita

Carnivores in search of a hearty meal should pop into La Bodeguita. Tucked into one of the back streets in Los Gigantes, this restaurant specialises in traditional meat-based classics, such as mixed grill, roast lamb and sizzling platters. There is also a small selection of fish- and pasta-based dishes for those not in the mood for meat. Seating is available both inside and outside and complimentary alcoholic shots are usually offered when the bill arrives.

Thinks To Do In Los Gigantes In November


Families looking for something to do with small children should grab some stale bread and head to the marina to feed the fish. The marina in Los Gigantes is teeming with a small selection of local fish, most of which are large and brown, although there are some small colourful ones living there, too. When you’re done, you can wander around the rest of the marina and admire the boats or pop into one of the many bars which surround the marina for a quick drink.

Renting A Sea Kayak

Explore the cliffs of Los Gigantes in a unique way by renting a sea kayak and paddling alongside them. You can rent a sea kayak from the Los Gigantes marina on the first Sunday of the month at 11am and join an organised kayaking group as they paddle along the coastline of the resort below the huge cliffs for two hours. You don’t need any previous experience to take part and small children can even join in.

Weather in Los Gigantes during November



Average high


UV Index


Monthly rainfall


Sea temperature

We’ve looked at the most up-to-date weather data for Los Gigantes, covering the last 12 years up to 2023, plus we’ve asked our team of travel bloggers for their first-hand experiences in order to answer the most frequently asked questions about Los Gigantes weather in November.

How warm is it in Los Gigantes during November?

The temperature is extremely stable in November with average highs of 22℃ and lows just 2℃ lower at 20℃. The UV index will be moderate at this time of year, so not something to worry about for the average person. However, if you’re going to be outside for long periods it’s worth wearing a broad spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen and UV-blocking sunglasses. Remember that bright surfaces, such as water and sand increase UV exposure.

Does it rain in Los Gigantes during November?

November is typically the wettest month in Los Gigantes. On average, in November you’ll see rain on just one day in the month. In other words, you shouldn’t see any of the wet stuff. You’re not likely to see a thunderstorm during your trip.

Is it windy in Los Gigantes during November?

You’re unlikely to experience any strong winds. Expect a gentle breeze that increases to moderate at times during November. With warm air temperatures and high humidity, any breeze will feel warm but refreshing.

How warm is the sea in Los Gigantes during November?

The water temperature around Los Gigantes reaches a pleasant 23℃ during November. While generally considered warm, some people might find it a little on the cool side on entering the water.

Weather in Los Gigantes

Our month-by-month guide to the weather and climate in Los Gigantes

Los Gigantes weather in


Los Gigantes weather in


Los Gigantes weather in


Los Gigantes weather in


Los Gigantes weather in


Los Gigantes weather in


Los Gigantes weather in


Los Gigantes weather in


Los Gigantes weather in


Los Gigantes weather in


Los Gigantes weather in


Los Gigantes weather in


Weather in Los Gigantes in November 2023-2022 🌊 and water temperature at “365 Celsius”

According to our rating system, which is confirmed by the reviews of tourists who have visited Spain, the weather is excellent in Los Gigantes in November, this month’s rating is 4. 7 out of five.

Temperature in Los Gigantes in November

Average temperature during the day: +22.8°C
Average temperature at night: +20.5°C
Sea water temperature: +23.1°C
Number of sunny days: 26 days
Rainy days:
3 days
24.2 mm

Monthly weather comparison in Los Gigantes
Water temperature in Spain in November

Should I go on holiday in November?


The climate in November is good and tourists come to relax. According to our data, the weather in Los Gigantes in November and the water temperature is excellent. At this time, the warm sea has an average temperature of +23.1°C. There is practically no rain, about 3 days per month, 24.2 mm of precipitation falls. Sunny weather lasts at least 26 days. According to the reviews of tourists who have visited Spain, it is worth going on vacation to Los Gigantes in November.

    Please note:

  • Weather in Los Gigantes in December:
    rating 4.3 (out of 5),
    air +21.2°C , sea: +21.0°C,
    rain 0 days
  • Weather in Los Gigantes in October:
    rating 4.9(out of 5),
    air +27. 5°C , sea: +24.2°C,
    rain 2 days


  • for 3 days
  • for week
  • for 10 days
  • for 14 days
  • for the month
  • for the weekend
  • water for 14 days
  • for 5 days
  • for 7 days
  • 2 weeks
  • today
  • tomorrow
  • water now
  • by month
  • seasons

Weather comparison in Los Gigantes by month

  • December
  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April
    • June
    • 0060 August

    • September
    • October
    • November

    Air temperature

    Average statistics for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021: the maximum air temperature reaches +26. 7°C, the minimum recorded values ​​are +18.9°C. At night the temperature in Los Gigantes in November drops to +23.2°C…+17.5°C. On average, the difference between day and night is 2.5°C. What is the weather forecast in Los Gigantes at the end of November and the beginning of the month indicated on the chart, in Spain almost everywhere the situation is similar.


    Water temperature in Los Gigantes in November

    Weather forecast and sea water temperature in Los Gigantes in November ranges from +22.2°C to +24.1°C. At its lows, it can be considered comfortable for swimming adults and children. In the previous month, the sea is colder by about 2.1°C. Next month the water is 1.1°C warmer. In November, according to tourists in Los Gigantes, the climate is well suited for relaxation due to the comfortable temperature of the water in the sea almost anywhere in Spain.


    Rating, rainy days and precipitation in November and other months.

    The rating in a period of five months fluctuates from 3.7 to 4.9 points. The number of rainy days in November is 3, and it ranks 1st for this indicator for the year. Precipitation is 24.2 mm, this is the 2nd place among all months. At the same time, in the previous period, 0.5 mm more rainfall, in the next month, 15 mm less. The weather in Los Gigantes in November in the first and second half of the month is shown in the summary table for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 years.

    Wind speed

    The average speed in November is 4.9 m/s with maximum wind gusts up to 6.8 m/s.

    Climate summary

    Day Day air temperature Water temperature
    1 +25. 6°C +24.1°C
    2 +25.6°C +24.0°C
    3 +26.6°C +23.6°C
    4 +25. 9°C +23.6°C
    5 +25.8°C +24.0°C
    6 +25.6°C +23.6°C
    7 +25. 6°C +23.4°C
    8 +24.8°C +24.0°C
    9 +24.8°C +23.6°C
    10 +25. 3°C +23.6°C
    11 +25.7°C +23.7°C
    12 +24.2°C +23.4°C
    13 +25. 6°C +23.5°C
    14 +24.6°C +23.8°C
    15 +25.3°C +23.4°C
    16 +24. 9°C +23.5°C
    17 +25.4°C +23.4°C
    18 +26.7°C +23.4°C
    19 +24. 6°C +23.2°C
    20 +20.4°C +22.8°C
    21 +18.9°C +23.0°C
    22 +23. 2°C +22.7°C
    23 +19.9°C +23.0°C
    24 +23.1°C +22.6°C
    25 +23. 4°C +22.7°C
    26 +24.7°C +22.5°C
    27 +25.4°C +22.7°C
    28 +25. 2°C +22.3°C
    29 +22.4°C +22.6°C
    30 +21.7°C +22.2°C

    Weather now

    Los Gigantes

    Feeling: –


    Precipitation: %

    10 day forecast / 14 day forecast

      Pay attention to other cities:

    • Los Alcazares November weather
    • Los Cristianos November weather

    Weather in Los Gigantes in November.

    Sea water temperature in november. Weather by months.

    Sea weather / Spain / Weather in Los Gigantes / Weather in NOVEMBER

    October November December
    Daytime average temperature +25°C +23°C +21°C
    Average temperature at night +21°C +19°C +17°C
    Sea water temperature +24°C +23°C +21°C
    Number of sunny days 25 days 23 days 25 days
    Day length 11.1 – 11.9 hours 10.5 – 11.1 hours 10.3 – 10.5 hours
    Number of rainy days 1 day 1 day 1 day
    Rainfall 20. 8 mm 16.7 mm 11.9 mm
    Average wind speed 3.6 m / s 4.3 m / s 4.3 m / with

    Weather in Los Giganthes by month





    July 9005

    9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 November 9000 oktyabr Novelars
    Weather in Los Gigantes now •
    Weather forecast for 14 days •
    Sea water temperature •
    Air temperature •
    Weather by month •
    Weather in the resorts of Spain

    Air temperature in Los Gigantes in November

    The graph below provides detailed information about the daytime and nighttime temperatures in Los Gigantes in November.
    Select the year you are interested in to see daily November temperatures for that year.

