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Hot weather in november in europe: Hottest Canary Islands in November

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Hottest Greek islands in November

By Mark Hodson. Sunday Times Travel Writer

Which is the hottest Greek island to visit in November? A better question is: should you even visit the Greek islands in November?

The tourist season in Greece usually ends in late October, after half-term week. You can still enjoy a city break in Athens (it’s a lovely time for sightseeing) and you can grab some winter sun on the island of Cyprus (which is not strictly-speaking part of Greece) but you’ll struggle to find a direct flight to the islands. At best, you’ll need to change plans or switch to a ferry in Athens. It’s possible, just not convenient.

Once you get there, you may find some hotels, bars and restaurants have shut up shop for the winter, particularly on the smaller islands. Which is a shame because Greece is beautiful in November and can still be warm and sunny. If you want an easier winter-sun option, check out the Canary Islands in November. You can also find direct flights to Turkey in November.

Which Greek islands will be hottest?


Average temperature in November: 22ºC
Hours of daily sunshine: 7
Flying time from UK: 5 hours

There’s one island that offers near guaranteed warm weather and long days of sunshine in November, and that’s Cyprus. It’s a longer flight than to most Greek islands, but worth it if you want fine weather. Even the sea is warm enough for a dip in November at 21ºC, while night time temperatures rarely dip below 12ºC. It’s a great time of year for a walking holiday or exploring historical sites.

Holiday recommendation: check out these villas in Cyprus.


Average temperature in November: 21ºC
Hours of daily sunshine: 6
Flying time from UK: 6 hours (via Athens)

Karpathos lies between Rhodes and Crete in the Dodecanese. It’s a long way south and enjoys lovely warm sunny weather in November, particularly the first half of the month when it’s possible to sunbathe on the beaches and swim in the sea. This is a charming island with a rugged interior where you’ll experience the real character and hospitality of the Greek people.

Where to stay: find the best hotels and apartments in Karpathos.


Average temperature in November: 19ºC
Hours of daily sunshine: 6
Flying time from UK: 4 hours

Kos is one of the most southerly Greek islands, close to the Aegean coast of Turkey, and is among the warmest in November. It’s won’t be hot, but six hours of daily sunshine will feel wonderful, and sea temperature is 20ºC. There’s only a small chance of rain towards the end of the month, but this is a good time of year to discover the markets and historical sites of Kos Town.

Holiday recommendation: the luxury all-inclusive IKOS Aria is great value but will have closed by November.


Average temperature in November: 20ºC
Hours of daily sunshine: 6
Flying time from UK: 4 hours

Crete is the largest Greek island and has some of the best winter weather. You can be eating lunch under a blazing November sun while gazing up at snow-capped mountains. It’s also a fabulous time for hiking – don’t miss the dramatic Samaria Gorge. Expect 20ºC temperatures, falling to 13ºC at night with a chance of rain on 7-8 days. The sea will be 20ºC, fine for a quick dip.

Holiday recommendation: these boutique hotels and stylish houses for rent.


Average temperature in November: 18ºC
Hours of daily sunshine: 4
Flying time from UK: 3 hours 15 minutes

Corfu is further north than most islands and in the Ionian Sea, rather than the Aegean. It’s a little cooler, as a result, and not the warmest destination in November. However, it’s a great time of year to visit monasteries, palaces, museums and churches. Rain is possible, so pack a brolly.

Holiday recommendation: these villas in north-east Corfu are lovely. Book one for next year!


Average temperature in November: 19ºC
Hours of daily sunshine: 5
Flying time from UK: 4 hours 15 minutes

Santorini is scorching in summer, and packed with tourists. Visit in November and you’ll appreciate the pretty villages and rugged volcanic countryside. There’s less chance of rain than in Corfu, and the sea temperature is around 19ºC, not freezing.

Holiday recommendation: Santorini boutique hotels


Average temperature in November: 17ºC
Hours of daily sunshine: 5
Flying time from UK: 3 hours 15 minutes to Thessaloniki 

Halkidiki on the Greek mainland is a wonderful region for exploring. It has excellent sandy beaches, though the sea temperature will be on the chilly side for swimming. Night time temperatures can drop below 10ºC so you’ll need to pack a few layers.

Holiday recommendation: stay at IKOS Olivia or IKOS Oceania, both good-value luxury all-inclusive resorts.

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15 Best Europe destinations in November of 2022

Rome, Italy

  • November avg high: 63°F/17°C
  • November avg low: 47°F/8°C
  • November avg precip: 4.4″/11.0cm

November marks the start of the low season in Rome, but this is a city that is popular all year round so you certainly won’t feel alone. The days are chilly and you might get some rain, but Rome is still a great destination even in the colder months because there is so much to see and do, and much of it is indoors such as the enormous Vatican Museum.

If this is your first visit to Italy you’ll probably want to head north from Rome and visit Florence and Venice (both mentioned below). But if you have more time you might also consider Sorrento, which is a bit south of Naples. It’s a bit warmer in November and it’s the perfect base for day trips of Naples, Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast and the Isle of Capri.

As of July 2022, Italy is one of the European countries that has dropped all COVID and vaccination requirements. Hopefully by November of this year things will be even better in Europe, but of course there is a chance that things will be worse so it’s important to pay attention to the news.

  • Good 3-star hotels in November from €61 for two people
  • Good 4-star hotels in November from €84 for two people
  • Hostel dorm beds in November from €14 per person

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Florence, Italy

  • November avg high: 59°F/15°C
  • November avg low: 42°F/6°C
  • November avg precip: 4.4″/11.0cm

Similar to Rome, Florence is such an amazing destination that it’s worth visiting any time of year. November is chilly and a bit wet, but even more than Rome and Venice, Florence is an indoor destination. This is one of the world’s great capitals for art and you’ll be indoors most of the day even if the weather is nice.

Florence is smaller than Rome so you can see the most famous sights in only 2 days or so, but you might still want to spend 3 or even 4 nights here because this is the ideal base for day trips to Pisa, Siena, and even the Cinque Terre. There are also several nearby hill towns that are worth a look to experience something uniquely Italian. As the capital and largest city in the famous Tuscany region, Florence is also a great food city. Avoid places with English menus out front for the best quality and value.

  • Good 3-star hotels in November from €87 for two people
  • Good 4-star hotels in November from €117 for two people
  • Hostel dorm beds in November from €19 per person

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Venice, Italy

  • November avg high: 53°F/12°C
  • November avg low: 40°F/4°C
  • November avg precip: 3.4″/8.5cm

Again, if you are coming to Italy for the first time in November you are going to want to spend at least one day and night in Venice even if it’s a bit cool. There is no other city in the world like Venice and the smaller crowds in November will help you feel less like a herd animal.

The downside to visiting Venice in November is that it’s the peak month for the Acqua Alta, which is the high-tide flooding that the city experiences. It’s still possible to get around and enjoy a Venice visit in November, but it’s also wise to keep track of the Acqua Alta situation and work your schedule around it.

  • Good 3-star hotels in November from €79 for two people
  • Good 4-star hotels in November from €94 for two people
  • Hostel dorm beds in November from €23 per person

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Paris, France

  • November avg high: 51°F/11°C
  • November avg low: 43°F/6°C
  • November avg precip: 2.2″/5.5cm

Similar to Rome and London, Paris is such an amazing city that you are going to want to visit no matter which month you are visiting. Fortunately, Paris still has reasonably mild temperatures in November and not much rainfall. There will be plenty of business travelers around, but tourist numbers are lower so it can be easier to get around and see the top sights.

As long as you dress properly you can still even enjoy the excellent hop-on, hop-off bus tour of Paris in November. It’s arguably the best city bus tour in Europe and it connects nearly all of the most famous buildings and attractions. It’s included in the Paris Pass, so you might also want to check our review of the Paris Pass.

Needless to say, in 2022 you’ll want to stay on top of the COVID situation in France as your trip approaches. The country is open to vaccinated visitors (as of July 2022) and hopefully they will be fully open by November. Obviously it’s possible that restrictions could get worse.

  • Good 3-star hotels in November from €124 for two people
  • Good 4-star hotels in November from €157 for two people
  • Hostel dorm beds in November from €21 per person

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London, England

  • November avg high: 51°F/11°C
  • November avg low: 41°F/5°C
  • November avg precip: 2. 2″/5.5cm

The good news about London in November is that it tends not to rain very hard when it does rain, so you often don’t even need an umbrella. But of course it will be cool every day in November so you will need to bring some outerwear with you. As with a few others on this list, London is such an amazing city that you’ll want to visit no matter the month of your trip.

London is another example of a mostly indoor city so the weather doesn’t really slow most visitors down. The famous attractions such as the (free) museums and famous cathedrals are welcoming no matter the weather outside. You might even want to look at our London Pass review if you want to see the top attractions in 2 or 3 days.

As of July 2022, the UK is on the list of European countries that have dropped ALL restrictions and vaccination requirements for incoming visitors. Let’s hope it stays this way through November.

  • Good 3-star hotels in November from £108 for two people
  • Good 4-star hotels in November from £156 for two people
  • Hostel dorm beds in November from £14 per person

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Barcelona, Spain

  • November avg high: 63°F/17°C
  • November avg low: 47°F/8°C
  • November avg precip: 2. 3″/5.8cm

Being on the Mediterranean, Barcelona stays warmer than Madrid (see below) during the colder months. So November is still fairly nice and one of the better months to visit partly because the summer months have become so ridiculously crowded here. The main attraction here is the interesting architecture, and you can see all of the most famous buildings on top of the hop-on, hop-off bus tour, which is included with the Barcelona Pass.

If this is your first time to Spain you are going to want to spend 3 or 4 nights in Barcelona but also then take the high-speed train (in 2.5 hours) to Madrid for 3 or 4 nights there. The cities are very different from each other and both are wonderful for tourists with excellent food and nightlife on top of everything else. November is actually one of the best times to visit Spain, due to the mild weather and smaller crowds.

Spain is open to vaccinated visitors in 2022 and those who can provide a negative COVID test within 72 hours of entry. Let’s hope that things are even better by November of this year.

  • Good 3-star hotels in November from €57 for two people
  • Good 4-star hotels in November from €69 for two people
  • Hostel dorm beds in November from €14 per person

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Madrid, Spain

  • November avg high: 56°F/13°C
  • November avg low: 43°F/6°C
  • November avg precip: 2.2″/5.5cm

Madrid does get a bit cool in November, but as mentioned above in the Barcelona section you are going to want to come here anyway. Madrid is of course the capital of Spain so this is where you see the Royal Palace and many other official buildings of note, as well as the Prado Museum.

The high-speed train that connects Madrid and Barcelona is fairly cheap if you book it at least a couple weeks in advance. Spain has a few of its own low-cost airlines, so flights into Madrid are pretty cheap this time of year, although booking early helps here as well.

  • Good 3-star hotels in November from €44 for two people
  • Good 4-star hotels in November from €78 for two people
  • Hostel dorm beds in November from €15 per person

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Lisbon, Portugal

  • November avg high: 64°F/18°C
  • November avg low: 53°F/12°C
  • November avg precip: 4.2″/10.5cm

If you have ever wondered which city on the European continent has the best year-round weather, you have found it in Lisbon. The breezes off the Atlantic keep this city cool in summer and mild in winter, although it does get a bit of rainfall this time of year.

This otherwise remote city is a real gem for those who go out of their way to get here. It’s a lovely city on 7 hills so views are fantastic in every direction. And the food and culture here are very interesting as well as quite different from Spain. You can take an overnight train from Madrid, but flying is probably the better option for most people.

In 2022 visitors to Portugal must provide either proof of vaccination or proof of a negative COVID test shortly before entry to the country.

  • Good 3-star hotels in November from €39 for two people
  • Good 4-star hotels in November from €72 for two people
  • Hostel dorm beds in November from €16 per person

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Interlaken, Switzerland

  • November avg high: 46°F/8°C
  • November avg low: 33°F/1°C
  • November avg precip: 3.3″/8.3cm

The weather in Interlaken isn’t exactly great in November, but it’s still worth considering on your trip because this is THE place to see the most dramatic Alps views anywhere in Europe. So many people say they just want to visit “Switzerland” that I wrote an article about where to go in Switzerland on a short visit.

On the other hand, Interlaken in November is not ideal because many hotels and businesses close down between mid October when the hiking season ends and mid December when skiing season begins. There are still places open and plenty to see, but you have to plan a bit more. If you want to visit a second place in Switzerland to admire the unusual beauty, Lucerne is your best bet.

Switzerland in 2022 is on the list of European countries that have dropped all COVID and vaccination restrictions for incoming visitors.

  • Good 3-star hotels in November from €98 for two people
  • Good 4-star hotels in November from €151 for two people
  • Hostel dorm beds in November from €24 per person

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Berlin, Germany

  • November avg high: 45°F/7°C
  • November avg low: 36°F/2°C
  • November avg precip: 1.7″/4.3cm

Berlin has cold winters and in November the weather here is already started to become a bit annoying. Still, this is such an incredible city that it’s worth dressing a bit warmer if a November visit is your best or only choice. The famous nightlife and cultural sights are all going strong all year round, so there is plenty to see and do.

Another great thing about this city is that it’s cheaper than the other large cities in Germany including Munich and Hamburg. Better still, this city has become so popular and international that you can just speak in English to anyone you encounter and you’ll almost always get a polite answer back in English.

Germany is also on the list of countries that have dropped all COVID and vaccination restrictions for incoming visitors. There are some possible restrictions depending on where you are coming from, so read up before you book.

  • Good 3-star hotels in November from €67 for two people
  • Good 4-star hotels in November from €78 for two people
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Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • November avg high: 48°F/9°C
  • November avg low: 39°F/4°C
  • November avg precip: 3. 0″/7.5cm

Unfortunately, Amsterdam is another northern European city that typically only has one or two good months of weather each year. In other words, if you wait until it’s warm and sunny in Amsterdam, you’ll be here with a billion other people in mid July. With an excellent public transport system, it’s easy to get around Amsterdam by street car or even just walking.

The stunning architecture is one of the things that brings people to Amsterdam, and as long as you dress properly you’ll be able to soak that all in this month. Aside from that this is a cultural capital with excellent nightlife and a thriving arts scene. That goes all year round, as do the coffeeshops and small pubs all over town.

As of summer 2022, the Netherlands is requiring proof of vaccination to enter the country. Hopefully all restrictions will be lifted by November.

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  • Good 4-star hotels in November from €103 for two people
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Prague, Czech Republic

  • November avg high: 44°F/7°C
  • November avg low: 36°F/2°C
  • November avg precip: 1. 2″/3.0cm

Prague is a city that is so crowded in summer that many people actually prefer to come when it’s colder like in November, so they don’t have to battle crowds every minute of the day. As you can see, it’s chilly in Prague in November, but it rarely rains much as all so it’s just a matter of wearing another layer.

It will still be crowded in the main squares of Prague in November, but much less so than in warmer months so it’s more pleasant in general. If you want to spend a bit more time in Czechia, head to Cesky Krumlov, which is 3 hours away on a scenic bus ride or train. Cesky Krumlov is much more charming than Prague, and it’s cheaper than Prague by quite a bit as well.

Czechia is another European country that has dropped all COVID and vaccination restrictions for visitors. Yay!

  • Good 3-star hotels in November from €34 for two people
  • Good 4-star hotels in November from €44 for two people
  • Hostel dorm beds in November from €13 per person

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Budapest, Hungary

  • November avg high: 47°F/8°C
  • November avg low: 36°F/2°C
  • November avg precip: 2. 4″/6.0cm

This part of Europe gets quite cold in winter so Budapest in November is already on the chilly side. But it doesn’t rain much and this city has so much to see and do that it’s worth a visit even in the cool months, when crowds are much smaller as well.

Budapest has a lot in common with Prague, but the architecture here is on a grander scale for the most part and it feels very different. This city is also one of the cheaper capital cities in Europe, so your travel fund really goes a long way here. The famous nightlife in the ruin pubs should not be missed at any time of year.

Hungary is yet another European country that has dropped all COVID restrictions, making it the cheapest country to do so.

  • Good 3-star hotels in November from €32 for two people
  • Good 4-star hotels in November from €48 for two people
  • Hostel dorm beds in November from €8 per person

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Istanbul, Turkey

  • November avg high: 60°F/16°C
  • November avg low: 47°F/8°C
  • November avg precip: 3. 3″/8.3cm

November still has reasonably warm days in Istanbul so this is worth considering on any trip of eastern Europe this time of year. Istanbul itself is one of the world’s most historic and interesting cities, and it’s quite a travel bargain these days as well because the currency rate has gone down against almost all countries in the last couple years.

Those that have more than a few days might also consider exploring more of Turkey. For one thing, every other city in the country is at least a bit cheaper than Istanbul. And most places have even warmer temperatures in November, so it’s an ideal time to explore Cappadocia or even the southern coast along Antalya.

