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Warm european countries in december: Stunning Warm Places in Europe in Winter

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2023 off to warm start, breaking records in Europe


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Record-breaking heat was observed in several European countries on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, the UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has confirmed.

Temperatures above 20°C were observed in many European countries. Some national and many local temperature records for December and January were broken in several countries from Spain to eastern parts of Europe, WMO said. In Iceland at the end of 2022, the picture was reversed, with unusually cold temperatures observed in December.

Exceptional weather

A high-pressure zone over the Mediterranean region and an Atlantic low-pressure system induced a strong south-west flux that brought warm air from north-western Africa to middle latitudes.

At Spain’s Bilbao airport, a reading of 25.1°C on 1 January smashed the previous all-time record established 12 months earlier, by 0.7°C. And in the eastern French city of Besançon, usually chilly at this time of year, temperatures hit a new all-time high of 18.6°C on New Year’s Day, 1.8°C above the previous record, dating back to January 1918.

In the German city of Dresden, the 1961 New Year’s Eve record of 17.7°C was left trailing by the 19.4°C reading taken on 31 December 2022. Further north, in Denmark’s Lolland island, 2023 started with a new high of 12.6°C, overtaking the 12.4°C record set in 2005.

However, the picture was not the same across Europe. In Iceland, temperatures were unusually cold over the festive season.

Suburbs of Reykjavik, capital of Iceland, on New year’s eve © Teitur Thorkelsson

“While southernly winds brought warm air to the north, northerly winds pushed cold air southward over the Atlantic close to Iceland,” Halldór Björnsson, meteorologist at the Icelandic Met Office told UNRIC. “The result is that December 2022 is the coldest December on record since 1973 in Iceland and the coldest for 100 years in Reykjavik. However, the autumn had been unusually mild in Iceland and November was the warmest ever.”

2022 records smashed

These records come as some European national meteorological services, including in Spain, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, announce that 2022 will be the hottest year ever recorded in their respective countries.

The UK recorded an average annual temperature of over 10°C for the first time, with a provisional figure of 10.03°C. This made the year 0.89°C above the 1991-2020 average and 0.15°C higher than the previous record of 9.88°C set in 2014. A study by the country’s Met Office showed human induced climate change made the record-breaking annual temperature around 160 times more likely.

Urgent climate action

Temperatures over Europe have warmed significantly over the 1991-2021 period, at an average rate of about +0. 5°C per decade, the highest of any continent in the world and more than twice the global average, according to WMO’s 2021 Europe State of the Climate Report.

With immediate action now, the drastic impacts of climate change can still be prevented, but countries are not on track to fulfil the promises they have made.

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres says he is determined for 2023 to be a “year for action”. He announced he will convene a Climate Ambition Summit in September, and called on every leader to “step up – from governments, business, cities and regions, civil society and finance.”

‘Feels like summer’: Warm winter breaks temperature records in Europe

LONDON/BRUSSELS: Record-high winter temperatures swept across parts of Europe over the new year, bringing calls from activists for faster action against climate change while offering short-term respite to governments struggling with high gas prices.
Hundreds of sites have seen temperature records smashed in the past days, from

Switzerland to Poland

to Hungary, which registered its warmest Christmas Eve in Budapest and saw temperatures climb to 18.9 degrees Celsius (66.02°F) on January 1.
In France, where the night of December 30/31 was the warmest since records began, temperatures climbed to nearly 25 degree Celsius in the southwest on New Year’s Day while normally bustling European ski resorts were deserted due to a lack of snow.
Czech Television reported some trees were starting to flower in private gardens, while Switzerland’s office of Meteorology and Climatology issued a pollen warning to allergy sufferers from early blooming hazel plants.

The temperature hit 25.1C at Bilbao airport in Spain’s Basque country. People basked in the sun as they sat outside Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum or walked along the River Nervion.
“It always rains a lot here, it’s very cold and it’s January and it feels like summer,” said Bilbao resident Eusebio Folgeira, 81.
French tourist Joana Host said: “It’s like nice weather for biking but we know it’s like the planet is burning. So we’re enjoying it but at the same time we’re scared.”
Scientists have not yet analysed the specific ways in which climate change affected the recent high temperatures, but January’s warm weather spell fits into the longer-term trend of rising temperatures due to human-caused climate change.
It follows another year of extreme weather events that scientists concluded were directly linked to global heating, including deadly heatwaves in Europe and India, and flooding in Pakistan.
“The record-breaking heat across Europe over the new year was made more likely to happen by human-caused climate change, just as climate change is now making every heatwave more likely and hotter,” said Dr Friederike Otto, climate scientist at Imperial College London.
Temperature spikes can also cause plants to start growing earlier in the year, making them vulnerable to being killed off by frosts, said Otto.
Empty slopes
“When millions of people across Europe are experiencing a heatwave in January it might be time to completely end our society’s dependence on planet-heating fossil fuels,” Greenpeace UK said.
French national weather agency Meteo France attributed the anomalous temperatures to a mass of warm air moving to Europe from subtropical zones.
It struck during the busy skiing season, leading to cancelled trips and empty slopes. Resorts in the northern Spanish regions of Asturias, Leon and Cantabria have been closed since the Christmas holidays due to lack of snow.
On Jahorina above Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina, home to the 1984 Winter Olympics, it should have been one of the busiest weeks of the season. Instead, the chair-lifts hung lifeless above the grassy slopes. In one guesthouse a couple ate dinner alone in the restaurant, the only guests.
A ski jumping event in Zakopane, southern Poland, planned for the weekend of Jan. 7-8 was cancelled.
Weather eases gas strain
The unusually mild temperatures have offered some short-term relief to European governments who have struggled to secure scarce gas supplies and keep a lid on soaring prices after Russia slashed deliveries of the fuel to Europe.
European governments have said this energy crisis should hasten their shift from fossil fuels to clean energy – but in the short term, plummeting Russian fuel supplies have left them racing to secure extra gas from elsewhere.
Gas demand has fallen for heating in many countries, helping to reduce prices.
The benchmark front-month gas price was trading at 70.25 euros per megawatt hour on Wednesday morning, its lowest level since February 2022 before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
The head of Italy’s energy authority predicted that regulated energy bills in the country would fall this month, if the milder temperatures help keep gas prices lower.
However, a note by Eurointelligence cautioned that this should not lull governments into complacency or remove a sense of urgency over Europe’s energy crisis.
“While it will give governments more fiscal breathing room in the first part of this year, resolving Europe’s energy problems will taken concerted action over the course of several years,” it said. “Nobody should believe this is over yet.”

10 countries where you can go in winter

Our country is located in a sharply continental climate zone, so for the whole year we see all 4 seasons of weather changes. True, often with the onset of cold weather, more and more I want to return to the warm summer, soak up the sun and sunbathe on the white sand.

Due to the fact that, for many residents of Kyrgyzstan, foreign holidays are still associated only with Turkey, the travel agency “Putyovka.KG” decided to tell more about the countries where you can go in winter. nine0003

1.Based on the performance of the past 2017, the UAE is the undisputed leader in autumn-winter holidays. In a country where most of the buildings are made of glass and iron, the summer becomes unbearably hot. And with the onset of September, the air temperature drops and the most favorable time for a holiday in this fabulous country comes.

Tours to Dubai from Bishkek

Trips to Dubai from Almaty

2. Another undisputed leader among winter destinations is Egypt. In Egypt, due to the pleasant and dry climate, the season lasts all year round, and the high season is from October to March. From November 1 this year, direct flights from Bishkek to Sharm el-Sheikh were opened, and the flight itself lasts about 5.5 hours. A visa is issued upon arrival for $25. Pleasant climate, beautiful underwater world and excellent service make Egypt a real tidbit among countries for winter holidays. nine0003

Tours to Egypt from Bishkek

Last minute tours to Egypt from Almaty

3. Thanks to its rich history and beautiful tropical nature, Thailand has become one of the most beloved destinations for the Kyrgyz people. Summer in Thailand is the rainy season, which lasts until the end of August and the beginning of September. Those who wish will go to Thailand during the high season, i.e. from November to January, we advise you to book the tour in advance. Since Thailand is loved all over the world and most of the recommended hotels are booked months in advance. nine0003

Tours to Thailand from Bishkek

Pattaya from Almaty

Phuket tours

4. India is a huge country with several climatic zones. And the weather in them may differ, but the most favorable weather in all climatic zones comes by the end of October and the beginning of November. The history and architecture of India attracts tourists from all over the world. You can admire the beautiful views of Agra and Jaipur, visit the amazing mausoleum of the Taj Mahal, undergo Ayurvedic treatment in Keralli. And all the youth of the world goes to the state of Goa, where mega parties are held. nine0003

Tours to Goa

5. In Sri Lanka, the season lasts all year round. You can buy a tour to Sri Lanka by flying from Bishkek via Dubai. The most recommended resorts are Hikkaduwa and Unnawatuna. Sri Lanka is a favorite country for lovers of quiet and family holidays. Sri Lanka is the exact opposite of Goa, here you will not find nightclubs, but on the contrary, local attractions are in harmony with nature. To enter this country, citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic will need a visa, which is issued upon arrival for $50. nine0003

6. Another country for winter holidays is China, namely Hainan Island. Hainan is a novelty for our layman, since only from May 1, 2018, a simplified visa regime was introduced to this island, i.e. A visa is issued upon arrival for $25. Hainan is called eastern Hawaii, since Hainan is located in the same latitude as Hawaii. Thanks to the tropical climate, the season here lasts all year round, but the highest season is from October to March. Since March, the rainy season begins and hoteliers reduce prices, and in the summer you can buy last-minute tours to Hainan. Oriental medicine also attracts many tourists. By purchasing a tour in our travel agency, you get the opportunity to undergo free diagnostics at the medical center

Tours to Hainan

7. Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia, but the closest in spirit to the Soviet people. Here everywhere you will see flags almost like Soviet, Soviet “UAZ”, and there are even pioneers in ties. But since Vietnam was a French colony, the resorts are quite European. And truly Vietnam is ancient temples, natural parks, beautiful beaches, an extensive hotel base and delicious food. And also in Vietnam, the lowest prices throughout Southeast Asia.


Combined tour to Vietnam and Thailand

8. Another country where tourism is in full swing all year round is Indonesia, and more specifically, the island of Bali. Bali is primarily a volcano, rice fields, as well as ancient culture, shopping and discos. The ideal travel time is from November to March. At this time, there are fewer tourists and prices are falling. And the weather is quite summery by our standards.

Bali Combined Tour

9. It’s no secret that the Maldives is the most romantic holiday destination. For locals, there are no seasons, but there is a rainy season and a season without rains. The rainy season lasts from May to August, and the most pleasant months for relaxation are from November to April. At this time, the rainy weather is already over and the sun shines for whole days. And the air temperature freezes at around 30 degrees. nine0003

Maldives – Paradise on earth

10. Last on the list, but one of the most impressive options that can be noted is sea cruises. Many people think that cruises are expensive, but in fact this is the most profitable option for traveling. You will have the opportunity to see several countries in one trip, and you will have stops in each country. Moreover, unlike rest on land, cruise ships are full of entertainment, which are included in the initial price and on cruises the concept of food on the basis of all inclusive.

Place to visit in europe in december: 15 Best Places to Visit in Europe in Winter

Опубликовано: May 2, 2023 в 3:44 am


Категории: December

Magical Destinations to Visit in Eastern Europe in December

Eastern Europe and the Balkans are spectacular destinations to visit in December. When winter approaches and the temperatures dip, the fun is about to begin. Imagine the scene – bedazzling ice shows on open-air rinks, Advent markets with wonderful food, budget-friendly ski resorts and thermal spas, traditional carol singers and real Christmas trees, remote villages and World Heritage cities, and those mysterious snow-clad castles.

Romania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia, and Serbia are the most visited countries in Eastern Europe (and safe for travel). Even so, away from the iconic sites (Transylvania’s Bran Castle of Dracula fame is legendary and historic Prague is the most popular city in East Europe), the majority of Eastern Europe remains remarkably unknown to international tourists.

A tapestry of landscapes which crosses Europe from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea, and includes the Balkan Peninsula, Eastern Europe is a fascinating mixture of cultures and linguistic diversity which you need to discover.

If you’re thinking of visiting Eastern Europe this winter, here’s our choice of magical places to visit.

Zabreb Advent Ice Park at Tomislav Square, Croatia / Photo credit: Ice Park Zagreb

Best Destinations to Visit in Eastern Europe in December

    • 1. Sighisoara
    • 2. Zakopane
    • 3. Warsaw
  3. CZECH REPUBLIC (Czechia)
    • 4. Prague
    • 5. Budapest
    • 6. Zabreb
    • 7. Mokra Gora
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The best cities, Christmas markets and winter destinations for a trip to Eastern Europe in December, recommended by world travellers.


1. Sighisoara

Sighisoara citadel / Photo credit: Sanoi, CC BY-SA 3.0

In the heart of Romania’s historic region of Transylvania, you’ll find Sighisoara, an authentically preserved walled Medieval town. Because of its location, Sighisoara is a popular day-trip destination (just 4 hours by train from the capital of Bucharest and about the same from Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania’s capital), so the tiny town gets pretty busy during the weekends. You can of course stay locally in town, to soak in more of the atmosphere!

Winters in Sighisoara can be brutal, so make sure to dress accordingly. The historical centre is easily explored on foot, but do wear good hiking boots as the cobblestones can get slippery, especially if it snows! Head for Citadel Square (Piata Cetatii). This is Sighisoara’s main square, beautiful at any time of year, during the December holidays it’s a wondrous sight with festive decorations and the Christmas market craft stalls, and even a carousel for the children.

Banish the cold with mulled wine or a shot of fiery palincă, and try the traditional foods – such as meat-filled cabbage rolls (sarmale), chimney cake (Kürtőskalács), beans with smoked pork (ciolan cu fasole), soup or stew with meat and vegetables (gulyás), or sour cherries pastry (placinta cu visine).

Advent market in Sibiu.

If you want to burn some of those calories, the Old Town is waiting to be explored. Stroll along the cobblestone-lined streets, climb to the top of the Clock Tower (Turnul cu Ceas) and go inside to see the museum.

Walk up the Scholar’s Staircase (Scara scolarilor) to the Church on the Hill (Biserica din Deal). Then visit the nine towers set in the Medieval walls. For some outstanding views of the area, follow the Panoramic Road, which circles the old city walls.

Come nightfall, you can imagine Sighisoara citadel centuries ago as the sound of carol singers fills the crisp air, candlelit holy parades flicker through the narrow streets, and the town’s Christmas tree stands shimmering against a backdrop of Transylvanian towers.

Enjoy more of Romania on while you’re here. Castelul-Bran, Dracula’s notorious castle, is only couple of hours away from Sighisoara (book a tour, get a taxi or hire a car to get there). Meanwhile, a large Christmas market is held in Sibiu, just a 2 hours by train. Finally, if you love winter sports, Poiana Brasov is within easy reach (4 hours by train). There are seven slopes catering to all levels of skiers.

Recommended by Cris from LooknWalk


2. Zakopane

Zakopane is the de facto winter capital of Poland. When December swings around, the snow starts a-falling, blanketing the whole of the surrounding valley in metres of the white stuff. That adds a real fairy-tale air to the traditional gorale (highlander) architecture – all gnarled wood beams and overhanging gables topped by chimneys that send smoke swirls into the chilly air.

The town itself sits at the base of the Tatra National Park, a reserve that contains the highest peaks in the whole of Poland. You can stroll in from the centre to hike on lower paths to frozen waterfalls in less than 30 minutes.

Chocholowska valley in the Tatra Mountains.

Higher paths tend to be shut because of avalanche risk but there’s skiing to be done if you want to clamber above the tree line. To don the salopettes, hit up Kasprowy Weirch (which has a top station at 1,987 metres) or even the nearby spa resort of Bialka Tatrzanska (the largest ski resort in the country, a 20-minute transfer through the hills).

Back in the down-town of Zakopane after your winter wanderings, make for Krupowki Street. That’s the main drag; a kilometre of beer-sloshing taverns warmed by real fires and stalls selling smoked sheep’s cheese with cranberry (the local delicacy). A Polish Christmas market clusters at its south end. Go there to buy carved wooden spoons, woollen socks, and festive baubles.

The area around Zakopane is special in the wintertime, largely because it’s famed for its all-weather thermal baths and spa towns. The best of them lie in the nearby mountain village of Chocholowska, where you can soothe the muscles in sulphury pools while gazing at the High Tatras scoring the horizon.

Recommended by Asia of Krakow Buzz

3. Warsaw

For anyone looking for the perfect December break to celebrate Christmas, look no further than Warsaw, one of the most fascinating cities in Poland.

While Poland is not on many people’s radar it is an emerging travel destination in Europe and there is so much to discover in Warsaw. Being the capital of Poland you will find plenty to see, do, taste and learn when you are there but during December the city comes alive in the most stunning way to see the festive season in.

Throughout the streets, and especially in the Warsaw Old Town area, you will see the traditional wooden stalls that are a part of the amazing Christmas market. Locals and tourists love the markets that bring people together. As you sample the tasty Polish cuisine, you’ll end up chatting as you eat with someone from any part of the world. Try some Kielbasa sausages, Zapiakanka baguettes, and Grzane wino (mulled wine) or, if you dare, the infamous Grzane Piwo mulled beer.

You can visit the markets at any time in the day but go along in the evening to see something really special, one of the best city illuminations in Europe.

As a part of the Warsaw Christmas Festival, the city is festooned with fairy lights and incandescent LED displays. Start at the Royal Square (Plac Zamkowy) where a huge Christmas tree stands in front of Warsaw Castle, and walk the Royal Route past the Holy Cross Basilica.

Talking about beautiful places of prayer, pop into one of Warsaw’s churches to feel the true spirit of Christmastime culture – see the Nativity scenes, listen to carols, and attend midnight mass on Christmas Eve.

Meanwhile, if you’re travelling with children to Warsaw in December, don’t miss the little Santa’s village or ice-skating at the old town square.

Once you have had your fill of the markets you can also find plenty of museums like the Poln Museum and The Warsaw Uprising Museum to spend some time in. Sitting and enjoying a Chopin concert is another popular activity in Warsaw, as well as a visit to Wilanow Palace which has a stunning winter light show.

New Year’s Eve is known as St Silvester’s Day in Poland and is one of the country’s top celebrations. Warsaw’s best street party takes place in the old town with fireworks down by the river and dancing to live bands. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated event, reserve a table for a special meal at one of the city restaurants, or check out the clubs for parties and masquerade balls.

Recommended by Bec from Poland Travel Expert


4. Prague

If you’re looking for a fabulous place to visit in Europe this December, Prague may be the perfect place to add to your family bucket list.

When visiting the capital of Czech Republic, travellers will get to experience traditional European holiday festivities. In the heart of the city, the Old Town Square hosts a popular Christmas Market where the magic of the holiday season occurs.

The Christmas Market in Prague runs each year from the end of November to the first week of January. There you’ll find a genuine festive atmosphere with a mix of tourists and locals.

When in Prague, it’s important to taste some local foods and treats. Trdelník, a crispy rolled pastry with sugar and cinnamon, is freshly served at Christmas Markets. It goes well with a warm and comforting mulled wine! For an authentic dinner meal, try a traditional Czech beef goulash.

Prague in the winter is not only about Christmas Markets, there are plenty of other things to do and see in December. Of course, you’ll want to walk around town to see the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and the Prague astronomical clock.

Ice-skating is also a fun winter activity to do while in Prague. There are many options, but the open-air ice-skating rinks at Ovocny Trh or at Čapadlo are great options.

A guided walking tour of Old Town is also a good way to explore the World Heritage City of Prague and learn about its history.

If time allows, a day trip to Terezin Concentration Camp is an interesting way to learn more about WWII history. A visit to the Kutna Hora Bone Church is another unique day trip to do while in the area.

Recommended by Emilie of Love Life Abroad


5. Budapest

Vörösmarty Square Christmas Market.

Hungary’s capital, Budapest is a wonderful city to visit any season. But at Christmastime it’s doubly magical!

From the colourful Christmas markets to the soothing thermal baths and dazzling New Year’s Eve parties, if you decide to visit Budapest in winter you’ll be guaranteed a fun time.

By late November, Christmas markets are already opening in Budapest. If you want to avoid the crowds but still enjoy the festive atmosphere, early December is a great time to visit. The large Christmas fair at Vörösmarty Square is extremely popular. Whether you want to drink mulled wine, grab an ornament for your Christmas tree, or buy gifts for your loved ones, the 100 stalls have plenty on offer!

Nearby, you can find the much smaller but gorgeous Basilica Christmas Market, which takes place in front of the famous Szent István Basilica (St. Stephen’s Basilica).

Indulge in some local cuisine while you’re at the stalls! The famous chimney cake (Kürtőskalács), poppy seed roll (beigli), soup or stew with meat and vegetables (Gulyás), or deep fried flatbread (Lángos) are perfect winter foods that can be enjoyed at the markets. Feeling the chill? Then warm up with mulled wine!

Budapest Advent Fair

Now it’s time to burn a few calories ice-skating in Budapest City Park. The Városliget ice-rink is not only fun, the setting is spectacular with views to Vajdahunyad Castle.

If the exercise and wine didn’t warm you up enough, close to the ice-rink you’ll find Széchenyi Thermal Baths. The biggest and most fashionable hot-water spa in Budapest, this is the best place to relax, unwind, and …warm up, of course! On the other side of town, in Buda, Gellért thermal baths are also immensely popular.