    The average air temperature in November over the past 5 years is 22. 7°C during the day and 18.9°C at night.
    To get data on the air temperature in Los Gigantes for other months, go to the “Weather by months” section.

    Data for:





    Los Gigantes sea temperature in November

    The graph below provides detailed information about the water temperature in Los Gigantes in November.
    Select the year you are interested in to see daily November temperatures for that year.

    The average sea temperature in November for Los Gigantes is 22.7°C for the past 5 years.
    To get water temperature data for other months, go to the “Weather by months” section.

    Data for:





    Sunny days in Los Gigantes in November

    The graph below shows the number of sunny, cloudy and overcast days you can expect in Los Gigantes in November.
    The forecast is based on information about the weather in this resort, collected over the past five years.
    However, such a forecast cannot be accurate and should only serve as a rough guide.

    Rainy days in Los Gigantes in November

    The graph below shows the chances of rainfall of varying strengths in Los Gigantes in November.
    The forecast is based on rainfall information for this resort collected over the past five years.
    However, such a forecast cannot be accurate and should only serve as a rough guide.

    Windy days in Los Gigantes in November

    The chart below shows information on how strong the winds can be in Los Gigantes in November.
    The forecast is based on information about the strength of the wind at this resort, collected over the past five years.
    However, such a forecast cannot be accurate and should only serve as a rough guide.

    Weather in Los Gigantesh for months





    June 9000 July

    August 9005 9005

      9000 9000 9000

      December December December December December December December December December December December December December December December December December December December December December December December December December December Decemberla . WEATHER NOW

      February 5, Sunday

      Time: 22:59




      Feb 06 17°C 4 m / s
      Feb 07 18°C ​​ 4 m / s
      Feb 08 16°C 2 m / s
      Feb 09 16°C 2 m / s
      Feb 10 19°C 4 m / s
      February 11, 18°C ​​ 1 m / s
      February 12, 21°C 1 m / s
      February 13, 24°C 4 m / s
      Feb 14 19°C 6 m / s
      February 15, 21°C 6 m / s

      Water temperature in the sea

      9000. ° C

      9000 +20 ° C

      9000.9000 +23 ° CC

      9000 +22 ° C

      9000 ° C

      9000 9000

      9000 9000 25 °C


      99,0009 9000 +21 ° C 9000

      01 February 19. 9 ° C
      02 February 19.9

      February 04 20.0 °C1008
      January +20 ° C +20 ° C
      April +20 ° C +21 ° C
      June +21 ° C +25 ° C

      +23 ° C +28 ° C
      September +24 ° C +27 ° C
      November +23 ° C +23 ° C

      9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000



      9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000

      Alikante +14 ° C
      Barcelona +10 ° C
      Palma de Majorca +11 ° C
      Salou +14 ° C
      Torrevieha +14 ° C
      All resorts

      The warmest month


      Average daytime temperature:








      Average water temperature:








      Number of sunny days:

      31 days

      Average cloudy:


      The weather in tenerife in november: Tenerife weather in November ()

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      Категории: November

      weather-in-new-york-for-the-next-10-days – Google Suche



      10 Day Weather-New York City, NY › weather › tenday

      10 Day Weather-New York City, NY ; Wed 01 · 39°. WNW 7 mph. Abundant sunshine. Temps nearly steady in the mid to upper 30s. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph. ; Thu 02 · 42°.

      New york, NY 10-Day Weather Forecast › weather › tenday › New+York+NY+USNY0996:1:US

      Showers in the morning, then partly cloudy in the afternoon. High 56F. Winds WSW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 40%. Humidity56%. UV Index3 of 10.

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      What kind of weather is NYC experiencing?

      Is it hot or cold in NYC right now?

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      New York City, NY 10-Day Weather Forecaststar_ratehome ; Temperature. High. 39 · F · 40 ; Rain/Snow Depth. Precipitation. 0.01 · in. 5.5 ; Temperature. High. 54 · F.

      New York, New York, USA 14 day weather forecast – Time and Date › Weather › USA › New York

      TodayHourly14 DaysPastClimate. Currently: 37 °F. Overcast. (Weather station: New York City – Central Park, USA). See more current weather.

      New York – BBC Weather › weather

      Day by day forecast ; Tonight · Light cloud and a gentle breeze ; Wednesday 1st FebruaryWed 1st · Sunny intervals and a gentle breeze · High5° 39° ; Thursday 2nd …

      New York, New York | 10-Day Weather Forecasts & Weekend Weather › weather-forecast › new-yor…

      10 Day Forecast. Forecast day icon. Tuesday. Partly Sunny. 39°. Forecast night icon. Night. 40% Chance of Snow. 29°. Tuesday 1/31. Day. 39°. Partly Sunny.

      New York, NY – Fourteen Day Weather › 14-day-weather-trend

      New York, NY temperature trend for the next 14 Days. Find daytime highs and nighttime lows from

      New York, NY Daily Weather – AccuWeather › daily-weather-forecast

      Know what’s coming with AccuWeather’s extended daily forecasts for New York, NY. Up to 90 days of daily highs, lows, and precipitation chances.

      7-Day Forecast 40.71N 73.98W – National Weather Service › zipcity › inputstring=New Yo…

      Current conditions at. New York City, Central Park (KNYC). Lat: 40.78°NLon: 73.97°WElev: 154ft. Overcast. 30°F. -1°C. Humidity, 56%. Wind Speed, NW 7 mph.

      Wind Chill: 23°F (-5°C)
      Wind Speed: NW 7 mph
      Last update: 1 Feb 10:51 am EST
      Humidity: 56%

      New York Weather – 7, 10 & 14 Day Weather Forecast › new-york-weather

      New York, United States of America weather forecasted for the next 10 days will have maximum temperature of 14°c / 58°f on Sat 11. Min temperature will be . ..

      Why are there so many Reals in Spain

      Real Madrid is one of the most popular football clubs not only in Spain but also in the world. Have you ever thought – why are there so many Real Madrid in the Pyrenees, and how many of them are there? It turns out that there are exact statistics on this score – in the first five divisions of Spain, and this is without reserve teams, Real Madrid are exactly 23.

      So, six of them play in La Liga 2021/22: Madrid, Sociedad, Betis, Celta, Espanyol and Mallorca, four in the next Segunda: Valladolid, Oviedo, Zaragoza, Sporting. There are also well-known in the dungeon: Deportivo (yes, the legendary team is in the third league), Racing, Recreativo. All of them arose because of the connection between football and the monarchy. nine0003

      The most recent one appeared in 2012

      Football quickly gained popularity in Spain at the beginning of the 20th century. For a long time he did without unnecessary regulation, remaining a game for the sake of fun. This was noticed by the King of Spain, Alfonso XIII, who ruled from birth in 1886 until the expulsion and proclamation of the Second Spanish Republic in 1931. The deal turned out to be mutually beneficial. Only when forming a professional community did the clubs need confirmation of their status, at least on a formal level. The status of the royal (this is what “Real” means) team was quite suitable for the requests. nine0003

      Deportivo became the first Real Madrid in 1907. Sociedad followed him in 1910. Club historian Iñaki Mendoza told ESPN how the king was negotiated: “The club director turned to Alfonso. It was a matter of prestige. Informal motivation for the request: the royal family vacationed every summer in San Sebastian, where the team is based. We quickly got approval. Five months after the request, an official document came out renaming the team from Sociedad Football Society to Real Sociedad with the seal of the king. nine0003

      Espanyol received a similar paper in 1912, Celta and Betis in 1914, Madrid in 1920. In response, the monarch beat out the status of an honorary member of the club. As long as the monarchy remains in Spain, new Reals appear.

      The most recent is Deportivo Gara from the small town of Garachico on the island of Tenerife. Realovsky rebranding took place in 2012. So the tradition lives on. “It’s a big pride,” said club president Pedro Martinez. – We are known on the island, the club has a rich history. Now we have a team participating in the non-professional league of Tenerife and three youth squads. There was a long process with a lot of documents, and we are very pleased that everything worked out for the centenary of Gara.” nine0003

      The crowns on the emblems of the teams are the result of an agreement with the king

      The Spanish Football Federation also did not miss the moment and in 1913 became the royal one. There were also lucrative bonuses for both parties. Member of the federation Pablo Garcia Cuerva explained: “The king gave the title, and the federation quickly solved all the bureaucracy and always made concessions with the change of official team names.