The currency in 2022 has plummeted and inflation has been pretty severe. The net result is that Turkey is one of the cheapest countries in the world this year for foreign visitors who bring in other currencies. That said, there has been a bit of unrest (usually very easy to avoid) so keep you eye on the news.

  • Good 3-star hotels in November from €21 for two people
  • Good 4-star hotels in November from €29 for two people
  • Hostel dorm beds in November from €6 per person

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Where to travel In November 2022? 30 Best Warm Weather destinations In November

Are you looking for a place to go on holiday in the month of november in Europe or further away? Visualise in the blink of an eye on this page the best destinations to go in november on a trip in the sun from seasonal averages.

Where to travel?

Top 30 travel destinations in november

Here are the most popular destinations to visit in november 2022 with a weather forecast that is consistently good and conducive to a successful holiday.

Where to travel in november 2022: worldwide destination map

Use this find to see all the destinations with good weather in november 2022.

perfect weather

Holidays in november: where to go according to your preferences?

It’s still autumn in the northern hemisphere. Temperatures are beginning to fall slowly in Europe and North America, as well as in northern Asia. The further south you go, the more pleasant the weather becomes, both in South America and in Oceania and Africa. But where to go in November for a holiday in the sun, the sea, surrounded by nature or a cultural holiday? Discover our tips for choosing the right destination and making the most of your holiday.

Where to go in November to the sea/beach?

It’s hot all over Africa. The climate is particularly ideal for enjoying the beach and the sea. Whether in South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Gambia, a lazy and relaxing session is the best way to rest after the long days of safari in the parks. Some of the most beautiful beaches on the continent include Kotu in Gambia, Paje in Tanzania and Malindi in Kenya. Other unsuspected destinations promise sunshine and a change of scenery, such as Benin, where charming fishing villages line a beautiful golden beach. The climate is also favorable in Cameroon, Senegal and Cape Verde.

The islands and archipelagos of the Indian Ocean have pleasant temperatures, even if a few rainy episodes are to be expected. And if you don’t know where to go in November to discover this paradise, you won’t be disappointed if you choose Mauritius. Upscale hotels, white sandy beaches, turquoise waters… everything you need for a dream holiday! Nearby, Reunion Island is just as enchanting, with its blond or black sandy beaches shaded by coconut palms. In Madagascar, exoticism is the order of the day on its 5,000 kilometers of coastline. Moreover, those who do not wish to undertake a long journey for a stay in the sun will find their happiness only two hours from France, in Tunisia where the climate is favorable in its seaside resorts such as Hammamet.

Thousands of kilometers from France, Guatemala promises good weather during the month of November. The climate is favorable everywhere, from Antigua to Guatemala City. You can also go to Mexico and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Cancún. Nearby, the Caribbean archipelagos really have everything to please: Barbados, the Bahamas, Cuba, Martinique, Guadeloupe…

On the South American continent, the climate is very disparate. For a trip to the sea, the Easter Island, the Galapagos Islands and Uruguay are especially recommended. In Asia, the climate is not favorable everywhere either, and is barely adequate in the Maldives. In Australia, on the other hand, the weather is ideal for swimming, sunbathing or water sports. This is also the case in the Cook Islands and French Polynesia.

Visits and culture in November: where to go?

In Europe, the entire Mediterranean basin still enjoys pleasant temperatures. The conditions are ideal for discovering Albania, especially its capital Tirana where the National Historical Museum and the National Art Gallery of Albania are located. Croatia is just as interesting, but it is not advisable to go to Gospic, Opatija or Rijeka because of the unfavorable climate. In Greece, winter still seems far away, as the weather conditions are favorable almost everywhere, both on the mainland and on islands such as Corfu or Lesbos. The weather is also suitable for a trip to Cyprus, whether you want to go to Lemesos, Agros or Nicosia. Closer to France, Spain is subject to a varied climate throughout the country. Avoid the north of the country where the drop in temperatures is greatly felt, but prefer Andalusia and its cities full of surprises, such as Málaga where you can visit the Picasso Foundation and the Picasso Museum. Off-shore, the Balearic Islands enjoy a pleasant micro-climate, giving you plenty of time to discover the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca and Bellver Castle.

Lovers of art and history can treat themselves to a weekend or a long stay in Italy, without having to worry about bad weather. Naples, Pompeii, Rome and Puglia all enjoy a favorable climate at this time of year. A short cultural stay in Malta will also make visitors happy, especially in Valletta, where you can enjoy a visit to the National Archaeological Museum and the Upper Barraca Gardens before taking a boat trip.

Between sea and desert, the Middle East can be discovered in excellent climatic conditions. If you haven’t yet decided where to go in November, Egypt, Dubai, Kuwait, Israel and Jordan are all possible destinations. On the other side of the Atlantic, the United States is already preparing for winter and the climate is unfavorable in many cities, such as Boston and Chicago. It is best to go down to Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru or Uruguay.

Nature and hiking holidays in November

Hiking is always possible in Europe, provided that you privilege the South of the continent. These include Andalusia, Cyprus, southern Italy and Crete, where the long hiking trails often offer breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Portugal, especially Faro and the Algarve region, also offers superb landscapes and a varied relief that will satisfy sportsmen of all levels. Further afield, the Azores benefit from a favorable climate to be in symbiosis with nature, between volcanoes, century-old vines, mysterious caves and lush vegetation. Those who want to devote themselves more to contemplation and photography will be tempted by one of the Greek islands. Mykonos, Lesbos, Milos, Corfu, Santorini… each of these islands sounds like a faraway land full of mysteries, and on the spot, you won’t be disappointed!

In a group, with your family or alone, hiking in Corsica is accessible to all. Even for a weekend, the island of Beauty seduces with its many routes that run along the coastal paths or go deep into the mountains. Rather in search of a change of scenery? Head for Africa, all the more so as many countries once again enjoy an ideal climate: South Africa, Algeria, Cameroon, Gambia, Mali, Tanzania, Kenya, Morocco, Namibia… the choice is yours! On the other side of the Mozambique Channel, Madagascar, Reunion Island and Mauritius are real green settings where hiking and communion with nature go hand in hand.

It is also time to enjoy the magic of Asia again. Although a large part of the continent has long been affected by bad weather, the climate is now favorable for discovering many countries, such as Bangladesh, Burma, Laos, Cambodia and southern China. For nature lovers who are not afraid of high enough temperatures and the omnipresence of the sun, Guadeloupe and Martinique are real little paradises.

Where to spend a sporting holiday in November?

Your sports holiday is likely to be spent in excellent weather conditions in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Gambia or Senegal where you will enjoy a long list of land and water activities, from safari to sport fishing. The islands of Madagascar and Reunion also promise a stay rich in sensations thanks to the diversity of their landscapes. In addition to hiking, canyoning, rafting, climbing and speleology are also available. In Mauritius, water sports enthusiasts will be on their toes, as everything is there to have fun: parasailing, jet-skiing, kayaking, Stand Up Paddle, etc. ..

You have chosen this period to introduce yourself to scuba diving? Take the direction of the Red Sea, one of the most beautiful diving sites in the world. Whether you are in Egypt, Israel or Jordan, you will have access to this incredible spot. A change of scenery and setting in Asia where many countries still cultivate that part of mystery that makes you want to discover them in every nook and cranny. This is the case in Nepal where November is the best time to go rafting. However, it is better to avoid Everest, because the weather is very bad. Moreover, in Cambodia, a sporting holiday is synonymous with adrenaline, whether by mountain bike or canoe.

In Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia, this feeling of being at the end of the world already adds a dose of magic to the trip. Add to this the joys of water sports, in addition to hiking. Active tourism is also one of the attractions of the Caribbean. In Guadeloupe and Martinique, for example, some hotels located on the seaside enjoy the proximity of a nautical base that offers sea kayaking, wake-boarding, diving, windsurfing, and so on. But if you’re not planning to go that far, you can enjoy all these activities in the Canary Islands, whether you choose to stay in Lanzarote, Fuerteventura or elsewhere.

Where to go with the family in November?

Where to go in November with the children? For a city trip with the family, the choice is very vast, from Los Angeles or Las Vegas to Rome, via Lisbon and Dubai. This kind of trip is interesting for a first approach of a still unknown city. On the other hand, if you’re looking to escape from autumn, it’s better to go to very sunny destinations that offer a wonderful scenery such as the Maldives, Djerba Island, French Polynesia, Mauritius, Cancún in Mexico or Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. You will be entitled to dream beaches and turquoise waters as far as the eye can see.

With your family, the adventure is much more exciting in Argentina. Dive into the bustle of Buenos Aires and explore the famous Iguazú Falls. Other South American countries such as Chile, French Guiana, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay are also well worth a visit. You can also embark on a safari in Africa, in the reserves and parks of Kenya or Tanzania. If you are lucky, you will have the opportunity to see the most impressive mammals, such as the lion, elephant and rhinoceros. In Madagascar, it is mainly chameleons and lemurs that will hold your attention when visiting the national parks.

Where to travel in october

Where to travel in december

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A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

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The best time to travel

The best time to travel

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

Greece climate guide

Travel is possible, but this is not the best time of year

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

Travel is possible, but this is not the best time of year

Travel is possible, but this is not the best time of year

Switzerland climate guide

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

France climate guide

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

Croatia climate guide

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

The UK climate guide

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

Spain climate guide

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

Germany climate guide

Travel is possible, but this is not the best time of year

Travel is possible, but this is not the best time of year

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

The best time to travel

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

The best time to travel

Portugal climate guide

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

Iceland climate guide

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

Travel is possible, but this is not the best time of year

The best time to travel

The best time to travel

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

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The best time to travel

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

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A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

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A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

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Travel is possible, but this is not the best time of year

Travel is possible, but this is not the best time of year

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

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Austria climate guide

Travel is possible, but this is not the best time of year

Travel is possible, but this is not the best time of year

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

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The best time to travel

The best time to travel

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

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Belgium climate guide

Travel is possible, but this is not the best time of year

Travel is possible, but this is not the best time of year

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

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A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

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The best time to travel

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

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The best time to travel

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

Luxembourg climate guide

Travel is possible, but this is not the best time of year

Travel is possible, but this is not the best time of year

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

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Norway climate guide

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A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

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Sweden climate guide

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A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

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A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

Turkey climate guide

Travel is possible, but this is not the best time of year

Travel is possible, but this is not the best time of year

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

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A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

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The best time to travel

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

A good time to travel, but there may be some factors to be aware of

Best Places to Visit in Europe in November 2022

Looking for the best places to visit in Europe in November? Look no further.  

While November may not be the most popular time to travel around Europe, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find when traveling out of season. For starters, you don’t have to deal with even a fraction of the crowds that you need to contend with in Europe in the height of summer. 

You can visit attractions and museums without waiting in line for hours, and a lot of destinations offer reduced winter admission rates. Flight and accommodation costs can be as much as 50-60% lower when travelling out of season. Additionally, although some places become cooler and rainier, hot, sunny weather is not imperative to enjoying most European city breaks.  

Page Contents

  • 1 18 Best Places to Visit in Europe in November 
    • 1.1 Athens, Greece 
    • 1.2 Emilia Romagna, Italy 
    • 1.3 Naples, Italy
    • 1.4 Ioannina, Greece 
    • 1.5 Belgrade, Serbia 
    • 1.6 Porto, Portugal
    • 1.7 The Cyclades, Greece
    • 1.8 Šibenik, Croatia
    • 1. 9 Catania, Sicily 
    • 1.10 London, United Kingdom 
    • 1.11 Budapest, Hungary
    • 1.12 Edinburgh, Scotland 
    • 1.13 Thessaloniki, Greece
  • 2 FAQs for Visiting Europe in November 
    • 2.1 Is November a good time to visit Europe?
    • 2.2 Which country in Europe is best to visit in November?
    • 2.3 What is Europe like in November?
    • 2.4 How cold is Europe in November?
    • 2.5 Melissa Douglas

18 Best Places to Visit in Europe in November 

Best places to visit in Europe in November

When it comes to travelling in Europe in November, everyone’s preferences are different. Maybe you are looking to escape the cold climate in your own country in search of milder conditions. Alternatively, perhaps you are looking for a wintry wonderland that can help really get you in the mood for the upcoming festive season. 

Whatever your preferences and travel style, one of the destinations shortlisted below is likely to appeal to you.  

Athens, Greece 

Best places to visit in Europe in November

Visiting Athens in winter is a great experience. The Greek capital is a wonderful year-round travel destination and one of the warmest European capitals that you could travel to in November.

Athens in November sees daily average temperatures between 12° and 18° Celsius. Better yet?

Greece sees approximately 250 days of sunshine a year, meaning that even on cooler days, you can still expect sunshine and blue skies. It is a good idea to pack a coat and some layers. But you may find that walking around with just long-sleeved shirts and trousers is sufficient for most of your Athens itinerary. 

Athens is the oldest capital city in Europe and has been occupied for more than 5,000 years! Visiting the historical sites of the Acropolis, the Ancient Agora, and the Temple of Olympian Zeus is a must.  

Athens is made up of several different Athenian neighborhoods, each of which has its own personality and style. Search for street art in Exarchia, hang out in quirky coffee shops and art galleries in Koukaki and enjoy live jazz and cocktail bars in the leafy Athenian Mets. 

Emilia Romagna, Italy 

Best places to visit in Europe in November

Emilia Romagna is a region in Northern Italy that is known for its gastronomy. This is a dream destination for foodie travellers with an affection for Italian food.

Several beloved delicacies originated here. Most notably, parmesan cheese, Parma ham, tortellini, and balsamic vinegar.

Italian cuisine is globally renowned for being rich and delicious, and wherever in the country you travel, you will note that Italians take explicit care with every dish they prepare. However, Italians from all parts of the country will admit that there is something particularly special about the food in Emilia Romagna.

Bologna is the capital of this region. It is possible to purchase low-cost flights to the city’s Guglielmo Marconi airport from various European cities.

Visiting Emilia Romagna

Start your Emilia Romagna trip by spending a few days in Bologna, taking a Bologna cooking class and exploring the city’s traditional markets, and then, continue onwards to the smaller towns and cities in the region. Ferrara, Modena, Reggio Emilia, and Parma are all very worthy of your time.

Although Northern Italy isn’t as mild at this time of year as the southern part of the country, it still isn’t blisteringly cold here. Daytime temperatures range between 6° and 11° Celsius and with a stylish coat and some layers, you will be all set for your winter Italy itinerary!

Naples, Italy

Naples is the capital of the Campania region of Southern Italy and is arguably one of the most underrated parts of the country. People automatically panic and think of the Mafia when anyone mentions the Italian south (clearly after watching too many Netflix movies!)

Contrary to popular belief, Naples is actually a pretty safe city. In fact, the Italian authorities have advised that crime levels are actually far worse in Rome and Milan than they are in Naples. 

So, now we have addressed that unfortunate stereotype about Naples, what makes Naples one of the best places to visit in Europe in November? Well for starters, Naples is bursting at the seams with history and culture.

The culture in the southern part of the country is altogether more different from that in the north. The people are often warmer and more welcoming, the streets are more lively and chaotic, and the Mediterranean culture here feels more comparable to Greece than to Northern Italy.

Not to mention, since Naples is in Southern Europe, the temperatures here are much milder than most of the continent. You can expect average daily temperatures between 10° and 18° degrees Celsius during November.

There are plenty of things to do in Naples to keep you occupied for a long weekend or more. Be sure to visit what remains of Pompeii and Herculaneum and if you enjoy walking, consider hiking Mount Vesuvius.

Check out the ancient artifacts recovered from the region at the Naples Archeological Museum (Piazza Museo 19) and go for evening drinks overlooking a Roman ruin at Piazza Bellini. Don’t miss Via San Gregorio Armeno. 

This street is decorated with Christmas decorations and stores selling Christmas items all year round. It is particularly charming at this time of year, and a great place to pick up some last-minute things for your tree. 

Ioannina, Greece 

Few international travellers have even heard of Ioannina in Greece. However, as far as Greeks are concerned, this is one of the country’s very best city break destinations for winter or Autumn in Greece. 

Today, Ioannina is a bustling leafy student town home to the University of Ioannina. It sits on the banks of the Pamvotida River in the country’s Epirus region against a backdrop of the gorgeous, snow-capped Pindus mountains.

Ioannina has also played a prominent role in Greek history. Records indicate that the city has existed since the 9th or 10th century, at which time it was considered a very important Byzantine settlement.

Various civilizations have invaded or ruled over Ioannina over the centuries, each leaving its mark on the city. The Ottomans ruled Ioannina for hundreds of years, and the most notorious ruler of the city was Ali Pasha, an Albanian-born despot who ruled with fear and violence.