Fancy partying to welcome the New Year? Street parties abound in Budapest but you can also choose one of the many clubs to dance the night away. Layer up and ring in the New Year while watching the fireworks over the Danube.

Recommended by Cris of LooknWalk


6. Zabreb

The Ice Park at Tomislav Square during Advent Zagreb / Photo credit: Ice Park Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

Voted Europe’s best Christmas market three years in a row, Advent in Zagreb is the top event to visit during the December holidays.

Beginning in late November, Croatia’s capital is transformed into a wintertime wonderland. Think twinkling lights, artificial snow, Christmas trees on every corner, and tiny wooden huts overflowing with tasty holiday treats.

What makes the Zagreb Christmas market so special is that it sprawls out to nearly every corner of the city, unlike other European markets that cluster around the main square. Piazzas, parks, lanes, and alleyways throughout the city are thoughtfully decorated and designed, each with its own unique atmosphere.

On King Tomislav Square, families and children, in particular, enjoy the open-air ice-skating rink illuminated by the glow of Christmas lights. At the same time, couples head to the upper town for romantic strolls along the Strossmayer promenade overlooking the Zagreb skyline.

And those who love a good holiday party? Singles and groups of friends take to ‘fuliranje’ for free-flowing cocktails and live DJs that play late into the night.

Further enhancing the holiday spirit of Zagreb’s famous winter festival is the daily entertainment programme focused on music and art. In addition to classic Christmas tunes, visitors can enjoy live rock concerts, jazz bands, choirs, folklore groups, and performances by famous Croatian singers.

Of course, no market is complete without delicious food! While wandering the fairy-tale streets, pop by a few food stalls to sample some traditional Croatian dishes. Warm strukli (a savoury pasta dish), grilled sausages, and fritule (freshly fried mini donuts) are all local favourites. When it comes to beverages, you can’t go wrong with a steaming cup of mulled wine or creamy hot chocolate.

With its next-level Christmas decorations and many things to do and see, no other European city will get you in the festive spirit as Zagreb does. For these reasons, Zagreb is an absolute must when visiting Europe in December.

Contributed by Olivia from Inspired by Croatia


7. Mokra Gora

Ski slopes at Zlatibor mountain.

Have you thought about visiting Serbia this winter? Compared to its neighbouring countries in the Balkans, Serbia is an underrated destination that is often overlooked by European and international travellers. All the more reason to go!

The mountains and valleys of southwestern Serbia are particularly enchanting, with traditional villages of log cabins hidden away in the coniferous forests. Mokra Gora is one of these.

Located in a wooded valley near Zlatibor mountain, Mokra Gora is an ideal choice for a December getaway in Europe. Especially for nature lovers looking for authenticity in an unspoiled environment away from the usual tourist circuits!

Surprisingly, one of the best winter resorts in Serbia, Zlatibor is only 40 km from Mokra Gora. This makes a good day out as there are plenty of things to do there, from horse riding to skiing. Meanwhile, Uzice is the nearest city to Mokra Gora, some 45 minutes by road.

Despite being not too far from the more popular tourist spots, Mokra Gora is practically unknown.
The village is really worth visiting as it has some rather unique attractions – the Sargan Eight Heritage Train, for example. This looping railway line (which looks just like a figure 8 seen from the air) once connected Belgrade and Sarajevo in Bosnia when they were under Yugoslavia.

Drvengrad village.

Nowadays, you can board the Sargan Eight for a scenic 40-minute train ride on the historical narrow-gauge railway from Mokra Gora to Sargan Vitasi.

While in Mokra Gora, include Drvengrad on your itinerary too. Originally a film set, you can now visit this ‘traditional’ Serbian village of steep-roofed wooden houses, complete with an Orthodox church, art gallery and cinema. The restaurant serves local Serbian food and the cake shop has homemade goodies, so it’s really quite authentic.

Mokra Gora may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning a trip to Europe in December, but I can assure you that Mokra Gora, and Serbia in general, is a great place to spend the holidays!

Recommended Marya of The Beau Traveler

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Discover the World withthe blog with a focus on independent travel

Best cities to visit Europe in December

Christmas is a popular time to go on holiday – people are often looking for a way to disconnect from work and the daily routine. Great European cities like Brussels or Berlin are perfect places for a trip, with their festive Christmas atmosphere and the beautiful decorations and lights at that time of year. European Christmas markets, such as Berlin and Brussels christmas markets, can be really magical. Other good options are to get away from it all in nature, although there are also equally interesting exceptions such as a good weekend in the middle of nature, escaping the cold to cosy up by a fireplace, or other fantastic places to spend Christmas as a family.

Are you planning a getaway but haven’t yet decided where to go? Fancy a different Christmas with your family in another country? Here are some recommendations to help you to choose the best cities to visit in Europe in December:

Christmas is the perfect time of year to get to know some European cities. They look their best with Christmas lights, have lively Christmas markets, and are full of festivities. A trip to see Christmas markets in Europe could make for a really memorable holiday.

Brussels at Christmas


If you plan to visit Brussels at Christmas, you will be guaranteed a unique experience. It even smells festive, with the scent of mulled wine and traditional regional sweets filling the air. Buildings are covered in colorful lights and the squares are lively. Brussels Christmas market is spread out throughout the squares, and is the perfect spot to pick up a souvenir of your trip. Do not miss the Plasirs d’Hiver, a winter festival that fills the city from about November 24 to December 31. Make sure you choose a good base to help make your trip a magical success.

A recommendation for a good place to stay in the Belgian capital? The Catalonia Brussels Hotel, located just 10 minutes from the Main Square, is a safe bet, where you’ll be comfortable and well looked after.

Amsterdam at Christmas


Amsterdam is another city that really comes alive in winter with festive fun and is very near from Brussels, so you can get there easily. There’s more than one Amsterdam Christmas market to check out, but the most exciting is Ice Village, a traditional Dutch Christmas market, right by the ice rink at Museumplein. You can do some ice skating, try the mulled wine and taste all the local foods. Trees and lights make it a beautiful sight. It runs from around November until the end of January. A great place to stay is the Catalonia Vondel Amsterdam hotel, which is perfect for exploring the city because of its central location right by the Vondelpark and the Museumsplein, where you’ll find the traditional Dutch Christmas market.

Berlin at Christmas


Christmas markets in Germany are a big reason for heading there in winter. Berlin is another typical Christmas destination and a wander through the streets will show you why. There’s so much to see and do. Whether you’re there to see the Berlin Christmas market, or ice rinks for skating, shopping, or amazing food, Berlin really does have it all. For accommodation, try Catalonia Berlin Mitte – it’s a great location and fantastic value for money.

Canary Islands

All these gorgeous European capitals can get very cold – unless you’re heading to the Canary Islands, most places will be – so don’t forget to pack your warm clothes! But maybe you’re looking for a totally different kind of winter break?

If so, how about the Canary Islands and in particular, Tenerife, where you can swap snow and ice for sunshine and beaches. You can relax in the comfort of excellent hotels and have a total change of scene. At this time of the year, you’ll find nativity scenes throughout the island, and the friendly welcome makes this an unbeatable destination. It’s another ideal place to share with your family or perhaps with your friends if you’re looking for a different kind of Christmas. Being with people we love, and living our dreams: that’s what Christmas is all about, isn’t it?

amsterdam berlin brussels

Tours and holidays in December, where to go in December 2023

Tours in December are, first of all, tours for the New Year holidays. Everyone decides for himself how best to spend this time – skiing on the snowy slopes, sunbathing on the beach or exploring the sights. There are many options for recreation in December.


Australia: Christmas in Australia. 12/25/2023

Christmas in Australia is a magical time. Before Christmas, bus drivers, salespeople and bank employees dress up in hats and deer horns, Christmas songs are heard everywhere, and platforms with fairy-tale characters drive around the city streets and brass bands pass. nine0005

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Austria: Ball season in Vienna. 12/31/2022 – 02/15/2023

In Austria, the ball season opens with an imperial ball at the Hofburg Palace. To pleasant melodies in elegant halls decorated with fresh flowers, at exactly midnight, guests get up in pairs and start dancing. During the breaks between dances, the artists of the Vienna Opera perform at the Imperial Ball.

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Ireland: St. Stephen’s Day. 12/26/2023

Every year on December 26, just after Christmas, Irish Catholics celebrate Saint Stephen’s Day. According to local legend, when St. Stephen was hiding from his enemies, a small wren gave him away with his singing. Therefore, on this day, Irish boys dress up in funny straw costumes, put on masks and, in this form, “hunt” for a false wren. Having caught a sneak, they put it on a pole and march with it through the streets of cities and villages. And since St. Stephen is considered the patron saint of horses, the Dublin Racecourse also hosts the Christmas Racing Festival on this day. nine0005

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Italy: Venice Christmas market. December 2023. Dates to be confirmed

The Venice Christmas Market is special: for the duration of the fair, about twenty small wooden houses in the Alpine style are installed on St. Stephen’s Square. Most of the goods sold here are handmade. A magical pre-holiday fuss reigns in the houses, and good music is played for all the guests of the fair. Especially for children, performances are arranged on the square. nine0005

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UAE: Dubai Shopping Festival. 12/15/2022 — 01/29/2023

Throughout January, Dubai hosts the annual shopping festival, during which hundreds of thousands of lights appear on the streets of the city, multi-colored bright signs and posters, circus performances are held, musicians and artists perform, attractions are installed. During the festival, valuable prizes are raffled off, such as a car, real estate in the Emirates, gold items and much more. Shops these days offer discounts to their customers up to 70%. nine0005

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France: Festival of Lights in Lyon. 12/08/2023 -12/11/2023

The city of Lyon celebrates the Festival of Lights, or the Festival of Lights, in December. During this festival, residents of the city put candles on their windows, thousands of lamps, lanterns and lamps light up on the streets, light shows are arranged.

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United Kingdom: Birmingham Christmas Decoration Fair. 02.11.2023 — 23.12.2023

Birmingham’s National Exhibition Center hosts the traditional handmade Christmas decorations fair in December. Jewelry is brought from Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Holland. At the fair, you can get a lot of ideas for decorating your home.

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Spain: Barcelona Jazz Festival. October – December 2023. Dates to be confirmed

Every year in October-December, Barcelona hosts the Spanish Jazz Festival, which has become an important event in the world of jazz culture. Festival events take place every day at various venues and stages throughout the city. Some of them are free, and they take place in public places or in the open air. nine0005

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Where to go for the New Year.

Europe: reenactment of a traditional Swiss village in Andermatt, a party in Istanbul or a gastronomic program in the French city of Cognac

New Year

December 19, 2022


Our selection includes interesting scenarios for celebrating Christmas and New Year in Europe: read, compare and choose! nine0003

In Switzerland , the The Dolder Grand invites you to spend Christmas and New Year with a view of the snow-capped Alps and the city of Zurich. Guests will enjoy a festive Christmas brunch, a special dinner at the Michelin-starred restaurant The Restaurant by Chef Heiko Nieder, and a New Year’s Eve party with live music and a disco. In December, the hotel is decorated with a tall Christmas tree (with four thousand toys on it!) and works by the eccentric Finnish artist Jaani Leinonen, who explores modern society. Especially for The Dolder Grand, Leinonen created an interesting installation – an advent calendar of 24 doors. nine0003



And in The Chedi Andermatt in a real alpine village, this holiday you can learn about the tradition of cheese production at a local cheese factory, listen to fascinating stories about Andermatt from a local guide, go hiking in the mountains on snowshoes or even book a helicopter flight over Alps or a walk in a horse-drawn carriage. In addition, The Winter Village, a reconstruction of a traditional Swiss village, is open in the courtyard throughout December with a Finnish sauna and fonya in The Chalet. nine0003

In Turkey’s , Istanbul beckons us: Raffles Istanbul , located in the heart of the ultra-modern Zorlu Shopping Center, has developed a New Year’s Eve Celebration at Raffles Istanbul offer, which includes a stay in a New Year’s decorated room on December 31 – 1 January, New Year’s Eve cocktail at Lavinia Bar with Jazz Trio performance, exclusive open buffet at Rocca Restaurant for two with live music from Six Pack and New Year’s Brunch. We are ready to go here just for the views of the Bosphorus, the Princes’ Islands and the old city, but the hotel, which is included in the TOP-4 of the best hotels in Turkey, of course, can offer much more. For example, be sure to plan a trip to Raffles SPA, one of the largest spa centers in Istanbul: sign up for the Modern Hamman Experience procedure and return from your vacation a different person! nine0003



In Italy – of course Rome ! The Eternal City will not disappoint: New Year’s lights on historical facades, atmospheric Christmas markets and a cozy sense of the continuity of eras – here high thoughts and household chores add up to a harmonious whole, and the most correct New Year’s wishes are born. Place of Power – Baglioni Hotel Regina on Via Veneto, in the historic center of Rome, where Christmas and New Year will be celebrated with a gourmet menu from Chef Luciano Sarzi Sartori at The Brunello Bar and Brunello Restaurant, which will be complemented by an elegant selection of wines from the local sommelier. An obligatory attribute of the holiday is a panettone Christmas cake with Zabaione cream. Also in the plans are a meeting with Santa, gifts and friendly meetings by the fireplace in Caffè Baglioni. nine0003



In Cyprus , our main address is Cap St Georges Hotel & Resort , this holiday season inviting you to a seven-course New Year’s Eve gala dinner from the chef. Dinner will be accompanied by an incendiary performance from Nate James of The Voice UK, and on the morning of December 25, expect Santa Claus! And also – a welcome cocktail and a Christmas dinner to the tunes of a saxophone. And on December 31, everyone is welcome to champagne in the lobby, a festive menu (scallop tartare with roasted hazelnuts, venison carpaccio, lobster soup with brandy …), Champagne Shine performance and gorgeous fireworks! nine0003

For fans of France , we also chose a beautiful address – the hotel Hôtel Chais Monnet & Spa in the city of Cognac, whose rooms are located in the historic winery building of 1838.

What is the weather like in cyprus in december: Cyprus Weather in December

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Категории: December

Cyprus December Weather, Average Temperature (Cyprus)

Daily high temperatures decrease by 6°F, from 65°F to 59°F, rarely falling below 53°F or exceeding 71°F.

Daily low temperatures decrease by 4°F, from 49°F to 44°F, rarely falling below 38°F or exceeding 55°F.

For reference, on July 30, the hottest day of the year, temperatures in Cyprus typically range from 73°F to 92°F, while on February 7, the coldest day of the year, they range from 43°F to 59°F.

Average High and Low Temperature in December in Cyprus

Average High and Low Temperature in December in CyprusDec112233445566778899101011111212131314141515161617171818191920202121222223232424252526262727282829293030313135°F35°F40°F40°F45°F45°F50°F50°F55°F55°F60°F60°F65°F65°F70°F70°F75°F75°F80°F80°FNovJanDec 165°FDec 165°F49°F49°FDec 3159°FDec 3159°F44°F44°FDec 1163°FDec 1163°F47°F47°FDec 2161°FDec 2161°F46°F46°F

The daily average high (red line) and low (blue line) temperature, with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands. The thin dotted lines are the corresponding average perceived temperatures.

The figure below shows you a compact characterization of the hourly average temperatures for the quarter of the year centered on December. The horizontal axis is the day, the vertical axis is the hour of the day, and the color is the average temperature for that hour and day.

Average Hourly Temperature in December in Cyprus

Average Hourly Temperature in December in CyprusDec112233445566778899101011111212131314141515161617171818191920202121222223232424252526262727282829293030313112 AM12 AM2 AM2 AM4 AM4 AM6 AM6 AM8 AM8 AM10 AM10 AM12 PM12 PM2 PM2 PM4 PM4 PM6 PM6 PM8 PM8 PM10 PM10 PM12 AM12 AMNovJancoldcoldcoolcomfortable

very cold

The average hourly temperature, color coded into bands. The shaded overlays indicate night and civil twilight.

© OpenStreetMap contributors

Compare Cyprus to another city:


The month of December in Cyprus experiences essentially constant cloud cover, with the percentage of time that the sky is overcast or mostly cloudy remaining about 35% throughout the month. The highest chance of overcast or mostly cloudy conditions is 36% on December 13.

The clearest day of the month is December 1, with clear, mostly clear, or partly cloudy conditions 66% of the time.

For reference, on December 13, the cloudiest day of the year, the chance of overcast or mostly cloudy conditions is 36%, while on July 13, the clearest day of the year, the chance of clear, mostly clear, or partly cloudy skies is 100%.

Cloud Cover Categories in December in Cyprus

Cloud Cover Categories in December in CyprusDec11223344556677889910101111121213131414151516161717181819192020212122222323242425252626272728282929303031310%100%10%90%20%80%30%70%40%60%50%50%60%40%70%30%80%20%90%10%100%0%NovJanJul 13100%Jul 13100%Dec 166%Dec 166%Dec 3164%Dec 3164%Dec 1164%Dec 1164%Dec 2164%Dec 2164%clearmostly clearpartly cloudymostly cloudyovercast

mostly clear
partly cloudy
mostly cloudy

The percentage of time spent in each cloud cover band, categorized by the percentage of the sky covered by clouds.

A wet day is one with at least 0.04 inches of liquid or liquid-equivalent precipitation. In Cyprus, the chance of a wet day over the course of December is increasing, starting the month at 20% and ending it at 25%.

For reference, the year’s highest daily chance of a wet day is 27% on December 24, and its lowest chance is 0% on July 17.

Probability of Precipitation in December in Cyprus

Probability of Precipitation in December in CyprusDec11223344556677889910101111121213131414151516161717181819192020212122222323242425252626272728282929303031310%0%5%5%10%10%15%15%20%20%25%25%NovJanDec 2427%Dec 2427%Dec 120%Dec 120%Dec 1123%Dec 1123%rain

The percentage of days in which various types of precipitation are observed, excluding trace quantities: rain alone, snow alone, and mixed (both rain and snow fell in the same day).


To show variation within the month and not just the monthly total, we show the rainfall accumulated over a sliding 31-day period centered around each day.

The average sliding 31-day rainfall during December in Cyprus is gradually increasing, starting the month at 2.0 inches, when it rarely exceeds 4.3 inches or falls below 0.3 inches, and ending the month at 2.3 inches, when it rarely exceeds 4.1 inches or falls below 0.6 inches.

The highest average 31-day accumulation is 2.3 inches on December 20.

Average Monthly Rainfall in December in Cyprus

Average Monthly Rainfall in December in CyprusDec11223344556677889910101111121213131414151516161717181819192020212122222323242425252626272728282929303031310 in0 in1 in1 in2 in2 in3 in3 in4 in4 in5 in5 inNovJanDec 202.3 inDec 202.3 inDec 12.0 inDec 12.0 inDec 312.3 inDec 312.3 in

The average rainfall (solid line) accumulated over the course of a sliding 31-day period centered on the day in question, with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands. The thin dotted line is the corresponding average snowfall.

Over the course of December in Cyprus, the length of the day is essentially constant. The shortest day of the month is December 21, with 9 hours, 48 minutes of daylight and the longest day is December 1, with 9 hours, 59 minutes of daylight.

Hours of Daylight and Twilight in December in Cyprus

Hours of Daylight and Twilight in December in CyprusDec11223344556677889910101111121213131414151516161717181819192020212122222323242425252626272728282929303031310 hr24 hr4 hr20 hr8 hr16 hr12 hr12 hr16 hr8 hr20 hr4 hr24 hr0 hrNovJanDec 229 hr, 48 minDec 229 hr, 48 minnightnightdaydayDec 19 hr, 59 minDec 19 hr, 59 min

The number of hours during which the Sun is visible (black line). From bottom (most yellow) to top (most gray), the color bands indicate: full daylight, twilight (civil, nautical, and astronomical), and full night.

The earliest sunrise of the month in Cyprus is 6:37 AM on December 1 and the latest sunrise is 19 minutes later at 6:55 AM on December 31.

The earliest sunset is 4:36 PM on December 5 and the latest sunset is 10 minutes later at 4:46 PM on December 31.

Daylight saving time is observed in Cyprus during 2023, but it neither starts nor ends during December, so the entire month is in standard time.

For reference, on June 21, the longest day of the year, the Sun rises at 5:34 AM and sets 14 hours, 31 minutes later, at 8:05 PM, while on December 22, the shortest day of the year, it rises at 6:52 AM and sets 9 hours, 48 minutes later, at 4:40 PM.

Sunrise & Sunset with Twilight in December in Cyprus

Sunrise & Sunset with Twilight in December in CyprusDec112233445566778899101011111212131314141515161617171818191920202121222223232424252526262727282829293030313112 AM2 AM4 AM6 AM8 AM10 AM12 PM2 PM4 PM6 PM8 PM10 PM12 AMNovJan6:37 AM6:37 AMDec 14:36 PMDec 14:36 PM6:55 AM6:55 AMDec 314:46 PMDec 314:46 PM6:48 AM6:48 AMDec 164:37 PMDec 164:37 PMSolarMidnightSolarMidnightSolarNoonSunriseSunset

The solar day over the course of December. From bottom to top, the black lines are the previous solar midnight, sunrise, solar noon, sunset, and the next solar midnight. The day, twilights (civil, nautical, and astronomical), and night are indicated by the color bands from yellow to gray.

The figure below presents a compact representation of the sun’s elevation (the angle of the sun above the horizon) and azimuth (its compass bearing) for every hour of every day in the reporting period. The horizontal axis is the day of the year and the vertical axis is the hour of the day. For a given day and hour of that day, the background color indicates the azimuth of the sun at that moment. The black isolines are contours of constant solar elevation.