      Almost all Real Madrid originated in the period from 1910 to 1920 – the years of the formation of football Spain and the still living monarchical regime. Then the clubs cut off the crown from the emblem and hid the prefix in oblivion, but the political agenda soon returned everything to its place. It is believed that in contrast to the politically active Barcelona, ​​which shares the separatist ideas of Catalonia, Real Madrid promote the policy of a centralized state. At the same time, there are no plausible historical facts of such actions. Another thing is internal conflicts. Journalist and author of Spanish Football Journey Jimmy Burns told Al Jazeera: “As Catalans, Barcelona fans see themselves as different from the rest of Spain. Real Madrid seems to them a team representing the rest of Spain. The club’s historical connection to the royal family shapes that perception.” nine0003

      What about Villarreal? It’s all about the city itself

      Villarreal was founded in 1923, existed for decades in the Spanish lower divisions, first broke into the Segunda only in the 90s, and in the 1998/99 season lit up in the elite. Real Madrid was never mentioned in the title, and why? Real Villarreal? Of course, the team itself is named after the city, which, although it is the center of the ceramic industry in Spain, but only 50,000 people live there.

      Villarreal was established as a town in 1274. In Spanish, its name literally means royal village. The founder – King Jaime I of Aragon the Conqueror, conquered the territory from the Moors during the Reconquista. Villarreal became an important strategic point: just 65 kilometers north of Valencia, around which the Spaniards were returning land, and next to it was the Muslim fortress of Burriana, which had yet to be stormed. They received royal status with an accompanying set: it was possible to use the royal standard as a flag, a delegation of the monarch settled in the city, the city received representation in the Valencian parliament. nine0003

      At first, Villarreal was surrounded by walls, which were soon destroyed due to demographic growth, the settlement literally grew.

      Tenerife holiday november: British Airways – Information Page

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      Категории: November

      Why is February 2nd a bank holiday in Tenerife? –

      1/31/23, 1:25 PM

      By Canarian Weekly


      The calendar for the Canary Islands got off on the wrong foot for many people who thought they were losing out on a bank holiday this year because New Year’s Day was on a Sunday and Monday the 2nd was not designated as a holiday.

      However, that does not mean that there won’t be opportunities for people to enjoy a festive day in the middle of a working week over the next twelve months, as one of them is coming this Thursday February 2nd, although it is only in Tenerife.

      Each island has designated an island-wide bank holiday to make up for New Year, which is added to the national, regional, and municipal ones already on the calendar, so this Thursday is the day that Tenerife has chosen which is the day of the patron saint of the Island, the Virgin of Candelaria.

      The new calendar for 2023 includes a total of 13 bank holidays, which includes three dates chosen by the councils and town halls, with the rest being national holidays.

      Non-changeable holidays:

      After the publication of the calendar in the Official State Gazette (BOE), the eight non-replaceable holidays included in the calendar for 2023 are:

      April 7th:  Good Friday.

      May 1st:  Labour Day (Monday).

      August 15th: Assumption of the Virgin (Tuesday).

      October 12th:  National holiday (Thursday).

      November 1st:  All Saints Day (Wednesday).

      December 6th:  Constitution Day (Wednesday).

      December 8th:  Day of the Immaculate Conception (Friday).

      December 25th:  Christmas Day (Monday).

      In addition, these are the designated extra bank holidays for each island:

      February 2nd: Day of the Virgen de la Candelaria (Tenerife).

      August 5th: Nuestra Señora del Nieves (La Palma).

      September 8th: Nuestra Señora del Pino (Gran Canaria).

      September 15th: Our Lady of the Volcanoes (Lanzarote and La Graciosa).

      September 15th: Our Lady of the Rock (Fuerteventura).

      September 25th: Our Lady of the Kings (El Hierro).

      October 9th: Our Lady of Guadalupe (La Gomera).

      Substitutable National Holidays:

      These are the days that the regions of Spain can keep as bank holidays or replace them with others are:

      January 6th:  Three Kings Day (Already passed).

      April 6th:  Holy Thursday – All regions except Catalonia and Valencia.

      Holidays by municipalities:

      Each of the Canary Islands can choose two other festivities to add to their own calendar. For example, in the case of the capital of Tenerife, Santa Cruz, the freely available holidays will be Shrove Tuesday (February 21st) and the day of the Cross (May 3rd).

      Other articles that may interest you…

      • Why is February 2nd a bank holiday in Tenerife?

      • Tenerife firefighters battle a fire in a building in San Isidro

      • VIDEO: Amazing timelapse video shows how the ‘hat of Teide’ moves

      Tours to Tenerife from Yekaterinburg november 2023, prices for holidays all inclusive with flights, tours from all tour operators

      Any type of food

      AI: all inclusive

      BB: breakfast only

      FB: breakfast, lunch and dinner

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      Flamingo Fly Travel

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      Veliky Novgorod












      Mineral water


      Naberezhnye Chelny
      Nizhny Novgorod
      Nizhny Tagil








      St. Petersburg













      Tours in November 2023 for 13 days

      900 000

      • home

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      • for 13 days

      • org/ListItem”>



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      • Barcelona
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      • Costa Blanca
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      • Costa Dorada
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      • Lanzarote
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      • Menorca
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      Canaries holiday november: Canary Islands Weather in November

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      Holidays to Canary Islands

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      Fantastic walking across La Palma’s dramatic volcanic terrain

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      Top 6 Walking Trails in the Canary Islands

      Roque de Los Muchachos, La Palma: Rising almost 2500m above La Palma, Roque de Los Muchachos is a rugged peak that juts out over one of the world’s largest volcanic craters. As you hike along the crater rim, picturesque subalpine landscapes open up, presenting uninterrupted views across La Palma and the Canary Islands. On a clear day, you can see right over to Tenerife’s Mount Teide. At certain points on the walk, you can even peer inside the caldera.  

      Cumbre de Bolico Ridge, Tenerife: Teno Rural Park is located  northwest of Tenerife and is popular among travellers wanting to explore the natural world on their holidays to the Canary Islands. Home to sweet-smelling laurel forests, coastal cliffs and a mountainous massif, the park plays host to an array of wonderful birds, lizards and various other species of animals. Following ancient shepherd’s trails through the undulating terrain, the walk up to the Cumbre de Bolico Ridge presents you with dramatic views across the Atlantic Ocean and Mount Teide. Descending from the ridge walk, you’ll pass traditional farmsteads on the way down to Masca village.

      La Ruta de Los Volcanes, La Palma: Walking holidays to Canary Islands wouldn’t be complete without a trek along the famous La Ruta de Los Volcanes (volcano route). Starting from Refugio del Pilar, the trail winds through pine forests and vineyards, passing volcanic craters and lava landscapes en route. With any luck you’ll spot some of the local birdlife such as kestrels and rooks along the way.

      Camino Real de Chasna, Tenerife: Spanning the north and south of Tenerife, the Camino Real de Chasna is a fantastic walk that guides you along old shepherd’s paths and through dense pine forests to Paisaje Lunar, or the Moon Landscape as it’s often referred to. Carved out by volcanic eruptions, these geological formations draw walkers from around the world. The trek continues to the summit of Mount Guarjara where you’re rewarded with sublime views that stretch across the Canary Islands.

      Teide National Park, Tenerife: Home to the majestic Mount Teide and other ancient volcanoes, Teide National Park is filled with walking trails that showcase some of Tenerife’s most beautiful and dramatic scenery. An exhilarating trek to the peak of Samara volcano, which stands 2000m above sea level, takes you on an awe-inspiring journey of discovery that will enhance any Canary Island holidays. From the summit you can soak up staggering views of El Teide and beyond to Pico Viejo.

      Camino Real de la Costa GR130, La Palma: Arguably the most famous hiking trail in La Palma, and perhaps even the Canary Islands, the Camino Real de la Costa, also known as GR130, links some of the island’s most integral villages. This long-distance coastal path runs through La Palma and steers you among beautiful landscapes speckled with vineyards, banana plantations, citrus groves and mango orchards before finally arriving at the colonial town of San Andrés. If the colourful fruit-strewn scenery doesn’t capture your attention, the coastal views certainly will.