Today, many old Byzantine and Ottoman structures can be found around Ioannina. Look out for the old Fethiye and Aslan Pasha mosques. You can also visit Ali Pasha’s former home. 

There is a mysterious, nameless island in the centre of Pamvotida lake that you can reach by taking a local boat for just a few pesos. Several people live in the little village by the port, and the island is filled with ornate, abandoned monasteries.

A limited number of flight routes service Ioannina from other European destinations. Alternatively, you can take the bus or fly from Athens or Thessaloniki. The city makes a good jump-off point for travelling on to Zagorahoria, Metsovo, or Kastoria. 

Belgrade, Serbia 

Belgrade is the capital city of Serbia – a country which, for now, remains massively under the radar and is still one of the least visited countries in Europe. If you are interested in Balkan culture, and in travelling somewhere that has not become gentrified or in any way touristic, Serbia can be a wonderful winter travel destination.

You will encounter few tourists here, just friendly locals and the opportunity to learn about the history of one of Europe’s most misunderstood nations. Belgrade in particular is a diamond in the rough.

The city is made up of various different neighborhoods, each one like a little city in itself. Dorcol is the oldest part of town and today, it is known as the “Little Berlin of the Balkans” on account of all of its hip craft breweries, themed bars, and coffee shops. 

Some of the best street art in the city can be found here. Prior to World War 2, this was the city’s Jewish district but sadly less than 2,000 out of 20,000 Jewish residents survived the events of the war. Today, a street labeled “Jevrejksa ulica” (Jewish street) is all that remains from this time period.

The picturesque district of Skadarlija nearby is known as Belgrade’s answer to Montmartre. This cobbled little street is filled with quaint cafes, traditional restaurants, and bakeries and is a great place to try some traditional Serbian food, washed down with an inexplicably strong Serbian rakija.

Belgrade makes a great jump-off point for visiting other parts of Serbia and since the country is relatively small, you can get to most places in just a couple of hours. In particular, Zemun, Nis, and Novi Sad are well worth the effort to get to. 

Porto, Portugal

Porto is the second-largest city in Portugal, located in the northern part of the country. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe and its historic centre was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996.

The city was established by the Celts and then occupied by the Romans during the 4th century. The Romans named their city “Portus Cale” which has been modified and altered numerous times over the centuries before the city was awarded its current name: Porto.

Despite the city’s size, Porto has something of a small-town feel about it. It feels altogether more cosy and welcoming than sprawling metropolitan Lisbon. It is characterised by its pastel-coloured houses that run along the banks of the river Douro, its ornate churches decorated with colourful azulejo tiles, and its labyrinth-like network of narrow streets and passageways. 

There is some excellent street art in Porto, with more and more pieces popping up every year as part of a beautification initiative by the city’s council. Strap on your comfiest shoes and explore the historic districts of Ribeira, Massarelos, and Miragaia – some of the oldest in town.

Gaia sits on the opposite side of the river to Porto and few people realize that this is actually a completely different city. It is here where you will find many of the city’s port wineries.

Participating in a port wine tasting is one of the things you absolutely must do while in Porto! From here, you can also take a stroll along the waterfront down to the fishing village of Afurada.

A weekend is a nice amount of time for the first visit to Porto. If you have longer to spare, you can also use the city as a base for a week or two and take day trips out from Porto.

For instance, you can head out to Aveiro, the Venice of Portugal, or to the old city of Braga. You can also get from Porto to the Portuguese capital of Lisbon in just 3.5 hours.

The Cyclades, Greece

Best places to visit in Europe in November

When you mention planning a trip to Greece to most people, their minds automatically conjure up images of white-sand beaches that run alongside crystal-clear cerulean waters. Greece is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe and the country sees temperatures over 35°C during the day in the summer months.

Some people assume that Greece is hot all year round which it is not. So, if you are hoping to travel to Greece in November for some winter sun and days spent lounging on the beach, that is not really possible.

However, Greek island hopping in November can still be fun if you manage your expectations and acknowledge that a trip out of season is more about experiencing nature, culture, and hiking in Greece. Generally speaking, the further south you go, the warmer it gets.

You will see the mildest temperatures in the Cyclades islands group and in Crete during the winter months. Consider flying into the Greek capital and spending one day in Athens or so.

Then, travel from Athens to Santorini and Mykonos to experience them without the crowds. From there, venture onwards to the idyllic and far less touristic islands of Amorgos, Andros, Kea, Kimolos, and Koufonisia. 

A lot of restaurants and touristic businesses close for the season in October in Greece. However, since people live on these islands all year round, ferries still run from the islands to the mainland. Travelling during this time gives you a more authentic look into what living on a Greek island is really like.  

Šibenik, Croatia

Šibenik Croatia is a gorgeous historic coastal town in the country’s Dalmatia region. Few people are aware of its existence and it is often overlooked in most people’s Croatia itineraries.

However, those that do take the time to venture here often cite Šibenik as being one of their favourite destinations in the country. The city dates back to the 9th century and it is the oldest settlement founded by the Croats themselves. (Most cities here have Ancient Greek or Roman roots). 

You can still expect mild temperatures here in November, and daily averages that range between 10° and 18° Celsius. This is perfect for exploring the city and enjoying an al fresco cappuccino in the various cobbled piazzas. Just pack a coat, some light layers and an umbrella in case of rain.

The UNESCO-protected Cathedral of St. James is one of the most iconic sites in old Šibenik. It dates back to the 15th century and took over 100 years to build. 

Arguably the most fascinating aspect of the building is the 71 lifesize stone heads that are fixed all along the exterior walls. Some of them have very expressive faces and the detail is incredible.

It is believed that the heads were created to represent noble folk living in the town at that time but nobody is certain. The church was used as a filming location for Game of Thrones (it was the Iron Bank). 

Catania, Sicily 

Catania Sicily is a gritty Mediterranean city on Sicily’s east coast. It is affectionately nicknamed the “Naples of Sicily” on account of how its narrow streets with locals hanging their laundry overhead, are reminiscent of Naples, Italy.

Catania is not the most beautiful city, but what it lacks in aesthetics, it more than makes up for in character. This is the island’s second-largest city after Palermo.

Many international airports offer direct flights to Catania year-round and better still, the airport is just 15 minutes away from the city centre. The old town of Catania is UNESCO-protected and you should dedicate at least a day of your time here to simply getting lost along its passageways and backstreets and seeing what you find.

Even the most seemingly unsuspecting streets here twist, turn, and open out into bustling piazzas full of life. Head to La Pescheria, the city’s fish market, early in the morning to see local fishermen bringing in their freshest catches.

Nearby, visit Plebiscito Road to try the very best of Sicilian street food. The food here is markedly different from that found in mainland Italy and is a highlight of any Sicily travel itinerary. 

Order yourself a “cipollata” – spring onions wrapped in bacon and then grilled, or some arancini balls – deep-fried dough balls filled with risotto rice and either meat or veg. The true specialty on this street though is “Arrusti e manga”  – ‘grill and eat’ food. You can choose a meat dish of your choice and have it grilled to your liking.

Catania makes a good base for exploring the rest of eastern Sicily. Taormina, Aci Trezza, and Siracusa are all just over an hour away. 

London, United Kingdom 

Best cities in Europe in November

London England is one of the best places to visit in Europe in November. This is particularly true if you are ready to start getting into the festive Christmas mood or you are planning a romantic break in the UK. Unfortunately, the weather in England is not particularly brilliant and unless you are very lucky, you are likely to encounter a lot of grey skies and dreary rainy days in November.

Still, there is so much to do in the UK capital that you won’t even notice the rain! From mid-November (18th November 2022), Winter Wonderland is set up in London’s Hyde Park and the event gets more and more impressive every year.

The event sees London’s largest park transform into a phenomenal fairground with rides, games, food stalls, and shows. The Bavarian Village is a faux German market where you can sample all the typical traditions you would at a Christmas market in Germany, while Bar Ice is an incredible pop-up bar made entirely out of ice. 

Christmas light displays in the city are typically turned on in mid-November, and you can expect small fairs and events as they are switched on. Of course, there are also those must-see London attractions that are wonderful all year round: The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Covent Garden, etc. 

Budapest, Hungary

The Hungarian capital of Budapest is quickly becoming one of the most popular city break destinations in Europe. There is no such thing as a bad time to visit Budapest and opting to travel here in November offers a cozy, wintry travel experience reminiscent of a Christmas movie.

Budapest does get cold during the winter months so it is important to wrap up warm. You can expect daytime temperatures between 4° and 9° Celsius.

There are more than 120 natural thermal hot springs in Budapest and their waters are pumped into medicinal baths around the city. These thermal baths offer a great way to warm up on a blistering winter’s day.

It is important to note that bathhouses in Budapest are not just spas or saunas. They are striking baths that are set inside opulent classical revival buildings and are worth visiting to admire the grandeur of these buildings alone.

Many of the waters are infused with herbs and are said to offer healing properties to soothe various ailments. While that is still the subject of debate, nothing beats a relaxing soak in a steaming hot bath on a cold November day. For the best of the best, head to the famous 1913 Széchenyi thermal baths or the Gellert baths.

Baths aside, there is plenty to do in Budapest for all the family. Consider reserving tickets to see a festive show such as The Nutcracker or the Magic Flute at the Hungarian State Opera House, and take a cruise along the River Danube at night to see the city illuminated with Christmas lights.

Edinburgh, Scotland 

The Scottish capital of Edinburgh is a magical place to be during the winter months. Granted, it is not the warmest place to visit – daytime temperatures tend to range between 6° and 9° Celsius. But if you wrap up warm, you can have a wonderful time. 

Start your Edinburgh itinerary by visiting Edinburgh Castle and walking along the Royal Mile. Be sure to reserve tickets to visit the “real” Mary King’s Close – this is the only remaining and preserved 17th-century street. It awaits underground just off the Royal Mile. The street is supposedly haunted and Mary Queen of Scott’s is said to have once spent a night down here.

There are dozens of museums in Edinburgh, many of which are free to enter. Of course, when it is cold and/or rainy, dipping inside them to be in the central heating is an additional bonus! 

The Scottish National Gallery and the National Museum of Scotland are two particularly worthwhile places to visit. In 2022, the Edinburgh Winter Festival is scheduled to take place between the 19th of November and the 3rd of January at which time you can expect various shows, Christmas markets, and musical performances across the city. A German-style market will be set up in the idyllic Prince’s Gardens during this time where you can treat yourself to stollen, mulled wine, and German beers, among other treats. 

Thessaloniki, Greece

Best places to visit in Europe in November

Thessaloniki is Greece’s second city. It sits in the Northeastern part of the country, close to the Thermaic Gulf, and is home to 814,000 people.

Despite the number of people living here, the city has a very small-town vibe about it. It is also known as the “foodie capital of Greece”.

There are so many Thessaloniki restaurants that have won awards both domestically and internationally. Whether you want to sample traditional Greek food or international fare, there is something for everyone here.

One of the most wonderful things about the Thessaloniki food scene is the fact that there are so many regional restaurants here showcasing cuisines from different parts of the country. Obviously, in an ideal world, you would have all the time in the world to visit every different Greek island group and region of the country. But assuming you don’t, you will be able to try every regional delicacy you want in Thessaloniki.

Want to sample food from Drama? Food from Lesvos? Food from Kerkyra? Just come to Thessaloniki, you will find one of the best food scenes in Europe here. 

Aside from eating everything in sight, there is a lot to see and do in Thessaloniki. Walking along the Thermaic Gulf and stopping to drink Greek coffee in one of the little cafes overlooking the water is a must.

The 15th-century White Tower is one of Greece’s most iconic landmarks. It has functioned as a garrison, a torture chamber (!), and a prison in the past.

Today, it contains a small exhibition room that shows photos of Thessaloniki through the ages. From the top of the tower, you can enjoy incredible panoramas over the city. 

FAQs for Visiting Europe in November 

Do you have any more burning questions about the best places to visit in Europe in November? The answers to some of the most popular FAQs are below. 

Is November a good time to visit Europe?

November can be a very good time to visit Europe. Most destinations are a fraction as crowded as they are during the summer months and prices can be up to 50-60% lower. 

Which country in Europe is best to visit in November?

The best country to visit in November in Europe is subjective depending on your personal preferences. If you want to experience a really magical, festive place with cold, wintry weather, perhaps you will prefer traveling to Germany to experience the Christmas markets, or to Vienna, Austria.

Alternatively, if you want to escape the cold climes in your own country and experience milder conditions, you may prefer travelling to Southern Europe. Greece, Italy, and Cyprus are among the warmest countries to travel to at this time.  

What is Europe like in November?

There are 44 countries in Europe, covering a large area of land. The climate and culture vary significantly from one part of the continent to another.

Southern Europe sees relatively mild winters, while many other parts of the continent get very cold, often to the point of snow and ice. Check the specific weather conditions for the country that you are interested in travelling to in Europe in November as there are so many variations.   

How cold is Europe in November?

Temperatures in Europe in November vary significantly depending on which area you are travelling to. Generally speaking, the southern part of the continent is the mildest, and the northern part is the coldest.

Some areas see daytime temperatures between 2 °C to -1°C, whereas other areas see daytime temperatures around 15 °C. You should check the weather conditions and temperature for the specific country that you are hoping to travel to. 

Parting Words

Have you travelled to Europe in November? What did you think?

Which destinations appeal to you the most from this list of the best places to visit in Europe in November? Safe travels! Melissa xo

Best Places To Visit In Europe In November » Voices of Travel

Table of Contents

November doesn’t have to be the less attractive month to travel to Europe. Indeed, there are still so many destinations you can visit and have an even better experience than in the summertime. So if your vacation falls on November, don’t be sad. This article will introduce you to the best places to visit in Europe in November. The weather will still be nice, and they each have something special to look forward to.

Below, I am presenting you to the top 7 countries and within each, I talk about many best places to visit in Europe in November. So let’s get to it. Pick your favorite destination and plan your journey for November in Europe.



List Of The Best Places To Visit In Europe In November

  1. Portugal
  2. Albania
  3. Southern Spain
  4. Greece
  5. European Christmas Markets (Central Europe)
  6. Finland
  7. Switzerland



1. Portugal

Portugal belongs to one of the all-year-round destinations, where you get to enjoy every piece of the country in its beauty. November is not different as the temperatures are still mild, even for a swim, prices are lower, and places are way less crowded.

You can explore historical towns such as Braga, Viana do Castelo or Tomar. Enjoy a glass of delicious Port wine in Porto and see its Douro Valley. Then visit its famous pilgrimage site, Fátima, and go on a road trip through Algarve with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And you’ll have it all pretty much for yourself.

If you want to explore the best places in Portugal, take my Portugal road trip itinerary for 10 days. I’ve already planned everything for you, so you can just take it and travel.

Carvoeiro Broadwalk: Portugal road trip itinerary 10 days



2. Albania

Albania is a jewel in the Balkan peninsula still not many people know about. I also experience people telling me I am crazy to travel there and that it might be dangerous. This is not true at all. After traveling there for 2 weeks, I met some of the nicest people, saw stunning countryside with incredible views, tasted delicious food and drinks, and swam near the best beaches. The country has an awesome vibe, and I encourage you to give it a go.

Spend a few days north in the Albanian Alps, staying in traditional mountain huts. Visit the blue eye natural phenomenon and taste local cheese. Then explore Berat, the city of thousands of windows, and the stone city of Gjirocaster with its impressive castle and tiny cobbled streets.

Experience Albanian culture in Korce and visit the local distillery, where Raki is made. After, drive through the stunning Albanian Canyon, and stop in Permet to enjoy the hot springs. In the end, stay on some of the best beaches in southern Albania before you drive alongside the coast with spectacular views and make your way back to Tirana, the capital city.

Albania has so much to offer. If you want to see the country’s highlights, take my Albania road trip for 10 days and visit it this November. Or pick your favorite itinerary for your Albanian trip.

Gjirokaster, the most beautiful places in Albania



3. Southern Spain

For history and culture lovers, southern Spain is the perfect place to explore. Cities that have hosted different ethnicities and religious groups on one spot attract visitors with unique architecture and a special atmosphere like nowhere else. Explore the incredible mosques and Alhambra of the Moors and impressive catholic cathedrals before you get lost in the tiny Jewish quarters.

See places where famous personalities were born, such as Picasso, Roman Emperor Trajan, or Hadrian.

Enjoy some of Granada or Sevilla’s most delicious food and tapas culture. Or just go for a drink at a bar and get free tapas.

Explore the British Territory of Gibraltar, see the local monkeys, and try to spot Africa. Or go on a surfing adventure to Tarifa.

As with Portugal, southern Spain offers great temperatures even at this time of the year, yet fewer crowds and better travel deals. I traveled to southern Spain in November and December and had a perfect experience. Take my southern Spain itinerary for 10 days if you want a similar one.