Solar Elevation and Azimuth in December in Cyprus

Solar Elevation and Azimuth in December in CyprusDec112233445566778899101011111212131314141515161617171818191920202121222223232424252526262727282829293030313112 AM12 AM2 AM2 AM4 AM4 AM6 AM6 AM8 AM8 AM10 AM10 AM12 PM12 PM2 PM2 PM4 PM4 PM6 PM6 PM8 PM8 PM10 PM10 PM12 AM12 AMNovJan001010202020303000010102020303030


Solar elevation and azimuth over the course of December 2023. The black lines are lines of constant solar elevation (the angle of the sun above the horizon, in degrees). The background color fills indicate the azimuth (the compass bearing) of the sun. The lightly tinted areas at the boundaries of the cardinal compass points indicate the implied intermediate directions (northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest).

The figure below presents a compact representation of key lunar data for December 2023. The horizontal axis is the day, the vertical axis is the hour of the day, and the colored areas indicate when the moon is above the horizon. The vertical gray bars (new Moons) and blue bars (full Moons) indicate key Moon phases. The label associated with each bar indicates the date and time that the phase is obtained, and the companion time labels indicate the rise and set times of the Moon for the nearest time interval in which the moon is above the horizon.

Moon Rise, Set & Phases in December in Cyprus

Moon Rise, Set & Phases in December in CyprusDec112233445566778899101011111212131314141515161617171818191920202121222223232424252526262727282829293030313112 AM12 AM4 AM4 AM8 AM8 AM12 PM12 PM4 PM4 PM8 PM8 PM12 AM12 AMNovJanNov 1311:28 AMNov 1311:28 AMNov 2711:17 AMNov 2711:17 AMDec 131:33 AMDec 131:33 AMDec 272:34 AMDec 272:34 AMJan 111:58 PMJan 111:58 PMJan 257:55 PMJan 257:55 PM6:15 AM6:15 AM4:37 PM4:37 PM3:47 PM3:47 PM6:33 AM6:33 AM7:20 AM7:20 AM4:50 PM4:50 PM3:57 PM3:57 PM7:28 AM7:28 AM7:06 AM7:06 AM4:44 PM4:44 PM4:46 PM4:46 PM7:33 AM7:33 AM

The time in which the moon is above the horizon (light blue area), with new moons (dark gray lines) and full moons (blue lines) indicated. The shaded overlays indicate night and civil twilight.

Dec 2023 Illumination Moonrise Moonset Moonrise Meridian Passing Distance
1 86% 10:24 AM WNW 8:08 PM ENE 2:48 AM S 246,125 mi
2 79% 11:02 AM WNW 9:09 PM ENE 3:39 AM S 248,425 mi
3 70% 11:34 AM WNW 10:09 PM ENE 4:25 AM S 250,126 mi
4 61% 12:02 PM WNW 11:06 PM ENE 5:09 AM S 251,078 mi
5 50% 12:27 PM W 5:49 AM S 251,190 mi
6 41% 12:03 AM E 12:50 PM W 6:28 AM S 250,440 mi
7 32% 12:59 AM E 1:13 PM W 7:07 AM S 248,872 mi
8 23% 1:56 AM E 1:37 PM W 7:47 AM S 246,603 mi
9 15% 2:56 AM ESE 2:03 PM WSW 8:30 AM S 243,806 mi
10 8% 3:58 AM ESE 2:33 PM WSW 9:16 AM S 240,705 mi
11 3% 5:04 AM ESE 3:10 PM WSW 10:07 AM S 237,555 mi
12 0% 6:12 AM ESE 3:55 PM WSW 11:03 AM S 234,616 mi
13 0% 7:20 AM SE 4:50 PM SW 12:05 PM S 232,124 mi
14 3% 8:24 AM SE 5:54 PM SW 1:09 PM S 230,251 mi
15 8% 9:20 AM ESE 7:06 PM WSW 2:13 PM S 229,085 mi
16 16% 10:07 AM ESE 8:19 PM WSW 3:13 PM S 228,619 mi
17 26% 10:45 AM ESE 9:32 PM WSW 4:08 PM S 228,771 mi
18 37% 11:18 AM ESE 10:42 PM W 5:00 PM S 229,420 mi
19 50% 11:48 AM E 11:50 PM W 5:47 PM S 230,444 mi
20 60% 12:15 PM E 6:34 PM S 231,740 mi
21 71% 12:57 AM W 12:43 PM E 7:20 PM S 233,242 mi
22 81% 2:04 AM WNW 1:12 PM ENE 8:08 PM S 234,919 mi
23 89% 3:11 AM WNW 1:45 PM ENE 8:58 PM S 236,763 mi
24 95% 4:19 AM WNW 2:23 PM ENE 9:51 PM S 238,772 mi
25 99% 5:26 AM WNW 3:06 PM ENE 10:46 PM S 240,926 mi
26 100% 6:30 AM NW 3:57 PM NE 11:43 PM S 243,172 mi
27 100% 7:28 AM NW 4:54 PM NE
28 99% 8:17 AM WNW 5:55 PM ENE 12:38 AM S 245,415 mi
29 96% 8:59 AM WNW 6:57 PM ENE 1:30 AM S 247,525 mi
30 91% 9:33 AM WNW 7:57 PM ENE 2:18 AM S 249,346 mi
31 85% 10:02 AM WNW 8:56 PM ENE 3:03 AM S 250,715 mi

We base the humidity comfort level on the dew point, as it determines whether perspiration will evaporate from the skin, thereby cooling the body. Lower dew points feel drier and higher dew points feel more humid. Unlike temperature, which typically varies significantly between night and day, dew point tends to change more slowly, so while the temperature may drop at night, a muggy day is typically followed by a muggy night.

The chance that a given day will be muggy in Cyprus is essentially constant during December, remaining around 0% throughout.

For reference, on August 7, the muggiest day of the year, there are muggy conditions 66% of the time, while on December 7, the least muggy day of the year, there are muggy conditions 0% of the time.

Humidity Comfort Levels in December in Cyprus

Humidity Comfort Levels in December in CyprusDec11223344556677889910101111121213131414151516161717181819192020212122222323242425252626272728282929303031310%0%10%10%20%20%30%30%40%40%50%50%60%60%70%70%80%80%90%90%100%100%NovJanDec 10%Dec 10%Dec 310%Dec 310%Dec 110%Dec 110%Dec 210%Dec 210%comfortablecomfortabledrydryhumidhumid


The percentage of time spent at various humidity comfort levels, categorized by dew point.

This section discusses the wide-area hourly average wind vector (speed and direction) at 10 meters above the ground. The wind experienced at any given location is highly dependent on local topography and other factors, and instantaneous wind speed and direction vary more widely than hourly averages.

The average hourly wind speed in Cyprus is gradually increasing during December, increasing from 9.7 miles per hour to 10.5 miles per hour over the course of the month.

For reference, on February 9, the windiest day of the year, the daily average wind speed is 11.2 miles per hour, while on October 16, the calmest day of the year, the daily average wind speed is 7.8 miles per hour.

Average Wind Speed in December in Cyprus

Average Wind Speed in December in CyprusDec11223344556677889910101111121213131414151516161717181819192020212122222323242425252626272728282929303031310 mph0 mph5 mph5 mph20 mph20 mph25 mph25 mphNovJanDec 19. 7 mphDec 19.7 mphDec 3110.5 mphDec 3110.5 mphDec 1610.1 mphDec 1610.1 mph

The average of mean hourly wind speeds (dark gray line), with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands.

The wind direction in Cyprus during December is predominantly out of the east from December 1 to December 19 and from December 30 to December 31 and the west from December 19 to December 30.

Wind Direction in December in Cyprus

Wind Direction in December in CyprusWNEWEWDec11223344556677889910101111121213131414151516161717181819192020212122222323242425252626272728282929303031310%100%20%80%40%60%60%40%80%20%100%0%NovJanwesteastnorthsouth


The percentage of hours in which the mean wind direction is from each of the four cardinal wind directions, excluding hours in which the mean wind speed is less than 1.0 mph. The lightly tinted areas at the boundaries are the percentage of hours spent in the implied intermediate directions (northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest).

Cyprus is located near a large body of water (e.g., ocean, sea, or large lake). This section reports on the wide-area average surface temperature of that water.

The average surface water temperature in Cyprus is decreasing during December, falling by 4°F, from 69°F to 64°F, over the course of the month.

Average Water Temperature in December in Cyprus

Average Water Temperature in December in CyprusDec112233445566778899101011111212131314141515161617171818191920202121222223232424252526262727282829293030313160°F60°F62°F62°F64°F64°F66°F66°F68°F68°F70°F70°F72°F72°F74°F74°F76°F76°F78°F78°FNovJanDec 169°FDec 169°FDec 3164°FDec 3164°FDec 1167°FDec 1167°FDec 2165°FDec 2165°F

The daily average water temperature (purple line), with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands.

Definitions of the growing season vary throughout the world, but for the purposes of this report, we define it as the longest continuous period of non-freezing temperatures (≥ 32°F) in the year (the calendar year in the Northern Hemisphere, or from July 1 until June 30 in the Southern Hemisphere).

While it does not do so every year, freezing temperatures are seen in Cyprus over some winters. The day least likely to be in the growing season is January 16, with a 65% chance.

Time Spent in Various Temperature Bands and the Growing Season in December in Cyprus

Time Spent in Various Temperature Bands and the Growing Season in December in Cyprusgrowing seasonDec11223344556677889910101111121213131414151516161717181819192020212122222323242425252626272728282929303031310%100%10%90%20%80%30%70%40%60%50%50%60%40%70%30%80%20%90%10%100%0%NovJan100%Dec 1100%Dec 181%Dec 3181%Dec 31100%Dec 11100%Dec 1193%Dec 2193%Dec 21very coldcoldcoolcomfortablewarm

very cold

The percentage of time spent in various temperature bands. The black line is the percentage chance that a given day is within the growing season.

Growing degree days are a measure of yearly heat accumulation used to predict plant and animal development, and defined as the integral of warmth above a base temperature, discarding any excess above a maximum temperature. In this report, we use a base of 50°F and a cap of 86°F.

The average accumulated growing degree days in Cyprus are gradually increasing during December, increasing by 148°F, from 5,753°F to 5,900°F, over the course of the month.

Growing Degree Days in December in Cyprus

Growing Degree Days in December in CyprusDec11223344556677889910101111121213131414151516161717181819192020212122222323242425252626272728282929303031315,400°F5,400°F5,500°F5,500°F5,600°F5,600°F5,700°F5,700°F5,800°F5,800°F5,900°F5,900°F6,000°F6,000°F6,100°F6,100°F6,200°F6,200°FNovJanDec 15,753°FDec 15,753°FDec 315,900°FDec 315,900°FDec 165,839°FDec 165,839°F

The average growing degree days accumulated over the course of December, with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands.

This section discusses the total daily incident shortwave solar energy reaching the surface of the ground over a wide area, taking full account of seasonal variations in the length of the day, the elevation of the Sun above the horizon, and absorption by clouds and other atmospheric constituents. Shortwave radiation includes visible light and ultraviolet radiation.

The average daily incident shortwave solar energy in Cyprus is essentially constant during December, remaining within 0.2 kWh of 2.7 kWh throughout.

The lowest average daily incident shortwave solar energy during December is 2.5 kWh on December 24.

Average Daily Incident Shortwave Solar Energy in December in Cyprus

Average Daily Incident Shortwave Solar Energy in December in CyprusDec11223344556677889910101111121213131414151516161717181819192020212122222323242425252626272728282929303031310.0 kWh0.0 kWh0.5 kWh0.5 kWh2.0 kWh2.0 kWh2.5 kWh2.5 kWh3. 0 kWh3.0 kWh3.5 kWh3.5 kWh4.0 kWh4.0 kWh4.5 kWh4.5 kWh5.0 kWh5.0 kWh5.5 kWh5.5 kWhNovJanDec 242.5 kWhDec 242.5 kWhDec 12.8 kWhDec 12.8 kWh

The average daily shortwave solar energy reaching the ground per square meter (orange line), with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands.

For the purposes of this report, the geographical coordinates of Cyprus are 35.000 deg latitude, 33.000 deg longitude, and 0 ft elevation.

The topography within 2 miles of Cyprus is essentially flat, with a maximum elevation change of 0 feet and an average elevation above sea level of 0 feet. Within 10 miles is also essentially flat (0 feet). Within 50 miles is also essentially flat (0 feet).

The area within 2 miles of Cyprus is covered by trees (96%), within 10 miles by trees (49%) and cropland (30%), and within 50 miles by water (60%) and cropland (18%).

This report illustrates the typical weather in Cyprus, based on a statistical analysis of historical hourly weather reports and model reconstructions from January 1, 1980 to December 31, 2016.

The details of the data sources used for this report can be found on the Nicosia International Airport page.


The information on this site is provided as is, without any assurances as to its accuracy or suitability for any purpose. Weather data is prone to errors, outages, and other defects. We assume no responsibility for any decisions made on the basis of the content presented on this site.

We draw particular cautious attention to our reliance on the MERRA-2 model-based reconstructions for a number of important data series. While having the tremendous advantages of temporal and spatial completeness, these reconstructions: (1) are based on computer models that may have model-based errors, (2) are coarsely sampled on a 50 km grid and are therefore unable to reconstruct the local variations of many microclimates, and (3) have particular difficulty with the weather in some coastal areas, especially small islands.

We further caution that our travel scores are only as good as the data that underpin them, that weather conditions at any given location and time are unpredictable and variable, and that the definition of the scores reflects a particular set of preferences that may not agree with those of any particular reader.

Please review our full terms contained on our Terms of Service page.

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What Is The Temperature In Cyprus In December?


9 Answers

Anonymous answered

It certainly won’t be exceedingly hot, but the temperature will peak around 18C which is a mild temperature for December. At the worst, it might fall to about 8C which is of course a spring temperature for the UK.

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What You Need to Know Before Visiti…

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What You Need to Know Before Visiting Goldfield Ghost Town

Anonymous answered

Cyrpus is located adjacent to the Middle East and is therefore buffed with a very warm climate year round.

During December the warm fronts are milder which brings temperatures between 8-18C. Although this is relatively cool for the region, a seasonal holiday is recommended due to the lack of peak-season visitors (making it considerably less crowded).

Indeed a relaxing Christmas break in Cyprus would be a great alternative to the grey skies of the UK!

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Anonymous answered


Is their much rain in December.

With thanks Wendy

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Anonymous answered

A reunion with

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Anonymous answered

It might fall around 7-10 degree C.

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Anonymous answered

People get a life y do you care about that, that is just wasting your life  just don’t look dumb stuff

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Clement Goh answered

According to statistics, December is the rainiest month for Cyprus, with its rainfall expected to pour down daily as referenced by the past years. But, December is its warmest amongst the three winter months (October-November-December). The Maximum average temperature for December is 19 degree Celsius on the coast and 17c inland, so shouldn’t be too cold. Expect lots of rain so bring a umbrella if you want to go on holiday in Cyprus.

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Clement Goh answered

It is pretty cold in December in Cyprus, especially during the night time, which hover about 9 degree to 19 degree Celsius. If you are preparing to travel to Cyprus for your holidays or business trips, don’t forget to wear extra layer of clothing to warm yourself more, and not get taken aback by the cold weather.   There are approximately expected to have 19 days of rainy weather in Cyprus, so just carry an umbrella with you just in case it rains.

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star gazing answered

Wow this is one old question.

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Weather in Cyprus in December 2023-2022 at “365 Celsius”

What is the weather in Cyprus in the month of December is highly dependent on the region. The air warms up at night to +16.2°C, and during the day up to +20°C, it rains for 10 days and 34.9 mm of precipitation falls per month. And, for example, in Nicosia, the weather conditions are not very good, since the air is up to +18. 8 ° C, cloudy and rainy days are at least 3. The best cities for recreation at this time are Dromolaxia, Trikomo, Meneu. The air temperature in December is +17.4°C. nine0003


Average temperature during the day: +17.4°C
Sea water temperature: +19.9°C
Number of sunny days: 20 days
Number of rainy days:
10 days
34.9 mm

Water temperature in Cyprus in December

Is it worth coming to rest in Cyprus in December?

The weather in Cyprus in December is great for relaxing, this month’s rating is 4. 5 out of five. The weather is not very good, there are few tourists. At this time, the cold sea temperature is +19.9°C. It rains a lot, about 10 days a month, with 34.9 mm of precipitation. Sunny skies for at least 20 days. The weather in Cyprus at the end of December at the beginning and middle of the month is presented on the chart. The air temperature in December is +17.4°C. At this time, the best climatic conditions in 3 cities:

Weather in December Meneou

nine0008 air: +17.5°C
rain: 8 days
sun: 21 days

Weather in December Paralimni Weather in December Kornos



air: +18.1°C
rain: 10 days
sun: 21 days



air: +17. 5°C
rain: 8 days
sun: 21 days
Best climate in cities in December

nine0008 –

City Air temperature Water temperature Rainy days (precipitation)
Paralimni +18.1°C 10 days (35.82mm)
Kornos +17.5°C 8 days (12.99mm)
Meneu +17.5°C 8 days (12.99mm)
Perivolia +17.5°C 8 days (12. 99mm)
Avgorou +17.7°C 12 days (39.55mm)
Saw +17.5°C 8 days (12.99mm)
Kitty +17.5°C 8 days (12.99mm)

Full list of cities

Quick city search

Air temperature in Cyprus in December

The difference in daily air temperature throughout the year is 16.6°C, but due to the presence of the sea, the climate in Cyprus is quite mild for months. The coldest month is January, when the air warms up to +15.3°C, and the warmest month is August from +31. 9°C The air temperature in December is +17.4°C.

Water temperature in Cyprus

The beach season here lasts: . The temperature in the sea at this time of the year is from – to – conducive to a pleasant swim. The worst weather in Cyprus and the water temperature recorded in February is +2.3°C. The air temperature in December is +17.4°C.

Number of rainy days and precipitation in December

Unlucky month for travel – January, it rains on average 11 days. The maximum monthly rainfall is 35.2 mm. The air temperature in December is +17.4°C.

December holiday comfort rating

The rating is calculated by months, taking into account the average air temperature, the amount of rain and other indicators. For a year in Cyprus, the score ranges from 4.0 in August to 4.9in May, out of five possible. The air temperature in December is +17.4°C.

nine0008 10 days (34.9 mm)

nine0008 +17. 8°C

nine0008 6 days (14.3 mm)

nine0008 6 days (18.0 mm)

Month Air temperature during the day Water temperature Solar
Rainy days (precipitation)
December +17.4°C +2.7°C 20.3
January +15.3°C +2.4°C 19.7 11 days (35.2 mm)
February +15.9°C +2.3°C 19.3 8 days (24.9 mm)
March +2.4°C 23.3 7 days (11.8 mm)
April +21.0°C +2.5°C 26.2 6 days (10.5 mm)
May +24.4°C +2.9°C 29.8
June +28.4°C +3.3°C 29.6 2 days (4.3 mm)
July +31.3°C +3.7°C 30.9 1 day (0.5 mm)
August +31.9°C +3.8°C 30. 8 0 days (1.3 mm)
September +29.4°C +3.7°C 29.3 3 days (6.2 mm)
October +25.7°C +3.4°C 26.1
November +21.1°C +3.0°C 23.1 5 days (15.5 mm)

Number of sunny days in December

Beautiful sunny weather will delight tourists in July – as many as 31 sunny days per month. Great time to relax in Cyprus. The air temperature in December is +17.4°C. nine0003

    Please note:

  • Weather in Cyprus in January: rating 4. 4 (out of 5), air +15.3°C , sea: +17.7°C, rain 11 days
  • Weather in Cyprus in November: rating 4.9 (out of 5), air +21.1°C , sea: +22.3°C, rain 5 days

water and air temperature. Things to do?

Cyprus is an amazing island with a rich history and cultural heritage, a mild Mediterranean climate and a unique national flavor. Most tourists believe that this country is only suitable for a beach holiday in the warm season. But it is not so! Even in the winter months, there is definitely something to see here. This is a chance to appreciate Cyprus from a different side, unfamiliar to many vacationers. What awaits travelers on the island in December? nine0003


In December, the air temperature in Cyprus is around +18 °C. Depending on the region, this figure may vary: for example, in Larnaca it is traditionally colder by 1-2 degrees. At night, the thermometer drops to +10 °C. Therefore, when planning a trip for the winter, you need to make sure that you have warm clothes in your luggage, as well as gloves, a waterproof windbreaker and shoes. You also need to know that unpleasant winds blow in Cyprus in December, sometimes quite strong. nine0003

Rains, sometimes lingering, are also not uncommon at this time of the year. The record holder for rainfall and cloudy weather is Paphos – clouds cover the sun here on average 13 days in December. Snow in Cyprus falls only in the Troodos mountains, where the ski season begins. There, the temperature is correspondingly much lower than in coastal areas – about 0 ° C, and it rarely drops to sub-zero temperatures. In general, the December weather is capricious and not stable, therefore, having come here for a week, you can both spend all days under an umbrella and enjoy the sun. nine0003

Perhaps someone will be interested in the water temperature of the Mediterranean Sea near the coast of Cyprus. It is about +18 °C. Only the most desperate dare to swim, but for everyone there are heated indoor pools on the territory of the hotels.