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      Gran Canaria Public Holidays 2021 – The Canary Guide | The Canary

      The island of Gran Canaria and the Canary Islands shares 11 official holidays with the rest of the Spain in 2021. In addition to these, each of the Canary Island has its own official holiday as does each municipality. This year, many main patron saint festive days fall on a Sunday so they are allowed to designate another day of the week to celebrate, meaning there are few surprise local bank holidays. You can check all the local bank holidays for each municipality in the Canary Islands here.


      Public holidays for Gran Canaria in 2021:



      Friday, January 1
      Public holiday in Spain, New Year.

      Wednesday, January  6
      Public holiday in Spain, The Epiphany of the Lord, Reyes Magos.

      Wednesday January 20
      Local bank holiday in Agüimes, Festivities of San Sebastian.



      Tuesday, February 2

      Local bank holiday in Ingenio, Our Lady of Candelaria.

      Tuesday, February 16

      Local bank holiday in Las Palmas, Mogan, Arucas, Firgas, Moya, Santa Brigida, Valleseco, Teror, Santa Lucia de Tirajana, Santa Maria de Guía, Tejeda.  Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day, Martes de Carnaval, Mardi gras.

      Thursday February 18

      Local bank holiday in Agüimes, Carnival Thursday.



      Friday, March 5
      Local bank holiday in San Bartolome de Tirajana, Tourist Day; Día del Turista.
      Friday, March 19
      Local Bank holiday in Santa Maria de Guía, Festivities of San José


      Thursday, April 1

      Public holiday in Spain,  Holy Thursday, Jueves Santo.

      Friday, April 2

      Public holiday in Spain, Good Friday, Viernes Santo.


      Saturday, May 1
      Public holiday in Spain, Labour Day, May Day, Fiesta del Trabajo.

      Thursday, May 13
      Local bank holiday in San Mateo, Festivities of Virgen of Fatima.

      Saturday, May 15

      Local bank holiday in Gáldar, Festivities of San Isidro.

      Monday May 24
      Local bank holiday in Valleseco, Patron festivities of San Vicente Ferrer


      Friday, June 11

      Local bank holiday in Teror, Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

      Monday June 21

      Local Bank holiday in Moya, Festivities of San Antonio de Padua ( St. Anthony).

      Thursday June 24

      Local Bank holiday in Las Palmas, Telde, Arucas,  Valsequillo. Foundational festivities of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and festivities in honour of San Juan Bautista.

      Tuesday, June 29

      Local Bank holiday in Agaete and in Ingenio. Festivities in honour of St Peter and St Paul, San Pedro y San Pablo.


      Friday July 16

      Local Bank holiday in Mogán, Virgen del Carmen, the patron saint of sailors and fishermen.

      Monday July 26

      Local bank holiday in Gáldar, Festivities of Santa Ana.



      Thursday, August 5

      Local bank holiday in Agaete, Festivities of Lady of the snow.

      Monday, August 16

      Public holiday in Spain, The feast of the Assumption, moved from Sunday. Also a local holiday in Firgas, Festivities of San Roque

      Tuesday, August 24

      Local bank holiday in San Bartolomé de Tirajana, the co-patronal celebrations of San Bartolomé.

      Monday, August 31

      Local bank holiday in Artenara, Day after the Feast of the Virgen de la Cuevita.


      Wednesday September 8

      Bank holiday on Gran Canaria, Lady of the Pine, the Patron Saint of Gran Canaria.

      Thursday September 10

      Local bank holiday in La Aldea , Festividad del Santo Patrono San Nicolás de Tolentino.

      Friday September 11

      Local bank holiday in La Aldea, Día del Charco.

      Monday, September 13

      Local bank holiday in Tejeda, Day after the Festivities of the Virgen del Socorro, The patron of the municipality.

      Tuesday September 14

      Local Bank holiday in Artenara, Día del Santo Cristo de Acusa.

      Tuesday September 21

      Local bank holiday in San Mateo, Festivities of St. Matthew.

      Wednesday, September 29

      Local bank holiday in Valsequillo , The feast of Saint Michael.


      Tuesday, October 12

      Public holiday in Spain, Fiesta Nacional de España. Día de la Hispanidad. (Indigenous Peoples and Intercultural Dialogue Day)



      Monday, November 1

      Public holiday in Spain, All saints’ Day, All Hallows’ Day, Halloween, Todos los Santos.

      Wednesday, November 17

      Local Bank holiday in Telde, The festivities in honour of San Gregorio.


      Monday, December 6

      Public holiday in Spain , Spanish Constitution Day.

      Wednesday, December 8

      Public holiday in Spain , The Immaculate Conception.

      Monday, December 13

      Local bank holiday in Santa Lucia de Tirajana, Saint Lucy’s Day.

      Saturday, December 25

      Public holiday in Spain  Christmas, Natividad del Señor.

      Concert box office CONCERT TVER Tickets for events in Tver and the Tver region

      Events poster








      • Victor Korolev
      • nine0022
        ODK “Proletarka”

      • Ticket price:
        1700 – 3800
      • nine0022
        09. 02.2023 19:00

      • Tickets




      • “RADIO TAPOK”
      • nine0022
        ODK “Proletarka”

      • Ticket price:
        990 – 1990
      • nine0022
        11. 02.2023 20:00

      • Tickets



      Ticket exchange

      Sell, Buy, Exchange ticket

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      Every day in Tver there are concerts, performances, shows, I want to go everywhere and see everything. Our website contains an up-to-date poster with events for 2022.

      Ticket operator “Concert Tver”
      takes care of comfort and saves time of customers. Thanks to the round-the-clock service, it is easy to choose on the site and purchase electronic tickets without leaving home. You receive an electronic ticket by mail and can get to the event by presenting it on the screen of a mobile device or in the form of a printout. After the purchase, there is no need to print tickets, it is enough to present them on electronic media (smartphone, tablet).

      Tickets for our events comply with all rules and standards. Including the rules for issuing strict reporting forms and the current provisions of No. 54-FZ.

      The safest way to buy tickets is on our website, as it has the necessary level of protection, which is confirmed by a specialized SSL certificate. Connection via the https protocol provides reliable protection of your personal banking data.

      Especially for you, we have developed the “Ticket Exchange” section for free placement of private ads for the sale, purchase or exchange of tickets for events.

      At the box office “Concert Tver” when buying a ticket there is no Service fee. All ticket offices are located in a convenient location, with parking spaces, easily accessible by public transport.

      Don’t forget to enjoy your fun activities! Diversify your leisure! Enjoy watching!

      Concert box office

      Cash desk in the recreation center “Proletarka”

      • 170001, Russia, Tver, Kalinina Ave., 20

      • nine0022

        Tue. – Sat. from 11:00 – 18:00, Sat. – Sun. – day off (on weekends, 2 hours before the event).

      • +7 (4822) 30-10-30

      Cash desk in DK “Metallist”

      • 170003, Russia, Tver, Petersburg highway, 39

      • nine0090
        Tue. – Sat. from 13:00 – 17:00, Sat. – Sun. – day off (on weekends, 2 hours before the event).
      • +7 (4822) 75-03-07

      Concert venues

      Russia, Tver, Komsomolsky prospect, 4/4


      170034, Russia, Tver, Victory Avenue, 9

      170100, Russia, Tver, st. Soviet, 32

      170100, Russia, Tver, Theater Square, 1

      170100, Russia, Tver, st. Soviet, 16

      170019, Russia, Tver, st. Tupolev, 105

      170034, Russia, Tver, st. Darvina, 3

      171255, Russia, Konakovo, st. Embankment of the Volga, 25

      170037, Russia, Tver, pl. Gagarina, d. 1

      170100, Russia, Tver, Smolensky lane, 29

      170006, Russia, Tver, Krasnoflotskaya embankment, 3

      170034, Russia, Tver, Pr. Pobedy, 4

      170003, Russia, Tver, Petersburg highway, 39

      170001, Russia, Tver, Kalinina Ave. , 20


      Scientific and methodological center of folk art and leisure

      On December 1-2, 2022, the final stage of the Tambov Canary All-Russian Festival dedicated to M.N. Mordasova, the Year of the cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia, the 85th anniversary of the Tambov region.
      Founders of the festival: FGBUK “State Russian House of Folk Art named after V.D. Polenov, Department of Culture and Archival Affairs of the Tambov Region, TOGBUK Scientific and Methodological Center for Folk Art and Leisure. nine0005

      For the first time the festival-competition named after M.N. Mordasova took place in the village of Chernyanoye in the singer’s homeland on November 24, 1985. Becoming traditional, in 2019 it received the status of an All-Russian festival.