Seville, Spain



4. Greece

Another destination, which is very popular among visitors in summer thanks to its stunning islands and beaches, welcomes way fewer tourists towards the end of the year. However, Greece has so much more than the beaches and islands that travelers often forget. Its mainland offers spectacular scenery, interesting history, unique places, and delicious food.

The capital city of Greece, Athens, is a great place for your trip at any point. This place keeps its vibes throughout the year. You can visit Acropolis, shop in the Plaka district, and enjoy traditional Zorba dancing.

One of the things you should definitely do is to visit Meteora monasteries, built on top of giant rock formations. Learn how they managed to construct them and how the local monks go up there every day.

After, explore other historical cities such as Thessaloniki, Kavala, or Alexandroupolis. And yet, you can still enjoy some Greek islands such as Thassos, Santorini, Rhodos, or Mykonos.

If you want to visit some of the most beautiful islands in Greece, check out my article about the best island day trips from Athens. Or take my Greece road trip itinerary for 10 days.

Best Places To Visit In Europe In November: Greece



5. European Christmas Markets

Who is in for a unique Christmas atmosphere, cup of gluhwein, or hot chocolate? Christmas Markets in Europe actually start in November. However, many cities set up their market in the middle or at the end of the month, making you already feel like Christmas is coming.

So I highly encourage you to travel to Central Europe and experience some of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe. Hop on a train or a bus from city to city and compare which one you like the most. On the way, explore these beautiful cities that offer fascinating history, architecture, and delicious food.

Some of the best Christmas markets are in Salzburg, Prague, Budapest, Colmar, Strassbourg, Dresden, Nurnberg, Hamburg, and Warsaw. Central Europe is the hot spot for these markets, so a trip to these parts of Europe is an excellent pick in November.

Best Places To Visit In Europe In November: Christmas Markets In Central Europe, Dresden



6. Finland

Whoever has enough of hot weather and is seeking a completely different destination rather than a beach vacation, Finland will welcome you in big. Snowy winter starts, husky dogs are waiting for you to go on a sledging adventure, and finish saunas are warming up to keep you comfortable in such a cruel winter.

Finland is the perfect destination for you if you are a winter person and can’t wait for some snow adventure. Visit Helsinki, the capital, and start your road trip through the country. Stay in traditional huts with typical Finish saunas. Swim in a cold lake or river before you warm up inside, and increase your health significantly.

After, drive up to the Arctic Circle and experience real winter, even in November. Enjoy the husky ride and sleep in an ice cave, sipping a cup of hot chocolate to warm you up.

Best Places To Visit In Europe In November: Finland



7. Switzerland

November in Europe still offers some of the most stunning scenery, colorful landscapes, and early foggy mornings. That makes it an exceptional time to do a train adventure in Switzerland. Get a Swiss Travel Pass and travel by train across the country.

Visit small car-free villages such as Zermatt or Mürren and spend some time in the incredible Jungfrau Region, making it to the highest train station in Europe (Top of Europe). See the largest Swiss glacier and ride on the most beautiful panoramic and slowest train in the world, ‘Glacier Express’.

Explore cities such as Geneva, Montreux, and Lucerne. Or go on a mountain trip seeing Mt. Titlis and Pilatus as a day trip from Lucerne.

Then spend some time in the Grisons region and ride on the famous ‘Bernina Express’ before you make your way to Italy.

Traveling by train in Switzerland with your Swiss Travel Pass is a unique experience, and the pass itself saves you a lot of money. So perhaps it’s time to break the reputation that Switzerland is so expensive. It doesn’t have to be – for that, take my Switzerland itinerary for 8 days by train.

Glacier Express, Swiss panoramic train



More Travel Tips For Europe & Language Learning

These are the best places to visit in Europe in November. You can see, even though many people say there is not much to do, or the weather is not so nice, there is. Many go to Asia as the rainy season finishes. But Europe still has a lot to offer. So get some inspiration, travel to Europe the next November, and visit some of these places. You won’t be disappointed for sure.

November is also the time when European Christmas markets start to open. I highly recommend you check some out. I’ve created European Christmas markets by train itinerary. So take it and get some inspiration for what to see.

If you want more, check out my travel itineraries or choose your perfect European destinaion in my section with countries. Once you pick the country, start learning a language for travel following my language method to have even better experience while travelling Europe.




Where to go to relax in November

November is not the most popular month for holidays and recreation. But, if you can afford a long journey, you can always find where to go on vacation in November. There is no longer such a massive filling of hotels and resorts as in summer. And the weather in our countries in November is rainy and cool, so it draws to warm countries.

It is worth considering that traveling to distant countries you may encounter such problems as acclimatization and change of time zones. Therefore, traveling far for three or four days may be completely impractical.

What they are looking for in November:

  • Beaches and the sea;
  • Excursions;
  • Ski resorts;
  • Festivals and holidays.

Beach holidays in November

If you are looking for a place to relax on the beach, then European countries in November can no longer boast of warm seas and good weather. Therefore, to find warm beaches, you will have to go further than Europe.

Egypt. Velvet season begins in the country in November. There is no summer heat anymore, but the weather is warm and the water temperature in the sea is sufficient for swimming. Water temperature +25 degrees, air +28. In November, this is the closest country to a beach holiday and therefore the cheapest. Holidays on the Red Sea in November are very good.

Spain. Canary Islands. The islands are located close to Africa, so it is warmer here than in the rest of Spain and it is quite possible to relax on the beach. The central island of Tenerife, and all the islands of the archipelago, have high service and developed infrastructure.

Canary Islands

United Arab Emirates. The air temperature in November is kept at the level of +30 degrees. The cleanest beaches, luxurious hotels, shopping for every taste and budget, excursions, restaurants, clubs – all this is the UAE.

Israel. Rest on the Dead Sea, where the water temperature is about +23 degrees. The air temperature does not fall below +21 degrees.

In November, the countries of South Asia and the Caribbean are very attractive in terms of weather. All these countries differ in holidays, religions, so when choosing a country, you can get to a religious holiday, so your behavior in the country should be appropriate.

Exotic countries such as Mauritius, Maldives, Seychelles, Dominican Republic offer expensive and exotic holidays, but you will get good service. In addition, rains are possible in these countries in November, but they are short and warm. In fact, the rains are short and refreshing. However, no one has canceled the end of the hurricane season, so in November you may simply be unlucky with the weather. For the weather, it is better to consult a travel agency.

India, GOA. But on the island of Goa in November, dry weather sets in and the air temperature is at the level of +27 degrees. Goa is the Indian state with the most developed tourist infrastructure. Toward the north there is a calmer and wilder landscape, closer to the south it is more noisy and developed. This is a place where you can come in October-November with children and the whole family in general and live all winter.


Thailand. A popular country for tourists in the winter, Thailand just opens the tourist season in November. Especially in Pattaya it is already dry and warm, but in Koh Samui and Phuket it is still possible to rain, but for short periods.

Morocco, Cuba, Tunisia.


The best option for excursions is Europe. Acquaintance with history, architecture, folk traditions and cuisine, all this can be realized on excursions to European countries. The architecture of London, the bridges of Budapest, the cathedrals of Riga are beautiful in any season, and in the wine cellars of France, Parisian cafes and pubs in Germany, everyone will find a dish or drink for tasting. And if in northern Europe it is already quite cool in November, then in the countries of southern Europe it is still warm enough to comfortably spend your vacation.

Czech Republic. A large number of castles, museums, the resort of Karlovy Vary all attract tourists from our countries. Moreover, the distance to the Czech Republic is absolutely nothing. In the town of Klášterec nad Ohře, located half an hour from the famous spa town of Karlovy Vary, there is an aqua park with seven pools of different depths and amazing water attractions, slides, whirlpools and toboggans.

Germany. The Dresden Gallery, museums, sights of almost any city in this country will attract your attention.

Italy, France, Spain, Greece. These countries are so rich in sights and museums that it would be impossible to list them in this article. It is worth saying that in these countries in November there is no longer summer heat, but the air is warm enough for comfortable travel. Seasonal discounts are possible just for November.

Cruise trips on sea liners are also popular in the autumn months. In November, you can choose an inexpensive, short-term cruise to the Scandinavian countries. At the same time, you can visit Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway. The weather in these countries is already quite cool and you need to choose clothes accordingly.

Ski resorts in November

Most European ski resorts start their new season in November. First of all, these are resorts that are located on the slopes of the Alps in France, Switzerland, Austria. At the end of November, resorts begin to open, which are located in the main areas: Austria – Ski Amade; Italy – Dolomites; France is the region of the Three Valleys.

Also this month, not very popular destinations in Scandinavia, for example, Norway skiing center – Lillehammer, begin to be active.

But the main ski resorts begin to receive tourists already at the end of November, beginning of December.

Festivals and holidays

Spain. In early November, the Jazz Festival takes place in Madrid. Lasts until the end of the month.

UK. Guy Fawkes Holiday, on the night of 5 to 6 November. Fireworks and festivities just refer to the Guy Fawkes holiday.

Germany. November 11 in Cologne starts a big carnival season, which will be held in many cities in Germany. The opening of the carnival in Cologne is considered one of the largest and most colorful holidays in Europe, which attracts many tourists.

Also in November, the Frankenstein Castle near Darmstadt hosts a Halloween party.

France. In the middle of the month, on the third Wednesday of November, in the town of Beaujo, north of Lyon, the festival of young wine starts. The festival starts with a march of winemakers shortly before midnight.

Christmas markets begin to open in different European cities in November.

Thailand. In November, a monkey banquet is held here. For primates, a huge table is laid, laden with their favorite dishes. On November 15-16, the Elephant Festival starts.

Residents of Europe told how they escape from abnormal heat – Moscow 24, 07/20/2022

Abnormal heat has covered Europe. In the UK, on ​​July 19, a historical temperature record was broken: weather forecasters recorded +40.2 degrees at London Heathrow Airport. In 73 departments of France, the penultimate orange alert level has been declared due to abnormal temperatures. Immigrants from Russia living in Europe told Moscow 24 how they are experiencing a heat wave.

Photo: Ksenia Temel

Record after record

A number of European countries have experienced record heat. According to the UK Met Office, on July 19, an absolute temperature record was broken in the country. For the first time in the history of meteorological observations in the country, +40.2 degrees were recorded (the previous maximum in 2019 was at +38.7 degrees). A number of media outlets have reported that the wildfire has destroyed at least five houses in London.

In some areas of England – the highest, red level of danger, which was introduced for the first time in history. In most other regions, orange is in effect. In addition, in a number of areas of the UK, transport links were disrupted, because railway tracks were damaged due to the heat.

In France, the hot weather on July 18 was marked by temperature records in 12 cities at once, according to the national weather service “Meteo France”. In particular, +42 degrees were recorded in the western city of Nantes, thus breaking the record of 1949. In 73 departments of the country on July 19, the penultimate, orange level of alert was announced.

The heat has led to major fires in rural areas in several countries at once: Italy, Spain and France were affected by fires. Almost 30,000 hectares of land burned in Portugal.

In turn, the Association of Tour Operators of Russia urged Russian tourists to be careful on the eve of trips to Europe.

Basins of water

A native of Barnaul, Ksenia Temel has been living in London for 12 years and cannot remember the heat that has been there for the past few days.

“The temperature in the city is very high for many days in a row. It has not rained for a long time, everything has dried up, the grass is yellow everywhere. It is very hot: it was +29 degrees in my apartment at night. humidify the air,” she said.

She noted that her 8-year-old son had a nosebleed during the night due to the heat. In the UK, the holidays will only start next week, but due to the abnormal air temperature, many schools in London have allowed not to bring children on Monday and Tuesday, Ksenia said.

Our principal said that they cannot keep the children cool because the school only has air conditioning in a couple of rooms. And during the day, if possible, children will be brought there in turn to cool off.

Ksenia Temel


“During recess, students usually walk outside, but now everyone sits in the building in the shade. Windows and doors are opened at the school to provide fresh air. Today, by the way, very few children were brought in” she added.

According to her, many cafes and restaurants in the city have closed for days of heat. Some stores have temporarily sent part of the staff home so that workers aged and with health problems do not go outside again. “There are a lot of fountains in London, and now people are saving themselves near them, and children even climb into them,” the girl said.

In the UK, the climate is considered temperate and people here are not adapted to extreme heat or hard frost, said a local resident. For this reason, air conditioners in apartments are not common, Ksenia says.

Now the locals have sold out all the fans in the area, so I didn’t get any myself.

Ksenia Temel

resident of London

Against the backdrop of a record-breaking heat, the British go to sea en masse. “Yesterday we went to Brighton (a seaside resort town south of London an hour away). The beach was full of people. Somewhere after 16:30, a wave of people began to drive there in cars, as I understand it, after work. The trains were also all full, despite the recommendation of the authorities not to travel out of town unnecessarily,” the interlocutor added.

Fashion for umbrellas

Photo: Marina Golitsch

Marina Golitsch, a resident of Paris, told Moscow 24 that the city has been in a lingering heat for a week now.

“Hot days happen here every summer, but this year they have dragged on. Feels like 40 degrees for a week already. Very stuffy. By 12:40 the air warmed up to +38!” – said the girl.

According to her, the situation in the city is aggravated by a large number of old buildings. “My house was built in 1901, it warms up well. Plus I live under a roof on the sunny side. At 9In the morning it was already +32 degrees in my apartment,” Marina complained. There is a hotel near my house, there are air conditioners there. During the day, I go to the Italian cafe at the hotel and work from there, since there is an opportunity to work remotely,” the interlocutor noted. entertainment

Marina Golitch


According to her, it is very hard to walk around the city in such heat, especially in the afternoon, when the asphalt heats up. “Among the novelties of this season: umbrellas have come into fashion. Many people began to walk on the street with umbrellas, escaping from the sun’s rays,” she said.


In turn, the heat did not impress the inhabitants of southern Spain, who are accustomed to high temperatures. Moscow 24 was told about this by a private guide Natalya Kapustenok.

“Since 2000 I have been living in the south of Spain, in the city of Granada. Africa is relatively close, so the heat is quite common for us. It is always expected. July and August are considered the hottest months. All Spaniards know very well that temperatures are plus 40 in the summer is practically unavoidable,” Natalya said.

Nevertheless, over the past 3-4 years, temperatures in Spain have indeed become higher and reach +45 degrees, she noted.

Today we have “cold”: instead of 43 degrees – plus 40. Now this is more familiar to us. In the south of Spain, temperatures are always quite high. Seville, Granada, Cordoba are the hottest cities.

Natalia Kapustenok

private guide in the south of Spain

She clarified that on hot days almost no one goes out in the afternoon. “At a construction site or in the fields, they start working at seven in the morning and finish by 2 pm. According to the law, workers can no longer work in the summer, because they can simply get sunstroke,” a local resident added.

According to her, in Spain, air conditioning is the main salvation from the heat and, unlike the UK and France, almost every family has it. “The air conditioner was the first unit that we installed in the house 22 years ago. We have four air conditioners in total. If we could put it in the bathroom, we would put it there,” the woman said.

In the summer, in the heat, the temperature in the house is usually kept at plus 25. If you set it lower, the contrast is too sharp, and when you come in from the street, you can easily catch a cold or catch a sore throat.

“In fact, the heat does not scare away tourists much, and people still go to Granada,” she concluded, adding that the coronavirus pandemic, after which the industry has just begun to recover, has affected the tourist flow more strongly.

Nosatov Ivan

Tours from Minsk in November

Where to relax by the sea in November

In November, alas, the weather is not always happy with warm days. Often outside the window you have to watch a gloomy sky and an unpleasant light rain, and for a walk you already need to dress warmer. In Europe, in the month mentioned above, there is almost a similar situation. And such trendy summer destinations as Spain, Italy, Greece are absolutely no longer suitable for relaxing on the beach. In countries in autumn it is nice to visit sights.

Egypt is another matter. If back in October it was too hot in this country, then November gives the tourists of Egypt a real velvet season. The Red Sea is still warm and pleasant, and the sun is no longer as aggressive as during the summer months.

The choice of destinations for a beach holiday in warm regions in November is great: Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia and other resorts attract tourists with excellent weather, well-groomed sandy beaches, an exciting excursion program and, of course, high-quality service. Among distant destinations, such as GOA, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Thailand can also be considered as an option for a decent beach holiday in November.

The November trip to Israel will also please. This month, the country is still quite warm: you can soak up the golden rays of the sun and fully enjoy the unique healing properties of the Dead Sea. True, at the end of autumn in Israel, short-term rains are possible, but they can rarely overshadow the rest.

Exotic tours in November

Not everyone gets the opportunity to relax in the summer or spring. It is for such tourists that the opportunity to go on an exotic trip in November is interesting. Where can you find some adventure and entertainment, where to go in late autumn?