In December nature in Cyprus falls asleep. But this will not last long – soon the trees will be covered with flowers, and the fields with an emerald carpet. The real gem of the island this month is the Troodos mountain range, where a stable snow cover sets in – and this is not often seen in the Mediterranean region! nine0003

Things to do

And although weather conditions do not allow sunbathing and swimming, you will not be bored in Cyprus in December. There is always the opportunity to walk along the coast, collecting shells and interesting stones, breathing in the fresh sea air. Of course, you need to make sure that the clothes are warm enough!

Walking through the streets of cities and trips to small villages, where local people often do crafts, will also be interesting. Therefore, you can buy amazing handmade souvenirs, such as the famous Lefkarian embroidery. In December, there are very few tourists in Cyprus, so there is no fuss and you can get to know the life and customs of the inhabitants of the island closer. They are friendly to travelers and are always ready to chat, answering questions of interest. nine0003

The weather in December, when there is no heat and merciless rays of the summer sun, is conducive to excursions. There are many attractions in Cyprus, which are unlikely to be explored in one trip. This is the famous bay of Aphrodite, and the ruins of Kourion, castles and the tomb of the kings. The list can go on for a very long time!

Once in Cyprus in the first month of winter, it is worth climbing the peaks of the Troodos mountain range, covered with snow. For lovers of skiing and snowboarding, there are various tracks here, and those who are not supporters of outdoor activities can simply admire the beautiful panorama and breathe in the mountain air. In addition, there are many monasteries on the slopes, which are several centuries old. For example, the monastery of the Holy Virgin of Kykkos. nine0003


The main event in December is Christmas. Although the majority of Cypriots profess Orthodoxy, this holiday is celebrated on the 25th according to the Catholic tradition – it happened historically. After December 20, the cities and villages of Cyprus are immersed in a festive atmosphere: elegant Christmas trees are set up in the squares, the streets are decorated with garlands of twinkling lights, and on the doors you can see interesting wreaths woven into olive branches and ribbons. The usual Santa Claus is replaced by St. Basil – just like in Greece. The holiday itself is held with great fun – mass festivities are organized with fireworks, fireworks, treats. Limassol becomes the center of festive celebrations, where a grandiose Christmas market takes place, lasting for 19days.

No less fun here for the New Year! Music sounds everywhere, mass festivities with entertainment and dancing take place. If someone wants to celebrate this holiday under the sound of the waves, and not under the howl of a blizzard, then Cyprus is a great place for this. Moreover, the prices in the winter season are quite low.

Cyprus is also waiting for travelers in December. Instead of the warm sea, it is ready to offer fresh air, mountain slopes and sightseeing trips. And of course, the Mediterranean Christmas and New Year will not leave anyone indifferent – the island has a special flavor that is not always possible to feel in the summer, when the beaches of the island are stormed by a record number of vacationers. nine0003

December: average day temperature archive

2018 . Ayia Napa: +16.0. Larnaca: +15.9. Limassol: +15.7. Nicosia: +15.1. Paphos: +16.0.

2017 . Ayia Napa: +16.8. Larnaca: +16.5. Limassol: +16.3. Nicosia: +16.5. Paphos: +16.5.

2016 . Ayia Napa: +13.6. Larnaca: +13.1. Limassol: +13.4. Nicosia: +12.

Canary islands spain weather in december: Canary Islands weather in December 2023: How hot?

Опубликовано: April 29, 2023 в 8:46 pm


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iQFOiL Lanzarote International Games 2023

Please select your home edition

Sail-World AsiaSail-World AustraliaSail-World CanadaSail-World EuropeSail-World New ZealandSail-World United KingdomSail-World USAYachtsandYachting.comCruising Northern HemisphereCruising Southern HemisphereMarine Business EuropeMarine Business North AmericaMarine Business OceaniaPowerboat.World EuropePowerboat.World North AmericaPowerboat.World OceaniaFishingBoating.World AustraliaFishingBoating.World New ZealandFishingBoating.World USANZ Boating World

by Media Lanzarote Sailing Center 28 Jan 14:02 PST
23-28 January 2023

The first major Olympic windsurfing event of the year which attracted with 150 participants from 35 countries, the Lanzarote iQFOil Games, came to an exciting conclusion today in the Canary Islands. Spain’s Pilar Lamadrid, number 1 in the world ranking, claimed her first victory of the season and her second Lanzarote title in a row in the Canary Islands. Poland’s Pawel Tarnowski won the men’s event after a heart-breaking Final.

The Lanzarote iQFOil Games finished Saturday with a heart-stopping Final and fantastic sailing conditions. Winds were 15- 20 knots, and the shifty breeze only added excitement and intrigue as to how each foiling windsurfer would play their cards on the fantastic Lanzarote’s race courses.

iQFOiL Lanzarote International Games 2023 – photo © Sailing Energy

The Medal Series saw the top 10 classified racing to go through to an all-or-nothing Final in which only the best three Men & Females compete for the respective titles. An intense physically and mentally demanding showdown, Pilar Lamadrid (ESP) and Pawel Tarnowski (POL) emerged victorious to be proclaimed winners of the Lanzarote iQFOil Games 2023.

For second year in a row, and one year out from Paris 2024, the event which is hosted from the Marina Rubicón was a complete success, with all the races and formats -slalom, marathon and course racing- completed over the six days of racing on Lanzarote, a venue many sailors now call “the wind machine”.

Pilar Lamadrid wins again in Lanzarote

After a great Semifinal, Pilar Lamadrid and the Israeli Shahar Tibi have managed to advance to the Final to meet the provisional leader, Sharon Kantor (ISR), automatically pre-qualified yesterday.

After a good start, Lamadrid passed the first mark of the course in the lead, a position she never lost to cross the finish line first and claim victory at the Lanzarote iQFOIL Games.

The number 1 in the world ranking said:

“I can’t believe it! We have had such a tough week! I have been in a real, real, real battle with Sharon, who has done an amazing job. It is great to win this championship for the second time! Lanzarote is amazing, as we have seeing all this week: full of wind, we could do all the races we need it… It is amazing!”

iQFOiL Lanzarote International Games 2023 – photo © Sailing Energy

Israel takes the second and third places of the podium, with Shahar Tibi in second place while U21 Sharon Kantor, second and first throughout the championship, takes bronze.

Drama in the men’s Final, won by Polish Pawel Tarnowski

After the quarterfinals and the semifinal, Pawel Tarnowski and the current iQFOil European champion, Frenchman Nicolas Goyard, managed to be in the Final, where they met British Sam Sills, who had clearly dominated the entire championship, winning more than half of the races he has played these days.

The scoring system sees everything to play for in the Final, any unforeseen event is expensive. Emotions run high and the pressure is intense until the line. There are often big upsets. And that is what we have seen today 20 meters from the finish line!

Sam Sills and Pawel Tarnowski were close as the raced at high speed towards the finish, with the Polish leading as the Briton was dangerously approaching him. Just then, with 20 meters to go, Tarnowski crashed and a second later Sills also crashed, while Frenchman Nico Goyard continued towards them in third. But Tarnowski managed to get up and across the line to win!

“It has been a great one! To be honest I have never had a race like this, even training,” explained the new Lanzarote iQFOil Games champion, Pawel Tarnowski. “When I was pushing just before the finish line I could hear Sam approaching and I said to myself ‘only 15 more meters and I win’. And then I crash and I thought ‘I am already last’. But then I saw Sam in the water as well. It was completely crazy! I just did my best to stand up again and crossing the finish line first. Fortunately, I made it and I am super happy.

“It has been a great competition,” he continued saying. “Sam has done great, huge congratulations to him. He was very solid this week, as Nico.”

iQFOiL Lanzarote International Games 2023 – photo © Sailing Energy

The Polish windsurfer wins for the first time an event of the iQFOil Games and he had some words for his supporters: “I want to dedicate this victory to my wife, who is expecting our first baby. I love you so much!”

There was an amazing gesture of sportsmanship from France’s Nicolas Goyard (#3) who reduced his speed to ensure the deserving Sam Sills’ took second spot.

This international event organized by Marina Rubicón with the support of the Royal Canarian Sailing Federation is possible thanks to the institutional sponsorship of Promotur Turismo de Canarias with the financing of the REACTEU Fund and Tourism of the Cabildo de Lanzarote through the sports product European Sports Destination (managed by SPEL-Turismo Lanzarote), as well as the public collaboration of the Yaiza City Council and the private entities Dinghycoach, Naviera Armas & Cabrera Medina (Cicar).

Overall Results: (top three)

Women (66 entries)

1. Pilar Lamadrid (ESP)

2. Shahar Tibi (ISR)

3. Sharon Kantor (ISR)

Men (84 entries)
1. Pawel Tarnowski (POL)

2. Sam Sills (GBR)

3. Nicolas Goyard (FRA)

Women podium – iQFOiL Lanzarote International Games 2023 – photo © Sailing Energy

Men podium – iQFOiL Lanzarote International Games 2023 – photo © Sailing Energy

Scotland nature: Fears for puffins as hundreds wash up dead in Spain

Hundreds of puffins have washed up dead or have been found in poor condition on the shores of the Canary Islands, which has raised serious concerns for Scotland’s population of the birds.

The discovery of a “massive” number of dead or dying Atlantic puffins has been reported by ornithologists and bird watchers on the beaches of the Spanish archipelago as well as on the coastlines of mainland regions such as Galicia and Asturias.  

It has led to calls by British ornithologists for urgent research to establish what is causing the deaths amid concerns that storms or changes in oceanography linked to climate change could be responsible. 

Last week, up to nine dead specimens were discovered on Zurriola beach in San Sebastian, while the Council of Tenerife’s Centre for the Recovery of Wild Fauna confirmed that as many as 140 dead puffins have been recovered from beaches along the Tenerife coastline in the past few days. 

READ MORE: Squirrelpox outbreak prompts concern for red squirrels

Juan Jose Ramos Melo, director of conservation organisation Birding Canarias, said: “Normally, the few puffins that do arrive at these latitudes do so exhausted, fleeing northern storms. Every year some arrive, we just don’t see them because they are on the high seas.” 

The discovery of dead or sick puffins “in practically all of the Canary Islands” has prompted the Spanish Ornithological Society to activate its “naufragos” (shipwrecked) project across the islands, which will see volunteers comb stretches of coastline in search of the birds to allow Spain’s main bird conservation charity to gather as much information as possible into the reason for the mass die-off.

The Spanish Ornithological Society confirmed to The Herald that, of the puffins discovered on the Spanish coastline with leg rings, more had been ringed in Scotland than in other locations. 

The organisation said that of the four most recent dead puffin finds in the northern regions of Galicia and Asturias, three had been ringed in Sule Skerry, a remote islet 40 miles west of Orkney, and one in Garbh Eilean in the Shiant Islands, a small group in the Outer Hebrides.

Scotland is home to more than 80 per cent of the British and Irish puffin population, with colonies in the Isle of May, Fair Isle, Lunga and Noss National Nature Reserve. Atlantic puffins are found across the North Atlantic Ocean, from the east coast of Canada and the US to western Europe and Russia. 

They spend most of their time at sea, landing on coasts and islands to form breeding colonies each spring.

Despite being one of the commonest seabirds in northern Europe, puffin populations have been in decline for decades, with a collapse in numbers of their staple diet, sand eels, being blamed.

READ MORE: How cows are helping conservation of Culloden battlefield in more ways than one

According to the RSPB, the main threat to puffins is the changes in distribution and number of small fish, while ground predators introduced to breeding colonies and pollution are also serious hazards.

Research from the University of Oxford’s Department of Zoology in 2021 also found that high chick mortality by starvation was being driven by puffins having to fly further to find food.

The discovery of dead Atlantic puffins in such numbers, thousands of miles from their breeding habitat, has confused experts and led to speculation that climate change could be a factor.

Dr Liz Humphreys, Principal Ecologist for seabirds at the British Trust for Ornithology, said: “At this stage it’s hard to know exactly what is causing these unusual movements of birds outside their normal wintering locations and resulting in their deaths.

Atlantic puffin found washed up in A Coruña, Spain (Image: The Spanish Ornithological Society)

“Avian influenza caused devastating losses at our breeding seabird colonies last year so it’s important to rule out that the virus isn’t causing changes in distribution or causing further birds to die.  

“Other reasons could be storms or changes in oceanography that could be linked to climate change, but further research is urgently needed.”

The RSPB confirmed that similar incidents have occurred in the past but remain “not fully understood”, with the exact causes of this particular incident “not yet known”.

A spokesperson said: “We know from leg rings that some of the birds were born in Scotland. Puffins winter at sea in the Atlantic before returning to their breeding grounds in the spring. 

“Incidents like this – sometimes called ‘seabird wrecks’ – have been recorded before but are not fully understood and the exact causes of this incident are not yet known. 

“Seabird wrecks are often associated with periods of bad weather and it is clear that this event coincides with storms in the area. However, seabirds can survive severe weather, and it appears that when birds are weakened by other factors – eg, difficulty in finding their prey fish – this can make them more vulnerable to storms.

Weather in Tenerife on December 14 – detailed weather forecast for Tenerife on December 14 (Spain

Weather information on December 14 in Tenerife (Spain) – air temperature, pressure, wind speed, humidity and precipitation. A detailed hourly graph of weather data changes on Tenerife

December 12 December 13
Select date: 15 december16 december

14 december 2023

Forecast not yet ready

View the weather forecast for December, generated on the basis of statistics. nine0003

December 14, 2022

Atmospheric phenomena
temperature °C
feels like °C Pressure
mmHg Art.
Speed ​​
wind m/s

+22 °

+22 °



Night 764 59% +22° 764 2. 7 72%
day +22 ° +22 ° 764 7.3 89%
+20 ° +21 86%

Biometeorological forecast

  • Meteo -sensitivity index
  • 1
  • Comfortable weather conditions for weather dependent people.
  • Geomagnetic situation
  • 1
  • Minor geomagnetic activity. It is necessary to monitor the health status of people with increased meteosensitivity.
  • Influence of solar activity
  • 1
  • There is a risk of adverse effects of sunlight on the skin of people sensitive to ultraviolet radiation.

Hourly forecast for 12/14/2022

December 14, 2021

Atmospheric phenomena
Temperature °C
Feels like °C Pressure
mmHg Art.
Speed ​​
wind m/s

+17 °

+17 °


Biometeorological forecast

  • Meteorological sensitivity index
  • 1
  • Comfortable weather conditions for weather dependent people.
  • Geomagnetic situation
  • 1
  • Minor geomagnetic activity. It is necessary to monitor the health status of people with increased meteosensitivity.
  • Influence of solar activity
  • 1
  • There is a risk of adverse effects of sunlight on the skin of people sensitive to ultraviolet radiation.

Hourly forecast for 12/14/2021

December 14, 2020

Night 763

1. 7 900% +17° 762 1.4 81%
day +21 ° +21 ° 762 2.7 66%
Atmospheric phenomena
temperature °C
feels like °C Pressure
mmHg Art.

Best place to visit in europe in december: 15 Best Places to Visit in Europe in Winter

Опубликовано: April 27, 2023 в 10:45 am


Категории: December

The Best Places to Visit in Europe in December

Last updated on October 8th, 2022 at 03:42 am

The best places to visit in Europe in December feature twinkling Christmas lights with little flurries of snow slowly cascading on centuries-old cobbled streets under the backdrop of fairy-tale castles with spires that reach up to the sky.

Europe is beautiful but gets even more magical in December when the Christmas spirit and exciting holiday activities add cheer to the air. Whether it’s finding delight in perusing Christmas markets, skiing amongst snow-capped mountains, or watching Christmas shows, Europe has it and more.

But first, some advantages of visiting Europe in December.

Advantages of Visiting Europe in December

Visiting in December is great because

  • the month belongs to a low season when travel expenses are cheaper. Airfare is cheaper, hotel rates are cheaper; and
  • there are fewer crowds, so you have museums and other sights all to yourself.

So if you’re decidedly set on visiting Europe in December, here are some options.

London, England

London is a lovely city, but even more so in December when it transforms into a winter wonderland full of magical sights and activities, and the spirit and magic of Christmas are hanging in the air.

Trafalgar Square is decorated with huge Norwegian spruce and carols are everywhere.

There are festivals, many different shows, ice rinks, and markets. Shopping is a joy, too, with shops prettily decorated for the holidays.

You can enjoy the sights and sounds with a tour of London via the hop-on-hop-off buses.

It is recommended to extend your stay well into the New Year because there are a lot of activities for that holiday, too.

Though rates tend to rise around the holidays, booking tickets well in advance may give you big savings.

Christmas Tours and Cruises

Here are some Christmas tours and cruises you can book in advance to make your London visit in December an experience for a lifetime.

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Nuremberg, Germany

Nobody does Christmas markets (Christkindlmarkt) in Europe better than Germany, and of them all in the country, the one in Nuremberg is the most impressive.

During Advent each year, Nuremberg’s lively Christmas fair is held at Hauptmarkt. Displays of locally crafted and handmade goods and other delicacies are sold in stalls with red and white striped canvas below the castle.

Munch some delicious Lebkuchen, a softly spiced gingerbread that dates back to the fourteenth century and pair them with Glühwein, their version of mulled wine. Go for Kinderpunsch if you want something non-alcoholic.

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Rüdesheim am Rhein

Rüdesheim am Rhein, a town in the Rhine Gorge, also has a great Christmas market each year. Called the Rüdesheim Christmas Market of Nations, it’s as magical as the one in Nuremberg. See more information here.

Where to Stay in Rüdesheim am Rhein: Hotel Rose

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague in the Czech Republic is remarkable, to begin with, but gets more so in December when snow covers its spire-decorated skyline and majestic castle on the hill.

This picturesque landscape and its Christmas market draw visitors from all over the world.

While second only to Germany’s Christmas markets, Prague’s very own is nevertheless as much a magical and fun experience. From December 1 to 24 each year, stalls selling local products and delicacies dominate the Old Town Square against a backdrop of a giant Christmas tree. It’s a great delight to browse through the various displays and offerings while eating some locally-made sweets.

There are also several ice skating rinks around town where you can lace up your skate shoes and have fun gliding along with merrymakers.

Some fantastic shows you can catch include The Nutcracker at the National Theater, and a number of special classical music performances at the castle grounds.

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Grindelwald, Switzerland

The Swiss Alps offer the best skiing and snowboarding facilities in Europe, so if you’re up for some adrenaline-pumping fun in the snow, look no further than the pristine Alpine resorts of Switzerland.

Switzerland has every kind of ski resort to suit one’s fancy and pocket — from family-friendly retreats to glitzy, celebrity-favorite hotels.

The resort village of Grindelwald in the eastern Alpine foothills offers family-friendly slopes and amenities for all abilities.

Grindelwald is also one of the best starting points for hiking around the Alps. A variety of trail maps are available at the town’s tourist office — from easy scenic walks to intense rock climbing activities. Guided hikes of different extents are also available.

Other ski resorts in Switzerland to go to:

  • Davos is the largest resort in Switzerland with its twin towns of Davos Platz and Davos Dorf. It offers an indoor sports center and has many restaurants, nightclubs, and bars.
  • Verbier is also one of the largest ski resorts in the country;
  • Zermatt, a mountain resort that sits directly below the mountain of Matterhorn, offers top-notch skiing and hiking. It has a historic town center and an Alpine museum.
  • St. Moritz is luxurious and a bit pricey.
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Kitzbühel, Austria

While Austria’s mountain skiing scene is only second to that of Switzerland, still, it offers top-quality and fun winter sports.

The tiny village of Kitzbühel situated east of the city of Innsbruck offers fashionable skiing facilities. So does St. Anton in the Tyrolean Alps. More information can be found here.

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Reykjavík, Iceland

In recent years, Iceland has become a popular winter tourist destination in Europe, and it’s not difficult to understand why. With its beautiful Northern Lights and a rugged, untouched beauty best displayed during winter, the season justifiably draws a crowd.

Winter activities still abound in Iceland, even with the drop in temperatures and shorter daylight hours. Tours from Reykjavík include visiting ice caves and viewing snow-capped mountains and frozen waterfalls. Outdoor activities like skiing, ice-climbing, snowmobiling, and more are also available.

Blue-colored ice caves can be seen in the southeast part of the country with a qualified guide. They are open for a visit sometime from November to March.

Skiing is done in North Iceland such as at Hlìõarfjall in the city of Akureyri. It’s the country’s largest ski field. Up north are smaller ski fields on the Tröllaskagi peninsula. There’s also a ski field just outside Reykjavík called Bláfjoll.

Other activities Iceland offers include ski tours, glacier hikes, dog sledding, Heli-skiing, skating, and Snowshoeing.

Winter Tours and Activities

These are some of the best winter experiences in Reykjavík for your visit.

Where to Stay in Reykjavík: Reykjavïk Residence Apartment Hotel

Málaga, Spain

If you want to experience relatively mild winters and balmy weather in December, then the southern part of Europe is one of the best places to visit in Europe in December.

December to March is the cheapest time to visit Spain, the third largest country located in southwestern Europe.

The best place to visit in Spain in December is Málaga, the second-largest city in the region of Andalucia. Málaga, the native town of painter Pablo Picasso, has been voted the best Spanish City to visit during Christmas.

Like the countries in Western Europe, Málaga in December is full of festive Christmas spirit, but with warmer weather. Palm trees are decorated with Christmas garlands, there are street concerts and light shows all over the place, Christmas carolers bring holiday cheer, and there’s a Christmas market on the square.

The highlight of the festivities is the Procession of the Three Kings on January 5 which commences at five in the afternoon, the observance of which has the whole city shutting down.

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The Canary Islands, Spain

Sun, sand, and sea are what visitors wanting to escape the cold can find in Spain’s Canary Islands in December.