      Today the All-Russian festival “Tambov Canary” is the hallmark of the Center for Folk Art and Leisure. The Tambov Canary project has long become a branded event, known far beyond the Tambov region, as a bright folk festival of amateur art. The main symbol of the forum, uniting all lovers of song art, is the performer of songs and ditties, People’s Artist of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor Maria Nikolaevna Mordasova – our famous countrywoman. nine0005

      The first qualifying round of the All-Russian Festival was held from September to October 2022. The organizing committee of the festival considered more than 250 applications sent by the regional Houses (Centers) of Folk Art of the Russian Federation. The winners of the qualifying round were recommended to participate in the final round of the All-Russian Festival.

      The final stage of the festival will be attended by more than three hundred amateur artists, whose age range is from 10 to 75 years old, 45 teams and soloists from 18 regions of Russia: Belgorod, Volgograd, Voronezh, Kaluga, Kursk, Lipetsk, Moscow, Oryol, Penza, Ryazan, Samara, Saratov, Sverdlovsk, Tambov, Yaroslavl regions, as well as from the republics of Komi, Crimea, Mari El. nine0005


      Popularization of M.N. Mordasova, identifying and supporting original folk song performers, improving their creative skills, reviving, preserving and developing the traditions of Russian tunes and ditties as an integral part of song culture, introducing the younger generation to the traditional culture of their native land.

      The festival program includes creative meetings, master classes, performances by the oldest group of Russia Chernyanovsk folk choir. M.N. Mordasova (headed by Fedor Chernyanovsky) of the branch of the Tambov Regional House of Culture in the village of Chernyanoye, the folk amateur song and dance ensemble “Russian Mosaic” (artistic director Viktor Snetkov) of the Tambov Scientific and Methodological Center for Folk Art and Leisure. nine0005

      Successor and student of M.N. Mordasova – People’s Artist of Russia Ekaterina Molodtsova. The folklore ensemble “VERA” of the Lipetsk Regional Center for Culture and Folk Art will show its skills (leader – Ekaterina Grigorieva, Honored Worker of Culture of the Lipetsk Region). The brightest moment of the festival program will be the performances of the best harmonists of Russia, winners of numerous festivals and competitions – Alexander Meshcheryakov (Tambov) and Galina Goncharova (Michurinsky district). nine0081 FESTIVAL GUESTS

      Members of the Festival Jury:

      • Professor, Head of the Department of Solo Folk Singing of the Moscow State University of Culture, Honored Art Worker of the Russian Federation Evgeniya Osipovna Zasimova;
      • Head of the Department of Folk Singing Art of the State Russian House of Folk Art. V.D. Polenova, winner of the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation “Soul of Russia” for his contribution to the development of folk art, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Petr Alekseevich Sorokin; nine0025
      • head of the solo singing department of the Rostropovich College of Music, Honorary Citizen of the city of Voronezh, People’s Artist of Russia Ekaterina Mikhailovna Molodtsova;
      • artistic director of the folklore ensemble “Voskresenie” of the Lipetsk OCCNT, laureate of the Russian government prize “Soul of Russia”, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation Kristallina Leonidovna Ivashchenko;
      • choirmaster of the Chernyanovsky folk choir named after. M.N. Mordasova Fedor Alekseevich Chernyanovsky. nine0025

      The Tambov Canary Festival for many participants will be an opportunity to show their skills and learn from the best performers and folklore teachers.

      The organizers of the event hope that the All-Russian Festival “Tambov Canary” – 2022 will discover new talents and become a bright page in the history of the forum.

      Contact details of the organizing committee: 392000, Tambov, st. Sovetskaya, d. 59; TOGBUK “Scientific and methodological center of folk art and leisure.” nine0081 E-mail: E-mail address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address. Nadezhda Vladimirovna Pavlova, Galina Valentinovna Smirnova, Elena Evgenievna Kareva.
      Details of the project are covered in social networks, see: Vkontakte:;

      of the All-Russian Festival “Tambov Canary”,

      14. 00 – 15.00 – Break.

      15.00 – 18.00 – Viewing competitive programs (III age category). The main stage of MAUK DT “Tambov Youth Theatre”.

      19.00 – 20.00 Creative Laboratory for leaders of collectives in the conference hall of the Derzhavinskaya hotel

      December 2

      12.00 – 15.00 Gala -concert of participants “. Ceremony of awarding the winners of the festival. The main stage of MAUK DT “Tambov Youth Theatre”. nine0218

      From the history of the festival-contest. For the first time the festival-competition named after the People’s Artist of the USSR Maria Nikolaevna Mordasova was held in the village of Chernyanoye, in the homeland of the singer, on November 24, 1985. In 1993, the soloist of the Voronezh State Russian Folk Choir Vera Belyaeva and Honored Artist of Russia composer Vladimir Rudenko became guests of the V regional competition, which contributed to the holding of the next festival in the status of a regional one. In 2005, the festival-competition became interregional and was held as part of the III All-Russian Festival of Folk Art “Salute of Victory” and was timed to 90 anniversary of the singer. Since 2020, the forum has been held in the All-Russian status. Essays on the life and work of M.N. Mordasova under the common name, which appeared as a result of communication with the People’s Artist of Russia E.M. Molodtsova, a student and follower of Mordasova – “Tambov Canary”, authors: L.Yu. Evtikhiev, I.I. Ovsyannikov, B.I. Yudin. In 2010, a monograph by L. Evtikhiev “Songs of the Tambov Canary” was published for the festival.

      “Tambov Canary” for many participants became an event of creative life, an opportunity to show their skills and learn from the best performers and folklore teachers. Traditionally, competitive programs are evaluated by a competent jury, which included: Honored Artist of Russia, Chief Choirmaster of the State Russian House of Folk Art, Artistic Director of the Children’s Folklore Ensemble of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Company “Belfry” – P.

      Sunny places november europe: Where is it hot in November? 10 destinations in Europe

      Опубликовано: April 10, 2023 в 8:45 am


      Категории: November

      November Sunshine Averages for European Cities

      The tables below give November averages for the number of hours of sunshine at major cities throughout Europe.

      The cities range from Amsterdam to Zurich and from Reykjavík to İstanbul. They are listed alphabetically and you can jump ahead to the section for Amsterdam to Kazan, Lille to Pristina and Reykjavík to Zurich.

      Included in this list are Europe’s national capitals plus cities with a metropolitan population of over one million people.

      The month’s totals are averages of historical weather data collected over a long period, in most cases 30 years.

      Total November sunshine
      City Hours
      Amsterdam, Netherlands 62
      Andorra la Vella, Andorra 117
      Athens, Greece 152
      Barcelona, Spain 146
      Belgrade, Serbia 97
      Berlin, Germany 52
      Birmingham, United Kingdom 57
      Brussels, Belgium 66
      Bucharest, Romania 88
      Budapest, Hungary 65
      Chisinau, Moldova 75
      Cologne, Germany 59
      Copenhagen, Denmark 58
      Dublin, Ireland 72
      Glasgow, United Kingdom 51
      Hamburg, Germany 53
      Helsinki, Finland 37
      İstanbul, Turkey 99
      Kazan, Russia 41
      Average amount of sun in November
      City Hours
      Lille, France 61
      Lisbon, Portugal 157
      Ljubljana, Slovenia 56
      London, United Kingdom 60
      Luxembourg, Luxembourg 56
      Lyon, France 76
      Madrid, Spain 157
      Manchester, United Kingdom 60
      Marseille, France 152
      Milan, Italy 66
      Minsk, Belarus 36
      Monaco, Monaco 149
      Moscow, Russia 32
      Munich, Germany 69
      Naples, Italy 126
      Nice, France 149
      Nizhny & Novgorod, Russia 31
      Odessa, Ukraine 77
      Oslo, Norway 51
      Paris, France 68
      Podgorica, Montenegro 129
      Prague, Czech Republic 54
      Pristina, Kosovo 97
      Average November sun
      City Hours
      Reykjavík, Iceland 39
      Riga, Latvia 39
      Rostov-on-Don, Russia 64
      Rotterdam, Netherlands 60
      Saint Petersburg, Russia 27
      Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina 81
      Skopje, Macedonia 115
      Sofia, Bulgaria 96
      Stockholm, Sweden 54
      Tallinn, Estonia 30
      Turin, Italy 105
      Vaduz, Liechtenstein 68
      Valletta, Malta 183
      Vienna, Austria 66
      Vilnius, Lithuania 33
      Zagreb, Croatia 63
      Zurich, Switzerland 50

      RSF Guide: Where to go in November for Sun

      November is a month where not much is happening in the way of excitement and travel. Days become shorter and greyer, and people head back indoors. However, we like to say- It’s the perfect time to let a little sunshine into your heart! Wondering where to go in November for sun that is easily accessible with a campervan? Then check out our list of the best winter sun destinations in Europe and enjoy your van life with a warm fuzzy camping feeling. Even if the weather is getting chillier, you’ll be on holiday relaxing!