United Arab Emirates

The Emirates can safely be called the most interesting option, and all because our compatriots will find the sultry air in summer too hot. In November, it is much easier to carry, and the temperature drops to quite “comfortable” +30 degrees Celsius. In the city, most of the rooms are air-conditioned, and therefore you will not be able to feel the high temperature.

Another advantage of visiting the country is shopping. It is in the autumn season that the period of active sales begins, when retail chains offer significant discounts for all customers.

However, there are limitations. For example, women are not recommended to walk the streets in shorts and tops, such behavior is indecent. If you are not ready to follow some rules of conduct in the country, you should choose another place to travel.


This country is perfect for an autumn holiday, and that’s all, because it is in November that the rainy season ends. The weather will not interfere with your vacation. You can feel quite comfortable, because by local standards the temperature is quite cool (about 30 degrees) during the day. In the evening or at night, it drops to +25. You can not only save yourself from the heat in the reservoirs, but swim for pleasure! On average, the water warms up to 28 degrees. Fans of excursions will definitely appreciate such weather. Indeed, unlike the high season, you can travel with pleasure, and not suffer from exhaustion and fluid loss in the body.

Where exactly will he go?

In order to get the maximum amount of impressions from your holiday, we recommend planning a trip to the northern or southern regions of the country. We can safely recommend for recreation: Phuket, Krabi, Pattaya, Chiang Mai.


Another interesting option is Vietnam. However, the weather in this country greatly depends on the region. If the northern part is already very cool, then the central part is flooded with typhoons, and the south is just beginning to digest the heat. If it is important for you to swim in salt water, you should pay attention to the areas of Hat Chi or Nghe An.

In addition, at this time the lowest water level, and the seas do not seem quite transparent. While the air temperature is very pleasant for relaxation and ranges from 15 to 22 degrees.

Ski resorts in November

Every skier can’t wait to open the “snow” season as soon as possible. Experienced fans of this extreme sport are not rumored to know that a competent choice of a resort is the key to an unforgettable experience. Therefore, many skiers advise visiting more northern countries with high peaks in November, where snow falls all year round. To start the season, the best choice is France with its Val Thorens resort, Switzerland, famous for its very high mountain range, Sweden, Canada, whose slopes are supplied with artificial snow systems. For unusual sensations, you can go to Japan, but the best skiing in it is only at the end of November.

Sightseeing tours in November

November is a month created to surprise yourself and your loved ones with a sightseeing tour. For a modest period of time, you can have great fun, getting acquainted with the characteristic cultural features of European countries. The main routes for traditional sightseeing tours are Germany, the Czech Republic and the Baltic countries.

Well-preserved ancient architecture, traditional holidays and a lot of resort points designed specifically to get acquainted with life, as well as with the history of the country – the main criteria for choosing a destination. The time that an ordinary tourist spends on the so-called active holiday or a standard stay in a hotel will come in handy here. It would be a mistake to visit the Czech Republic and miss out on a visit to Prague, with its cobbled streets and famous beer taverns. The Prague Zoo impresses with its size, and the number of museums in the Czech capital will satisfy the taste of even the most sophisticated and demanding traveler. Another Mecca of sightseeing tourism can be called Berlin, an ancient city, which presents both a piece of ancient centuries and key places for the history of the twentieth century.

An excellent option for a sightseeing tour of Latvia and Lithuania. Here you can encounter architecture and way of life similar to the countries of Central Europe, but at the same time the language barrier does not make itself felt so much. Walking around Vilnius can be a great alternative to visiting Prague or Berlin. In summary, November can be called one of the best months for unforgettable sightseeing tours in hospitable Europe. The main thing is not to forget to stock up on warm clothes.

Where to go with children in November

October is one of the most picturesque months, during which you can go on vacation with children both to the countries or cities of the CIS and neighboring countries: Moscow, Kyiv, Lvov, Vilnius, Riga. Warsaw, Prague and other settlements.

Each of the described cities has its own cultural, historical and architectural traditions that will turn your leisure time into a rewarding journey. Peterhof is rich in bridges, Germany is rich in the foundations of Western traditions, Odessa is rich in humor, and there are no many beautiful places in Russia. The Motor Museum will also prove to be a location that will be useful for you to visit.

Holidays and festivals of November

November is the time of holidays and fairs. November Berlin is filled with the atmosphere of music festivals, including jazz Jazz Festival Berlin, electronic BerMuDa, as well as a fest fair. Prague welcomes you with a jazz festival of world significance, and Riga with the Staro Riga light enchanting days. Riga streets are being transformed by illuminations and interactive lighting solutions.

Poland’s Independence Day November 11, is marked by parades and mass concerts. At the same time, the season of the “fifth season” opens in German cities – the carnival season. Noisy and colorful street celebrations are closed by winter holidays. At the end of the month, the streets are decorated with festive lighting, decorated Christmas trees, and fairs and festive markets are held at the main city sites.

Bus tours in November

The autumn season is an excellent time for spectacular sightseeing trips. The successful combination of warm weather, autumn holidays and attractive travel prices opens up the possibility of exciting trips to the sights of the Baltic republics, unique historical places that preserve the memory of past events. Bus tours provide a complete overview of attractive places in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, the Czech Republic and the Baltic republics.

An organized trip to Prague, Lviv, Moscow, Vilnius, Kyiv or Tallinn allows you to have the most interesting time, exploring exciting historical events, exploring local attractions. Visiting cozy cafes that introduce local culinary masterpieces is a pleasant attribute of exciting autumn travels that leave indelible impressions for many years.

Weekend tours in November

It is absolutely not necessary to wait for the New Year holidays or summer vacation to enjoy all the delights of tourism. To do this, simply use the weekend tour. What do they represent? Is it a small trip that lasts 2-3 days? Have you wanted to visit Poland or Latvia for a long time, but could not afford it due to lack of time? Today this is not a problem. If you have not been there, then be sure to make up for this shortcoming. Just don’t plan anything for the weekend, don’t occupy it with lying on the couch and watching TV, but fulfill your dream!

Where to go without a visa in November

Usually in November you want to relax on the sea. It will not be possible to do this in Europe, since the weather is not too different from the Belarusian one. But a great alternative would be Egypt. Just be prepared for the fact that this month the Egyptians are celebrating Eid al-Bayram. Therefore, there are a lot of local residents in the resorts.

But you can go here without a visa. If you want some real exotic, then be sure to go to Cuba or the Dominican Republic. Although they are far away, you are guaranteed new sensations.

Tourist calendar, holiday seasons in countries around the world

Holidays in other countries are becoming more popular every year, but where is it better to go at one time or another of the year? We offer you information on best travel destinations for any month. A tourist calendar describing the most popular resorts in different seasons will help you better plan your holiday.

Regardless of what you are interested in – popular Turkey, inexpensive Egypt, familiar Spain, close Croatia, exotic Maldives, distant Dominican Republic or any other country, you can to go on vacation at the best time , ideal for the selected resort.

Holidays in September 2022

September 2022 is the best time to relax by the sea. Most tourists have returned from vacations, the resorts are not so crowded, prices have decreased, the heat has subsided, but it is still warm for sunbathing and swimming. At this time, you can go on excursions around Europe.

In the popular resorts of Turkey and Egypt, the weather is fine, as well as in the south of Europe or in Tunisia and Israel. From distant destinations, suitable weather for holidays in Bali, Mauritius, Malta and Kenya.

Holidays in October 2022

October 2022 is the last month of the year when it is still possible to have a holiday at sea in nearby countries. At the same time, the weather improves in distant countries, so in October there is a fairly large selection of places to stay.

In Turkey, you can still relax on the beaches, and in Egypt, the optimal weather for a beach holiday is set. Although it is not so hot in Europe anymore, you can have a great rest on the islands belonging to European countries. It is also possible to rest in Tunisia, Morocco, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, the season begins in India at the resort of Goa and Sri Lanka. Good weather is in Mauritius, Seychelles and Kenya.

Holidays in November 2022

With the advent of November 2022, resorts in hot countries are becoming the most popular, most of which are located quite far away. In Europe, the ski season opens, although not all ski resorts are open at the beginning of the month.

In Egypt, the ideal weather for a holiday is coming, just like in the UAE. You can also relax in Morocco or Jordan. The flow of tourists to Southeast and South Asia is increasing, with Thailand enjoying particular popularity. Also, many go to India, Sri Lanka, Hainan Island in China, or the Maldives. The weather is fine on the islands of the Caribbean – in the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Exotic lovers can go to Mauritius, Seychelles or Kenya. From distant destinations, you can choose Brazil.

Rest in December 2022

December 2022 is a wonderful time to take a break. Fine weather on numerous sea resorts, and ski resorts work in Europe. At the end of the month, before the New Year, prices everywhere will rise sharply.

In Egypt, you can still relax, although it is not so hot there. You can also go on vacation to the UAE, Jordan or Morocco. From distant destinations, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, China, the Maldives, as well as Cuba and the Dominican Republic are popular. You can go to Kenya, the Seychelles or the Bahamas. Ski resorts in Austria, Andorra, Italy, France, Switzerland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Spain are waiting for guests. It’s a bit cold for excursions in Europe, but you can combine a beach holiday with excursions in distant countries – India, Mexico, Brazil, Nepal, Jordan, Thailand, China.

Holidays in January 2023

In January 2023, there are many opportunities to have a great vacation, although prices are high at the beginning of the month and all the good places are sold out. You can go to ski resorts, relax by the warm sea in distant countries, or go on excursions to interesting places. If you can reschedule your trip to the second half of January, you can save a lot.

Beach holidays are available in Egypt and the UAE, but it is better to go further away – to Thailand, the Maldives, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, India, Sri Lanka, China, Vietnam, Mexico and many other tropical resorts. Of the ski resorts, Austria and Andorra are the most popular, although there are excellent slopes in Italy, France, Switzerland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Spain and other countries. In addition to excursions in Europe, in January you can go on excursions to more distant places – to India, Nepal, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel.

Holidays in February 2023

February 2023 is marked by a wide range of holiday destinations. In Europe, you can ride in mountain puddles, and for a beach holiday you have to go a little further.

In Egypt, the weather is quite windy, but you can relax on the beaches. Also suitable weather in the UAE, Jordan, Morocco. Of the distant resorts, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, China, and Vietnam are the most popular. Also suitable climate in the Dominican Republic and Cuba, in Mexico and Brazil, you can go to Burma, Cambodia, Laos or Kenya. A wonderful holiday is possible on the islands – the Maldives, the Bahamas, the Philippines. In Europe, you can relax in the ski resorts of Austria, Andorra, Italy and other countries.

Holidays in March 2023

In March 2023, it is still too early to go to the nearest seaside resorts, and the season will end soon in distant destinations, but the weather is still good and tours are offered at reasonable prices.

Good weather for holidays in Egypt, the winter winds have already stopped. You can also relax in the UAE, Jordan or Morocco. From distant countries, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, China, Vietnam, the Maldives, the Philippines, as well as Brazil, Mexico, Kenya, Cuba and the Dominican Republic are popular.

Holidays in April 2023

In April 2023, travelers have a great choice – you can go to distant countries, or you can relax much closer, because the new season begins on the most popular destinations.

In April it is already possible to go to Turkey, although it is sometimes cool here, but in Egypt the weather is fine, not as hot as in summer, but not as cool as in winter. You can also have a great rest in the UAE, Jordan, Israel or Morocco. Fine weather stands in Cuba, Brazil, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, the ideal time to relax in Southeast and South Asia – in Thailand, China, Vietnam, India and Sri Lanka. It is especially pleasant to rest on exotic islands – Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, Philippines. Excursions around Europe and skiing at a number of European resorts are also possible.

Holidays in May 2023

May 2023 in our area can not be called a summer month, but in most of the nearby resorts it is already the best time to relax. In many countries of southern Europe, the weather is hot, but not exhausting, and the sea is warm enough for swimming. It is also the best time for excursions in Europe.

The most popular Turkey offers its resorts, in Egypt the weather is fine, not too hot, Israel is ready to receive guests. Almost all European countries located on the Mediterranean and Black Seas are ready to receive tourists. You can go to Spain, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, and Cyprus. For lovers of thalassotherapy, it is recommended to visit Tunisia. From distant directions, suitable weather is in Vietnam, on the islands of Bali and Mauritius, the Seychelles and Madagascar.

Holidays in June 2023

June 2023 marks the beginning of summer, but the holiday season has not yet peaked, so the popular resorts are not yet so crowded, and prices have not risen to their highs.

The most popular holiday in Turkey, and in Egypt are already quite hot days. The best service is offered by European resorts in Spain, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Cyprus, you can go fishing in Finland. Also suitable weather for holidays in Malta and Tunisia. From distant destinations, you can visit exotic islands – Bali, Mauritius or Madagascar.

Holidays in July 2023

With the onset of July 2023, the holiday season begins, tours to popular resorts become more expensive, and places in the best hotels have long been taken out. At the same time, most resorts have hot weather, and some are even too hot.

The most popular resorts in Turkey, but more pleasant weather in the European resorts of the Mediterranean – in Spain, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro and Cyprus. Also pleasant weather is on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. For lovers of long-distance travel, the islands of Bali and Madagascar, as well as Kenya, can be noted. July 2023 is too hot for excursions in Central Europe, but you can visit the Scandinavian countries.

Holidays in August 2023

The holiday season continues in August 2023, and most of the popular resorts are very crowded. Although it is no longer as hot as in July, warm sunny weather remains on the coast.

Resorts in Turkey, as well as in southern European countries, offer wonderful holidays. In the second half of the month, you can go on excursions around Europe. For lovers of exotic distant countries, Bali and Kenya can be recommended.

Europe’s heat wave: forest fires, temperature records and animal popsicles

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Image copyright, EPA

Image caption,

Fires around the town of Landira in New Aquitaine are still spreading

Extremely hot weather has set in Europe, temperatures are breaking records, heat waves have killed hundreds of people, people are forced to flee from forest fires .


More than 14,000 people had to be evacuated in the southwest of France. In the Gironde department, which is popular with tourists, the authorities decided to remove even the guards from the campsites. The tourists themselves left a few days earlier.

The second most serious, the so-called “orange” level of danger has already been declared in 38 of the 96 French regions.

The Gironde Regional Government stated that “the situation remains very unfavorable”, mainly due to gusty winds that carry the fire to previously unaffected areas. Local authorities also say they are doing everything possible to save people and limit the spread of the fire, but do not yet know when the situation can be brought under control.

Photo caption,

Manon Jacquard had to be evacuated. So far, she remains in a specially equipped center and cannot return home.

27-year-old Manon Jacquard, a resident of the fire-ridden Gironde, called the fire “apocalyptic”. “It all happened so fast,” she told the BBC, “the fire was just gigantic.”

According to the authorities, the situation in the commune of La Teste-du-Buch, in the west of the department, is deteriorating. According to incoming reports, the fire has already reached the sea and began to spread to the south. Local residents have been warned to be extremely careful.

More than 100 sq. km, and ten and a half thousand hectares have already burned out.


Photo copyright Ashley Baker

Photo caption

Southern Spain. Fires in the Mijas hills very close to the houses for tourists

In the Spanish municipality of Mijas, more than three thousand people left their homes to escape the fires in the hills of the same name, although some managed to return later. Mijas is located near Malaga, popular with tourists, and is itself a popular holiday destination. 9Ellen, who lives in the area, told Reuters on 0003

that they didn’t have time to pack: “We just took a few essentials and just ran, and by this time the streets were full of people, everything was in motion, there were a lot of cars ambulances and firefighters.

Forest fires also broke out in other areas of Spain: in the provinces of Castile and Leon, Galicia and Extremadura.

Image copyright, Reuters

Photo caption,

Fire helicopters that fetch seawater constantly ply between sea and mountains

Holidaymakers in the resort of Torremolinos could see large puffs of smoke rising from the nearby hills from the beach, as well as fire helicopters that constantly cruised between the hills and the coast, collecting sea water and dumping it on the burning forests.

Mediterranean heatwave

In Italy, the government has declared a state of emergency in the dried-up Po Valley, the country’s longest river, which in some places has become literally a brook due to the incessant heat.

Image copyright, EPA

Image caption,

The municipality of Baian in Portugal is engulfed by the worst fires since 2017

In Portugal, fires have already destroyed 30,000 hectares of forest this year, mostly in the north of the country. This is the largest fire damage since the summer of 2017. Then more than 100 people died in them.

However, a serious situation has developed throughout the Mediterranean, from Morocco in the west, then Crete in the east.

Moroccan authorities have ordered more than 1,300 residents to urgently evacuate and sent additional firefighters to fight the fire in the forests in the north of the country, in the province of Larache.

In Crete, firefighters continue to put out fires on the northern coast of the island around the town of Rethymnon, although authorities said on Saturday that the fire was at least partially contained.