The Canaries on the fringe of the tropics west of Morocco offer an abundance of sunshine mellowed by cool winds.

The best place to experience these is in Las Palmas, the capital and port of Gran Canaria, the most well-known of the Canary Islands.

In Las Palmas, stay at Playa del Inglés, a bustling resort with many hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. It offers great nightlife activities, too.

Other activities in Playa del Inglés are water sports, day trips, camel safaris, go-karts, and fairs.

Attractions near Playa del Inglés include: the Dunas de Maspalomas, dunes that are nature reserves; a park with a collection of unusual birds against the backdrop of a subtropical garden; a theme park; and a golf course.

Where to Stay in Playa del Inglés: Hotel Parque Tropical

Venice, Italy

Winter is the perfect time to visit Venice if you’re looking to enjoy this beautiful city without the usual crowds that invade it the rest of the year.

Come winter, it transforms into a tranquil landscape that makes the best backdrop for enjoying a gondola ride. Of course, the fact that hotel rates are less expensive is an irresistible enticement difficult to pass up.

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Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is a pretty place to celebrate Christmas.

Just like the rest of Estonia, it gives off both Eastern European and Nordic vibes that make it completely charming. Fanciful church spires, palaces in Baroque style, glass high-rises, mystifying battlements, quaint wooden houses, ambient restaurants, and sunny cafés dot its attractive landscape.

Tallinn’s Unesco-preserved Old Town is decked with a Christmas tree and holiday decorations and dotted with Christmas markets. Holiday cheer permeates its medieval buildings, shops and restaurants, and history-rich streets. You can drink mulled wine while enjoying the sights and basking in the Christmas spirit.

Where to Stay in Tallinn: CRU Hotel

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Whichever of these best places to visit in Europe in December you choose, you sure will definitely have a great time.

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Top 10 places to visit in Europe

Indeed, traveling anywhere in the world is always the most exciting and fun experience. Different countries, different cultures, different cuisines, new people – how can that be uninteresting? Each of them has its own unique nature, flora and fauna, as well as fascinating traditions. Behind each of them is a story that can tell a lot. Architectural monuments that have retained their grandeur over the centuries are real proof of this. Of course, it is the dream of many people to travel to every country and have a world tour. However, it is more important to study each country more deeply and get to know everything. nine0003

Unlike most tourist attractions, I am most attracted to less visited places, invincible roads, various objects located in difficult and difficult areas. For example, I prefer to visit hidden places, lesser known sights, than the Eiffel Tower in France, the Pizzeria in Italy, Big Ben in the UK and the Taj Mahal in India. Of course, these places are worth seeing, but people who are attracted to more mysterious and unusual places will change routes to different regions. Are you one of those who prefer more tourist destinations when traveling, or those who make changes and prefer more hidden ones, secret, less visited places? Are obscure and less visited places exciting and attractive to you? Or do you want to get away from the crowds and visit quieter places? Then, this time, we will introduce you to places that are hidden, little known and less visited in Europe. nine0003

1. Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain

Let’s start our list with Spain. I’m sure Madrid and Barcelona are the first cities that come to mind when talking about Spain. Setenil de las Bodegas is a small settlement built into a rock in southern Spain. This means that people here live under a rock. Can you imagine? Although it sounds terrifying, it has a completely different beauty and wonderful air. Houses in this city of over 2,700 people are completely white. The reason for this was the choice of color, which sharply separates them from the dark stones. Although known as a settlement nestled under the rocks, it has a truly remarkable attraction. The Castle of Nazari and the Church of La Encarnacion are some of the attractions that are specific to this settlement. Nazari Castle is located on a hilltop and was an Arab fortress in the 13th century. All towers, except the original one, were destroyed after the last siege. But no matter what, if you want to enjoy a beautiful view of the city, it is worth visiting the castle. nine0003

The Church of La Encarnacion also has a fascinating history. It was built in the early 1500s to reflect Gothic architecture. Perhaps this is not one of the most outstanding and magnificent churches in the country. However, it has a calm and peaceful aura, typical of all small Spanish settlements. I’m sure this new settlement has caught your attention. If you decide to visit or add it to your plans, it is best to indicate the exact location. This settlement, located between Seville and Granada, the famous Spanish cities, is one of the unique places both in the country and in the whole world. It is a breathtaking and mysterious phenomenon to see how it has been protected under the rocks for so long. nine0003

2. Brisigella, Italy

Now let’s go to Italy! I think Brisigella should be included in this list of lesser known places. This small settlement south of Bologna is also known as “The Tale of the Middle Ages”. The population is over 7500 people. Brisighella is a place rich in history and indigenous culture. It is nestled between three magnificent hills known as the 14th century castle of La Rocca, the 16th century clock tower of La Torre and the 18th century church of Il Montesino. Country walks dominate here during the summer months. Brisigella is a place where you can have a fun time and admire the adventurous and colorful streets without getting bored. nine0003

We also have special tips for those who are tired of walking! Here you will have the opportunity to taste world-class wine, olive oil and ice cream in restaurants and cafes. If you want to experience nature, get to know ancient architectural monuments, witness centuries of history, and most importantly, visit less visited and less visited places, then Brisigella is one of those places to go.

3. Mittenwald, Germany

Speaking of Germany, of course, the first cities that come to mind are Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt. How could I not notice this beauty before. It is reminiscent of areas from fairy tales. It’s amazing how Mittenwald remained so secretive, given its proximity to Germany’s powerful automotive industry. This is a small village, far from the tourist crowd, but at the same time rich in lively historical monuments, where you can taste the best German cuisine and admire the breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountains. The Karwendel Alps located around the city make this place an attractive place for winter skiing and summer hiking. It would be a lie if I said that I do not envy the more than 7500 lucky people who live here. nine0003

Mittenwald is one of the German cities that everyone should visit at least once in their life. Colorful architecture and paintings on the houses as a work of art make the city so fascinating that it’s hard not to fall in love with it. Houses with centuries of history are almost as modern as they were built yesterday, and, most importantly, durable. If you’re traveling here, be sure to take the time to visit the Altstadt or the Old Town. Every street, especially the Main Road, Obermarkt, epitomizes timeless tradition to the fullest. nine0003

Another interesting fact is that Mittenwald has a long history and heritage in violin art. Therefore, it is often called “the village of a thousand violins.” The history of this name dates back to the seventeenth century when the Klotz family began to work on making fine stringed instruments. By the nineteenth century, violins were so famous in Europe that every family in Mittenwald was involved in the process of making or selling them.If you are looking for a unique and ideal place where you can safely travel away from tourists, immediately add this city that has preserved the most beautiful traces of culture and history to your list!0003

4. Montenegro

Montenegro is one of the smallest and least known countries with a population of about 630,000 people. We can focus our attention on many cities and many small towns here. Unfortunately, this country is not as famous as other European countries, and it is not subject to the same influx of tourists, which would simply mean overlooking the beautiful nature of this country. The little-known village of Montenegro is Perast, where just over 400 people live. Peace in the city can be understood by this figure. One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, 12 km north of Kotor is the small coastal town of Perast. Although it may seem strange and inaccessible, its nature is fantastic. nine0003

It was a strategic port between the 15th and 18th centuries between the Ottoman Empire and the Venetian Republic. It is hard to imagine that this small village with one main street was once at the crossroads of these mighty empires. There are 16 churches in such a small town, and this figure makes this village the recognized city with the highest number of churches per capita. The most magnificent of these is the Church of St. Nicholas, a baroque masterpiece from the 17th century. The village is also surrounded by picturesque mountains overlooking the bay. Isn’t it great to have mountain views in small villages and towns? There is also an artificial island called “The Lady of Stones” which, according to legend, was built by sailors 500 years ago by collecting stones and old ships. A small church sits on this rocky mound in the water. nine0003

Inside there are many beautiful paintings from the 17th century and a symbol of St. Mary the Mother from the 1400s. Perast is also a great place for seafood lovers. Local fishermen bring fresh fish that day directly from the Bay of Kotor and the Adriatic Sea. This is a small but exciting place with a mysterious and rich history!

5. Folegandros, Greece

Folegandros, Greece is one of the countries that many love and often visit. But this time we will talk about a place other than Athens or Santorini. About Folegandros with a population of about 1000 people and an area of ​​32 km2! Folegandros is an undiscovered island that forms the southern part of the Cyclades next to the famous Santorini. Its pristine beaches and architecture amaze everyone. Beaches such as Karavostasis, Vizzezzo and Hohlidia, known for their clear and colorful waters, are must-sees. The island is designed for hiking along the road from the Chora cemetery to the magnificent sunset views of the Panagia Hill church. Coming here, you can enjoy different experiences by tasting homemade pasta with popular mats, roast lamb and tomato sauce. nine0003

In short, if you are tired of the usual island walks, crowded people, crowded beaches and the desire to discover and explore the news within you, then this extraordinary little island is for you!

6. Figeac, France

Figeac, France If you ask anyone in the world about France, Paris will be the first thing that comes to your mind. These two names are already inseparable abstractions. Of course, a trip to this beautiful city of love is a must, but this time I want to talk about the unknown and lesser known Figeac, a city that no one will ever think of when they mention France. Figeac is quiet, quaint and perhaps one of the best places to witness medieval life. Visitors who travel here even without information can guess how old this place is from the architecture and monuments. It is also impossible not to fall in love with this city, seeing the harmony of history and nature. Age graceful charm of the city can charm everyone. Proof of this are the luxurious streets, buildings of the 13th century and breathtaking landscapes. In the Champagne Museum you will find an incredible reproduction of the Rosetta stone. On Sundays there is a market with local products, which has retained its beauty for over a hundred years. nine0003

7. Mdina, Malta

Mdina, Malta is an archipelago in the central Mediterranean, located between the coast of Sicily and North Africa, with a population of about 494,000 people, according to 2019 statistics. However, despite being an archipelago, it is officially recognized as the Republic of Malta. One of the things people love to travel is that the country is one of the safest to visit. However, despite the fact that this country is not subject to the tourist flow in the same way as other European countries, some cities are generally not known, and there is even a city known as the “Silent City”. This is Mdina, where about 300 people live. nine0003

This charming city has been a prized fort for almost 2,700 years. It is said that when you stand on the streets of Mdina, you feel as if you are standing in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. You may ask, “How is this possible?” It depends on the geographical location, history, architecture and culture of the region. The architecture of Mdina was influenced by many powerful empires, including the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Byzantines and Norwegians.

8. St. Gilgen, Austria

St. Gilgen, Austria, once again a European country distinguished by its beauty and admired by all: Austria! And one of its hidden and lesser-known attractions is St. Gilgen! It is a small town headed by the Wolfgangsee, one of the country’s most beautiful lakes, in the “Salzkammergut” district of Salzburg. In this small town, as in other Austrian cities, there are no high prices and crowded streets. This makes it the perfect place to experience the scenery, fairy tale houses and the country’s traditional cuisine. The colorful houses and shops here are designed to keep you in a pleasant aura. The facades are painted in all colors of the rainbow. It is one of the favorite places for skiing in Austria during the winter months. The Zwölferhorn overlooks the city and its adjacent lake, providing a beautiful view of the country in winter, which can be called the Land of Wonders. During the summer months, the lake has all the opportunities for water sports. You can rent boats, paddles and any other water equipment of your choice, depending on your desire for a relaxing or adrenaline-filled holiday. nine0003

9. Island of Pag, Croatia

The island of Pag, Croatia, as a country, was once one of the most secretive and least visited places in Europe. Although it is currently becoming popular with tourists, there are still many places to be known, discovered or known. And the island of Pag is one of them! Pag is one of 1200 Croatian islands in the Adriatic Sea. This figure may also explain how this island remains hidden and one of the least known places in Europe. Many of these islands are known for their tropical and dense vegetation. However, the island of Pag, unlike these islands, looks like not from this world, and looks more like the moon than our planet. There are no rivers or trees, but on the contrary, the island is covered with dry landscapes, white stones and a lot of salt. That is why it resembles the moon. Although the northern part of the island is known for its lively nights, the southern part is quieter. An interesting fact is that the island of Pag is also famous for its sheep milk cheese, which is considered the best professional cheese in Croatia. Be sure to try it with local Pag Zutica white wine and Pag lamb. They say that after that you will be able to understand why he is famous. My taste is addictive, what about you? nine0003

10. Bohinj, Slovenia

Bohinj, Slovenia And finally, we complete our list of Bohinj, a mysterious, unique, charming and fascinating place in Slovenia. Unlike others, this is not a city or a village. The name is simply associated with the region. Bohinj is located in the center of the Julian Alps. The largest and highest mountain range in Slovenia is also the southeastern part of the Alps. The most popular and amazing natural site is Lake Bohinj, the largest lake in Slovenia. There are 24 villages in the valley and above that combine the richness of the past with the beauty of the present, making it an invaluable place. nine0003

Before you see Lake Bohinj, you can assume that you have already seen the most beautiful lake in the world. However, the mountains that are reflected in the blue waters of the lake make this place so magnificent and beautiful that you want to spend hours away from all people, enjoy the peace and beauty of nature, and enjoy the pleasure of being one of the few people who come here. The Vogel funicular, the Mostnice Gorge, the Church of St. John, and in general the Triglav National Park are some of the most popular and beloved places in the region worth visiting. There are many countries and hidden beauties such as Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland, Portugal, Poland and many more in the world. There are many other places than the countries that we consider. However, we have tried to put together some of the most unusual, most beautiful and least known sites on this list. Every point in the world is worth exploring. Let this list be a map to guide you where to start! nine0003

Top 10 places to visit in Norway

Do you know what our favorite country is? Of course, Norway ! It is amazing and beautiful, and every year we go there again and again and study the beauty of this harsh Scandinavian country. And what is surprising is that although we have been to the Trolltunga many times, we do not forget the road to the Pea and constantly admire the views from the Pulpit, but every time we find something new and notice with delight what we have not seen before. nine0003

For those who appreciate outdoor activities and love Norway, we have compiled the TOP 10 places in the mainland of Norway that you must visit!

Troll tongue

What is the most famous landmark in Norway? Of course, Troll Tongue! It is a stone ledge on Mount Skjeggedal and towers over Lake Ringedalsvatn at an altitude of 350 meters. It offers a breathtaking view, and, probably, that is why there is no end to tourists here. You’ll have to stand in line to enter Trolltunga, but you’ll be rewarded with great views of landscapes that don’t look like Earth at all and, of course, you’ll be able to take atmospheric photos. nine0003

Every year, despite its inaccessibility, the flow of tourists to the Troll Language only increases. But in order to get there, you need to walk about 11 km (one way only!). But believe me, if you decide to take such a walk, you will never regret it!

Kjerag (Pea)

Another attraction in Norway that causes a stir among tourists is Pea. The stone, stuck between the rocks at a height of about a kilometer, can be called an ideal place for those who like to tickle their nerves. And in fact, when there are almost 1000 meters of open space under you, there is no time for jokes. Yes, and it seems that the position of the stone is not very reliable, but the years go by, and the stone is still in the same place. Anyway, you need to have a fair amount of courage to stand on it and take photos! nine0003

But this not only does not stop, but also attracts tourists here. Even the fact that the path to this popular stone takes more than one hour does not stop them. We believe that you should definitely visit here, if only to appreciate the full power of nature and enjoy the magnificent views!

Preikestolen (Chair of the Preacher)

Preikestolen or, as it is also called, the Pulpit of the Preacher, is a giant cliff 604 m high above the Lysefjord. This rock is known for having an almost flat top with an area of ​​25×25 m. And it is thanks to this platform that the rock is known as one of the main natural attractions of Norway. nine0003

The trail to Preikestolen lies among the most diverse mountain landscapes. It takes about 2 hours to get here from the nearest car park.

The path to the Preacher’s Pulpit is not easy. Despite the fact that the vertical drop is only 330 m and the distance is 3. 8 km (one way), the actual climb is longer and more difficult, because the trail rises and falls many times in the passes. The trail to Preikestolen passes through several different belts of vegetation, from forests at the base to mosses and lichens in the highlands. On the way there are small swamps and lakes. nine0003

However, tourists do not forget the way here: all summer Preikestolen buzzes like a disturbed anthill, but it’s worth going here: here you can look at Lysefjord not from the ferry, but from above. And if you climb even higher, then look at those who came to this rock, which is even more interesting) And we do not lose this opportunity!

Trekking Bessegen

Surprisingly, although trekking near Mount Bessegen is very popular with Norwegians, travelers who come to this country walk very little on it. But in vain: the route runs along the ridge between magnificent multi-colored lakes. nine0003

Trekking begins with a visit to the village of Glendesheim, located on the shores of a picturesque lake. Actually, then the road lies along the lake itself – the groups are delivered deep into the Jotunkhemen National Park on a speedboat. And then the fun begins: climbing over Lake Glende and traveling along a sharp ridge between several colorful lakes. By the way, the water here is of different colors due to the big difference in the depth of these alpine reservoirs. Surprisingly, depending on the time of day, the color of the water in the lakes changes, but never becomes the same! And just imagine what views will open before you: you can enjoy the beauty of snow-capped mountain peaks, glaciers and waterfalls flowing into lakes. nine0003

Mount Gaustatoppen

Do you know which place is the highest in Southern Norway? This is Mount Gaustatoppen, which in clear weather offers a view of 1/6 of Norway. Climbing Gaustatoppen is pleasant and easy. Despite the fact that it rises to 1883 m above sea level, the slopes of the mountain are sloping, and the journey to the top is very simple. The mountain itself is unlike the surrounding mountains and rises above them, according to scientists, because it was squeezed out from the bottom of the ancient sea – here you can find stones with a bottom pattern. Until mid-summer, Gaustatoppen is partially covered with snow and its shining cap is visible far around. nine0003

Gaustatoppen is interesting not only for hikers, but also for skiers: in winter, freeride enthusiasts actively use all the possibilities of this mountain. Moreover, a railway was laid inside the mountain, which is now used as a funicular for freeride lovers.

Valley of Waterfalls

Norway also has its own Valley of Waterfalls – Hyusendalen. It is notable for the fact that the Kinso River flowing here forms as many as 4 waterfalls, and each of them is beautiful in its own way. There is a road through the valley and then a trail, and depending on how many waterfalls you want to see, it will take from 1.5 to 3 hours. The first waterfall on the way feeds the hydroelectric plant. It is located at the very beginning of the trail, so the first impressions of the Valley of Waterfalls can be obtained immediately, just starting the path. The second waterfall is the most powerful, its height is 180 m. Just walking along the path, you can see the seething streams of water from different sides and enjoy the greatness of the natural elements. The third waterfall encountered by travelers lacks the grandeur of the first two, although it is amazing. The height of this waterfall is only 50 m. The last waterfall is really unusual, and if you love the water element, then you definitely need to reach it. The most amazing thing is that it falls into two bowls at once, tilted towards each other. nine0003

The trail along the Valley of Waterfalls is not well-groomed, but walking along it is quite easy and pleasant. If you have a fair amount of perseverance and want to see all the beauties of Hüsendalen, then be sure to follow this path to the end, and you will be rewarded with amazing and sometimes even unearthly landscapes.


If Mount Gaustatoppen is the highest point in Southern Norway, then Mount Galdhepiggen is the highest mountain in all of Norway and Scandinavia. The mountain is located in the Jotunheimen National Park (translated as Giants’ Park). nine0003

The mountain attracts tourists because climbing it is not very difficult (especially in clear weather). There are two paths to the top: long and short. The long one, of course, takes more time, but the short one passes through the glacier, which you need to go along in a bundle and only accompanied by a guide. But just imagine how great it is: to climb the highest point in Norway!

Well, for those who have reached the top, there is a small bonus: there is a small house where you can warm up, eat, buy warm clothes and souvenirs with the symbols of the mountain. nine0003

Nigardsbreen Glacier

Perhaps the most picturesque glacier in Norway can be called Nigardsbreen. It is an arm of Europe’s largest glacier Jostedalsbreen. The color of the ice here is very beautiful: all shades of blue are combined in the snow massifs. And at the very foot of the glacier there is a lake with turquoise water – a turbulent river flows here, formed from streams of melt water.

What is the advantage of this glacier for us is its accessibility. Anyone over 5 years old will be able to walk along a simple route and see with their own eyes the unusual blue ice that appears due to complex processes of water and snow recrystallization, constant melting, freezing and sudden temperature changes. nine0003

Every year, for the convenience of tourists, park rangers cut steps in the glacier so that it would be more convenient for you and me to inspect the glacier. And by the way, you can choose the difficulty of the route: you can see part of the glacier in a couple of hours or walk along the entire hiking trail, spending about 9-10 hours on it.

Troll Wall and Troll Ladder

What else is worth seeing in Norway? Of course, it makes sense to see the Troll Wall – a cult place popular with tourists. It was also chosen by extreme tourists who are engaged in base jumping and mountaineering. And this is not surprising: the height of the Troll Wall is 1100 m, and the ledges reach 50 m, which makes the rock suitable for jumping. nine0003

But for those who don’t like to take too many risks, there are several trails of varying difficulty along the wall, and each route passes through the amazingly scenic landscapes that Norway is so famous for. If you love the harsh northern beauty of Scandinavia and are ready for long hikes, then reaching the Troll Wall is simply a must!

The Troll Staircase is located in close proximity to the Troll Wall and is a narrow path that curves at the most incredible angles. We can safely say that it is an example of engineering art: the serpentine has 11 sharp turns, bordered by low natural stone fences. In some sections, the width of the road does not exceed 3.3 meters. nine0003

The Troll Staircase rises 858 meters above sea level. Approximately in the middle of the Staircase, all daredevils who ventured to drive along it will face an impressive test – they have to overcome a narrow bridge thrown over the Stigfossen waterfall. And for those who overcame fear and reached the final destination, unforgettable beauty awaits: from the upper observation deck at an altitude of over 800 meters above sea level, beautiful views of the Valldalen valley and the Stigfossen waterfall open up.