      Author: Anna Ulbricht

      Photo: Jannik Obenhoff

      Hire a campervan Find a camping spot

      Why travel in Europe in November?

      You don’t have to pack all your camping gear away come Autumn, only to pull it out months later when spring rolls back around. Europe has many warm destinations to offer in winter. Here are some reasons to take your campervan on holiday in November:

      • Winter blues adieu: Leave the gloomy November at home and enjoy the sun, beaches, and the sea in Europe’s warmest destinations!
      • Avoid the tourists: Less crowded cities and sights await you, allowing you to really get to know the country, people, and culture better.
      • Milder weather: While the summer months can get unbearably hot, in November you can enjoy city stops and sightseeing outdoors without having to constantly seek shade.
      • Available campsites and pitches: You don’t have to book all campsites in advance but can be more spontaneous on your trip.
      • Wild camping is tolerated in some places: If you’re travelling in the off-season, you’ll have fewer problems with wild camping.
      • Save money: Travelling in the off-season means not only fewer people, and less stress but also lower costs.

      Can’t reach your winter sun destinations?

      Worried about cancelled flights or any other issues interfering with your travel plans in the Autumn and winter? That’s understandable, after all, we all experienced it over the last years. So that you can react flexibly to any restrictions, we offer an 48 hours cancellation option.

      Our top 6 Winter Sun Destinations

      You don’t have to jet off across the globe to escape the winter blues. Europe offers many beautiful destinations that still tempt you with temperatures around 20 degrees in November. Enjoy your cuppa coffee early in the morning under a cloudless sky while basking in the sunshine. There are our best travel destinations for November.

      © roadsurfer GmbH

      Peloponnese – Your November holiday in Greece

      • Temperatures in November: 16°C – 20°C
      • Average daytime temperature: 20.5°C
      • Average night temperature: 10°C
      • Water temperature: 20°C
      • Sunshine hours: 5 hours
      • Rainy days: 9

      Camping weather: You can expect pleasantly mild temperatures on the Greek peninsula in November and even in December, even though it rains more often than in the summer and autumn months. It’s no wonder long-term campers choose Greece as their winter home.

      What you can experience: With sunny weather and water temperatures around 20°C, you can still enjoy the Mediterranean Sea in November. Beautiful beaches lure you to the Peloponnese. Visit Voidokilia beach, Foneas beach, Simos beach, or Valtaki beach and enjoy almost deserted bays in November. Visiting ancient cultural sites like Epidauros or Byzantine, cities like Monemvasia, and romantic port cities like Nafplio is a must and especially pleasant during the mild winter months. The Greek peninsula is also ideal for outdoor enthusiasts looking for adventure: Whether wreck diving, climbing, hiking, or river rafting – everything is possible in Peloponnese!

      What you should watch out for: Many tourism businesses such as restaurants are closed during the winter months. That’s because some regions live exclusively off tourism. But with the campervan, you are fortunately self-sufficient and can prepare your own food. It is best to find out in advance which campsites are still open.

      Andalusia – N°1 destination for wintering in Spain

      • Temperatures in November: 10°C – 20°C
      • Average day temperature: 19°C
      • Average night temperature: 10°C
      • Water temperature: 17 – 20°C (in the east the water temperature is a bit higher)
      • Sunshine hours: 6 hours
      • Rainy days: 5

      Camping weather: Southern Spain offers you the ideal camping weather in November. The further east (towards Alméria) you are, the warmer it is. Around the “El Cabo de Gata” National Park there is a desert-like climate, which is unique in Europe.

      What you can experience: In Andalusia, it doesn’t matter if it is summer, winter, autumn, or spring. You can experience 1001 attractions in every season and there is something for everyone: Long beaches on the Costa del Sol, snow in the Sierra Nevada or the green mountains in the countless Sierras and National Parks. Discover the pristine beaches of “El Gabo de Gata” National Park and the flora and fauna of “Doñana Natural Park” on a hike. Whether sightseeing in historical cities like Granada with a visit to the Alhambra, Cordoba, Sevilla, or Malaga, a side trip to the route of the Pueblos Blancos, or to the surfer metropolis Tarifa! You have so many options for exploration here, and there are also endless highlights for children. From water sports activities, amusement, and theme parks to aquariums and boat trips for whale watching, it’s all here.

      What you should watch out for: Many winter travellers like to visit Spain so there may be more tourists than you might expect. In the south of Spain, it makes sense to check in advance if your favourite campsite has any available spots during this travel period.

      Book a unique camping experience in Andalusia

      Algarve – Mild temperatures and pine scent at the Atlantic Ocean

      • Weather in November: good camping weather
      • Temperatures in November: 11°C – 19°C
      • Average day temperature: 19°C
      • Average night temperature: 11°C
      • Water temperature: 16°C
      • Sunshine hours: 6 hours
      • Rainy days: 7

      Camping weather: Despite more rain coming from the Atlantic, it remains pleasantly mild at the southern tip of Portugal, even in November. Basically, the following applies to the Algarve: The more westerly, the windier. The climate is roughest on the unspoiled, rocky west coast that stretches along Cabo de São Vicente.

      What you can experience: The Atlantic is a bit cooler and stormier than the Mediterranean, even in the summer months. Whether it’s August or November, the water temperature doesn’t differ much. You can swim at calm beaches even in November and the spots in Portugal are always worth surfing. There are plenty of beautiful, natural bays in Portugal such as the Praia da Amoreira bay, the west coast of Costa Vicentina, or the Praias around Salema. November is the best time to enjoy an almost tourist-free Algarve and do outdoor activities. Spend the day surfing or kayaking or exploring the famous hiking routes: the Portuguese Way of St. James, the Rota Vicentina coastal path to the Algarve, and the Via Algarviana overlooking the coast. At the westernmost point in Europe (Cabo Sao Vicente), you can hike the beautiful cliffs and grab the famous “Last Bratwurst Before America.”

      What you should watch out for: Many tourist attractions are limited or not open at all in winter. However, because of the many surfers who spend the winter in Portugal, there are plenty of campsites that are open all year round. It’s best to find out in advance which campsite in your region is open at this time.

      Browse camping spots in the Algrave

      Sardinia – Pizza, Pasta and Bella Italia in November

      • Temperatures in November: 12 to 19°C
      • Average daytime temperature: 18°C
      • Average night temperature: 9°C
      • Water temperature: 18°C
      • Sunshine hours: 5 hours
      • Rainy days: 7

      Camping weather: Sardinia is definitely one of the best destinations to visit in Europe in November. If you’ve been there once, you’ll be a repeat visitor, even during this holiday season. It is warmer on the southwest coast around the Costa del Sud and the offshore islands of San Pietro and Sant’Antioco. It’s always a bit colder in the high mountainous areas inland where snow can even fall in winter.

      What you can experience: Sardinia offers you turquoise waters with meter-wide views and beautiful bays framed by rocks. The island is ideal for a road trip from north to south or south to north and is the perfect destination for an active vacation in late autumn or winter. The most beautiful beaches in Europe are almost all to yourself in November. Whether at Cala Spinosa beach on the small peninsula of Capo Testa, Cala Goloritze bay, or La Pelosa beach – swimming is still possible in November when the sun is shining, and kiters and surfers get their money’s worth at places like Porto Pollo. The many rocks and mountains in the hinterland of Sardinia also offer long hikes, climbing, or bouldering sessions. For example, challenge the peaks of the Gennargentu Mountains on a climbing or hiking trip or by mountain bike! One of the most beautiful attractions in Sardinia is the cape “Capo Caccia” with its Neptune grotto. You can hike the labyrinth cape well even in November.