Image copyright, AFP via Getty Images

Image caption,

Forecasters say the heat wave in the Mediterranean is caused by a jet stream over the Atlantic that is blowing hot water over Europe like a fan

Wildfires have also broken out in parts of the south -west of Turkey and on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, near the resort towns of Zadar and Sibenik, although at the moment they are not so dangerous as to organize a large-scale evacuation.


Natural anomalies such as extreme heat, drought and floods have cost the German budget at least 6.6 billion euros annually over the past twenty years. In some cases, the cost of fighting natural disasters has exceeded tens of billions of euros.

This follows from the report published on Monday by the economic research company Prognos.

Photographed by Adam Berry

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In 2018-19, heat damage to Germany’s forests and agricultural industry amounted to 25.6 billion euros. Another 9 billion in the same period cost a decrease in labor productivity in industry, follows from the report.

In 2021, floods in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia cost the treasury more than 40 billion euros.

German Environment Minister Stefi Lemke said the Prognos data is extremely worrying and should be taken with the utmost seriousness.

At the moment, many European countries are experiencing abnormal heat: dozens of people have died, crops have been ruined, and a real crisis of fresh water has begun in some regions.

“We must and will invest more in climate change to protect our people,” Lemke said.

The German government has committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2045. This happens when an absolute balance is reached between emissions and absorption of carbon dioxide.

To achieve the goal, Germany launched a series of reforms in the housing and communal sector, in the manufacturing industry and in the transport and agricultural sectors.

Heat is dangerous in itself, even without fires

Temperatures that are too high in themselves can be dangerous to health, even in the absence of fires. Heat waves increase the risk of heat stroke and accidents. Most accidents happen on the water. The number of people going to the sea, rivers and lakes increases significantly in the heat, and not all of them observe even the most basic security measures, which is why the number of drowned people is growing.

The most vulnerable to abnormally high temperatures are young children and the elderly, although the heat is dangerous for those who are in good physical shape.

Image copyright Getty Images

Image caption

A forest fire in Galicia, northwestern Spain. So far it is not very strong yet, but the situation can change at any time

For example, according to the Carlos III University of Madrid, which records heat-related deaths daily, from 10 to 15 July, high temperatures in one form or another led to death of 360 people. There were 27 in the previous six days.

The death from heatstroke of one of the janitors in Madrid led to the fact that the mayor’s office of the Spanish capital allowed street cleaners to work in the evenings.

The French government has taken additional measures to protect people in nursing homes and the homeless from the heat. In 2003, the country’s authorities were not ready to protect vulnerable segments of the population, resulting in the death of almost 15 thousand people.

What’s happening in Britain

Extreme heat can also damage infrastructure, such as melting road surfaces and warping railroad tracks.

Image caption,

Railway workers in England paint the rails white to reflect the heat. Temperatures above 40 degrees can take out railways, power lines and mobile communications

The British Meteorological Service has issued a “red”, the most serious warning about the danger associated with the heat. It extends mainly to the south-east of the country and the Greater London area.

Forecasters suggest that Monday-Tuesday temperatures could reach 41 degrees Celsius.

The warning states that adverse health effects are affecting the entire population, not just the most vulnerable.

Citizens are urged not to call an ambulance unless absolutely necessary and, if possible, to change working methods and daily routine.

Also possible is “failure of heat-sensitive systems and equipment, which may result in local power outages and other critical services such as water supply or mobile phone services.”

On Monday afternoon, it became known that the temperature record was broken in Wales – more than 37 degrees Celsius was recorded there. Later, in the east of England, a temperature of 38.1 degrees was recorded.

London Luton Airport was forced to stop operations for several hours due to runway damage caused by extreme temperatures.

The author of the photo, MoD / Crown copyright

Photo caption,

One of Her Majesty’s cavalry pours water on the horse so that it does not suffer too much from the heat

According to BBC forecaster Susan Powell, the situation is completely unprecedented: temperature records could be broken in all parts of the United Kingdom.

Quite unexpected measures are being taken to combat the heat and related problems. For example, several local councils have released special vehicles on the roads that scatter sand on icy asphalt in winter. In extreme heat, they sprinkle stone chips on the surfaces to prevent the asphalt from softening.

Image caption

Hammersmith Bridge wrapped in foil. Not very aesthetically pleasing, but to save one of the oldest suspension bridges in Europe, all measures are good

The chains of the Hammersmith Bridge in London were covered with silver insulating foil to reflect the sun and prevent them from overheating.

The chains attached to the river bed are regulated so that in summer their temperature does not exceed 13 degrees Celsius. If for some reason it rises to 18 degrees, traffic on the bridge will have to be closed.

Pupils were allowed to come to school in gym shorts and T-shirts, as traditional uniforms, especially sweaters and jackets, can lead to heat stroke.

Image copyright ZSL London Zoo

Image caption

Gorilla with popsicle. However, even it fully complies with the standards of healthy nutrition

However, they try to protect not only people, but also animals. British zoos, wildlife parks and nature reserves are doing their best to keep their animals from getting dehydrated.

Some London Zoo residents received ice cream made from iced tea (no sugar) with nuts and seeds.

Zookeeper Rob Harland says: “Primates like gorillas love popsicles just as much as we do.”

Image copyright Philip Joyce

Image caption

Lemurs at the Cotswolds Wildlife Park

Rob also added that the zoo’s Asiatic lions and pygmy hippos have their own moats where they can swim while other animals , such as red river pigs, receive a personal cooling shower from their caretaker.

The Wildlife Park in the Cotswolds, Oxfordshire also makes “popsicles on a stick” from ingredients in the animal’s normal diet, such as pears and carrots.

Anthropogenic changes

Photo caption,

One of the English beaches on July 17th. Until quite recently, such scenes were very rare.

Extreme heat waves in Europe are becoming more frequent, more intense and last longer. Dr Eunice Law, a climatologist at the University of Bristol, told the BBC that “rising temperatures are a sign of climate change” and that around 2,000 deaths a year in Britain are caused by heat waves.

  • Global warming is gaining momentum. 2021 is in the top five hottest years on record

Statistics show that since 1884, 10 of the hottest years in Britain have been since 2002, she said. “The world has already warmed by about 1.1°C since the start of the industrial age, and temperatures will continue to rise unless authorities around the world take strong action to drastically reduce carbon emissions.”

Photo caption,

BBC weather forecaster Susan Powell shows the region’s hottest temperatures. Highest temperatures expected in London

The French meteorological service, like its British counterparts, expects a new heat record on Monday-Tuesday. In Portugal, the temperature recently reached 47 degrees.

Meanwhile, climbers are being urged to postpone climbing Mont Blanc due to the risk of rockfalls caused by “exceptional climatic conditions”.

Where to go with children in November

The worse the weather in November, the more vivid the imagination draws a white beach, a fan of palm trees and a romantic bungalow near the blue sea. In general, resorts in Thailand and Vietnam look like this, where the beach season is just beginning.

Surprisingly, for some people, the November cold only makes them happy. For them, this is a signal to ski to the winter resorts of Austria, Switzerland, Italy: the mountains are covered with a thick layer of snow and are waiting for guests.

And what do children dream about when it’s gloomy and cold outside? It’s time to ask how they would like to spend their autumn holidays and plan a joyful and carefree family trip.

About the sea, skiing, excursions and what else decorates a vacation with children in November , read in the Kidpassage review.


  1. Holidays with a child in November: pros and cons
  2. Weather at popular resorts
  3. Beach holidays in November
    – Las Americas (Spain)
    – Agadir (Morocco)
    – Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt)
    – Ein Bokek (Israel)
    – Aqaba (Jordan)
    – Sharjah (UAE)
    – Pattaya (Thailand)
    – Phu Quoc (Vietnam)
    – Nusa Dua (Indonesia)
    – Goa (India)
    – Ari Atoll (Maldives)
  4. Alpine skiing
    – Levi (Finland)
    – Sölden (Austria)
    – Zermatt (Switzerland)
    – Cervinia (Italy)
  5. Excursion holidays
    – Vienna (Austria)
    – Budapest (Hungary)
    – Lisbon (Portugal)
  6. Amusement parks
    – Ferrari World (UAE)
    – Dream World (Bangkok)
    – Chimelong Paradise (China)
  7. Events, holidays and festivals in November
  8. Where to go in Russia in October
    – St. Petersburg
    – Veliky Ustyug
    – Sheregesh
  9. Where to go in Ukraine in November
    – Kyiv
    – Uman
    – Truskavets
  10. Holiday prices in November
  11. Where is cheaper
  12. Where not to go
  13. Tips for traveling with children

Holidays with a child in November: pros and cons

The main argument for going somewhere in November is the existence of resorts where there is no place for autumn melancholy:

  • the best time to travel to Thailand, Vietnam, India, Egypt and the UAE is coming;
  • Beach resorts offer plenty of entertainment for children, from water parks and attractions to animal parks and children’s museums;
  • the season opens at ski resorts – now you can ski not only on glaciers, where there are not so many slopes;
  • prices for vacations in European cities are falling – the low season successfully coincides with school holidays.

And yet, when choosing where to go with children in November, you have to take into account the disadvantages of late autumn:

  • in beach resorts, now you only have to dream of solitude – the high season is gaining momentum;
  • the choice of sea resorts nearby is relatively small – it takes 10-20 hours to get to most places of beach recreation;
  • acclimatization in hot countries takes several days – it is advisable to take at least a couple of weeks to rest;
  • prices for holidays in warm regions are creeping up – in December they will become even higher;
  • in cold and slushy weather, children get sick more often – sometimes at the last moment they have to abandon their plans.

Some disadvantages are not so terrible – for example, instead of distant Thailand, you can go to nearby Jordan, where at the end of autumn it is warm, not very crowded and quite inexpensive. Read about the best places to go in November with a child in the following sections.

Weather at popular resorts

November is definitely able to please with warmth and sun – you just need to choose the right places to relax. If you dream of beaches and a warm sea, it’s time to go to Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Jordan, Thailand, Vietnam, India, the Maldives.

At the beginning of the month you can enjoy good weather in Indonesia. A pleasant beach holiday is provided in the Spanish Canaries and in Morocco – however, it is cold to swim in the ocean in autumn.

Ski resorts have their own charm – in the highlands of the Alps, frosts and snowfalls provide excellent pistes coverage. The season begins in Finland and in Russia, where cold, snowy autumn only plays into the hands of skiers.

Well, in many cities of Europe comes the classic autumn – with cooling, cloudy skies and rainy weather. For walks, you have to carve out fine days, but for trips to museums, rains are not a hindrance.

Here is what the weather data looks like in November for resorts and cities where tourists like to visit:

Resort Daily t Night t t water
Las Americas +24.1°C +21.0°C +22.7°C
Agadir +25.0°C +17.2°C +18.8°C
Sharm El Sheikh +26.9°C +21.9°C +26.4°C
Ein Bokek +24.1°C +16.4°C +23.8°C
Aqaba +23.2°C +12.7°C +24.5°C
Sharjah +30. 5°C +25.0°C +28.2°C
Pattaya +31.6°C +26.6°C +29.4°C
Phu Quoc +31.2°C +27.3°C +29.3°C
Nusa Dua +31.0°C +27.2°C +28.1°C
Majorda +34.2 °C +24.5°C +28.9 °С
Ari Atoll +30.5°C +27.9 °C +29.0°C
Lisbon +18.1°C +13.8°C +17.0°C
Levi -3.9°C -4.7°C
Sölden -0.4°C -6.3 °C
Zermatt -1.7°C -7.0°C
Cervinia -0.1°C -6.0°C
Vienna +8.5°C +4.3°C
Budapest +9. 2°C +5.4 °С
St. Petersburg +2.7°C +0.9°C
Sheregesh -5.4°C -9.2°C
Kyiv +5.0°C +2.6°C
Truskavets +6.7°C +2.1 °C

Sea and beach

Nobody thinks that you can go to the sea only in summer. Autumn is a great time to relax in those countries where the air and water warm up to + 30С, and outlandish fruits grow on trees.

Where to fly with a child in November? We offer a dozen options for every taste.

Las Americas, Spain

You will like:

  • ideal weather for those who cannot stand the heat;
  • sandy beaches and shallow seas;
  • lots of fun for kids.

Please note:

  • as a rule, you need to fly with a transfer, and the journey takes 10-12 hours;
  • in the second half of the month cooling and rains are possible;
  • the opening hours of water parks are reduced;
  • some of the hotels and apartments are far from the well-maintained beach.

Every season in the Canaries is like a warm spring. Here, in late autumn, spring weather persists here: the air is warmed up to + 20-25 ° С, the sun shines in the sky, and the water temperature in the Atlantic Ocean never drops below + 22-23 ° С.

True, the wind speed reaches 4.6 m/s, and after swimming you want to quickly wrap yourself in a towel.

The evening is only a little colder than the day, but still a sweater or a light jacket will not interfere with the trip – in the capital of Tenerife, where tourists go on an excursion, it is colder than on the resort south coast.

And if you are planning to climb Mount Teide, one of the main attractions of the island, you will need warm clothes all the more.

Of course, you will spend part of your time on the sandy beaches of Las Americas. Their main advantages are free admission, a blue flag for cleanliness and safety, calm and shallow seas, inflatable water slides for children and convenient infrastructure . In November, the beaches of the resort are by no means empty, but there is enough space for everyone.

Since the Canary Islands are not too hot, a beach holiday can be supplemented with excursions and entertainment. Among the attractions of Tenerife are the mysterious pyramids of Guimar, the “Secret Garden” with the most poisonous plants on the planet, the eucalyptus forest of Esperanza, the Cave of the Wind.

The list of the best entertainments is opened by the huge water park Siam-Park, the theme of which is the beauty of Thailand. With children, it is also interesting to visit Loro Park and Jungle Park – there are shows with animals.

  • Holidays with children in Tenerife
  • Things to do and see

Agadir, Morocco

You will like:

  • long sandy beach;
  • low price for vacation;
  • European-style high service in hotels;

Please note:

  • the water in the Atlantic Ocean is cold at any time of the year;
  • high waves interfere with swimming;
  • hotels are located at some distance from the coast.

If you come to Agadir in November, you can forget that you are in Africa and that it is not summer on the calendar. The weather forecast for a smart, very European town promises sun and warmth – this is a great gift for those who are tired of dullness and cold weather.

Agadir is good for a beach holiday with children in November already because there is no heat here . Daytime temperature ranges from +20°C to +27°C, most of the days the sun shines, it rains no more than 2 times a month.

True, at night the air can cool down to +13-16°C, and at the end of the month even up to +10°C. But this does not prevent you from spending whole days on the beach – endless, picturesque, covered with golden sand. In summer, the coast is very crowded, and at the end of autumn there are almost no vacationers.

That’s just the temperature of the water in the ocean is not happy. If in summer you can count on + 20-21 ° С, then in November the water usually cools down to + 17-19°C. For these reasons, it is worth paying attention to hotels with a pool – some have a separate children’s pool.

A hotel in Agadir must be chosen carefully. The easiest way to focus on hotels of world chains , where the level of service is traditionally high and where you can count on a playground and a mini-club. In other cases, we advise you to study traveler reviews.

It is good to add a few excursions to a beach holiday in Agadir. They are mainly designed for schoolchildren: for example, you need to climb a hill for about 7 km to the old city fortress, and a trip to the Sahara desert takes 2-3 days.

With preschoolers, you can visit Birds Valley Park, where, contrary to the name, not only birds live. A small water park, Atlantica Park, also leaves a good impression.

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

You will like:

  • excellent conditions for diving and snorkeling;
  • a huge selection of family hotels with the concept of “all inclusive”;
  • is the best time for excursions.

Please note:

  • unheated pools have cold water;
  • sometimes a fresh and strong northeast wind blows;
  • at the end of November the nights become cool.

If you plan a trip in November with a child to the sea, then Sharm el-Sheikh will definitely be on the list of the best options. The heat is no longer tiring, the temperature of air and water is almost equalized, and if desired, a beach holiday can be supplemented with excursions.

What to expect from the weather in a popular Egyptian resort? The sun will definitely shine here, thermometers will show + 24-28 ° С during the day and + 20-24 ° С at night, and sea water will keep the temperature + 25-27 ° С.

True, sometimes a cool wind interferes with rest on the shore, and by the end of the month the night temperature drops to +17°C.

The wind is strongest in the Nabq area. For a November holiday, it is better to choose the areas of Naama Bay or Sharm El Maya. Their main advantages are wind-sheltered beaches , sandy shore, bottom cleared of corals.

But still, it is worth clarifying whether the beach of the chosen hotel looks like this: in Naama Bay there are places where it is dangerous to enter the water without corals.

You need to ask how strong the low tide is on the beach and whether you will have to go down the stairs to the sea.

The success of a holiday in Sharm el-Sheikh is largely determined by the hotel. The resort has many four- and five-star hotels, including hotels of world chains focused on families with children.

However, we advise you to carefully study all the information: respectable hotels may be far from the sea or have an uncomfortable beach.