You can talk about Bergen endlessly. Indeed, how can you briefly talk about the city, which in 2000 was appointed European Capital of Culture? There are many attractions here, so when you get to Bergen, you will get a lot of impressions with a 100% guarantee.

Bergen is called the city of rains. In fact, it rains here 270 days a year, but if you are lucky and you get here on a sunny day, you can fully enjoy all the beauties of this port city! In general, Bergen has many names. It is also called “the gate to the realm of the fjords”, because it is from here that travel to the most famous region of Norway begins. nine0003

But Bergen is worth visiting not only because the journey through the fjords begins here. The city itself is beautiful and full of charm. Firstly, it is worth visiting the fish market known throughout Europe (by the way, it is a completely tourist place where you can buy seafood, fish pancakes, and just pieces of ready-made fish in all its forms in almost every tent), take a walk along the Hanseatic embankment declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site, and of course the Floybanen funicular, which you can pick up near the fish market and drop off at the top of Floyen Hill, where you can take great pictures of all of Bergen. nine0003

This city has given the world many famous personalities. The composer Edvard Grieg, artist Johan Christian Dahl, singer Kurt Nielsen, writer and musician Varg Vikernes and many others were born and lived here. Probably, the indescribable atmosphere of the city, its rich history and a very special foundation contribute to the creative development of its inhabitants.

Although Bergen is the second largest city, it is enveloped in an atmosphere of comfort and a kind of homeliness that is inherent in provincial towns.

Nerja weather december: Nerja Weather in December | Thomas Cook

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Nerja Weather in December | Thomas Cook

Nerja Weather in December | Thomas Cook

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Avg weather in December



    View live forecast


    12 Hrsper day


    47 mmper month


    71 %avg


    7 Mphavg

    Nerja weather December

    What’s the weather like in Nerja in December?

    Nerja weather in December is cooler than previous months and is a great time to visit if you want to enjoy the beauty and charm of the resort town without the busy summer crowds. Relax on the sandy beaches, enjoy stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and explore hidden cliffside caves when you head to Nerja in December.

    Geographical influences

    Nerja is a beautiful resort town in the southern Costa del Sol region in Spain. The town has an attractive laid-back atmosphere to it and has a beautiful Mediterranean climate. In December, things cool down slightly but you’ll still get lots of mild sunshine to enjoy during the day.


    The average temperature in Nerja in December is 14°C, which makes it one of the coldest months of the year. It’s not a great time to visit if you’ve come for the sun, but the temperatures are still quite mild during the day and make activities like hiking and sightseeing much more enjoyable. Winds usually don’t surpass 6mph and the humidity remains steady at around 69%. The sun shines for nine hours a day and you can expect just 15mm of rainfall throughout the month.

    • View weather for

    • JAN
    • FEB
    • MAR
    • APR
    • MAY
    • JUN
    • JUL
    • AUG
    • SEP
    • OCT
    • NOV
    • DEC

    Best hotels in Nerja

    Nerja, Spain – December Weather

    Weather lowdown

    Nerja enjoys one of the most enviable locations on the Costa del Sol, and never is this more evident than on one of the coldest months of the year. Sheltered by mountains and tempered by the sea, this most treasured of Spain’s beach hubs boasts a beautifully temperate climate and makes for a divine holiday destinations especially in December, when the weather further north can be unpleasant to say the least. If you want to enjoy plenty of sunshine at Christmas time then this is definitely the place for you.

    The average daily temperature for this month is a very pleasant 14°C, with expected highs of 18°C and lows of 10°C. During the first week of December, you can expect the temps to hover around the mid-teens and as the month progresses you’ll experience a drop of a few degrees each week, primarily at night. Having said this however, do note that variation here is never drastic, so don’t be surprised if you stay here for the entire month and not notice any changes at all. Around 7 hours of daily sunshine will be a constant this month and should make for fantastic days out and about in Nerja. Surprisingly, the average sea temperature will still be up around16°C, so hardy visitors can also invigorate their soul with a quick dip in the sea on particularly sunny days.

    The average amount of rainfall this month is 90 mm over 13 days, which is actually quite considerable. In December you can also expect a few foggy days, although fog here usually clears by lunchtime.

    Where to stay

    Whether you’re looking for a place in which to spend Christmas, or just a cosy home for a week of rest before celebrating at home, you’re sure to find the right accommodation in Nerja. Please do beware that prices do go up during the Christmas week, making this the second most expensive time of year to visit.

    The Riu Monica Hotel is a perfect choice if you plan to spend Christmas here as they organise a sumptuous and elegant Gala Dinner which will offer you the chance to celebrate with the many other foreigners who will no doubt also escape to the warmth of the Costa del Sol. On the western end of Burriana Beach is where you’ll find the Parador Hotel, which also offers an amazing Christmas spread for their guests.

    The Capistrano Apartment Complex in Nerja is a favoured by those who visit with a larger group of friends or family members. The wide choice of apartments over a few connected buildings, makes staying close very easy indeed. Your choices here are almost mind-boggling! You have 1, 2 and 3-bedroom flats to choose from, as well as stunning penthouses and free-standing villas. Capistrano is centrally located, close to all amenities and, of course, to all the well-stocked supermarkets in Nerja.

    Eating & drinking out

    Most of Nerja’s restaurants and bars will prepare a meal to go if you want to enjoy dinner or lunch in your hotel room, yet there are two in particular which specialise in cheap, cheerful and utterly tasty treats to take-away. Head to Little Italy on Calle Carabeo for incredibly affordable and tasty pizzas and pastas, and enjoy your Indian or doner kebab fix from the curry and kebab shop of Little India, which you’ll find on Calle Los Huertos.

    Should you be craving a proper English breakfast during your time in Nerja, then pop in to Buddy’s Bar towards the top end of Calle Malaga and feast your taste-buds on a generous serve of bacon, sausages and eggs. Renowned for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, Buddy’s is also a great local for daily sundowners and on-the-go hearty food.

    If you’re visiting Nerja with your extended family to celebrate Christmas then go ahead and look for a rental villa where you can all get together and cook up a feast in your ‘home away from home’. Mercadona supermarket will be your shopping place of choice, with its huge array of fresh produce on offer every day of the year. You’ll find this brand new supermarket on the eastern end of town along Calle de San Miguel. Check out this extensive self-catering guide for more fantastic foodie shopping options in Nerja.

    Things to do

    Fancy a game of golf on a warm December day? Thought so! The award-winning Baviera Golf Course is one of over 30 brilliant courses on the Costa del Sol and the one closest to Nerja. This is actually considered one of the top 5 courses in the entire country, so although you’ll have to drive for twenty minutes reach it, it’ll certainly be worth your while if you’re an avid golfer. Designed by famed Spanish golfer José María Cañizares, this world-class course also boasts beautiful gardens and a great restaurant and bar, making it a fab place to spend an entire winter day.

    Skiing aficionados will also have the best of Nerja right at their doorstep, with the sensational Sierra Nevada Ski Resort barely an hour out of town. If you prefer to have everything taken care of for you (including transport) then book a day outing with Ski & Sea and they will organise all, from pick-up and drop-off to lift passes and all the gear you’ll need for an invigorating day out on the snowy slopes of the Almijara mountains. At only £99 per person, these day trips are hard to beat.

    Whatever you choose to do with your wonderful days in Nerja, do make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to simply enjoy being there. This is an incredible month to be on the Costa del Sol! Take leisurely walks on the beach, enjoy striking coastal views from the Balcon de Europa viewpoint and spend a few hours exploring the depths of the famous Nerja Caves. For more fantastic winter-fun ideas, pick up a brochure at the Nerja Information Office and discover all the interesting sight of Nerja and its beautifully natural soundings and, if you’re up for a day trip with a difference, go ahead and read our March guide, where we’ll lead you to an awe-inspiring day trip to Morocco. You’ll be surprised at just how many activities are on offer in this seemingly sleepy and relaxing beach town.

    Weather in Nerja for December 2023 ⋆ Weather forecast for Nerja for the month of December ⇒ Russia

    • 30 days
    • Jan
    • Fevr
    • March
    • 9000

      November 28

      -11° -20°

      November 29

      -11° -20°

      November 30

      -9° -18°

      December 1st

      -10° -20°

      December 2

      -11° -19°

      December 3

      -10° -20°

      December 4

      -13° -22°

      December 5

      -11° -19°

      December 6

      -11° -20°

      December 7

      -12° -22°

      December 8

      -9° -18°

      December 9

      -12° -22°

      December 10

      -14° -24°

      December 11

      -14° -25°

      December 12

      -16° -26°

      December 13

      -16° -26°

      December 14

      -15° -26°

      December 15

      -13° -22°

      December 16

      -13° -22°

      December 17

      -12° -22°

      December 18

      -13° -21°

      December 19

      -13° -24°

      December 20

      -16° -23°

      December 21

      -16° -26°

      December 22

      -18° -27°

      December 23

      -16° -26°

      December 24

      -16° -27°

      December 25

      -15° -24°

      December 26

      -16° -26°

      December 27

      -15° -26°

      December 28

      -15° -26°

      December 29

      -17° -25°

      December 30

      -15° -24°

      December 31

      -14° -24°

      * Forecast based on historical data for 70 years

      Max. temperature

      Min. temperature

      Monthly precipitation

      Wind speed

      • Max. temp…

      • Min. temp…

      • nine0004

      26 January 06:15

      26 January 00:01

      25 January 23:10

      25 January 23:00

      25 January 22:00

      25 January 21:35

      25 January 21:01

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      Weather in Nerja in December 2023

      What are the holidays in Nerja in December? What is the air temperature, is there a chance of rain and is it possible to swim? Nerja in December – read on the Tour Calendar! nine0031


      What’s the weather like in Nerja in December

      Compared to November, it gets cooler in Nerja in December. The average air temperature in the city during the day is +17.4 degrees, at night +9.8 degrees. As a rule, in December in Nerja there is no more than one rainy day. The water temperature in December cools down to +15.8 degrees.

      Average temperature


      Air temperature during the day


      Air temperature at night


      Water temperature


      Rainfall (mm)

      21 mm


      1 day

      Sunny days

      26 days



      Day length

      10 hours

      All monthsJanuary >

      Air temperature in Nerja in December

      Daytime air temperature in Nerja in December reaches +17 °C, nighttime: +10 °C. The maximum value for December in the afternoon was noted on 12/11/2021 and amounted to +23 °C, the minimum on 12/05/2020: +7 °C.

      Water temperature in Nerja in December

      The average water temperature in Nerja in December is around +16°C, which is too cold for swimming. The highest value for December was recorded on 12/30/2022 and equaled +22 °C, the lowest on 12/31/2020: +13 °C.

      How many sunny days per month

      There are 26 sunny, 1 cloudy and 4 cloudy days per month, so the weather in Nerja in December is ideal for relaxing.

      Nerja in December Things to do?

      Tour-Calendar assessed the possibility of types of recreation on a scale from 0 to 5 .

      • Beach holiday


      • Excursions


      • Bicycle


      • Sport


Weather in europe december 2022: Surface air temperature for December 2022

Опубликовано: April 24, 2023 в 4:48 am


Категории: December

Surface air temperature for December 2022


image/svg+xmlEuropean Commission

Copernicus | Europe’s eyes on Earth


In Europe, 2022 finished up with December as the 7th warmest December on record. In December 2022, southern Europe had above-average air temperatures, while northern Europe experienced below-average air temperatures.

Globally, the 2022 calendar year ranks as the 5th warmest year on record. In December, above-average temperatures also occurred in eastern Canada, northern Africa, Siberia, and the Chukchi Peninsula. Meanwhile, below-average temperatures were experienced in western Canada, in northern parts of the contiguous United States, in central Eurasia and across eastern Australia.

December 2022

  • 1991-2020
  • Surface air temperature anomaly for December 2022 relative to the December average for the period 1991-2020. Data source: ERA5. Credit: Copernicus Climate Change Service/ECMWF.


  • 1981-2010
  • Surface air temperature anomaly for December 2022 relative to the December average for the period 1981-2010. Data source: ERA5. Credit: Copernicus Climate Change Service/ECMWF.


    In December 2022, European air temperatures, on average, were higher than for the 1991-2020 reference period. Spatially, however, a striking contrast was found, with the southern part of Europe experiencing the air temperatures that were higher than the 1991-2020 average. From the Iberian Peninsula and southern France across the Mediterranean into Italy and the Balkans, temperatures were well above average. Conversely, in northern Europe, air temperatures were below the long-term climatological values. The UK had cold conditions, as did Scandinavia and Iceland where Reykjavík recorded its lowest temperature since 1918. Conditions over much of Europe became extremely mild towards the end of the month.

    Elsewhere, December 2022 was characterised by some pronounced regions of above-average temperatures in eastern Canada, northern Africa, Siberia, and the Chukchi Peninsula. Below-average temperatures were experienced in western Canada, in northern parts of the contiguous United States, in central Eurasia, and across eastern Australia. The cold spell that affected the eastern United States, however, is mostly not seen in the monthly maps which illustrate how individual weather events can be obscured in the monthly statistics.

    Above-average marine air temperatures occurred over the Mediterranean, northern Pacific, central North Atlantic, most of the South Atlantic, western South Pacific, and over most of the ocean neighbouring Antarctica. Temperatures were lower than average over a large area covering the tropical and southern sub-tropical eastern Pacific, where La Niña conditions persisted, as well as over a region off the coast of West Antarctica. They were also below average in the northern North Atlantic, over the South Atlantic off Brazil, over parts of the western Pacific, off the western coastline of North America and over much of the Indian Ocean, west of Australia in particular.

    • 1991-2020
    • Monthly global-mean and European-mean surface air temperature anomalies relative to 1991-2020, from January 1979 to December 2022. The darker coloured bars denote the December values. Data source: ERA5. Credit: Copernicus Climate Change Service/ECMWF.

    • 1981-2010
    • Monthly global-mean and European-mean surface air temperature anomalies relative to 1981-2010, from January 1979 to December 2022. The darker coloured bars denote the December values. Data source: ERA5. Credit: Copernicus Climate Change Service/ECMWF.

      Globally, December 2022 was:

      • 0. 27°C warmer than the 1991-2020 average for December
      • the 7th warmest December in this data record
      • 0.27°C cooler than December 2019, the warmest December on record.
      • warmer than any December prior to 2015

      European-average temperature anomalies are generally larger and more variable than global anomalies. The European-average temperature for December 2022 was 0.89°C above the 1991-2020 average. The month was Europe’s eighth warmest December in the data record since 1979, about 1.7°C cooler than December 2019, the warmest December in the record.

      January to December 2022

      • 1991-2020
      • 1981-2010
      • Temperatures averaged over the the 2022 calendar year were:

        • above the 1991-2020 average over most land areas and a large part of the ocean surface
        • much above average over Greenland, western Europe and north-western Africa, north-western Siberia, central Asia and much of East Antarctica
        • also well above average over seas around Antarctica and in the European sector of the Arctic, and over much of the North Pacific,  part of the South Pacific, the western North Atlantic and the southernmost South Atlantic
        • above average over almost all of Europe
        • below average over the eastern equatorial Pacific, where the La Niña event that peaked in late 2020 re-intensified later in 2021 and has continued through 2022
        • below average over several other oceanic areas, including a large part of the southern Pacific and the western Indian Ocean
        • below average over some land areas, including large regions in Canada, South America, Africa, Australia and Antarctica.
        • 1991-2020
        • Running twelve-month averages of global-mean and European-mean surface air temperature anomalies relative to 1991-2020, based on monthly values from January 1979 to December 2022. The darker coloured bars are the averages for each of the calendar years from 1979 to 2021. Data source: ERA5. Credit: Copernicus Climate Change Service/ECMWF.

        • 1981-2010
        • Running twelve-month averages of global-mean and European-mean surface air temperature anomalies relative to 1981-2010, based on monthly values from January 1979 to December 2022. The darker coloured bars are the averages for each of the calendar years from 1979 to 2021. Data source: ERA5. Credit: Copernicus Climate Change Service/ECMWF.

          Record temperatures in parts of Europe in 2022


          Note on global values from ERA5 and other temperature datasets

          There is general agreement among datasets that the period since 2015  is much warmer globally than any previous period. There is also agreement that global temperature has risen at an average rate close to 0.2°C per decade since the late 1970s. There is nevertheless still some spread between the datasets for recent years, such as for 2020 and 2021, and the annual average temperature anomalies for these years from ERA5 are generally higher than those from the five other datasets considered. The differences range from 0.02 to 0.08°C for 2016-2021. The range is 0.00 to 0.07°C if air temperature over sea is replaced by sea-surface temperature for ERA5 and the other dataset for which sea-surface temperature was not used by design. The remaining differences depend partly on the extent to which datasets represent the relatively warm conditions that have predominated over the Arctic and Antarctic during these years. Differences elsewhere in estimates of sea-surface temperature and surface air temperature over land have been further factors.

          The surface air temperature analysis homepage explains more about the production and reliability of the values presented here, but has yet to be updated to include the new information on dataset spread mentioned above.

          Read more about longterm temperature changes for the globe, the Arctic and Europe in the Temperature indicator.

          ERA5 datasets

          • The calculation of percentiles and rankings of the 2022 annual mean temperature is based on ERA5 2-meter temperature data for 1950-2022.
          • The ERA5 data for 1979-2022 come from the ERA5 monthly dataset available in the C3S Climate Data Store (CDS).
          • The ERA5 data for 1950-1978 are based on the final version of the ERA5 back-extension, which has been produced but has not been publicly released yet (only a preliminary version is available in the CDS).

          Calculation of country-based temperature rankings

          • The rankings are calculated using ERA5 data on a 0.25°×0.25° grid.
          • The country masks are based on shapefiles from Natural Earth (1:50m cultural v5.0.0). Corresponding gridded masks at a resolution similar to that of the ERA5 data are created using the regionmask python package.
          • The country masks are applied to the data to generate country-average area-weighted annual temperature time series for 1950-2022 for European countries, from which the rankings for 2022 are derived.
          • Only land grid points in the ERA5 land-sea mask are considered in the calculation.
          • Statistics are not calculated for small countries not resolved by the ERA5 land-sea mask or represented by only one grid point.
          • Data for Svalbard (not shown on the map) are included in the statistics for Norway.

          Same as for the ranking figure in the highlighted box above. For those countries for which the next warmer year is within 0.1 C, hashing has been added in this figure. Data source: ERA5. Credit: Copernicus Climate Change Service/ECMWF.


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          Europe December 2022 Outlook : MarkVoganWeather.


          Following a record warm, dry summer, November and autumn will go down as warm and wet.

          Europe 2m temp anomaly


          Credit: Weatherbell


          Credit: Weatherbell


          Credit: Weatherbell

          This follows what has been a record warm year-to-date for UK as well as Europe.

          Hints back in September of what was coming in December?

          The pattern triggered by the phase 6, 7, 8 MJO/late season tropical development in early/mid Sep brought the UK’s coolest 2nd half to September since 2012 and has returned for early/mid December.

          Bastardi of Weatherbell has stated for years that very wet November’s for the UK can often lead to cold December’s. 2009 and 2010 are prime examples.

          From Joe Bastardi: Nov 2009, 2010 & 2022 rainfall & following Dec temp anomaly.

          — 🇺🇦 (@MarkVogan) December 1, 2022

          The AO/NAO is tanking to the strongest negative in 12 years!

          Looks likely that it’s a gradual process to cold as Europe remains relatively mild and so east winds aren’t cold enough to bring snow to low levels. Beast from the east’s almost never happen this early in the season, 2010 was quite exceptional.

          Week 1 sees east wind (Scandi high), week 2 northeast wind (Greenland high) and this could present the coldest air and increase low level snow chances, week 3 could see a pattern shift with return of Atlantic air but it depends upon how anchored this Greenland block becomes and how much cold air is in the pattern.

          The below shows the block focusing directly over Greenland week 2.

          The cold pattern has potential to grip hard mid-month, especially if it turns snowy.

          GFS ensemble has the cold intensifying through next week after a gradual trend downwards in temp.

          Credit: Tropical Tidbits

          Credit: Tropical Tidbits

          Credit: Tropical Tidbits

          The models have some impressively cold air over the UK mid month with persistent ‘waves’ of polar air sweeping south around the Greenland high.



          Snow forecasting is a tricky one but as the air mass grows colder, so snow chances at all levels increase. The GFS suggests an expanding snow cover mid month.



          My feeling is that the MJO rotating back into phases 1, 2 and 3 brings a shift to milder in the run-up to Christmas.

          The GFS ensemble indicates at 50mb (lower stratosphere) a cool pool flipping warm above Greenland (block) with cold over N America & Europe, this would be mirrored at 500mb. However the cool pool returns to Greenland by 312hrs possibly suggesting the return of a Greenland trough N Am/Europe high.




          Note the westward shift of the block and supportive of the above…

          The GFS ensemble MJO forecast suggests change later in the month.

          Models have been known to shift blocking highs too fast however and it’s ultimately impossible to say how long as well as strong this incoming cold pattern will be. You never know, it could be gone in 10 days, then again it could grow worse as the month progresses bringing a snowy Christmas to many.

          December is likely to be a colder-than normal month throughout Northern Europe, warmer across the south and through the Med Basin.