      What you should pay attention to: There are no large vacation parks, winter hotel complexes, or apartments on Sardinia. The island hibernates during the winter months, but small accommodations or campsites are still open. However, you should research this beforehand. Also, be sure to wear windproof clothing, as it can be stormy in November.

      Sicily – Soak up the sun at the tip of Italy’s toes

      • Temperatures in November: 12°C – 21°C
      • Average daytime temperature: 18°C
      • Average night temperature: 13°C
      • Water temperature: 20°C
      • Sunshine hours: 5 hours
      • Rainy days: 11

      Camping weather: Sicily has the longest bathing season in Italy with water temperatures up to 20 degrees, you can even go swimming in November. You can expect warm weather throughout November and mild evenings as the temperature doesn’t usually drop below 13°C at night.

      What you can experience: Sicily is the perfect island for nature lovers, amateur geologists, Italy lovers, and history buffs. Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and Normans shaped the island in the south and left their mark. Famous sights like the archaeological sites of Agrigento, the historical city of Syracuse, or the necropolis of Pantalica bear witness to this. In the low season, the island is ideal for long walks and hikes. You can get close to the largest active volcano in Europe, Mount Etna, and explore the Lipari Islands with their black beaches and the Stromboli volcano. In November, the island is less crowded and surrenders to its relaxed daily life. Beautiful cities like Taormina and the old town of Palermo should not be missed on your road trip through Sicily.

      What to watch out for: It doesn’t matter if you are in the south or the north of the island, because the temperatures are the same everywhere. It is advisable to bring warm clothes in November. As soon as the sun goes down or it gets windy, you’ll want something to layer up in.

      Camping spots in Sardinia

      Camping spots in Sicily

      Malta – Sunny break on the latitudes of Tunisia

      • Temperatures in November: 15°C to 21°C
      • Average daytime temperature: 20°C
      • Average night temperature: 15°C
      • Water temperature: 21°C
      • Sunshine hours: 6 hours
      • Rainy days: 10

      Camping weather: You can really soak up the sun in November in Malta. Even in winter, Malta often hits the 20-degree mark and it is seldom cooler than 15 degrees during the day. Although there is also significantly more rain in November than in summer, the temperatures remain mild and enjoyable.

      What you can experience: You will notice that North Africa isn’t far away – and not just in terms of the weather. The island nation is diverse, the language is influenced by Arabic and the history of the European island is alive. You can walk in the footsteps of the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Normans, French or British at this warm November destination. Stroll through the charming, winding streets of the island’s capital, Valletta, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or explore Malta’s ancient capital, Medina. You can get to the “sister islands” of Gozo and Comino by boat and experience a true water sports paradise: Activities like diving, kayaking, snorkelling, or swimming are possible.

      What you should pay attention to: Malta has left-hand traffic!

      Insider tips for your road trip

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      more and more sun, panels, money – DW – 26.


      Enerparc solar power plant in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern supplies the German railway Photo: Jens Büttner/dpa/picture alliance

      Economy and businessGermany


      June 26, 2022

      Too little sun in Germany to produce green electricity? The photovoltaic boom and climate change will help to quickly replace gas from Russia in the German power industry. nine0005


      Germany is not one of the sunniest countries in Europe. This is a fact, and one could conclude from it that the German solar energy industry is unlikely to be able to develop successfully – and even more so, it is unlikely to be able to help the FRG in solving the currently key task of overcoming dependence on Russian gas. But such a conclusion, if you look at the statistics, seems to be erroneous.

      In summer, solar power plants overtake gas-fired thermal power plants

      Energy statistics show that the solar panels installed in the country are generating more and more electricity, so they clearly have enough sun (especially since they work even in cloudy weather). And meteorological statistics show that the number of sunny hours in Germany has been increasing in recent years, as the climate is changing. In addition, political support for the industry is growing. Thus, in the largest region of Germany in terms of population, the installation of solar panels on the roofs of new industrial buildings and residential buildings will soon become mandatory. nine0005

      Here’s the latest data: In the first quarter of 2022, Germany’s solar power industry generated approximately 8.8 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, the German Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) announced on June 21. This is 6.3% of all electricity produced in the country. It would seem not so much. Note, however, that we are talking about especially unfavorable winter and early spring months for the industry, when, in turn, another renewable energy source (RES) – wind – usually plays a particularly important role. nine0005 Germany’s largest solar power plant was built by EnBW near Berlin near wind farm Photo: EnBW/Paul Langrock

      Thanks to the combination of various renewable energy sources, the share of “green” electricity in the first quarter of this year again exceeded 50% in the German power industry, reported at the end March Federal Association of Energy and Water Supply Companies (BDEW).

      If we look at the results of the entire 2021, then, according to the estimates of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Fraunhofer ISE), photovoltaics accounted for 9.9% of electricity produced. Compared to other RES, the share of solar energy last year in Germany was significantly higher than that of hydropower (4.0%), and slightly higher than that of biomass power plants (8.8%). For comparison: the share of wind farms on land and at sea was 23.1%.

      The role of photovoltaics in the power industry in Germany is rapidly growing

      The share of gas-fired power plants supplying electricity to the national grid (Fraunhofer ISE does not include in its statistics gas-fired thermal power plants of industrial enterprises serving only their own production) was 10.4% last year. So gas and solar are almost equal in their role in the German power industry. What’s more, the institute’s report highlights that last year, from April to October, monthly electricity generation from solar power plants exceeded that of gas-fired power plants. nine0005

      But back to the latest Destatis data for the first quarter of 2022. It is not so much the absolute figures that attract attention here, but the dynamics. If this year the share of solar energy reached 6.3%, then a year ago it was at the level of 4.7%, and in the same period of 2018 it was only 3.5%.

      Germany’s oldest solar power plant was put into operation in 1982 at the University of Oldenburg Photo: Daniel Schmidt/Universität Oldenburg

      Power generation is showing similar dynamics. The 8.8 billion kWh received in the first three months of this year is 34.7% higher than the same period last year. And compared to the first quarter of 2018, the growth was 64.3%. nine0005

      With such a rapid development, solar energy may very well be able to really help the German power industry this year to reduce the use of (Russian) gas as much as possible, which is envisaged by the emergency plans of the German government. Moreover, as a result of global climate change, Germany is becoming more sunny.

      More and more sunny days per year in Germany over 100 hours of sunshine more than in the previous five-year period. nine0005 Solar panels in Freiburg in Brausgau, Germany’s sunniest region in the far southwest of the country

      Photo: Harold Cunningham/Getty Images solar since the start of corresponding observations in 1951. From March to May, the sun shone over Germany for an average of 675 hours. The absolute record of 709 hours was set just two years ago, in 2020, and in 2011 it was 705.

      Compared to 1961-1990, DWD further notes, the sun shone this spring 45% longer, and compared to the period 1991-2020, there were 29% more hours of sunshine. So the trend is more than obvious.

      Germany’s solar energy capacity is equal to a good dozen nuclear power plants

      It cannot but please those German enterprises, farms and households that have installed more than 2.2 million solar panels with a total capacity in open areas and on the roofs of outbuildings, apartment buildings and individual houses 58,400 megawatts. nine0005 The barn roof is the best option for solar panels, according to many German farmers. Photo: picture-alliance/Horst Ossinger in the same month last year by 9.7%, and compared to January 2018, when these statistics began to be kept for the first time, by 38.3%.