Leisure activities for children are mainly organized by mini-clubs, but you can add a trip to one of the water parks or to the dolphinarium. With teenagers, it is interesting to go on an excursion to Ras Mohammed National Park to see the most beautiful coral reef and mangrove forests.

Upon arrival in Sharm, we recommend that you apply for a Sinai visa: it allows you to visit the sights of Israel and Jordan.

  • Holidays with children in Sharm El Sheikh: author’s review
  • See prices for family hotels
  • Things to do in Sharm El Sheikh

Ein Bokek, Israel

You will like:

  • healing climate that helps with diseases of the upper respiratory tract;
  • modern health complex;
  • children’s menu in hotels.

Please note:

  • it can get colder in the second half of November;
  • treatment programs are designed for adults;
  • it is recommended to wear shoes on the beach;
  • the cost of rest is quite high, treatment is paid additionally.

The purpose of a trip to the sea in November with children may be not just rest, but treatment. People go to the Dead Sea just for this: here even the air heals, and it seems that everyone has heard about the properties of the salt and mud of this sea.

Dead Sea resorts are open all year round , except that it is too hot here in summer, cool in winter for a beach holiday – but in autumn you can improve your health and lie on the beach.

Ein Bokek, one of the main Israeli resorts on the Dead Sea, in November pleases with clear weather and an air temperature of about +24°C. You should not be afraid of rain, but you need to prepare for cool evenings – with sunset, the temperature drops to + 15-16 ° С.

The beaches of Ein Bokek are clean and well-maintained – this includes both free public and closed private beaches. Everywhere there are showers with fresh water, where you need to rinse after swimming in the sea.

Can children swim in the Dead Sea? Israeli doctors believe that a child who is able not to dive or splash around will not be harmed by bathing. It is desirable to be in water no more than 5-10 minutes.

Let’s add that the main healing factors of the Dead Sea for children are the sun and air. Sunbathing helps with diseases of the respiratory system, with dermatosis, including psoriasis.

Hotels in Ein Bokek, for all their solidity, are not well suited for families with children. Only in some places there are mini-clubs, children’s pools, playgrounds, a children’s menu in restaurants. Not all places offer baby cots.

But older children will not be bored at the resort. With them you can visit the ancient Jewish fortress of Masada, in the salt caves of Mount Sodom and in the area of ​​Qumran, where the so-called Qumran scrolls were found.

Aqaba, Jordan

You will like:

  • dry and sunny weather without heat;
  • calm atmosphere in the resort;
  • the most beautiful diving sites;
  • holidays are cheaper than in Israel and Egypt.

Please note:

  • room rates usually include breakfast only;
  • not too much entertainment for children;
  • most of the sights are removed from Aqaba.

Just 5 km from the Israeli Eilat is Aqaba – the only Jordanian resort on the Red Sea. Here, the same wonderful weather, the same well-groomed beaches, the same level of service in hotels, only the prices are noticeably lower than in luxury Eilat.

Aqaba we recommend choosing if you dream of a vacation with children in November at the sea, but can not stand the heat. Daytime temperature in the resort ranges from +22°С to +26°С, night temperature is kept within +16-20°С.

Sea water is very warm – you can count on a temperature of +25°C.

The best sandy beaches are located in the northern part of Aqaba. The rocky southern coast is more attractive for divers, because here is a coral reef – no less beautiful than in Egypt.

It is best to come to rest in the first half of the month, because then it sometimes gets colder to +18-20°С during the day and +10-14°С at night, and the water in the sea cools down to +23°С.

But the weather remains clear and windless – cool days can be safely devoted to excursions. A safari tour to Wadi Rum, or Moon Valley, is impressive, but usually involves spending the night in the desert.

Schoolchildren will master the trip to Petra – this ancient city of amazing beauty is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The first line in Aqaba is occupied by several five-star hotels, four-star hotels are located at some distance from the beach. Almost everywhere there are conditions for families with children – swimming pools, playgrounds, children’s menu. There are also budget hotels and apartments in the resort.

Sharjah, UAE

You will like:

  • very warm sea;
  • convenient connection to Dubai;
  • lots of entertainment for the whole family.

Please note:

  • tide times must be taken into account;
  • on the beach it is dangerous to sunbathe without sunscreen;
  • November is the high season, and prices for vacations rise noticeably.

The further away from summer, the more comfortable the weather in the resorts of the United Arab Emirates. Deep autumn in Sharjah is + 30 ° C during the day, + 25 ° C at night, clear skies, a light warm breeze and water in the Persian Gulf, warmed up to + 26-30 ° C.

You want to spend whole days on the beach, but you still need to hide from the sun during the hottest midday hours.

The sandy beaches of Sharjah are ideal for holidays with children . The sea is always calm, the water is very clean, the bottom goes down smoothly, and there are no dangerous animals near the coast. Most of the coast belongs to hotels that equip and protect the beach.

But a holiday with children in the UAE in November is only a small part of a holiday at sea. Who wants to spend days on the beach when there are luxurious water parks and amusement parks nearby?

When it’s hot, take the kids to one of the indoor entertainment centers and in the evening head to Al Majaz Park or to the banks of the Al Kasbah Canal, where a giant Ferris wheel is installed.

In addition, you can get to Dubai in half an hour by bus, where everything is amazing, from skyscrapers to the world’s largest candy store.

The best hotels for families with children are located in the coastal areas of Al-Mamzar, Al-Khan, Khalid.

Sharjah Troikas often have a basic level of service, so it is advisable to choose four- and five-star hotels oriented towards families with children.

All inclusive is not used in the resort, but you can pay full board or eat in restaurants – there are a lot of them in coastal areas.

  • To Sharjah with children: a family guide Kidpassage
  • The best hotels in Sharjah for families with children
  • Things to do and see

Pattaya, Thailand

You’ll like:

  • convenient airport transfer;
  • a huge selection of children’s entertainment;
  • family hotels;
  • apartments in modern condominiums;
  • cheaper holidays than other resorts in the country.

Please note:

  • showers are possible in the first half of the month;
  • the water is not as clear as in other resorts in Thailand;
  • the room rate usually includes only breakfast;
  • in November, the flow of tourists increases sharply.

November is the long awaited end of the rainy season in Thailand . Showers still continue in some places, but Pattaya forgets about bad weather by the end of the month.

There are more clear days, thermometers show +30-33°C during the day and +25-28°C at night, and the water in the Gulf of Thailand is never colder than +28°C. Humidity is gradually decreasing, but the heat can still be tiring.

The coast of Pattaya is not as picturesque as the word “Thailand” seems, but there are well-groomed beaches with good infrastructure and water activities.

For families with small children, the beach of the Wongamat area is suitable. At the end of November, children can relax on the islands near the resort: there are fewer people there, and the water is cleaner.

What makes Pattaya better than other Thai resorts is the abundance of entertainment. Two impressive water parks, the excellent Khao Kaew Zoo, the Si Racha Tiger Park, the aquarium, the aquarium, the Nong Nooch Tropical Park – you need to schedule your vacation by the hour to be in time.

In addition, Bangkok is a 3-hour drive from the resort, and it is worth a trip there if only for the sake of the grandiose Dream World amusement park.

Resort hotels leave a very pleasant impression, as they are well suited for families with children. However, many tourists are satisfied with the level of apartments in Pattaya.

Whichever option you prefer, we recommend looking for accommodation in Pratumnak and Wongamat areas – they are distinguished by convenient infrastructure and lack of nightlife.

  • Pattaya for children
  • Pattaya Family Fun
  • Accommodation

Phu Quoc, Vietnam

You will like:

  • own international airport;
  • white sandy beaches;
  • has many budget housing options.

Please note:

  • Only Duong Dong has a developed infrastructure;
  • Biting insects may annoy the beach;
  • for excursions to the jungle you need to buy local repellents.

In mid-November, you can safely fly with children to the southern resorts of Vietnam. On the island of Phu Quoc, the rains almost stop by this time, the sky is more often clear than gloomy, and nothing interferes with a beach holiday.

But the humidity is still high, and the air temperature around +30°C can seem unbearable heat. The situation is slightly saved by the sea breeze.

Approximately the same temperature as air has water in the Gulf of Thailand. That is why tourists prefer a beach holiday to all other pleasures.

Phu Quoc’s beaches are white sand, palm trees along the shore, lazy waves and usually a large number of tourists. There are also calm beaches, but they are far from the city and lack infrastructure.

Please note that on the beaches of Phu Quoc you cannot sunbathe while lying on the sand – this is the risk of being bitten by “sand fleas”. To avoid bites, it is enough to lay a towel on the sand.

Phu Quoc’s accommodation options are plentiful, from upscale hotels to modest guesthouses. November is already considered the beginning of the high season, and therefore accommodation should be booked ahead of time.

A plus for kids on the island is the beautiful Vinperl Land Amusement Park and Vinpearl Safari Animal Park.

Nusa Dua, Indonesia

You will like:

  • close proximity to the airport;
  • well maintained beaches;
  • large water park next to the resort;
  • restaurants of local and European cuisine.

Please note:

  • tide times must be taken into account;
  • not all hotels are child friendly;
  • flight may take more than a day.

On the Indonesian island of Bali, each resort is good in its own way. Nusa Dua is very popular with families with children. Here is a beautiful beach, calm sea, fashionable hotels and the complete absence of annoying merchants on the shore.

True, the luxury status of the resort affects prices – budget housing has to be sought far from the sea and from the tourist infrastructure.

The best time to visit Nusa Dua with a child is early November, when the weather is sunny. At the end of the month, rains become more frequent, but this does not affect the air and water temperature in any way: +30°C heat and +27-29°C sea are guaranteed.

Holidays in Bali can be varied according to your taste. There are excellent conditions for diving and windsurfing, many palaces and temples, exotic nature.

With children, it’s nice to visit the Waterbom water park (Kuta), the Monkey Forest and the safari park, on the territory of which there is a small amusement park.

Goa, India

You will like:

  • easy transfer from the airport;
  • picturesque beaches;
  • is a good choice of affordable accommodation.

Please note:

  • it gets dark at the resort around 18:00;
  • with the beginning of the season, prices for tickets and accommodation increase;
  • the beaches are not always clean;
  • near the coast there are old hotels that require renovation.

Does Goa have bad weather? Those who come to Majorda in late autumn completely forget about the cold, rain and snowfall, because the sun is shining at the resort, the air temperature is + 30-35 ° C during the day and + 25 ° C at night, and the water in the Arabian Sea is warmed up to + 28-29°C. The heat is softened by low humidity and a fresh breeze.

The sandy beaches of the resort stretch for 30 km . Access is free, so the beach is always crowded and not always clean. But if you move away from the center, you can find a clean and sparsely populated corner with a gentle entrance to the sea.

The main charm of Majorda is peace and tranquility. However, rest can always be flavored with entertainment and excursions. Near the resort there is a good Froggyland water park, and only 20 minutes drive separates Majorda from the mysterious Pandawa caves.

Ari Atoll, Maldives

You will like:

  • minimum time difference with Central Europe;
  • the most beautiful diving sites;
  • solid hotels and romantic bungalows.

Please note:

  • from the airport by seaplane, ferry or boat;
  • in the Maldives mainly sell imported fruits;
  • baby food must be brought with you.

The temperature of water and air is about +28-29°C, the sun in the blue sky, stormy and short rains – this is the Maldives in November. The closer to the end of the month, the less the likelihood of bad weather and the more tourists on the islands.

The islands of Ari Atoll are equally loved by families with children and outdoor enthusiasts. The first – for serenity, amazing sandy beaches, calm seas and quality service in hotels.

Second – for the abundance of water activities, excellent surfing conditions and interesting dive sites. And everyone equally likes the opportunity to sail somewhere to a desert island (there are dozens of them in the atoll) and sunbathe on the white sand under palm trees.

Hotels in Ari vary in terms of prices and service, and it is advisable to pay attention not so much to stardom as to the reviews of tourists. Inexpensive, at Maldivian prices, hotels are located on the island of Thoddoo.

Some hotels offer an all-inclusive concept, which is very convenient on secluded islands.

Alpine skiing

While many skiers are patiently waiting for the arrival of winter, you can enjoy skiing in reputable ski resorts. We offer several places where it is best to relax with children in November.

Levi, Finland

You will like:

  • Finland’s largest ski resort;
  • good skiing conditions for beginners;
  • rich family holiday.

Please note:

  • season opens November 15th;
  • daylight hours at the resort last only three to four hours;
  • frosts in November can reach -15°С.

The ski resort above the Arctic Circle, whose slopes start from a height of only 400 meters, is the Finnish Levi. An atypical holiday destination with children in November, but still worth a closer look.

Firstly, the resort is good for putting the child on skis. There are many easy trails, ski schools for children from 4-6 years old, and at the foot of the mountain there is a children’s educational and playground.

Secondly, Levy offers a good entertainment program. Children will definitely enjoy a dog sled ride with a visit to Santa Claus, relaxation in the water park or indoor play center.

And to learn more about the culture and traditions of the Sami, we recommend visiting the Samiland exhibition.

Thirdly, the resort hotels are suitable for families with children, and almost all housing is located near the ski lifts.

There are no severe frosts at the end of autumn, the air temperature fluctuates from -5°С to -15°С. Please note that it is dark almost all the time in Levi. By the end of November, the sun rises at 10:45 and sets at 13:30.

  • Family vacation in Levi
  • The best family hotels in the resort
  • Things to do in Levi with children

Sölden, Austria

You will like:

  • 144 km of varied trails;
  • is dominated by easy “blue” trails for beginners and children;
  • ski schools with Russian-speaking instructors for children from 3 years old;
  • large selection of hotels and apartments.

Please note:

  • tracks are located at high altitudes;
  • adaptation to high mountain climate takes several days;
  • Not all pistes are open in November.

Holidays with a child in November in Austria can be devoted entirely to skiing. Already in October, the high-altitude resort of Sölden begins its work: its tracks are located on the slopes of three-thousander mountains, where snow lies from September to May.

In November it is still not so cold here, although most often the temperature drops below zero, and frost -5-10°C is not uncommon.

In late autumn, the resort usually has only a few high-altitude ski areas , but there are blue runs for beginners and difficult runs for experienced skiers.

The rest of Sölden is good, like all Austrian winter resorts. The ski infrastructure is well established here, there are many hotels, apartments, restaurants and shops in the village, there are several attractions nearby.

You have to change trains, but this is a disadvantage of most ski resorts.

  • Family holidays in Sölden
  • What to see
  • The best hotels in Sölden for children

Zermatt, Switzerland

You will like:

  • 360 km of pistes and the largest snow park in Europe;
  • free ski passes for children under 9;
  • many services for children.

Please note:

  • one of the most expensive ski resorts in Europe;
  • most of the slopes are designed for experienced skiers;
  • the hotel or apartment may be far from a suitable ski area;
  • sometimes the weather changes dramatically.

It is difficult to call Zermatt a resort for beginners, but it is very easy to call it a place for a respectable holiday with children in November abroad.

Well-prepared slopes, modern lifts, high-class hotels, impeccable tourist infrastructure – everything here works to ensure that you get the most out of it.

Zermatt is most suitable for professionals who love difficult slopes and snow skiing.

However, the children are not bored either: the little ones spend time in kindergarten, the older children go to ski schools, the hotels provide entertainment for little tourists.

Due to the fact that the ski areas are located on the slopes of the Matterhorn and other four-thousanders, a stable snow cover forms here in November.

At the same time, the air temperature rarely drops below -10°С , usually thermometers show -3-7°С. Sunny days are an infrequent gift, but from the clouds covering the sun, thick snow pours down every now and then.

Cervinia, Italy

You’ll like:

  • real winter at the end of autumn;
  • a single ski pass for the lifts of Cervinia and Zermatt;
  • slopes for skiers with different backgrounds;
  • more affordable prices than in Switzerland;

Please note:

  • not all pistes are open in November;
  • only some of the hotels are suitable for families with kids;
  • the après ski program is mainly for adults.

Cervinia – “the other side” of Zermatt: this resort is located on the other side of the Theodul mountain pass. But, unlike the Swiss resort for the pros, Cervinia attracts both beginners and experienced skiers.

There are easy and difficult tracks in all areas, so skiing is varied. Moreover, on skis you can go to Zermatt, since both resorts have a single ski pass.

Children who come to a ski resort for the first time can study at ski schools from the age of 5. Kindergartens work for kids. Not all hotels have special conditions for families with a child, but comfort and peace are provided in small hotels.

The weather in Cervinia also contributes to a pleasant stay. During the day, the temperature stays at -1-8°С, at night it occasionally gets colder to -15-19°С. Frequent snowfalls keep the slopes in good condition, but the sun also shows up in the sky.