          Tags: featured, monthly-outlook

          Applications for the transit of Russian gas through the GTS of Ukraine are stable, loading of the 2nd line of the MGP Turkish Stream is declining

          3 min

          It’s warm in Europe, the generation of wind farms has updated the record, and the demand for gas is pre-holiday low.

          Moscow, December 30 – IA Neftegaz.RU. Gas transit through the gas transmission system (GTS) of Ukraine continues only through the gas metering station (GIS) Sudzha, the main gas pipeline (GGP) Nord Stream-1 will not work in the foreseeable future, the Polish section of the GTS Yamal – Europe is not available to Gazprom.

          Supply routes

          According to the GTS Operator of Ukraine (OGTSU), applications for gas pumping through the Sudzha GIS (the entry point to Ukraine from Russia at the Urengoy – Pomary – Uzhgorod gas pipeline) amounted to 42.4 million m 3 as of December 30, 2022.
          Gazprom, for its part, announced that it was supplying Russian gas for transit through the Ukrainian GTS in the amount confirmed by the Ukrainian side through the Sudzha GIS – 42.4 million m 3 as of December 30.
          Applications for the GIS Sokhranivka (the entry point to Ukraine of the IHL Soyuz) will be rejected by the Ukrainian side from May 11, 2022 due to the force majeure announced by the OGTSU, which Gazprom considers unmotivated. nine0023
          Since May 2022, the volume of Russian gas transit through the GTS of Ukraine has fluctuated in the range of 40-43 million m

          Loading 2 and lines of the IHL Turkish Stream, targeted at the market of South-Eastern Europe, is declining.
          According to the data of the ENTSOG platform on the Strandzha-2/Malkochlar well logging on the border of Turkey and Bulgaria, the physical gas flow for the gas day on December 29 amounted to 30.01 million m3 3 .
          The renomination to the Strandzha-2/Malkochlar well log for the gas day on December 30 indicates a decrease in pumping to 27.6 million m 3 .

          After the damage to the Nord Stream-1 gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea on September 26, 2022, gas supplies along this route were stopped without the possibility of prompt recovery.
          One of the lines of the Nord Stream-2 MGP could remain unaffected, pressure has been reduced in it, Gazprom is working on its examination.
          The authorities of the Russian Federation and Gazprom have confirmed Russia’s readiness to supply gas through the undamaged pipeline Nord Stream 2 in the event that regulatory permits are obtained. nine0023
          The damages on 2 damaged pipelines of Nord Stream-1 and 1 pipeline Nord Stream-2 are significant, Gazprom considers it inexpedient to restore them without guarantees of demand and safety from the EU and Germany.
          As an optimal option for gas supplies in the European direction, Gazprom has identified the creation of a large gas hub in Turkey;

          Another route for Russian gas supplies to Europe – the Yamal-Europe pipeline – has been unavailable for Gazprom since May 11, 2022 due to the introduction of Russian counter-sanctions. nine0023

          Weather, stocks and gas quotes in Europe

          According to the weather service Woeurope, warm weather in Europe persists, local cooling is observed only in a number of Central European countries.
          Warm weather will continue into the first days of the new year, cold air will begin to penetrate Europe from the east after January 5, 2023.
          Electricity generation by wind farms (WPP) in Europe has updated the record.
          According to WindEurope, 29December 2022, wind farms accounted for 32.8% of all electricity generated in the EU (29.1% the previous day).

          According to Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) as of December 28, 2022, underground gas storage facilities (UGS) in the EU were 83. 19% full, containing about 88.66 bcm 3 of gas.
          According to the UGS occupancy level in the EU, the dynamics is 0 and (a decrease of 0.03 percentage points was recorded the day before).
          Net downloads were in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany and Poland. nine0023
          UGS facilities in Germany are filled by 89.07%, in France – by 84.01%, in Austria – by 86.39%, in Italy – by 82.72% (previously Gazprom’s largest markets in Europe).

          Trading in gas futures on the TTF hub (Netherlands) on ICE Futures did not actually start as of 10:30 Moscow time on December 30.
          The settlement price for February gas futures at the end of trading on December 29, 2022 was 85.6 euros / MWh (956.6 US dollars / 1000 m 3 ), an increase of 2.27% compared to the previous trading day.



          Neftegaz.RU special correspondent

          #gas transit through Ukraine
          #gts of ukraine
          #north stream
          #turkish stream

          The recovery of the European economy can push gas prices up

          Evgeniy Razumny / Vedomosti

          Exchange gas prices in Europe on January 17, 2023 for the first time since August 2021 fell below $600 per 1000 cubic meters. m, according to the ICE exchange. nine0005

          February gas futures at the TTF hub in the Netherlands at 12:04 Moscow time reached 51.7 euros per 1 MWh, or $578 per 1,000 cubic meters. m. But already at 13:27 Moscow time, prices adjusted to 54.4 euros per 1 MWh, or $608 per 1,000 cubic meters. m.

          Analysts attribute the current long-term decline in gas prices to significant fuel reserves in European underground gas storages (UGS) against the backdrop of warm weather in Europe and the generation of wind farms (WPPs).

          Spot gas prices on the TTF have been falling since the end of August 2022, and in December the fall accelerated (Vedomosti wrote about this on December 23, 2022). At the very end of the year, the price of gas in Europe dropped below $800 for the first time since February 2022, and on January 5, 2023, for the first time since September 2021, it fell below $700 per 1,000 cubic meters. m.

          This decline replaced a long period of high prices. The energy crisis in Europe began back in 2021. It was caused by problems with filling underground storage facilities after record gas withdrawals in the winter of 2020-2021, as well as energy shortages as a result of a drop in wind power generation due to calm weather. Already by December 2021, spot gas prices in the EU reached a record, exceeding $2,200 per 1,000 cubic meters. m.00 per 1000 cu. m. Then the quotes gradually declined, but in August they again switched to a sharp increase, although they could not beat the March record.

          On December 19, 2022, the EU countries agreed on a gas price ceiling of 180 euros per 1 MWh, which corresponds to $1975 per 1000 cubic meters. m. It will come into force on February 15, 2023. Analysts then noted that setting a ceiling at about $2,000 was “comfortable for the EU”, as it would not lead to the redirection of LNG supplies to other markets and would allow Europeans to successfully compete for free gas volumes. nine0005

          Igor Galaktionov, an expert on the stock market at BCS Mir Investments, notes that the key factor in the decline in prices was the abnormally warm weather in the European region this heating season. This, according to him, led to a revision of forecasts for the level of UGS occupancy by spring and the volume of demand for liquefied gas in the summer.

          Leading analyst of the National Energy Security Fund Igor Yushkov agrees with him. He notes that due to warm weather, gas withdrawals from European UGS facilities are low, and storage levels are high. “This means that in 2023 the EU will have to buy less gas to prepare for the next heating season, which calms the market,” the expert says. nine0005

          According to Gas Infrastructure Europe and Vedomosti’s calculations, as of January 15 (latest available data), there were 88.2 billion cubic meters in European UGSFs. m of gas, the storage facilities were 81.5% full.

          The increase in wind power production due to windy weather also contributes to the reduction of gas use, adds Yushkov. According to the WindEurope association, the generation of wind turbines in Europe in January provided from 16.5% to 35.4% of the EU energy balance against about 10% in the summer of 2022. of the predicted scenarios. Against the backdrop of favorable weather factors, LNG supplies to Europe were at a consistently high level. nine0005

          According to Yushkov, the current fall in gas prices is also affected by the decline in industrial fuel consumption in the EU. He does not rule out that in the first half of the year the price may fall below $500 per 1,000 cubic meters. m. The head of the German Federal Grid Agency (regulator of gas and electricity markets) Klaus Müller said in early January that the European gas market had reached a “price plateau” (Vedomosti wrote about this on January 9).

          Kaufman, on the contrary, believes that the predicted cooling in Europe in the coming weeks may return prices in the EU above $800 per 1000 cubic meters. m next month. nine0005

          Yushkov points out another risk of price acceleration in the form of growth in demand for LNG in Asia. The expert notes that gas prices in Asia are now higher than in Europe. Based on the data of the Platts index and Vedomosti calculations, gas prices in Asia last week were at $1,000 per 1,000 cubic meters.

The hottest canary island in december: A guide to your dreamy, warm Christmas in the Canaries

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Where is hottest day on Earth? (2023)

What is the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth? The highest temperature on record belongs to California’s Death Valley which, in 1913, reached a temperature of 134 degrees Fahrenheit, or 56.7 degrees Celsius, Al Jazeera reports…. read more ›

What is the 5 hottest place on Earth?

12 of the hottest places on Earth

  • Death Valley, California.
  • Kebili, Tunisia.
  • Mitribah, Kuwait.
  • Turbat, Pakistan.
  • Dallol, Ethiopia.
  • Aziziyah, Libya.
  • Wadi Halfa, Sudan.
  • Dasht-e Lut, Iran.

More items…

Aug 9, 2022

What is the number 1 hottest place on Earth?

Think dry, rocky, and dark-colored lands. In July 1913, observers in Furnace Creek, California—Death Valley—watched the thermometer reach 56. 7°C (134°F) and declared it to be the highest temperature ever recorded on Earth…. read more ›

Do people live in Death Valley?

Death Valley is no stranger to heat. Sitting 282 feet below sea level in the Mojave Desert in southeastern California near the Nevada border, it is the lowest, driest and hottest location in the United States. It is sparsely populated, with just 576 residents, according to the most recent census…. see more ›

What is the hottest area in the US?

Death Valley is famous as the hottest place on earth and driest place in North America. The world record highest air temperature of 134°F (57°C) was recorded at Furnace Creek on July 10, 1913. Summer temperatures often top 120°F (49°C) in the shade with overnight lows dipping into the 90s°F (mid-30s°C.)… see more ›

What’s the hottest city in the US today?

Key West, Florida is the hottest city in the United States followed by Miami, Florida and Yuma, Arizona. Seven of the ten hottest cities in the United States are in Florida.

Rank City Mean Temperature
1 Key West, FL 78.1°F
2 Miami, FL 76.7°F
3 Yuma, AZ 75.3°F
4 West Palm Beach, FL 75.3°F

6 more rows

What is the 2 hottest place on Earth?

Bandar-e Mahshahr, Iran

This sweltering city hit the second highest heat index on record – the heat index combines air temperature and relative humidity. Bandar-e Mahshahr registered a heat index of 74C in July 2015. The hottest recorded temperature there is 51C…. view details ›

How hot can humans survive?

A wet-bulb temperature of 35 °C, or around 95 °F, is pretty much the absolute limit of human tolerance, says Zach Schlader, a physiologist at Indiana University Bloomington. Above that, your body won’t be able to lose heat to the environment efficiently enough to maintain its core temperature…. view details ›

Is California hotter than Africa?

Hottest temperatures ever recorded

Currently, the highest officially registered temperature is 56.7C (134F), recorded in California’s Death Valley back in 1913. The hottest known temperature in Africa is 55C (131F) recorded in Kebili, Tunisia in 1931…. continue reading ›

What is hotter than Death Valley?

But when it comes to surface temperature, two spots have Death Valley beat. A new analysis of high-resolution satellite data finds the Lut Desert in Iran and the Sonoran Desert along the Mexican-U.S. border have recently reached a sizzling 80.8°C (177.4°F)…. continue reading ›

People often point to a study published in 2010 that estimated that a wet-bulb temperature of 35 C – equal to 95 F at 100 percent humidity, or 115 F at 50 percent humidity – would be the upper limit of safety, beyond which the human body can no longer cool itself by evaporating sweat from the surface of the body to . ….. see more ›

Does it ever rain in Death Valley?

The National Weather Service initially reported 1.46 inches of rain, which was recorded by an automated gauge. The agency now recognizes 1.70 inches, recorded manually by National Park Service rangers, as the more reliable number. This is three-quarters of Death Valley’s 2.20-inch average annual rainfall…. view details ›

How long can a human last in Death Valley?

As the film says, Death Valley is not a place you want to be without water, as while a human can survive three days without water, in this desert you can live just 14 hours…. view details ›

What state is always summer?

Hawaii, USA

Probably one of the most obvious choices, Hawaii is the pinnacle of warm nights and sunny days. The average temperature in the Hawaiian islands stays right around 80 degrees all year round, but even on a chilly day it only drops to a low of about 70 degrees…. view details ›

Has it ever snowed in Death Valley?

But the unprecedented day in 1922 was the only time a measurable amount has ever fallen. According to data from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Death Valley snow was observed at a weather station situated at Greenland Ranch on Jan. 29, 1922, when a half-inch was recorded…. continue reading ›

What are the 2 hottest states?

Hottest States

# State Highest Temperature Ever Recorded
1 Florida 109 °F
2 Louisiana 114 °F
3 Texas 120 °F
4 Georgia 112 °F

45 more rows

What are the 3 hottest states?

Hottest States in America

During every season, Florida, Louisiana and Texas are consistently among the top four of the nation’s hottest states, based on state-wide average temperatures. Florida ranks overall as the warmest state year round. The other state in the top four is Hawaii…. see details ›

What places will be too hot to live in?

Future Hot Spots

But climate models tell us certain regions are likely to exceed those temperatures in the next 30-to-50 years. The most vulnerable areas include South Asia, the Persian Gulf, and the Red Sea by around 2050; and Eastern China, parts of Southeast Asia, and Brazil by 2070…. continue reading ›

Which states are getting hotter?

The 10 US states that are heating up fastest due to climate change

Rank State Temperature Change (˚F)
1 New Jersey 2.55
2 Alaska 2.47
3 Delaware 2.39
4 Rhode Island 2. 37

6 more rows

Sep 7, 2021

What place is hotter than the sun?

And the answer: lightning. According to NASA, lightning is four times hotter than the surface of the sun. The air around a stroke of lightning can peak at 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit, while the surface of the sun is around 11,000 degrees. Meanwhile, magma can reach temperatures near 2,100 degrees…. continue reading ›

Dallol, Ethiopia

Dallol holds the official record for highest average temperature for an inhabited place on Earth. From 1960 to 1966, the annual mean temperature of the locality was 34.4 °C (93.9 °F), while the average daily maximum temperature during the same period was recorded as a scorching 41.1 °C (106.0 °F)…. see details ›

Where is hot all year round?

Your options include cities such as Rio de Janeiro or Abu Dhabi, beach-lined paradises from Langkawi to Cape Verde and all-rounders including Mauritius and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Spain’s Canary Islands offer the closest bet in Europe while Aruba is an insider tip breaking the usual Caribbean climatic rules…. continue reading ›

Where is the hottest place in the United States?

Death Valley is famous as the hottest place on earth and driest place in North America. The world record highest air temperature of 134°F (57°C) was recorded at Furnace Creek on July 10, 1913. Summer temperatures often top 120°F (49°C) in the shade with overnight lows dipping into the 90s°F (mid-30s°C.)… see more ›

What was the hottest day on Earth in history?

(Young Kwak / for The Washington Post / Getty Images)

The highest temperature ever recorded in the U.S. was 134 degrees in Death Valley, California, on July 10, 1913. That’s also the hottest temperature ever recorded anywhere on Earth. … see more ›

How hot is too hot for life?

People often point to a study published in 2010 that estimated that a wet-bulb temperature of 35 C – equal to 95 F at 100 percent humidity, or 115 F at 50 percent humidity – would be the upper limit of safety, beyond which the human body can no longer cool itself by evaporating sweat from the surface of the body to …… see more ›

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What to wear in lanzarote in december: Isla de Lanzarote – What to Pack

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Isla de Lanzarote – What to Pack

Isla de Lanzarote What to Pack

Isla de Lanzarote is a tropical location in the Canary Islands that belongs to Spain. Because Lanzarote stays hot throughout the year, it is important to pack summertime clothes and supplies.


No matter what you have planned for your Isla de Lanzarote adventure, these luggage options are ideal for a short or long-term stay.

Away’s Bigger Carry-On

See Details

Everlane’s Mover Pack

See Details

Herschel Supply Co. Backpack

See Details

What to Pack – Clothing Tips

The key to enjoying your visit to Isla de Lanzarote is a good pair of shoes. Or two. This is because the location is best explored on foot. And, because the land is uneven and features lots of rock formations from volcano activity, you want to bring walking and hiking shoes. This will help you navigate the terrain and protect your feet.

As for clothing, you should bring plenty of warm-weather t-shirts, socks, and shorts. If you do visit Lanzarote during the winter months, you might want to bring a light jacket or pullover just in case temperatures drop at night. Otherwise, the island stays warm throughout the year. The jacket could also come in handy to battle the wind, as it can get pretty windy in Lanzarote.

You should also bring a few hats. This will help protect your head from the hot sun. Without that protection, you might not realize that the top of your head is burning from sun exposure and wind.

Clothes to Pack

  • Underwear

  • Socks

  • Bras

  • Sleepwear

  • T-shirts

  • Dress Shirts

  • Casual Shirts

  • Jeans

  • Pants

  • Shorts

  • Dresses

  • Skirts

  • Sweaters

  • Sweatshirts

  • Suits

  • Swimsuits

  • Cover-ups

  • Coats

  • Hats

  • Gloves

  • Scarves

  • Laundry Kit

  • Umbrella

  • Leisure Shoes

  • Hiking Boots

  • Sneakers

  • Snow Boots

  • Dress Shoes

  • Sandals

  • Belts

  • Ties

  • Jewelry

  • Purses

  • Collapsible Tote

What to Pack – Supplies Tips

Because of Lanzarote’s hot temperatures, the main supply you need to pack is sunscreen. This will help protect your skin from over-exposure to the sun. And, in the event that you do get burned, you should pack sun lotion to heal your dry, cracked, or peeling skin resulting from sunburn.

You should also pack a small medical kit standard for any vacation. This should include headache pills, upset stomach medicine, bandages, and other first-aid items. This will especially come in handy if you injure yourself walking or climbing around Lanzarote.

There are some other things you should pack that you might not think of. This includes camera equipment and chargers to take pictures of the beautiful island, swimming gear for a dip in the water, insect repellant to fight against bugs found in a warm weather climate, and various snacks in case you do not like the food in Lanzarote.

Toiletries to Pack

  • Face Lotion

  • Sunscreen

  • Moisturizer

  • Contact Lenses

  • Contact Solution

  • Shaving Supplies

  • Makeup

  • Makeup Remover

  • Menstrual Products

  • Birth Control/Medication

  • Nail File

  • Nail Clippers

  • Tweezers

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • Bandages

  • First-Aid Ointment

  • Insect Repellent

  • Pain Relievers

  • Vitamins

Editor’s Note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about packing lists for Isla de Lanzarote.

We hand-pick everything we recommend and select items through testing and reviews. Some products are sent to us free of charge with no incentive to offer a favorable review. We offer our unbiased opinions and do not accept compensation to review products. All items are in stock and prices are accurate at the time of publication. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

What To Wear On Your Flight

What To Wear On Your Flight

How to keep comfortable and stylish in the skies

When it comes to travelling, deciding what to wear on your flight is just as important as what to wear when you arrive. Flying present some interesting fashion-based challenges, but fret not, they’re easy to overcome. Here’s a quick rundown of clothing items you won’t want to be without on your next flight.

Should you wear warm layers on a flight?

You may be jetting of to sunnier climes, but the inside of an aircraft can be pretty chilly at high altitudes, particularly at night. If you’re not warmly dressed you’ll be uncomfortable, and you’re far less likely to get any sleep if you’re shivering. But once the cabin heats up, you’ll want to know you can keep cool and avoid that stale, sweaty feeling (yuck) that can blight any journey. Here’s some items to help you keep a happy balance:


You’ll be grateful of your trusty hoodie once the temperature starts to dip, so we definitely recommend packing it, especially if it’s made from fleece that’s both warm and non-bulky. It’ll also double up as a rather comfy pillow if you’re planning on catching 40 winks.

Cosy Socks

Do you have a pair of slouchy socks that you like to pull on at home when the weather gets chilly? Then they deserve to come on holiday with you, and might just keep your feet toasty on chilly flights. A pair of balled-up socks won’t take much room in your hand luggage, so be sure to pack them. Slipper socks are also a winner if you want to try and stay active during the flight.

Loose-fitting layers

Underneath your thermal items, we think it’s a good idea to stick to beathable items that let in some air, as this will help to avoid that dreaded clammy feeling. If you get too hot, you can strip down to these loose-fitting garments easily, and it’s also worth avoiding clothes that dig in when you’re going to be sitting still for a long time. Go for natural fibres over man-made ones wherever possible.

How to secure your valuables on a flight

When you’re cooped up with a bunch of srangers, you might reasonably feel concerned about some of your personal items, particularly if you’re hoping to sleep. One way around this is to keep them close to your body at all times, either in pockets or a money belt. So when you choose your travel basics, be sure they’ve got somewhere to stash those valuables. For even more advice on ho to keep your possesions safe and sound around the airport, check out our best airport tips.

Cargo pants

Cargo pants, or ‘combats’ with lots of pockets work well, particularly as they’re also a loose fit. Choose a pair with a drawstring waist for extra comfort, which you can undo a little when you want to kick back in your seat.

Travel vests or jackets

You’ll feel even more confident that your valuables are safe if you can lierally keep them close to your chest. Specially designed travel vests and jackets have secure pockets for your wallet, passport and more, and are a great addition to your high-altitude wardrobe. Outdoor and camping shops should give you plenty to choose from.