      What is important to know to understand the situation: 58,400 megawatts is 58.4 gigawatts, and 1-3 gigawatts is the standard output of most nuclear power plants in the world. nine0005

      In North Rhine-Westphalia, the installation of panels will become mandatory

      It can be firmly assumed that both the number of panels and their capacity will increase markedly in Germany in the coming years. The political efforts of both the federal government and regional authorities will be directed to this. Thus, on June 23, in North Rhine-Westphalia, the largest federal state in terms of population, the conservative CDU and the Greens, who won the recent elections and are now forming a joint government, presented a coalition agreement – a program of action for the next five years. nine0005 Pensioners in Dinkelsbühl, Bavaria produce solar energy for their own use on their balcony Photo: Thomas Seltmann

      One of its key points is the accelerated development of renewable energy in this industrialized region, which includes the Ruhr area. The program provides, in particular, the adoption of a regional law on the mandatory installation of solar panels on the roofs of all new industrial and commercial buildings from 2024, on the roofs of new residential buildings from 2025, and on any buildings after roof repairs from 2026 . nine0005

      However, solar panels are already an integral part of many new buildings throughout Germany, reflecting the growing demand for green energy from a broad section of German society. And in recent weeks, according to the economic newspaper Handelsblatt, there has been “a downright explosive demand for green energy solutions.” As reasons, the publication names the war in Ukraine, the debate about the possible termination of Russian supplies of raw materials and exorbitant prices for oil and gas. nine0005

      Additional income for homeowners and growth in industry turnover

      Destatis pointed out another important motive for owners of detached houses. In 2020, solar panels provided 1.4 million German households with an average of 174 euros a month in additional income from the sale of generated electricity to utilities. True, there used to be more, but as the industry’s competitiveness grows, the state is steadily reducing subsidies to green electricity producers. nine0005 Production of solar panels at the Meyer Burger plant in Freiberg Photo: Meyer Burger

      In turn, the profits of German companies producing solar energy equipment and providing services for it, both in Germany and abroad, are growing. In 2016, according to Destatis, the industry’s revenue amounted to 2.6 billion euros, five years later it grew by 39% to 3.7 billion euros. With such growth, it is not surprising that solar energy, like many other sectors of the German economy, is experiencing an acute shortage of personnel. nine0005

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      Alarm mode in Germany: will Gazprom make the Germans freeze?

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      Blood moon 2022 | November 2022 total lunar eclipse – time to see

      In November 2022, the Moon will take on a blood red hue. This happens when the Earth passes between the Moon and the Sun, and the shadow of the Earth covers our natural satellite. This event is called a total lunar eclipse. In the article you will find out where and when the November lunar eclipse will be best seen.


      • When will the lunar eclipse be in November 2022?
        • What time will the lunar eclipse be on November 8, 2022?
        • When will the Blood Moon be in the sky?
        • How long does a lunar eclipse last?
      • When will the lunar eclipse be in Russia?
        • What time will the lunar eclipse be in Kamchatka?
        • What time will the lunar eclipse be in Magadan?
        • What time will the lunar eclipse be in Vladivostok?
        • What time will the lunar eclipse be in Chita? nine0112
        • What time will the lunar eclipse be in Irkutsk?
        • What time zone am I in?
      • Where will the lunar eclipse be visible on November 8, 2022?
        • November 2022 lunar eclipse map
        • Where will a total lunar eclipse be seen?
        • Will the lunar eclipse be visible in my city?

      When will the lunar eclipse be in November 2022?

      A total lunar eclipse will occur on November 8, and will be visible in different parts of the world. The eclipse will go through three phases: penumbral, partial and total. nine0005

      What time will the lunar eclipse be on November 8, 2022?

      The first penumbral phase of the eclipse will begin on November 8 at 11:02 Moscow time (08:02 GMT) . This phase is not visible to the naked eye.

      Private phase will start at 12:09 Moscow time (09:09 GMT) . At this time, observations can begin. The inner shadow of the Earth begins to creep over the lunar disk, and the Moon looks darkened.

      Complete phase eclipse will begin at 13:16 Moscow time (10:16 GMT) . At this point, the moon will be completely covered by the shadow of the Earth, and from this the lunar disk will acquire a red tint. Due to its color, the Moon during an eclipse is called Red or Bloody.

      At 14:41 Moscow time (11:41 GMT) the full phase will end and the partial phase of the eclipse will begin again .

      Next, at 15:49 Moscow time (12:49 GMT) the penumbral phase 9 will come 0150 – from now on, the eclipse will not be visible to the naked eye.

      The lunar eclipse will end at 16:56 Moscow time (13:56 GMT) .

      When will the Blood Moon be in the sky?

      The total lunar eclipse will begin at 13:16 Moscow time (10:16 GMT) , will peak (when the Moon is closest to the center of the Earth’s shadow) at 13:59 Moscow time (10:59 GMT) and will last until 14:41 Moscow time (11:41 GMT). During all this time, you will be able to observe the full Red Moon, but it is better to start observations an hour earlier in order to catch the partial eclipse phase. nine0005

      How long does a lunar eclipse last?

      The visible path of the lunar eclipse (partial, total and partial again) will take 3 hours 40 minutes. The total lunar eclipse will last 1 hour 25 minutes , from 12:16 to 13:41 Moscow time (10:16-11:41 GMT) on November 8th.

      When will the lunar eclipse be in Russia?

      A lunar eclipse occurs simultaneously all over the Earth, but at different hours in local time. Check the eclipse schedule for your time zone so you don’t miss out on this celestial event. The following are graphs of the lunar eclipse for different time zones in Russia. nine0005

      What time will the lunar eclipse be in Kamchatka?

      In Kamchatka (GMT+12) a partial lunar eclipse will begin at 21:09 on November 8th. Total eclipse will begin at 22:16 and peak at 22:59 . The total eclipse will end at 23:41 and will be followed by a partial eclipse that will last until 00:49 on November 9th.

      What time will the lunar eclipse be in Magadan?

      In Magadan time zone (GMT+11), the partial lunar eclipse will begin at 20:09 on November 8th. nine0149 Total eclipse will start at 21:16 and peak at 21:59 . The total eclipse will end at 22:41 and will be followed by a partial eclipse that will last until 23:49.

      What time will the lunar eclipse be in Vladivostok?

      Vladivostok time zone (GMT+10), partial lunar eclipse will begin at 19:09 on November 8th. Total eclipse will start at 20:16 and peak at 20:59 . The total eclipse will end at 21:41 and will be followed by a partial eclipse that will last until 22:49.

      What time will the lunar eclipse be in Chita?

      In Chita time zone (GMT+9), the partial lunar eclipse will begin at 18:09 on November 8th. Total eclipse will begin at 19:16 and peak at 19:59 . The total eclipse will end at 20:41 and will be followed by a partial eclipse that will last until 21:49.

      What time will the lunar eclipse be in Irkutsk?

      In Irkutsk time zone (GMT+8), the partial lunar eclipse will begin at 17:09 on November 8th. Total eclipse will begin at 18:16 and peak at 18:59 . The total eclipse will end at 19:41 and will be followed by a partial eclipse that will last until 20:49.

      What time zone am I in?

      If you are not sure what time zone you are in, find your location on an interactive map such as Time and Date and double check in the Eclipse Guide app. With this application, you can calculate the exact time of an eclipse based on your location and find out additional information, including the schedule of eclipses, their visualization and a list of the best places to watch. nine0005

      Where will the lunar eclipse be visible on November 8, 2022?

      The lunar eclipse will be visible wherever it is night at this time. In some places, the Moon will rise later or set before the eclipse begins, so it will not be visible there. Next, we will consider a list of places where you can see at least a partial eclipse. For a better visualization, use the map of upcoming eclipses in our infographic.

      List of upcoming solar and lunar eclipses with exact time and area of ​​visibility. See if you can see the next eclipse! nine0005

      View infographic

      Map of the lunar eclipse in November 2022

      In November 2022 all visible phases of the lunar eclipse (partial, total, partial) can be observed in most regions of North America, in New Zealand, on many islands of the Pacific Ocean , on the east coast of Australia, in most of Japan, the eastern regions of Russia, South Korea, East and Northeast China, on the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard.

      Total lunar eclipse will be visible in its entirety in most of North America, New Zealand, many Pacific islands, most of Australia, Japan, most of Siberia, South Korea, most of China, the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard.

      A partial phase of total eclipse will be visible across North America, northwest South America, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Australia, Japan, Siberia, South Korea, China, East India, northern regions of Norway and the Svalbard archipelago, in part of the northern regions of Finland. nine0005

      At least partial eclipse phase will be visible from Northeast Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, most of South America, the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Oceans, the Arctic and Antarctic.

      Where will a total lunar eclipse be seen?

      Here are some major cities where you can watch the total lunar eclipse in November 2022:

      • Vancouver, Canada
      • Calgary, Canada
      • Seattle, USA
      • Oakland, USA
      • Honolulu, USA
      • Mexico City, Mexico
      • Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia
      • Vladivostok, Russia
      • Yakutsk, Russia
      • Chita, Russia
      • Irkutsk, Russia
      • Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
      • Hanoi, Vietnam
      • Melbourne, Australia
      • Sydney, Australia
      • Auckland, New Zealand
      • Wellington, New Zealand
      • Beijing, China
      • Seoul, South Korea
      • Tokyo, Japan
      • Kolkata, India

      Will the lunar eclipse be visible in my city?

      If you are not sure if a lunar eclipse will be visible in your location, use the Eclipse Guide app.

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