Excursion rest

Autumn holidays are a good opportunity to go on an excursion to those cities where there are a lot of tourists in summer. For walks, a jacket will be enough, in which you will leave your hometown, and you may not notice bad weather if you think over an excursion program.

Vienna, Austria

You will like:

  • many interesting museums;
  • savings on trips and excursions with the Vienna City Card;
  • a variety of entertainment for children;
  • opening of Christmas markets.

Please note:

  • the weather in November can be warm and sunny or cold and rainy;
  • there are always many tourists in the city center;
  • Prater rides are closed in November.

The capital of Austria is beautiful at any time of the year. But vacationing in November with a child has special advantages. Firstly, there are far fewer tourists in Vienna than in summer or at Christmas.

Secondly, there are so many museums and entertainments in that even in case of bad weather you won’t be bored . Thirdly, at the end of November, Christmas markets open – this is the best way to feel the approach of the holiday.

And fourthly, low season prices make it possible not to save on anything.

What to see in Vienna depends only on your preferences. Usually tourists want to see St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Schönbrunn and Hofburg Palaces, Prater Park, visit the Belvedere Gallery and get into the Vienna Opera.

All this can be included in a family trip, if you add it with purely children’s entertainment, of which there are many in the city.

Best Places for Kids – Zoom interactive museum with rooms for toddlers, preschoolers and schoolchildren, House of the Sea and House of Music and Magic Zoo.

Of course, you will have to dress warmly. Snow and frost are rare in Vienna, but windy and rainy weather can drive tourists off the streets.

Hiding in this case is good in pastry shops, where they serve the famous Sacher cake and strudel with various fillings. On St. Martin’s Day (November 11), we recommend trying a traditional dish – goose with sauerkraut, dumplings and roasted chestnuts.

  • Holidays with children in Vienna
  • Things to do and see in Vienna
  • Vienna Family Hotel Collection

Budapest, Hungary

You will like:

  • low prices for holidays;
  • many excursions for schoolchildren;
  • thermal baths.

Please note:

  • in the second half of November the weather can get worse;
  • some children’s entertainment is not working;
  • Not all baths are accessible to families with small children.

Where to go on vacation in November with a child, if there are only a couple of days left? Budapest can be safely included in the list of options. A few hours of flight, and now you are in a beautiful old city, which suits the golden autumn.

The first half of November in Budapest usually pleases with fine days. The temperature can rise to +16-20°C, although it often stays at +8-14°C.

Rains are possible, but in autumn they are even less frequent than in summer. In case of wet, windy weather, windproof jackets, hats and gloves are still useful.

On a clear day, there is nothing better than walking around the city. Buda Castle, Fisherman’s Bastion, Vajdahunyad Castle – all the sights of Budapest cannot be listed.

It gets dark early in November, but the illumination only decorates the old buildings.

And if it rains, you can have a good time in the museum: for example, visit the Miniversum railway model depicting Hungary in miniature.

And few people leave Budapest without visiting the baths. The most popular place is the Széchenyi baths, just note that children under 14 years old are not recommended to swim in the thermal pools.

  • Family holidays in Budapest
  • The best hotels in Budapest for families with children
  • Things to do in Budapest

Lisbon, Portugal

You will like:

  • direct flight from many countries;
  • comfortable weather for walking;
  • good selection of affordable housing;
  • rich excursion program.

Please note:

  • rainy and windy weather possible in November;
  • the city has many steep streets and stairs;
  • It is not always possible to communicate in English.

The westernmost capital of Europe suffers from the heat and the influx of tourists in summer, but late autumn here promises good weather and peace.

At this time, thermometers show +16-22°С during the day and +10-15°С, the sky is sometimes cloudy, but the rains do not last long – most often, comfortable shoes and a light jacket are enough for walking.

You can walk around Lisbon all day long: in this city, both palaces and houses decorated with azulejo tiles, the April 25 Bridge, and the statue of Christ are equally good.

When traveling with children, try to make time for a visit to the Lisbon Zoo and Aquarium. In good weather, it’s nice to take a walk in one of the parks with playgrounds, and in bad weather, visit the city of professions Kidzania or the interactive children’s museum Museu das Criancas.

Budget accommodation in Lisbon is easy to find. Guest houses are considered the best option for a family vacation – there are many of them in all areas of the city.

Amusement parks

Knowledge is useful, of course, but emotions are just as useful. Amazement, delight, awe, inspiration, happiness – such pleasant experiences can give the best amusement parks.

Ferrari World, UAE

You will like:

  • attractions using virtual reality;
  • playgrounds for children;
  • themed shows for adults and children.

Please note:

  • Free shuttles run from Abu Dhabi and Dubai to the park;
  • you can buy a single ticket to Ferrari World and Yas WaterWorld;
  • in November the park is visited by many tourists.

The United Arab Emirates knows how to surprise. But even against the backdrop of all the wonders of this country, the Ferrari World theme park is clearly visible.

These are not just attractions – this is the whole world of Ferrari, with a love for speed, quality, technology and, what to hide, to splurge.

The park is suitable for families with children of all ages. This means that even kids can feel like racers – a special simulator has been created for them, which at the same time helps them learn the rules of the road.

The rollercoasters in the park are stylized as Spyder California sports cars and travel at speeds of up to 240 km/h.

If extreme sports don’t appeal to you, visit the Ferrari Museum and take a virtual tour of the factory where legendary cars are assembled.

The park’s restaurants serve Italian cuisine in full accordance with the theme, so it will not be difficult to feed a child.

  • Find out more about Ferrari World

Dream World, Bangkok

You will like:

  • original design of the park;
  • many attractions for kids;
  • variety shows.

Please note:

  • the park is located in the suburbs of Bangkok;
  • on weekdays the park closes very early;
  • Adult and child tickets cost the same.

Thailand is one of the most popular answers to the question of where to relax with a child in November. True, the choice is usually made in favor of seaside resorts, but meanwhile it is worth visiting the capital of the country.

One of the most attractive places in Bangkok is the Dream World amusement park, which has everything: the best rides, fun shows, a water playground, a cozy garden and even a Snow Town.

A third of the entertainment is dedicated to the little guests: children enjoy meeting cartoon characters, getting to know the animals on the farm and feeling confident in the Giant’s House.

As for extreme entertainment, the names “Tornado”, “Sky Rollercoaster” or “Black Hole” are not given to attractions in vain.

There are several restaurants in the park, including fast food, but unfortunately there is no children’s menu.

  • More about Dream World

Chimelong Paradise, China

You will like:

  • China’s largest amusement park;
  • about 70 rides;
  • free shuttle from nearest metro station.

Please note:

  • on weekdays the park is open until 18:00, on weekends until 19:00;
  • some rides will need a raincoat;
  • separate tickets are valid for each park.

It cannot be said that Guangzhou is famous only for its amusement park – it is the third largest city in China and one of the oldest cities in the world. But still, amusement park, which was built here in 2006, wins comparison even with Disneyland.

Judge for yourself: 7 themed areas, 70 rides, 8 rollercoasters, a wildlife park, a bird park, a water park, a circus that has been compared to the famous Cirque du Soleil – you can spend more than one day here.

The park has its own hotel, but Chimelong Paradise is easily accessible from anywhere in Guangzhou.

Events, holidays and festivals

When planning a trip, travelers often look at the posters of events – getting to a special holiday or festival is just as interesting as visiting famous museums. In November, several holidays are celebrated, which in themselves can be a reason for travel.

For example, in Mexico on November 1-2, Day of the Dead . The carnival procession of the “dead”, sweets in the form of skulls, nightly ceremonies with candles may seem creepy, but the idea of ​​​​the holiday is to remember the dead and enjoy life.

Candles are also lit during the Indian holiday of Diwali , which often falls on the first days of November. Its meaning is the victory of good over evil, but now Diwali is celebrated as a new year.

In the UK on November 5, the darkness is dispersed by the light of bonfires and torches – this is how the country celebrates Guy Fawkes night . Children are also getting ready for the holiday: they ask their relatives for money to buy firecrackers.

In November it’s good to be in the Canary Islands, where the big kite festival takes place. Kitesurfers show their skills, arrange air battles, and at the end of the day, the traditional Spanish festivities begin.

In Vienna on November 11, the season of balls opens, and it takes place on the Graben street. Anyone can waltz in the open air, but first you need to go through a short training.

Thailand in November celebrates the amazing Loy Krathong holiday . On the night of the full moon, Thais set sail in tiny boats made of banana leaves, inside of which lighted candles are placed. It is believed that this is gratitude to the spirits of water and a kind of rite of purification.

November hosts the final round of the Formula 1 race, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The autodrome in the capital of the UAE is designed for 55 thousand spectators, and the seats in the stands are not empty.

Well, in the US, the last Thursday of November is Thanksgiving Day followed by Black Friday , the beginning of the Christmas sales. Recently, more and more countries are shifting the pre-holiday sale to the end of November, and this is an opportunity to complete the trip with successful shopping.

Where to go in Russia in November

Holidays with a child in November in Russia seem to be less successful than in summer or early autumn. There are really fewer opportunities for traveling with kids, but schoolchildren can be offered a tight excursion program or skiing.

St. Petersburg

You’ll like:

  • free admission for children to the Hermitage;
  • many children’s museums;
  • low prices for holidays.

Please note:

  • November is usually damp and windy;
  • there are many children’s groups in the city during school holidays;
  • in mid-November, navigation on rivers and canals is closed.

People try to come to the northern capital in summer to walk around the old town, see the white nights and admire the fountains in Peterhof. A visit in November can be devoted to famous museums, since the queues are finally disappearing.

There are so many museums in St. Petersburg that it’s time to make a list . The Hermitage will be the first, of course, and then be guided by the interests and age of the children.

Preschoolers will love the Fairy Tale House, younger students will love the LabyrinthUm Museum of Entertaining Sciences, and teenagers will be impressed by the museums of the Peter and Paul Fortress. We also recommend visiting the Grand Maket “Russia”: a journey along the railways of a small country is no less impressive than a real trip.

On the occasion of National Unity Day (November 4), a festival of light is held in St. Petersburg, during which 3D projections transform the appearance of famous architectural structures.

  • Holidays with children in St. Petersburg
  • Things to do and see

Veliky Ustyug

You will like:

  • Father Frost’s birthplace;
  • cozy ancient town;
  • traditional birch bark souvenirs.

Please note:

  • the most convenient way to get to the city is by car;
  • hard frosts possible in November;
  • Father Frost’s house is located outside the city.

It’s already so cold, and the New Year is still so far away. You can hurry up the fairy tale and go where November is frosty and snowy – to visit Santa Claus.

The residence of the winter wizard in Veliky Ustyug is open all year round , but closer to the holiday it is especially interesting to visit the school of magic and the post office, ride the miracle stove and dog sled, look into the glacier where winter lives, and get acquainted with Grandfather himself and his assistants.

Veliky Ustyug itself is a museum-reserve whose temples are often compared with those of Suzdal. You can also visit the museum of local lore, where, among other things, samples of Shemogoda birch bark carving are exhibited: this craft is not for nothing called birch bark lace.


You will like:

  • quality coating on the slopes;
  • taiga landscapes;
  • many winter activities.

Please note:

  • season opens from mid-November;
  • has to be reached with several transfers;
  • possible frosts down to -14-20°С;
  • there are no conditions for holidays with small children.

Where to go with children in November in Russia, if the approaching winter does not spoil the mood? Of course, where there is already snow, and you can ski.

In Sheregesh, which is located in Western Siberia, in the Gornaya Shoria region, the season opens in mid-November. By this time, 37 km of slopes have been prepared for skiing, all lifts have been launched, and the most impatient tourists come to the resort.

In Sheregesh, there are equally pistes for beginners and pros. For those who do not yet know how to ski, the road to the ski school: children from 3 years old are accepted into children’s groups. There is a kindergarten for the little ones.

There are no large hotels in the village, but there are mini-hotels, guest houses, apartments. The infrastructure is still poorly developed, so you need to bring baby food with you if necessary.

  • Family holidays in Sheregesh

Where to go in Ukraine in November

Where to go with children in November in Ukraine? What will be the last month of autumn, it is impossible to predict. We offer several options for recreation that do not depend on the weather.


You will like:

  • convenient communication with many countries;
  • many museums and entertainment;
  • is a good program for kids.

Please note:

  • school groups take them to museums and theaters during holidays;
  • light frost possible in November;
  • walks along the Dnieper stop from November 15th.

The main city of Ukraine in November may not please with sunny weather. But the fact that it will delight guests with museums and entertainment is absolutely certain.

It remains only to decide whether you want to see miracles in the museum of microminiatures, or visit the mystical Bulgakov Museum, or feel fondness for old Kyiv in the One Street Museum, or comprehend the laws of physics in the Experimentanium.

The program will be complemented by an indoor entertainment center or a city of professions.

But in good weather it is best to go for a walk – children will not refuse to walk along Andreevsky Spusk, look at the Dnieper from Vladimirskaya Gorka and frolic on Landscape Alley, where a fabulous playground is located.

Invite preschoolers to visit the puppet theater: its building looks like a magic castle, and familiar characters live inside. Just take care of tickets in advance, especially if you are going to Kyiv during school holidays.

  • Kyiv for children: author’s review Kidpassage
  • Entertainment and excursions in Kyiv


You will like:

  • picturesque park “Sofiyivka”;
  • dungeons of the Basilian Monastery;
  • cozy old town.

Please note:

  • fountains are open until November 15;
  • there are few attractions in the city;
  • the road from Kyiv by bus takes 3-3.5 hours.

Uman is known only as a place of pilgrimage for the Hasidim and as a city , where the national dendrological park “Sofiyivka” is located . Just for the sake of the park, tourists come here.

At the beginning of November, you can still catch golden and crimson leaves on the trees, see waterfalls and fountains, enjoy the silence – rare in this beautiful place. Recently, the park has acquired a fantasy exposition “Modern Sofiyivka”.

Uman itself is a nice provincial town with a couple of museums (and the dungeons of the Basilian Monastery recently opened for excursions).

Its main charm lies in its tranquility, its main disadvantage is the lack of good hotels. As a rule, visitors rent an apartment based on the reviews of other tourists.


You will like:

  • calm atmosphere;
  • affordable prices for treatment;
  • convenient communication with Lviv.

Please note:

  • the city is located on the hills;
  • many sanatoriums are in need of repair;
  • little entertainment for young children.

Rest with a child in November in Ukraine does not have to be turned into a race through museums. Quiet Truskavets is perfect for getting away from the hustle and bustle and improving your health at the same time.

Indications for a trip to the resort – diseases of the digestive, respiratory, endocrine and cardiovascular systems, dermatological ailments.

Truskavets has 25 mineral water springs, including the famous Naftusya. There is also an ozokerite treatment center in the city.

Most of the sanatoriums in Truskavets were built in 1960-80 and are in need of repair. To relax in comfort, tourists prefer to stay in modern hotels and apartments, and visit sanatoriums only for medical procedures.

Prices for holidays with children in November

The cost of holidays in November mostly increases. This is due to the beginning of the high season in Southeast Asia, with the opening of ski resorts and the approach of Christmas. You can count on price reductions in those cities that are interesting for tourists even in the low season.

For example, you can travel relatively inexpensively to Hungary (250 euros) and Portugal (in November, a week-long tour to this country will cost at least 400 euros for one person).

The cost of holidays in Austria starts from 420 euros: prices rise compared to October, because skiers flock to the country.

You will have to spend at least 550 euros on holidays in warm countries – for this money you can buy a budget tour to the Spanish island of Tenerife, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates. A seven-day tour to Goa (India) will cost at least 425 euros, to Israel and Thailand – from 550 euros, to Egypt – 520 euros.

The most expensive trip to exotic islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. So, for a weekly vacation in Indonesia, you need to set aside about 700 euros, in the Maldives – at least 730 euros.

Where is cheaper

Traveling in Russia and Ukraine is relatively inexpensive. On average, when planning a trip for a week, you can meet 150-200 euros per person. Expenses depend on the direction, hotel class, area of ​​​​interest and saturation of the program.

If you take care of booking tickets and hotels in advance, you can choose a budget option for a vacation in Europe.

Where not to go

In the list of countries for holidays in November, we have not included some popular resorts, where the best weather for a trip has not yet arrived. For example, in the Dominican Republic, the season starts in December, and the end of autumn can be disappointing with gloomy skies and rains.

The same weather situation in Sri Lanka – the western coast suffers from showers in autumn, and since December the sun returns to Colombo, Negombo, Bentota and other resorts.

Despite the rave reviews about Thailand and Vietnam, be careful when choosing a resort. The rainy season is not yet over in all regions, and in some places heavy downpours can spoil the rest.

Even in those places where you can relax with a child in November, there are still sometimes rainy days.

It’s better not to go to Indonesia in November if your vacation falls closer to winter. It will undoubtedly be warm on the islands, but rain and cloudy weather are possible.