Bum bags

Whether you know them as bum bags or fanny packs, there’s no beating them if you want to keep your items secure while travelling. Not only will they keep your valuables safely in front of you, but they allow you to access you passport, charger and mints without having to search through your suitcase. Oh, and despite what you’ve heard, they’re the height of fashion and don’t let anyone tell you any different!

What footwear should you wear on a flight?

Some of the crew might be working the aisles in impossibly high heels, but this is one occasion when sensible shoes really come into their own, and nobody will judge you for treating you feet!

Think flat and functional, but don’t worry about compromising on style: a lightweight pair of trainers or slip-on pumps should do the trick, as long as they’re comfortable and allow your feet to breath. TOMS are a particularly good all-rounder, but you probably have your favourite all-round easy shoe.

Remember that feet, along with other parts of our bodies, tend to swell up during flight, so don’t go for anything that’s a bit on the tight side, even if you can usually get away with it on the ground. And it goes without say that heels are a no-no: remember you’ll be standing around in customs for a potentially lengthy period when you arrive.

What should you wear for when you arrive?

Finally, don’t forget to bring something suitable for your arrival – whether that’s a light sun dress or shirt and sun hat you can throw in if it’s going to be hot, or something a bit more stylish if you’re meeting someone you’re hoping to impress. Pick something that fits the bill before you leave for the airport, and make sure it’s small enough to fit it in your hand luggage along with any make-up and hair products you might want to add to make your arrival a bit more special. Adding accessories to your in-flight outfit can always work as an easy-to-pack option!

Have you got any travel fashion tips? Let us know and subscribe to our Youtube channel for more travel guides and new videos from our studio. While you’re at it, why not like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for daily content to help you travel better.


Tours at Hotel Apartamentos Plaza Palmeras 2* Canary Islands Lanzarote Spain


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“Consent to the processing of personal data”

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Hotel description Apartamentos Plaza Palmeras

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nine0003 Watching with Apartamentos Plaza Palmeras 2*

weather, what to wear, what to do

Barcelona is interesting at any time of the year. Not even too comfortable weather conditions are a hindrance, so they are more than compensated by vivid impressions and unforgettable emotions from the Christmas atmosphere that reigns in Barcelona in December. Gourmets also love it, as the night falls on the city quite early, so restaurants and tapas bars have much more revenue than in summer. nine0004

Weather conditions

December is the first really cold month in Barcelona. . Daytime temperature is +13..+17 degrees, at night – +6..+10. At the same time, the weather is not stable: yesterday it was only 14 degrees, and the next day the sun warmed up and the thermometer rose even to +20 or, conversely, dropped from +14 to +10.

The last major snowfall in Barcelona occurred on Christmas Eve 1962. Snow is not very typical for December. Unlike night frosts, which are not uncommon on New Year’s Eve. nine0004 Snow in Barcelona (2015)

[notification type=”alert-info” close=”false” ]

Temperature records of the month:

  • Coldest day: -8 º
  • The hottest day: +27 º
  • Coldest month: +0.
  • Hottest month: +23 º


How to dress

Most often in December, cold and dry weather prevails in the capital of Catalonia. Even if it will be nice to bake the sun during the day, after it sets, winter will make itself felt. Therefore, take with you outerwear that keeps heat well. A jacket that you wear with us in late autumn will work well. nine0004 How people dress in December in Barcelona

You don’t have to take shorts with you. Jeans or tight pants are much better.

It will not be superfluous to take with you a thermal jacket, which skiers wear on their naked bodies. It will not let you overheat in case of warm weather, and in cold weather it will keep you warm.

As for shoes, it is better to give preference to comfortable and warm shoes that do not let moisture through and will not let your feet freeze on cold pavement. Winter sneakers or boots with high soles are ideal. nine0004


December is the richest month for holidays.

  • 6/12/2016 Constitution Day
  • 12/8/2016 – Immaculate Conception Day
  • 24-25/12/2016 – Christmas and St. Stephen’s Day

[notification type=”alert-warning” close=”false” ]No shops are open at weekends in Barcelona (not even supermarkets). Many cafes and restaurants are closed, but all museums are open (often on Monday, which is considered free). [/notification]

December is one of the main holidays in Spain – Constitution Day. Despite the fact that the Catalans do not consider themselves Spaniards and are trying in every possible way to emphasize this, this day – the 6th day – is also considered a day off for them.

In order to get a lot of presents for Christmas, it is worth resorting to the help of a Christmas log. But not simple, but in a red cap and with a painted muzzle. You need to bring such a miracle into the house on the Day of the Immaculate Conception – December 8th. For two weeks, the log should be diligently taken care of – wrapped, fed and courted in every possible way. nine0004

Christmas in Barcelona is one of the most important religious holidays. Mass festivities continue until nine o’clock in the evening, after which everyone rushes home, where a festive dinner is expected. Christmas is usually spent with friends and family.

The festivities and receiving gifts continue on the next day, which is called Boxing Day. The second name of the holiday is Saint Stephen’s Day. And again, a meal in the family circle and opening gifts that were not looked at the day before. nine0004

And, of course, the New Year. To the sound of chiming clocks in Plaza Catalunya, those gathered eat 12 grapes to bring good luck. New Year’s Eve in Barcelona should be met in this way, there is no tradition to meet at the festive table and listen to the speech of the head of state, but there is something to do on New Year’s Eve.

Program of events

December is usually rich in concerts of world stars and football matches, which bring together tens of thousands of people at the Camp Nou stadium.

Holidays to lanzarote december 2022: Great Deals on Lanzarote Holidays

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Категории: December

Cheap flights to Lanzarote (ACE) from £12.99

Lanzarote is located off the coast of West Africa and is part of the dreamy Canary Islands. Before booking your cheap flights to Lanzarote, Spain it’s well worth getting to know a little more about this paradise island.

Lanzarote is famous for being a hotspot for travellers looking to relax and unwind, but it’s also an ideal destination for thrill seekers and adventurers. Many people still see Lanzarote as a generic sun holiday, but the island has a lot more going on than meets the eye. Case in point is Timanfaya National Park, a spectacular volcanic landscape that covers a quarter of the island.  Lanzarote is perfect for watersports too. Windsurfing is very popular on the island as is surfing. One thing’s for sure, you won’t be bored when you fly to Lanzarote.


When to book cheap flights to Lanzarote

Summers in Lanzarote can be very warm and humid with temperatures getting up to 28°C so if you’re not a fan of the heat it might be better to book your cheap Lanzarote flights in the spring or in the autumn when it’s a little bit cooler. The island is at its busiest during the summer months (school holidays), so booking Lanzarote flights outside of the peak season is a good idea if you’re looking to avoid crowded beaches. The island doesn’t really experience winter either, with temperatures rarely dropping below 20°C. If you’re planning on going to surf, the best time is from October to November when the waves start to get really big.


What to see in Lanzarote

When you book cheap flights to Lanzarote you can afford to explore the island and book a tour or two with the savings you’ve made. Timanfaya National Park is well worth visiting. The 50km stretch of volcanoes closely resemble the surface of the moon and it is a truly remarkable place to explore. The stones there get so hot you can even cook a steak on them.

Lanzarote is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Europe. Unwind at Playa Blanca, which is also known as White Beach. Once you see the miles of white sandy beach you’ll understand where the name came from. In the summer, the crystal clear waters are perfect for cooling off. Lanzarote is also a perfect spot for surfers. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a beginner, Lanzarote is a great place to hop on a board.


Getting around

The best way to get around in Lanzarote is probably by car. There are limited bus services on the island. Some of the main attractions aren’t on a bus route either. So it’s best to not rely on buses during your trip. Luckily, you will find some great deals on car rentals using Ryanair Car Hire. You can drive from place to place on the island and take in the incredible scenery along the way, and you’ll be able to spend as much time as you want at each attraction. The next best option is to get a taxi to bring you where you need to go. They are easy enough to find and relatively inexpensive.


What to eat in Lanzarote

If you’re a fan of seafood, then you’ll have a lot to look forward to when you fly to Lanzarote. The island is home to a range of popular fish dishes including “Sancocho”.  This sautéed seafood dish is absolutely divine.  A favourite amongst locals is grilled octopus. You’ll find it in pretty much every restaurant on the island, from fancy restaurants to cheap diners and even in tapas bars.

Another local delicacy on the island is “Mojo Potatoes”. These are wrinkled potatoes with green and red pepper sauce on the side. Enjoy!

14-Night Lanzarote & Tenerife Guided Walking Holiday

All our carefully-curated itineraries are designed by our experts. While we make every effort to adhere to the described itinerary, we may take an alternative route, or vary the running order for weather and/or operational reasons.

Welcome to HD Beach Resort. Unpack and settle in.

Our first day’s walks will take us to the centre of the island where we will visit the old capital, Teguise.

Option 1 – Miradors and Teguise

Distance: 5 miles (8km)

Total ascent: no ascent

Total descent: 1,000 feet (300m)

In summary: A short journey will take us to the Ermita de las Nieves, an old chapel from where there are magnificent views all around the island. We then follow a gentle ridge to another viewpoint at Pico de Maramajo, before continuing to Teguise where we will have time to explore.

Highlight: Discover unique artisan workshops in the winding streets of Teguise.


Option 2 – Miradors and the Castillo de Santa Barbara

Distance: 8 miles (13km)

Total ascent: 800 feet (240m)

Total descent: 1,600 feet (480m) 

In summary: From Ermita de las Nieves, we too head south to Pico de Maramajo, crossing a valley and ridge to Teguise, enjoying views around the valley. After looking around the town, we pass the Castillo Santa Barbara, high on the crater of Guanapay and finish in the old hamlet of Teseguite.

Highlight: Enjoy lunch at one of the pavement cafes in Teguise.

Today we’ll travel to the Timanfaya National Park where we’ll pay a visit to the visitor centre to discover more about this volatile volcanic landscape with a guided tour. After a spot of lunch at the scenic El Golfo, both groups travel on to Femes to continue our walks.

Option 1 – Yaiza

Distance: 4 miles (6½km)

Total ascent: 300 feet (90m) 

Total descent: 800 feet (240m)

In summary: Leaving Femes, we take a good track over a col into the neighbouring valley of Yaiza to meet our transport home.

Highlight: The devastation of the volcanic eruptions in the 1700s is brought to life at the Visitor Centre.


Option 2 – The Ridge to Yaiza

Distance: 5 miles (8km)

Total ascent: 1,000 feet (300m)

In summary: Our walk will take us up and to the second highest peak of the island, Atalaya de Femes for spectacular views over the area before descending into the village of Yaiza to join the easier group and our transport home.

Highlight: The views from Atalaya de Femes and the ridge are stunning. 


Today we travel to the north of Lanzarote and enjoy our walks before taking the ferry from Orzola to the island of La Graciosa, with the opportunity to explore independently in the afternoon.

Option 1 – Ye to Orzola

Distance: 4 miles (6½km) 

Total ascent: 100 feet (30m)

Total descent: 1,200 feet (360m)

In summary: This walk starts at the peaceful village of Ye, descending along good tracks and quiet roads through the Malpais de Corona to Orzola with panoramic views.

Highlight: Take advantage of the relaxed pace of life on the island, enjoy lunch in the tiny village of Caleto de Sebo or explore the tranquil shore.


Option 2 – Maguez to Orzola

Distance: 6 miles (9½km)

Total ascent: 400 feet (120m)

Total descent: 1,400 feet (420m) 

In summary: Starting from Maguez, the harder walk follows the route of the GR 131, the long-distance path that goes from north to south of Lanzarote. The route contours round the slopes of Montana Corona before descending through the Malpais de Corona to meet the ferry at Orzola.

Highlight: Walk along the shore or hire bikes to visit the secluded cove of Playa de la Cocina on the island of La Graciosa.


Each week there is a free day when no guided walks are offered. This is an ideal opportunity to relax around the hotel, walk independently or visit local places of interest. Some options for your free day may include:

César Manrique: A tour of César Manrique’s astonishing contributions to Lanzarote: the César Manrique Foundation, the Cactus Gardens and the Jameos del Agua, a restaurant built in ancient lava bubbles and tunnels.

Costa Teguise: Alternatively, a short stroll along the promenade will take you into the centre of Costa Teguise or to beaches either side of the old town. There is also an 18-hole golf course nearby.

HD Beach Resort: At the HD Beach Resort itself, you could enjoy the wide range of facilities, including the outdoor pools and wellness centre.

Local information website: For information on Lanzarote please visit

Today we will explore the south of this beautiful island.

Option 1 – Through The Barranco To Puerto Calero

Distance: 7 miles (11km) 

Total ascent: 600 feet (180m) 

Total descent: 1,400 feet (420m) 

In summary: We will contour the lower slopes of Pico Oveja offering extensive views to the Atlantic before descending to Playa del Pozo. From here we follow the coast passing a number of barrancos until we reach Puerto Calero with its attractive waterfront and many cafés for refreshments.

Highlight: The peaceful valleys are scarcely visited; we’ll have spectacular views of the ocean all to ourselves.


Option 2 – The Pico Oveja Ridge to Puerto Calero

Distance: 9 miles (14½km)

Total ascent: 900 feet (270m)

Total descent: 2,100 feet (630m)

In summary: Leaving the village of Femes we’ll ascend onto the ridge to the south of the Femes Valley which will take us to today’s summit on the Pico Oveja. After taking time to admire this excellent viewpoint across the Atlantic and to the dramatic volcanoes of the Timanfaya National Park, we descend to the coast to follow the coastal route to Puerto Calero to join the easier group.

Highlight: Uninterrupted views of the ocean and the dramatic volcanic landscape of the Timanfaya National Park.


Today we venture to the northwest of the island, where the landscape is surprisingly greener with more vegetation than other areas of the island explored this week.

Option 1 – Miradors of the Northern Villages

Distance: 7 miles (11km) 

Total ascent: 1,000 feet (300m) 

In summary: Our route will take us from the outskirts of Maguez along a cliff-top route offering superb views across to La Graciosa as we make our way through miradors to La Pescosa before descending back into Maguez and on to Haria for refreshments.

Highlight: Take the opportunity to visit Cesar Manrique’s house, now a museum.


Option 2 – Miradors and Los Helechos

Distance: 9 miles (14½km)

Total ascent: 1,500 feet (450m)

In summary: Our route also takes advantage of the views across to La Graciosa as we ascend Los Helechos which affords us views into its caldera. From here we begin our descent to Maguez and on to Haria, with its stunning cliff top mirador with views of the Riscos de Famara, joining the easier group.

Highlight: The views from each mirador is spectacular, and gives a different view of this stunning island.


You will be transferred to Arrecife Airport for your inter island flight to Tenerife. You will be met at Tenerife North airport and taken to the Laguna Nivaria Hotel.

Today takes us to Tenerife’s west, home to the Teno Mountains. But first we’ll travel north to Erjos village before heading into a landscape of great contrasts – from lush forests to deep canyons – as well as diverse climates and ancient traditions. The area’s protected as a Rural Park, aiming to preserve both its natural and human heritage.

Option 1 – Erjos to Cruz de Hilda

Distance: 5 miles (8km)

Ascent: 1,800ft (550m)

Begin the day spotting migrating birds at the Charcas de Erjos ponds before climbing the mountain rim. We’ll cross the Monte del Agua laurel forest, head up to the Teno ridge, and follow the crest for wow-worthy views over the Masca canyon on one side and the Palmar valley on the other.

Option 2 – Erjos to Cruz de Hilda

Distance: 7 miles (11km)

Ascent: 2,210ft (680m)

We follow the same path as the other group, through Charcas de Erjos to Teno ridge, but after crossing the Monte del Agua laurel forest, we’ll contour Cruz de Gala mountain (1,354m), the highest summit in Teno.

You’ll traverse through Canary pine forest and enjoy extended views over the whole Teno area and up towards Mount Teide, before descending into Valle de Santiago.

We’ll start the holiday discovering the Anaga mountains, one of the oldest volcanic regions in Tenerife and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It’s home to some of Europe’s most varied native wildlife as well as many villages and inhabitants. You’ll explore sustainability through walks in this rich but fragile environment.

Option 1 – Las Carboneras – Chinamada Loop

Distance: 4 miles (6.5km)

Ascent: 1,230ft (380m)

We’ll leave from the village of Las Carboneras, taking old pathways that grant us stop-and-stare views over the deep barrancos. Along the way we’ll spot many local plants and trees while learning all about rural life in Anaga and how it’s evolving.

We’ll refuel over a picnic lunch in Chinamada, known for its dwelling caves, before walking back to Las Carboneras.


Option 2 – Cruz del Carmen – Chinamada – Las Carboneras

Distance: 5.5 miles (9km)

Ascent: 2,460ft (750m)

We’ll start in Cruz del Carmen to begin descending through Tenerife’s native laurel forest and farmland, catching sight of the heart-stirring views over the deep barrancos, until we reach Chinamada.

There’s a picnic stop here, which is known for its dwelling caves, followed by a short walk out to the Mirador de Aguaide for vistas of the rugged coastline. We’ll then head to our final destination – the village of Las Carboneras.

We’ll travel to the remote village of Chamorga in the northeast Anaga peninsula. The drive through the mountains offers jaw-dropping views both to the north and south of the ridge.

Option 1 – Chamorga – Cruz del Draguillo Loop

Distance: 3 miles (5km)

Ascent: 1,230ft (380m)

From Chamorga we’ll ascend through the laurel forest to Cruz del Draguillo. Near Roque Icoso, you’ll be able to see through the vegetation to glimpse dramatic views over the north coast and the Roques de Anaga. After our picnic near the ruined hamlet of Tafada, we’ll end the loop enjoying panoramic views over the Chamorga ravine.

Option 2 – Chamorga – Roque Bermejo Loop

Distance: 5.5 miles (8.5km)

Ascent: 2,300ft (700m)

This walk also starts in Chamorga, exploring the remote upland areas of Anaga. You’ll traverse the undulating ridges for ever-evolving views of the Atlantic, the Roque de Dentro, and the Punta Anaga lighthouse. We’ll then descend to Roque Bermejo beach where we can have our picnic before heading back to Chamorga.

Each week there’s a free day when no guided walks are offered. You’re welcome to stay at the hotel and take advantage of its spa facilities, or head out and explore at your own pace.

There’s the colonial town of La Laguna, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can dip in and out of historic mansions and churches as you wander around the old quarter. Or step aboard the tram to Santa Cruz, the capital of Tenerife, where you’ve got the bazaar and food market or the Palmetum, a large botanical garden, and an array of museums.

The Teide National Park is in focus on today’s walks, which sits over 2,000m above sea level in the centre of the island. We’ll cross 16km of the caldera, through a mind-bending array of rocks and lava, crowned by Mount Teide (3,715m) – an active volcano and Spain’s highest mountain.

Option 1 – Narices del Teide – Cuevas Negras – Samara

Distance: 5 miles (7.5km)

Ascent: 1,560ft (480m)

You’ll get an insight into the island’s volcanic nature, exploring the volcanic fields in the west of Teide National Park, crossing lava flows, black fine ashes, and discovering basaltic caves used by shepherds a long time ago. The panoramic views from above the clouds and the contrast of vivid colours are outstanding.


Option 2 – Boca Tauce – Cuevas Negras – Samara

Distance: 7.5 miles (12km)

Ascent: 1,900ft (580m)

Leaving the Juan Évora Museum, we’ll contour the inner side of the Teide’s caldera criss-crossing between lava fields and Canary pine forest. During the walk you’ll have the imposing Teide and Pico Viejo volcanoes on one side, and the western islands on the other.

On our last day, we’ll have a second chance to be amazed by the crowning glory of Tenerife, the UNESCO World Heritage of Teide National Park. You’ll have panoramic views over the Orotava Valley and Mount Teide during our drive and stops from a few viewpoints to keep you mesmerised.

Option 1 – Montaña Blanca – El Portillo

Distance: 5.5 miles (9km)

Ascent: 1,720ft (520m)

Teide National Park is a paradise for geology lovers, and this walk is no exception. We’ll walk over the pumice stones of Montaña Blanca volcano, which are light and porous, discovering the tiny fragments of black, heavier obsidian glass and ‘the eggs of Teide’.

Learn about the Guanches and hear about expeditions to the top the Mount Teide over the last few centuries. We’ll wind up at El Portillo Visitor Centre and Botanical Garden.

Option 2 – Guajara Mountain Loop

Distance: 6.5 miles (10.5km)

Ascent: 2,300ft (700m)

Starting at the Parador hotel, we head for the highest point on the crater rim, Montaña Guajara (2,715m). Our ascent winds its way around the flanks of the mountain, reaching the broad summit plateau with plenty of time to take a breather and revel in the views.

As we’re closer to the stars up there, we’ll hear about the British astronomer Piazzi-Smyth’s expedition and the importance of the Teide Observatory before we descend back to Parador.

We hope to see you again soon.




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Villa Lanzarote Natura is located in Soo, a 5-minute drive from Famara Beach. It features a sea-view terrace with BBQ facilities and free Wi-Fi.

All villas have a living area with a sofa, TV and dining table. There is a well-equipped kitchen and 1 bathroom with a shower. Bed linen and towels are included in the price. nine0003

Complimentary bottled water is provided in the villas upon arrival. Shops are within a 5-minute walk.

Walking sticks are provided free of charge. Lanzarote Natura Villas organizes hiking tours and bicycle rentals at an additional cost. You can leave your car in the free parking on site.

Couples especially like the location – they rated accommodation in the area for a couple trip at 9.5 .

Villas Lanzarote Natura has been welcoming guests since Jul 25, 2013.

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    Hi Leah.
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    I would be glad if you decide to come here.
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  • Private bathroom

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No extra beds available.

Baby cots are subject to availability.

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